On the internet today directed energy weapons are being sold in a silent, invisible ‘psychotronic war’.

In the dictionary a POW is defined as, “A person who has been captured and imprisoned by the enemy in war.” Millions of Jewish people in WWII were prisoners of war in their own countries, in their own homes and in concentration camps.

Researched the torture-testimonies of U.S. Prisoners of War from WWII and the Vietnam War. Most of the torture that our brave and good U.S. military men experienced was done physically and psychologically to them: by physically present human beings. Of POW ‘camps’? One of the most notorious in 1936 WWII was the Japanese -Unit 731 where Shiro Ishii and his soldier-doctors spent their time doing ‘live’ experiments on soldiers and on captured women and children.

When the war was over, “The US Army granted immunity to the war criminals in exchange for their data and the research that was kept secret, with Japan only admitting to Unit 731’s existence in the 1990s.  Despite the unimaginable atrocities carried out by Ishii and his doctors of death, nobody was ever punished…. Ishii was allowed to live peacefully until his death from throat cancer in 1959… Other senior officials at the hellish camp went on to have successful careers in medicine, politics and academia… One became governor of Tokyo, another the president of the Japan Medical Association and one even rose to become the head of the Japan Olympic Committee“.

It was the Soviet Union that held trials for eleven doctors and scientists that worked in Unit 731 after WWII. Each war-criminal received between two and 25 years in a Siberian labor camp. The Japanese Unit 731 conducted experimental medical torture with no survivors, murdering nearly 300,000. Their torture was very similar to the WWII death camps where the Nazi’s medically experimented, tortured and murdered 4.9-5.9 million Jews. With ‘Project Paperclip’ after WWII, the U.S. brought over 1,500 Nazi’s to live in our country. Many of these Nazis became U.S. national figures heading up NASA’s rocket program, and acclaimed in scientific, medical and psychiatric fields.

-Thank you, above excerpts are from ‘The Sun’ by Tom Michael for August 14, 2020 ‘Pure Evil’ article at: Inside Japan’s feared WW2 medical unit that disembowelled screaming PoWs, popped out eyes & infected them with plague (thesun.co.uk)

When the Vietnam War ended in 1975 the brave and good Vietnam Veterans came home to face a public attitude that was less than welcoming: yet these men endured as much suffering as soldiers in WWII. In the 11-23-2021 DailyMail article, ‘Tortured with razor-sharp bamboo and fed alive to ants: The story behind one POW’s incredible escape from Vietnam’, by journalist Zoe Brennan in November 23, 2007 she writes about US Navy aviator Lieutenant Dieter Dengler who somehow escaped from Pathet Lao prison camp: “They took him captive and marched him through the jungle. At night, he was tied spread-eagled on the ground to four stakes to stop him escaping. In the mornings, his face would be so swollen from mosquito bites he was unable to see. Far worse was to come. After an early escape attempt, Dengler was picked up by his guards at a jungle water hole. This was when the torture began. “I had escaped from them, they wanted to get even,” he said. They would hang him upside down by his ankles, with a nest of biting ants over his face, until he lost consciousness. At night, they suspended him in a freezing well so that if sleep came, he feared he would drown.” Dengler was imprisoned and tortured six months by the North Vietnamese Army/Viet Cong before escaping- and all the men he knew in the camp and who escaped with him, all died in Vietnam.

It is unsettling to think that millions of US citizens inside our borders have since the 1960’s been remotely directed energy weapon attacked and tortured. Even more people around the world: are also being ‘imprisoned’ by this silent, invisible war that makes their very own homes, work places and human bodies a ‘lockup’. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the noun ‘prison’ is defined as: “A state of confinement or captivity, a place of confinement“. Is war moving from the ‘theater’ of hand to hand combat outside the home: to remote streamed combat in the home? Are targeted individuals the target practice?

TIs have for decades referred to how they have been imprisoned in their own homes; in their own jobs and in public by excessive gangstalking and remote attacks (inhumane torture with streamed directed energy weapons.) 24/7. Remoted streamed energy weapon torture cannot be seen or heard. If the attacks cannot be seen or heard when a TI is standing in a crowd, then the Targeted Individual’s ‘prison’ is invisible. -A prison that is constructed by deposing the energy field or EMP of a TIs own body that has been mapped, mined, locked and loaded with streamed DEWs by overthrowing the TIs own lifeforce.

How is war defined? In dictionaries the word ‘war’ is defined as an armed conflict between different nations, states or different groups within nations or states. Are casualties of torture in a war only acknowledged if the war is recognized by authorities and military? US politicians have referred to the neuroweapon attacks on US Cuban diplomats as “psychotronic warfare.” Why haven’t US inhabitants suffering the same neuroweapons attacks 24/7 for decades inside out borders being acknowledged? Why are TIs not included to receive provisions for health care as the government employed TIs do?

In many cases as shown above, even when horrendous torture and experimentation is done on huge numbers of innocent people, oftentimes the war-criminals never face trial in sanctioned national wars. To date in the US Associated Press and US government claim no knowledge of citizens inside US borders undergoing horrific physical pain from inhumane remote-torture and psychological cruelty. These no-touch DEW attacks, torture, rape and mind-control are occurring right under their noses in every city in our nation. The unseen attacker uses DEWs: neuroweapons, radar, sonic, microwave, magnetic wave, etc. 50 years from now will this ‘psychotronic war’ known as a civil war? Catherine Austin Fitts who served under senior President Bush, believes half the United States is involved in the covert government that is manufacturing and selling drugs, ammunitions; and human trafficking innocent citizens with ‘invisible’ weapons.

Ex-NSA whistleblower of 28 years retired Karen Stewart who was an awarded Intelligence Analyst: exhibits burns from remote, no-touch, ‘non-lethal’ directed microwave attack in one single night of DEW targeting. See her interview with Geoff Brady in July 13, 2021 targetedartist.wordpress.com

As with POWs: targeted individual’s rights have been taken away: Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process – Bing video

As with POWs most targeted individuals are deprived of sleep nightly for years on end.

As with POWs most targeted individuals are tortured everyday of their lives. But insidiously, instead of being able to see or face their ‘enemy’ in what US politicians are calling a ‘psychotronic war’ the torture done to TIs is streamed to their bodies remotely with no-touch neuroweapons that can affect any nerve in their body: as if a knife was slicing through it. Or pins being driven into flesh. Or bugs biting large areas of skin for days on end… Leaving pock marks in faces, scars on skin and when directed microwave weapons are turned up? Burns on flesh and hair that falls out. The directed energy waves can be focused on joints of knees, hips, and elbows to jar or grind the bones together overnight. By morning the TI can barely walk if they are able to stand. How are not TIs POW’s in their own country? This ‘psychotronic war’ is a war on good, law abiding, concerned, highly intelligent people: why are 70% women? When do these POWs living inside the borders of their own country metaphorically speaking: get to go ‘home’?

How is pain defined? All pain is experienced through the nerves. In a dictionary it is described as, “Pain is the physical suffering or discomfort caused by injury.” Pain caused by attack can be achieved with knives, water, ropes, bullets, fire, arrows, electricity, biological agents, neuroweapons, DEWs, nanoparticles, and more. Any of these weapons listed can be used to torture physically and psychologically, but only a few can successfully be used 24/7 to remotely harm.

Reverend Dr. Millicent Yvonne Black who is Pastor of the ‘Refuge from the Storm Church’ and holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Christian Education and Social Justice, and a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministries is an advocate for targeted individuals. Dr. M. Black is horribly remotely DEW tortured, and brain to brain interfaced 24/7 for decades. From medical reports she has documentation of over 50 microchips placed in her body without permission. A surgical incision on her breast bone was questioned by one MD, because Dr. Black has never had heart surgery or heart issues: however a chip has been inserted in her heart without her permission.

Here are torture testimony excerpts of Dr. Black: “5-31-2021 Broadcasting brainwashing propaganda… assaults to my belly-pelvic-pubic. 6-1-21 RF signals to the right side of my head… trauma-based mind control… assaults to both knees… assaulting my upper left thigh… Awoken: at least 5 times during night… heating left hip-thigh-groin… genitals. 6-3-2021 4:22am Awoken… RF signals to the right side of my head… 5:06am (have been kept) from going back to sleep by torture to my pelvic-pubic areas… visuals to my optical nerves… (later in day) headache in frontal lobe… broadcasting brainwashing propaganda… threats to my life… sleep deprivation.” Dr. Black is remotely tortured with “Disruption of thought freedom by Voice-To-Skull (V2K) weapons, also known as ‘microwave hearing, synthetic telepathy or Voice-of-God weapon. Invisible physical harassment: directed energy weapons (DEW). (And) Total surveillance, mind-reading, body-mind control, dream manipulation using neuroweapons remote neural monitoring module (RNM).

Dr. Millicent Black wrote: “I HAVE NEVER BEEN ENLISTED IN THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND HAVE NEVER CONSENTED TO BE USED FOR ANY MILITARY, MEDICAL OR OTHER EXPERIMENT.” Reverend Black, is one an extremely kind, brave woman. -Thank you Dr. Black for your torture testimony.

See Dr.Millicent Black in 2011:   Mielsen B @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues – YouTube

Even when horrendous torture and involuntary-experimentation is done on huge numbers of innocent people, oftentimes war-criminals doing the inhumane atrocities: never face trial even in sanctioned, or declared national wars.

How then will millions of innocent citizens that are ‘different groups within nations or states‘ being DEW-remotely tortured, remotely raped, remotely brain injured, remotely mind-controlled in a ‘psychotronic war’ ever going to be metaphorically ‘brought home’ again? When are these ‘different groups within nations or states‘ going to be acknowledged as prisoners of war in their own countries, in their own homes, work places and out in public if the war against them is not only undeclared, but silent and invisible as well?

Dr. Katherine Horton is German, a physicist and systems analyst. Having received her masters degree in physics and particle physics doctorate at Oxford University. She was employed by CERN at Geneva from 2008-2010, and DESY at the German Electron-Synchrotron in Hamburg, Germany from 2004-2008. Dr. Horton created a ‘STOP 007’ website.

Excerpts Horton’s Holocaust-Diary of July 17, 2019 under heading ‘DEW assault by death squad in forest’... “7-8pm I go for a long walk. On my return, I am brutally gunned in the back by a Directed Energy Weapon that is hidden in the forest. The beam first hits my neck, causing intense pain, then swings down towards my left lung where the gunning and resultant pain become so intense that I cannot breathe. I turn around to find the source and to relieve the pain. The pain immediately stops and I see a gang-stalker in bright pink jogging towards me… She is young and has that honey-pot mug that Intel loves to sex traffic…”

Horton’s Holocaust-Diary 08 July 2019- Cease and Desist to NATO and Harassment Post: “After brutal gunning all throughout the night that woke me up at 2:40am and sadistic torture throughout the day, I email the NATO Space Command and ask them once more to cease and desist. 18 June 2019- Agent Harassment via Email under Physical Assaults & Torture 9:00 Insane gunning starts up with audible shots and painful gunning of Dr. Horton’s skull and legs in bed under many layers of sheet metal shielding. Eventually I am knocked flat out by a head shot and wakes up a 10:30am disoriented from the brain damage, having missed a meeting. 15:30 Gunning into left shoulder and chest with a Directed Energy Weapon either from a nearby ridge or from satellite. Video evidence filmed. 16:00 Hard pulsing into top of skull. 16:01 Hard shot ripping through left shoulder and left lung. Then painful pulsing into neck on left hand side and left lower thigh. Gunning is causing painful bone ache. Insane gunning during the night. Crawling under the shielding with barely enough air to breathe, I’m being brutally machine-gunned under the command and control of General Harrigian of the NATO US Space Command. My heart, legs and skull are the focus of the assaults.”

-Thank you Dr. Katherine Horton ‘STOP 007’ at https://stop007.org. Where “Fighting Secret Service Criminality” is defined under many headings: for https://stop007.org/home/holocaust-diary/ and https://stop007.org/home/blood-on-their-hands/
Magnetic 8 set on 0-3 magnetic that runs through entire north side of home since 2016. Photo taken 6-18-21. -This dangerous radiation exists at all times above and beyond the other: no-touch remotely streamed neuroweapon attacks that are focused on body parts like the skull, stomach, feet, etc.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me. God forgive all those harming us. The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Divine Beings and Books

During the month of May 2021 at the Springfield, MO Library Center restrictions on COVID were lifted and a large glass case opened up for organizations and artists to fill with their educational and artistic gifts for the community. In July targetedartist filled the case with art and books. Here are some photos of what the case held:

Isaiah 54:17 Bible verse, watercolor angel, and a book by FOX News lawyer and psychic Mark Anthony, ‘Never Letting Go.’
Also on shelf books on metaphysical realities on earth and cutting edge technology accompanied the Bible verse. Richard Bachs ‘Illusions’. Corkin Cherubini’s ‘Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity’. Psychiatrist Colin Ross’ ‘The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists’. Robert Duncan’s ‘Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed’. And Paul Brodeur’s ‘The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Coverup’.
Angels statues and books: ‘The Herb Book’ by John Lust. ‘Planetary Herbology’ by Michael Tierra. And a book by Targeted Individual and world renown journalist ‘Exile’ by Janet Phelan.
An African Mermaid watercolor resides by angels and a Mary statue.
Artist’s proclamation.
Angel watercolor art and a prayer card by Gloria Benish. The ‘Global Eight’ prayer that goes something like this: “God forgive those who are harming us for they know not what they do. They cannot see. So kiss their foreheads awakening them to your omnipotent power God. So they know what they have become and what they have done. Touch their hearts God so they may know your true spiritual nature and reality. In Jesus name it is so. Thank you God. I love you God. So be it. Amen”
In this case is a reading-angel statute. The books are ‘The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar. ‘When God was a Woman’ by Merlin Stone. DVD ‘9/11 Blueprint for Truth; The Architecture of Destruction’ by architect Richard Gage. ‘Nosso Lar’ by Brazilian medium Francisco Candido. And award winning ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeline L’Engle.
More art angels watercolor on paper by targetedartist.
A watercolor mermaid. Two books: Valerie V. Hunts ‘Infinite Mind’ and Babette Rothchilds ‘The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment’.
Books, ‘Health, Happiness and the Pursuit of Herbs,’ by Adele Dawson. ‘Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic’ by Dorothy Maclean. ‘Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta’ by Mother Teresa. ‘The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach’ by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.
Watercolor ‘We are Energy’ by Targetedartist.
Closeup of ‘We are Energy’.
Watercolor angel and books: ‘Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology’ by Nick Begich. And ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman.
Acrylic painted cardboard angels.
Book ‘Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology and Human Enhancement Herald: THE DAWN OF TECHNO-DIMENSIONAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE’, by Tom and Nita Horn.
Archangel Michael statue and book: ‘Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim’ by T.I. Paladin.
Targeted Individuals can speak in front of their city councils. Targeted Individuals can put their names on lists to wait to show their art work and educational gifts to their community. Thank you Library Center management and librarians for allowing fairness and justice, freedom of speech and press in Springfield, MO.
Danger magnetic radiation 8 set on 0-3 magnetic runs along entire north side of home. The source is coming from the north. Can no longer store food in kitchen, must keep refrigerator and shelf-goods in rooms far away from the high radiation.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me. God forgive all those harming us. The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Powers That Be

A TIs front yard of natural plantings, tree canopy and xeriscaped garden.

Acclaimed scientist and author Valerie V. Hunt wrote in her book ‘Infinite Mind‘: “One’s thoughts, especially when amplified by intent or emotion, leave an imprint on matter, that is, will directs all energy.   Previous thought forms may remain as fields in places such as buildings, powerfully affecting susceptible people who resonate with them…   Thoughts, of course, are not material; they do not occupy space with size and weight, but each has its own energy pattern.  The gross energy may resemble a whirlpool, an octopus, an arrow, or a meandering stream.  It has space-shape like words do.  If it’s emotional strength is sufficient, it will travel any distance like the speed of light.  If decoded correctly- or even incorrectly- there is transfer of information.”

Hunt- “Infinite space belongs to field transactions.  In telecommunications, unseen, unheard and unsmelled essences come from infinite space where energy flows back and forth in patterns of interrelationships.”

“Because we know how powerfully we communicate through our thoughts, I suggest that we use them consciously and creatively to get help and information when we need it… Most thoughts never leave the auric field of their creator.  Only those firmly structured and vitalized by emotion have sufficient power to be broadcast.”  -This is the energy that the wealthy, their governments and military/medical industrial complexes should be researching. Not energy weapons.

Figure above was seen on a pedestrian’s laptop (among an excessive amount of other equipment on a desk in a public building) where they had remotely DEW attacked a TIs skull for hours each day, day after day. The TI immediately drew from memory the figure using same colors that was seen on the display of laptop. A white square on top of figure’s skull was exactly where the TI was always attacked remotely with neuroweapons when the pedestrian was present. One day the TI got up to leave the public building, and the pedestrian also got up to retrieve their conveyance. -The TI, while walking to their car had to pass the pedestrians desk where for all the world to see, a still opened laptop exhibited evidence of a DEW program in use.

Targetedartist has heard many TIs claim they are remotely directed energy weapon attacked in public by citizens walking, sitting or standing on streets. And in public buildings. See 30 second video: https://youtu.be/IkBHeS6RhsY

Excerpts from ‘The Power and Promise of High Power Electromagnetic Weapons’, by Mary Lou Robinson, Albuquerque, New Mexico-  TEDxABQ on December 21, 2016:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdo8tmRid4w

Mary Lou Robinson: “I am from the government, I lead a team of weapons innovators at the Air Force Research Lab New Mexico where I’ve worked for over 17 years and prior to that I spent six years on active duty…  And I Love Our Country!   I married a patriot… (20 year retired Air Force).  But the real reason I do what I do is for my two patriotic-children”.  

“Why am I here?  I’m here because I need your help.  You are perhaps more influential than you realize on how our military engages in conflict…  Our morals, values and ethics effect our decisions made by our commanders in the field every day”.

“I want you to be familiar with the technologies we are developing for them.  So that you can support them in the decisions that they have to make.  I mentioned that I lead a team of weapons innovators.  We make directed energy systems useful for national defense… 

“Kinetic energy is what weapons have used for literally  hundreds of thousands of years”… (rocks, spears, bows and arrows, cruise missiles, bombs, bullets…)    

“Directed energy harnesses energy from across the electromagnetic spectrum.  And focuses it into a useful beam…  The team I lead develops high powered microwave weapons.  We investigate different frequencies on various items… And microwaves particularly are defined as frequencies with wavelengths ranging all the way from one meter to one millimeter.  And there are different effects on different things, but today I am going to focus on just one.  And that is the ‘counter-electronic effect’”. 

The three energy weapons systems Mary Lou notes that the Air Force is working on currently are:  MAX POWER Counter-Improvised Explosive Device system… CHAMP Non-Lethal Counter Electronics system… and Active Denial Non-Lethal Counter-Personnel system. 

“You know that microwaves are fairly good at transferring energy into water-based things”…   (Human bodies are 60% water).  “What you may not realize is that in thousandths of a second those same microwaves are extremely good at disabling, disrupting and if conditions are right even destroying electronic circuits.  All of this is half the time it takes you to blink your eyes ”.

Robinson goes on to talk about how putting an item of food in a microwave machine in a kitchen for one minute is insufficient amount of time to harm the food. And that same minute of microwaving if focused on a a person is, “Just as insufficient time to affect a person.” – She says this in two examples during her talk.

Does Robinson think the directed energy weapon attacks on targeted individuals last for only a minute a day? Targeted individuals are hit with remotely streamed directed energy 24/7.

In CIA and DHS appropriations bills the term ‘electronic surveillance‘ is used to define the funding of surveillance of human brains and bodies: which run on the electronic circuitry of neurons.   The agencies do not distinguish between electronic circuitry of machines or human electronic circuitry.  Funding always passes.

Mary Lou Robinson during her TEDxABQ Talk.

As a member of LINKEDIN.com saw Robinson’s video today for the first time on 7-31-21, and commented to Renee Pittman Books, the woman who posted it: 

“Renee Pittman Books, I’m glad that Mary Lou has such high “morals, values and ethics” (as she puts it) to create directed energy weapons for 17 years with the Air Force and to encourage listening audiences to support their DEW invention, manufacture and sales inside US borders… and the use of DEWs by our military.

Respectfully, here are my questions and statements for Mary Lou Robinson: Have you ever met and talked with a targeted individual inside the borders of the US? Have you ever talked with one of the DEW or ‘neuroweapon-attacked’ US Cuban, Chinese or Russian diplomats? Or asked how it feels to receive a ‘non-lethal’ level of focused, remote microwave streamed to their body 24/7 day after day in their own homes? Mary Lou, have you asked any TIs if they have ever been remotely microwaved for an ‘insufficient amount of time to affect them’? We the People, are ALL patriots even while we work for justice. And we all love our country. Some US citizens have a Constitution to live by, as well as our morals, values and ethics. In the Constitution it says we all have civil and human rights.

https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-07-26/congress-to-assist-brain-injury-victims-of-mysterious-havana-syndrome: Congress to assist Brain-injury Victims of mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ by Tracy Wilkinson with the Los Angeles Times of July 26, 2021. Why does the journalist Wilkinson encourage the use of ‘syndrome’ instead of ‘attack’? By using the word ‘syndrome’ the responsibility of what is happening is placed on the person’s body as a form of ‘illness’ instead of the responsibility of the ‘attacks’ being placed on directed energy weapon use. In the first sentence Wilkinson calls the energy weapon attacks the US Cuban diplomats suffer from, “mysterious ailments”. These are not illnesses, but neuroweapon attacks and injuries that affect the human nervous system.

Remote directed energy weapon attacks on millions of US citizens inside US borders happens 24/7 in their own homes.

Why would the California Institute of Health and Social Services: ‘that supports increasing the availability of resources and protecting the welfare of children, adults and families’, view my LINKEDIN.Com profile? Perhaps the institution just pushed on the wrong LINKEDIN.Com site? Award winning journalist, TI Janet Phelan author of ‘Exile’ experienced her mother’s permanent removal from family in a state ‘guardianship’ that lasted until her mother’s death.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me. God forgive all those harming us. The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Remote DEW Side Effects on TIs

This angel holding a sword and a pen.

Electronic surveillance is legal, and to date there are no nation’s laws that differentiate between the electronic circuitry of a machine: a personal computer, a vehicle, a phone… or a human brain. The human brain technically runs on electricity. From http://www.ninds.hih.gov ‘Brain Basics: The life and death of a Neuron’: “Neurons are information messengers. They use electrical impulses and chemical signals to transmit information between different areas of the brain, and between the brain and the rest of the nervous system.”

Consequently funding for human hacking is legally and conveniently worded as: electronic surveillance, and slips under the radar of appropriations committees.

Every human has a brain signature or electromagnetic pulse, (EMP) that can be mapped and mined. Once the human-EMP is uploaded into a computer system weapons program the brain signature can be locked onto and the brain loaded with streamed directed energy weapons. This streamed DEW is nothing more than a non-physical EEG without the electrodes attached to the skull. The DEWs and weaponized Brain Computer Interface impact, manipulate, experiment on, and test reactions of the neurons of a TI’s brain and body while being recorded, uploaded and labeled into its own computer hardware program under the TIs name. The program can then be bought and sold. All targeted individuals are human trafficked.

24/7 neuron-bombardment eventually causes a PTSD-type of continuous fight or flight response that releases cortisol from the subject’s adrenal glands. Stress, danger and change cause cortisol release and increase levels of glucose in the body. As with any sugar, glucose causes immune system drop, tiredness and induces hunger.

Glucose is also produced in the brain when melatonin is destroyed by microwaves streamed from iPhones, smart devices, cell towers, satellites or directed energy weapons attack. The pineal gland or ‘third eye’ is the source of melatonin that regulates circadian rhythm.

The pineal gland is also where psychic phenomenon makes itself known to the brain. It is this targetedartist’s educated opinion that the powers that be want to destroy all human ability to connect directly with their own body’s portholes of divinity (the word ‘gates’ is used in the Bible) -places where God the One by Any Name is and can be perceived first hand.

From the Bhagavad Gita 26 “Those who renounce attachment in all their deeds live content in the “city of nine gates,” the body, as its master. They are not driven to act, nor do they involve others in action”. (BG, 5:13) In the Bible the physical body of humans is referred to as ‘temples’ with gates that open to the Holy Spirit. “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.’” And, In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (ESV), he asks, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? … You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.”

The destruction of psychic gifts targeted individuals suffer is done with neuroweapons that shut off access in the human body and brain to pathways that have led to the divine through mental or physical functions known or unknown since childhood.

-Yale and Oxford Universities, the National Institutes of Health and NIMH- National Institute of Mental Health, with NCRR, National Center for Research Resources, and NARSAD- the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression are hoping to use neurostimulation to augment ‘voice-hearing’ groups of schizophrenics. Oddly enough most targeted individuals going to their local law enforcement about being DEW targeted, gangstalked and experiencing Voice to Skull weapon attacks are placed in 96 holds and labeled schizophrenic, paranoid and delusional. Will these institutions pay voluntary human experimental subjects in their research in ‘neurostimulation’?

The YaleNews of September 2016 Bill Hathaway’s article, ‘Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis’, tackles how one in 25 people hears voices in their lifetime, but most are not mentally ill. “Patients with schizophrenia were much more likely to report negative experiences when hearing voices or when discussing the voices with other people.” The psychics have a “much higher degree of control over the voices,” said Philip Corlett, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University. Yale neuroscience graduate student Megan Kelley assisted Corlett in his research with clairaudient psychics.

Corlett said, “We predict this population: psychics, will teach us a lot about the neurobiology, cognitive psychology and eventually treatment of distressing voices… The research may be unusual, but big, intractable problems require creative and sometimes unorthodox solutions.” -The Yale Department of Psychiatry and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation provided primary funding for the research.

From Yale School of Medicine ‘Hear Voices’ by Christopher Hoffman in their magazine of 2019 Spring wrote… “Albert Powers MD, and Philip Corlett PhD reached out to the president of the ‘American Association of Psychics’ Connecticut chapter… Powers started going to association meetings and psychic fairs with another researcher, Adina Bianchi, to talk with clairaudients, Corlett says.”

The main difference found between psychic and psychotics’ voices is that psychics ‘control’ their ‘friendly’ voices. Psychotic ‘voices’ are less comforting, and they are negative, and cannot be controlled. – The latter voices sound exactly like V2K delivered remotely with DEW/BCI streamed to targeted individuals EMPs or brain signatures to mind-control them to depression and/or suicide. Powers and Corletts’ findings were published in August 11, 2017 issue of Science magazine. They note that neuromonitoring brain devices are planned in the future to “short-circuit brain activity” in psychotic patients.

Since 2016, 7-20-21 danger 7 magnetic radiation at 0-3 magnetic started on north side of home and in kitchen.

From the Oxford Academic the Schizophrenic Bulletin 2017 and Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine and Maryland Psychiatric Research Center… excerpts of a discussion on Albert Powers, Megan Kelley and Philip Corletts’ article regarding their work with psychics and psychotic patients: “The voice-hearing experiences of clairaudient psychics exhibit striking similarities and important difference from help-seeking voice-hearers. There were very few differences in the low-level acoustic characteristics, content or frequency of their experiences… investigation into participant’s early voice-hearing experiences revealed a younger age of onset in psychics compared to their treatment-seeking counterparts, with accompanying positive experiences on telling others of their voice-hearing.” Psychics also reported a higher ‘multisensory hallucination’ rate than psychotic individuals. The psychiatrists involved in the study were extremely grateful to the psychics for assisting in helping them better understand what they called ‘voice-hearing’ people.

Danger 6 magnetic radiation set on 0-3 magnetic, on 7-30-21

Neuroweapons can also cause illness, disease and weight gain/loss from the continuous 24/7 streamed directed energy weapons controlling every aspect of the human body.

What is the most embarrassing function a human body can do? Emit gas from the anus, i.e. flatulate or fart. Who hasn’t accidently let a fart escape out in public? What TIs experience during BCI and DEW attack is much more than ‘toots’, when their neurology is manipulated. The goal of DEW attackers is to completely discredit their targets and what better way to do that than to publicly shame them with their own actions?

Many TIs have spoken to me about experiencing ‘monstrous sounds’ emerging from their anus, against their will. Sounds so loud, unusual and bizarre sounding that grown men within hearing distance, I am told have reacted with fear. Because what is happening is not normal. So how can neuroweapons do this?

When microwave weapons are remotely locked on and streamed to a stomach some TIs say they can actually feel bubbles being produced. Targetedartist spoke with a friend who said, “It always happens in a public place where I am sitting down, I guess because the weapons cannot produce the same affect when I am moving? Or maybe it is just that when I am sitting down in public, I’m usually in an intimate social setting? So they know I feel ashamed. The bubbles in my stomach from energy weapon targeting I can actually hear! The gas is produced quickly whenever they want it to be. This manufactured gas bubbles rapidly, and when this happens I get a picture in my mind of a pot of boiling, and bubbling water. Since this has happened before, lately I have actually been clenching my legs together, but nothing helps. Usually air is forced from my bowels in a loud and almost violent manner… and there is nothing I can do to stop it. If I walk away, it stops. But how can you walk away when you are in a restaurant with friends? I would have to stay away the entire meal.”

The small and large intestines -which together comprise some 15 feet in length can hold 100-200 cubic cm (6-12 cubic inches of gas) under normal conditions. However when neuroweapons produce the carbon dioxide (and other more odiferous gases) in huge quantities the manipulated forced air from the anus can sound as loud as an actual fog horn.

I have spoken with TIs who say they are, “Manipulated into an altered state” before their independent enteric nervous system of the gastrointestinal tract is remotely DEWed to make huge amounts of gas to discredit them. According to these TIs, they never hear their DEW-manipulated-flatulence, and only smell their methane-hydrogen-sulfide-ammonia ‘gale’ if someone around them reacts to it. Said one, “No one in their right mind would so violently force air from their body at work, or in a public place. These perps do it to disgrace and dishonor us, which discredits anything we are working toward”!

Targeted Individuals’ intestines and anus are as controlled to force-extreme-flatulence, as their heart is palpitated, and their arms and legs are jerked at night keeping them awake.

The gastrointestinal tract is managed by the independent enteric nervous system. Researchers investigating the role of sensory nerve endings in the anal canal speculate their role is to distinguish between flatus and feces. Neuroweapons impact all nerves in the human body.

From Johns Hopkins Medicine: ‘Gastrointestinal Issues: What’s Your Brain Have to Do with It’? https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/gastrointestinal-issues-whats-your-brain-have-to-do-with-it -“Linda Lee, M.D., discusses the connection between the brain and the gut, and how gastrointestinal (GI) issues impact the brain. She notes that while digestive disorders often affect women differently than men, both are impacted by this connection. “… Nerves in the wall of the gut…” says Lee. “We collectively refer to these nerves as the enteric nervous system.” All aspects of the body can be controlled by remotely streamed neuroweapons.

In the article ‘Neurological and psychiatric aspects of some gastrointestinal diseases’ by Zsuzsa Aszalos 11-2-2008 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18952527/ the author writes, “The gastrointestinal tract is controlled by the independent enteric nervous system. It is also closely connected to the central nervous system, and bi-directional communication exists between them. The communication involves neural pathways as well as immune and endocrine mechanisms. The brain-gut axis plays a prominent role in the modulation of gut functions. Signals from different sources (e.g. sound, sight, smell, somatic and visceral sensations, pain) reach the brain. These inputs are modified by memory, cognition and affective mechanisms and integrated within the neural circuits of the central nervous system, spinal cord, autonomic and enteral nervous systems. These inputs can have physiologic effects, such as changes in motility, secretion, immune function, and blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract. One of the most important neurotransmitters is serotonin”… (Serotonin needs to be replenished in TIs especially due to constant DEW attack… and can be acquired naturally by eating eggs, which boost blood plasma levels of tryptophan, cheese, pineapples, tofu, salmon, nuts and seeds, turkey and ripe-spotted bananas.)

Targetedartist has a xeriscaped front yard. Rocks are collected whenever visiting friends or relatives. This month two rocks were shattered by a powerful force. A large one shattered to pieces. And a small ocean rock was shattered into two perfect halves. What force can do such a thing?

Then there is the question – How can neuroweapons change a TIs weight? From the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago, and the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University is the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative article, May 1, 2017, ‘Clinical Commentary: eat to live or live to eat? The neurobiology of Appetite Regulation’ by Kathryn R. Kinasz, Dave A. Ross, and Joseph J. Cooper. Listed on a government site: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5712899/

– When directed energy is streamed to the lateral hypothalamus nucleus: neurons are affected. The orexigenic neuron- stimulates desire for food. The brain under remote neuroweapon attack exhibits leptin resistance, making it hard to feel satiated. When dopamine a neurotransmitter is not being produced people end up eating more and oftentimes the food does not taste as good as it should. These neuromodulations result in an increase in eating highly caloric food: or comfort food to feel better. (Dopamine is found naturally in spotted bananas.)

The National Institutes of Health and the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative that are funded by the US government- are working to pinpoint the exact neurobiological stimulation involved in weight gain and weight loss… They note that appetite regulation experimentation on animals is being done and seen as ‘necessary’. But say nothing about human experimentation.

Legal experimentation on humans is extremely costly… Non-consensual experimentation on humans is probably not as costly especially when they are TIs being human trafficked.

Neuroimmunogastroenterology: At the Interface of Neuroimmunology and Gastroenterology’ – By John Michael S. Sanchez, J. Scott McNally, Melissa M. Cortez, James Hemp, Laura A. Pace and Stacey L. Clary… From the Departments and Divisions of Microbiology and Immunology, pathology, Radiology, Advanced Imaging Research, Neurology, Imaging and Neurosciences Center, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, and George E. Whalen Veterans Affairs Medical Center … all in Salt Lake City, UT, United States.

In this article the authors write: “The central nervous system (CNS) is an important regulator of the gastrointestinal tract, and CNS dysfunction can result in significant and disabling gastrointestinal symptom manifestation. Neuroimmunogastroenterology lies at the borderlands of medical specialties, and there are few resources to guide neurologists in this area”… “The brain-gut axis incorporates bi-directional signals from the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, enteric nervous system, gut microbiota, and immune system to respond to the dynamic needs of human physiology”… And “Evidence for the role of the gut microbiota and the intestinal barrier in neuroinflammation has been found in a number of disease states including autism spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Understanding the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota and intestinal permeability influences neuroinflammation is an intense area of research”.

Is the targeted individual inside the borders of the United States the Guinea Pig all these institutions rely on to ‘understand’ and ‘pinpoint the exact neurobiological stimulation’ that manipulates every body organ, nerve ending and cell in the human body?

Question of the day: What is the difference between God and Artificial Intelligence? God does not need a power source because God is the power source. AI needs a power source. God created everything. God is, was and always shall be… AI was created by humans. Humans are created in God’s image. Does artificial intelligence want to upload God’s image from humans, to eventually know God? Or become a god?

Front yard.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me. God forgive all those harming us. The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Karen Stewart ‘In Other News’

Thank you Geoff Brady and ‘In Other News’ radio New York.  Listen in to Brady’s interview Oct. 11, 2020 with Karen Stewart at: https://inothernewsradio.com/podcast/in-other-news-october-11-2020/ Here is the transcript of the one hour audio, with all parenthesis being targetedartist comments-

Geoff Brady (GB)-  “Welcome to ‘In Other News’ Radio New York, I’m Geoff Brady.  We are going to take a look at another case of organized stalking and covert microwave, radar attacks and torture.   In 1982 Karen Melton-Stewart was hired as a Foreign Language Intelligence Analyst with the National Security Agency.  However after nearly three decades she was wrongly terminated after questioning ‘why’ another woman was credited and promoted for her work.  Specifically it was a project that ended up saving many lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

“Karen Stewart had followed up with a lawsuit against the NSA through the Baltimore Equal Opportunity Commission.  But her case was oddly dismissed without a hearing.  Since then she has sustained criminal and vicious harassment at what she describes is through the NSA’s direction.  Specifically the Department of Homeland Security subordinates working out of FUSION CENTERS.   Karen Stewart publicly shares her story giving legitimacy to the many thousands silently suffering from microwave attacks and harassment”. 

“Despite misdirection in the corporate owned press the biological injury from microwave attacks has been confirmed against US diplomats in Cuba and China”. 

“Karen is retired and happily married.  Karen joins us today to talk more about the details of her career in the NSA, organized stalking and the microwave weaponry used to torture victims”.  

GB-  “So Karen Stewart welcome to “In Other News’”.

Karen Steward (KS)-  “Thank you very much it’s a pleasure to be here”.

GB-  Karen, on this show we’ve had more than thirty victims of organized stalking to talk as guests about their cases.  Their backgrounds and lifestyles range from activists, to psychic empaths, to a civil engineer… and they are mostly women.  Would you please give listeners an overview of how you became a target of organized stalking as a twenty-eight year veteran intelligence analyst in the National Security Agency?   

KS-  “Yes, I would be glad to, because some of the victims are whistleblowers.  I worked there as you said for twenty-eight years.  Discovered a huge project, I was the main author of, and my boss had given credit for my work to another woman.  She had gotten a double promotion meant for me.  – I was told this by a promotion board member.  Because I didn’t know, I asked Inspector General George Ellard to please look into it to see if it was true.  Just because somebody makes an allegation doesn’t make it true.  When I did that, I suddenly became the target of a mystery investigation.   As if I had done something wrong”.  

“And that was purposeful.  That was to make people mistrust me and to turn the tables on me.  This continued for about three years and it turned into not only NSA security- low level security people stalking me all around NSA.  Like if I went to the bathroom for Pete’s Sake, they would station somebody outside the ladies room.  If I went to another office they would send somebody standing in the hall waiting for me to leave.  They would send them along with me just to follow me.  So it became rather irritating and certainly intrusive.”

“Then I noticed that people began to treat me badly.  Or to shun me.  I had one friend who called up and said, “Karen, you know every five to seven years there are reinvestigation interviews of people that you know or that I know or whatever,  just to make sure that we haven’t turned into alcoholics, or done something stupid”.  I said ‘yes’.  And he said, “Well, I just had the most bizarre reinvestigation interview that I’ve ever partaken in.  And it was about you.”   And I said, “How so?”  And he said, “Well, this man from security was trying to get me to say that you were this or that…”  And he wouldn’t tell me  -He said, “I’m not going to tell you because it would make you furious.”   And he said that, “We almost got into a fist fight, because he wanted me to say things about you, that I knew having worked with you for so many years couldn’t possibly be true.”  He said, “So I wanted to call you up and warn you something’s going on and I don’t know what it is.”  

KS continues-  “He knew that my work had been stolen.  Accredited to another person, because he worked on the same project.  That was very definite.  Definitely alerting me to this”.  

“Then these people took the stalking off the NSA campus.   They were having people stalk and harass me to and from work, and going into stores.  They would follow me around stores.  As if I were a shop lifter or something, which I have never been.   They were NSA security people.   -Every so often, the ding-bats would forget to take off their NSA security badges.”

“So we got to a point in early 2009 where they were doing coordinated aggressive driving attacks from my home to NSA.  Almost putting me in car accidents which would have not only hurt me, but anyone around.  They would surround you and make sure that they controlled how fast you went.  If you decided you needed to go to another lane they would quickly speed up and make sure you couldn’t go into that lane, and you would miss your turn.  It was things like you know.  And doing something on their breaks.  Like swerving into you or making you think they were going to swerve into you.  Hoping that you would swerve and hit the other car.  It would be your fault.   That is what was going on”.  

“And they also poisoned a family pet to death.   At that point when they were endangering my life and had killed a pet,  I went to supervisors and said, “Look, you are pretending to have some kind of investigation of me.  I’ve done not a damn thing wrong.  I said all I reported was somebody who did something pretty darn wrong.  You know, stealing somebody’s work credit and stealing their promotions.  

I said, “This needs to stop, because this is absolutely ridiculous”.  And they were apparently threatened and told that if I said anything to report me.  As soon as they reported me, they stripped me of my clearance.  Put me in a menial job.  Said, “Oh you are paranoid, delusional.  You think people have stolen your work, and your promotion.  And you think people are stalking and harassing you.”

KS continues-  “You know they didn’t do any kind of investigation.  I said, “Look, I have license plates, I have makes and models of cars.   And I have images of people who are doing it.  So I do have something to investigate.”  They said, “We don’t need to investigate.”    

Educational billboard.

GB-  “…I just want to go back for a minute to your report.  From what I understand in previous interviews that you’ve done, this NSA report actually saved many lives.  And if your name was on it, and other people knew about it… seems to me that it would be pretty easy for you to have the proof that you are the author of this report.  Why wasn’t that easy to do?”

KS-  “Because they would ignore it.  I mean, I can’t even tell you how many reports that I wrote, because I wrote reports starting from June of  2002… into …January 2003.  The report had to do with the invasion of Iraq, Russia…  and I’m not telling you anything that’s not been in the newspapers.  Russia had been selling jammers to the Iraqis under the table that affected our missiles.  And we didn’t know about it until I did research and found out about it.  So I wrote I don’t even know how many reports, that basically told them who was selling jammers, what the dimensions were, what the capabilities of these devices were.  How  they were selling them to Iraq, how they were getting them there.  Via what countries, by truck, by helicopter”…  But that engendered a team that went out and took the information and created jammers on their own to see, is this an efficient jammer?  They found out ‘oh by golly’ it was.  And so that worried everybody”.

KS-  “Before the invasion, the U.S. military actually took time to destroy the jammers.  And by the time we invaded in January 2003, there might have been two or three left which they quickly took care of.  But the newspapers reported that some of our missiles had actually gone astray and that’s why…  so the Pentagon told NSA upper management my reports had actually in their estimation saved about two thousand American military lives during the invasion.  That is what made the work so attractive to my upper-echelon boss. To steal it, have my name taken off the reports and another woman’s name put on them. Because they were talking about how this was such a good piece of work they wanted to promote me for it. This woman that he wanted to promote had been sleeping her way through the ‘weapons and space directorate management’ wanted reward for her sexual favors”.

GB-  “Ahh OK.  That’s what I was wondering about, what made this woman eligible at that level to really be involved with such a diabolical scheme.   To steal somebody’s work and to be OK with it…

KS-  “I think she was either a ‘honey pot’ for either the ‘deep state’ or a foreign entity.”

GB-  “OK so we are getting involved with what Jeffrey Epstein might have been involved with… not saying that he was involved with it,  but it is on that level probably.”

KS-  “Yes, I think so.  Like you said, in early 2009 I went to my branch chief and his deputies who had been very nice to me for quite some time until after the first of the year.  Then they were acting rather peculiarly.  And when I went to them saying, “This is enough. There obviously is nothing going on.  I’ve done nothing wrong or they could have found it certainly in three years.  You know, it’s only harassment at this point… and it needs to stop.”    They reported me.  I was told to report to security”.  

“Security said, ‘Oh, you’re paranoid, delusional crazy.  You can’t have any type of clearance.   We are striping you of your clearance and we’re going to send you to the travel office which is another building and in which you don’t need any type of clearance”.   It was very menial work: ‘Jim Smith went over here to San Antonio and his trip cost X amount of dollars, and we reimburse it.  It was just incredibly menial.   But when I started parking in their parking lot  which is across from a separate security entity I started seeing the people reporting to work who were stalking and harassing me.   So I gathered some license plates, makes and models of cars and went to the police.   The police got back to me and said initially they would investigate.  Then they got back to me and said,  “The NSA has forbidden us to investigate.”   

“And at that point NSA panicked and  said, “OK you are on administrative leave.  We can’t have you on the campus because you are just  crazy and dangerous.”    I thought OK,  that’s interesting”.  

KS continues-  “So they transitioned from people who were obviously NSA security who looked like they were ex-military: maybe got out at age 25-27, still had the military haircuts.   They transitioned from low level security to civilians.   And I  thought, “What in the world?”  The first week I was home it was very quiet, but then noticed civilians seemed to be stealing my mail.   So I thought, what in the world is going on?   Well, I investigated and found out what NSA had done- and this goes to other agencies too…  NSA went to the FUSION CENTER that’s nearby.  I’ll give you a little bit of background if you don’t know what a FUSION CENTER is.”

KS-  “After 9/11, NSA lied to the Congress and said “Well we couldn’t stop 9/11 because we just didn’t have the capacity to share information  with low-level law enforcement and other agencies.  So we need to make FUSION centers”.  Now… There are about 80 FUSION CENTERS all over the United States and they have representatives from the FBI, NSA, and all kinds of Federal agencies. But they also interact with law enforcement:  police departments, fire departments, sheriffs departments, etc.. to keep an eye on what they think might be a’ threat‘ in that area”.   (View https://www.ae911truth.org/)

“But what they are doing in actuality is taking out contracts on people.  They are saying, “Oh, this whistleblower could be a problem.”  Let’s report them as a ‘terrorist’.  Then we have these civilians that FUSION Centers hire- INFRAGARD… who are paid under the table tax dollars, gift cards, services, or paid with season tickets to some football games.  We are going to pay people to harass whistleblowers…  We are absolutely going to destroy whistleblowers and make sure that they never think it is a good idea to tell on us.   We are also going to put contracts out on journalists who write stories that we don’t like.   And any other person we find an irritant.   Or somebody we wish to destroy politically”.  

KS continues-  “Of course those are not the only reasons.  They are hot into human trafficking.  So they have partnered with all kinds of corporations and medical laboratories and things like that.  And it would appear that these partners, let’s say Raytheon will come to them… “Hey, we have this new directed energy weapon we want to test out on people.  Can you declare about a hundred people in your area to be terrorists, so that they can be stripped secretly of their constitutional rights, human rights, civil rights, and we can get people hitting them with these weapons from nearby. What are they going to say?  They are going to get hit with electrical weapons that most people don’t know exist.  So we’re going to put it out there that anybody reporting something like that… It’s just a mass delusion.   Ignore them.  Don’t let them file police reports cause it’s just a waste of time”.  

GB-  “Is this speculation on your behalf or do you really know that this is the way it operates”?

KS-  “Well, we are having people talk about being hit with certain types of weapons -comparing notes.  And then we’re seeing in some cases not all cases Raytheon, General Dynamics, or somebody come out with a weapon that by-golly does something very, very similar.  So we are putting the pieces together.  The documentation is very difficult to get.  Because they are guarding it with their lives.  But we are able to piece some if it together when they come out and  announce, “We have this fantastic, wonderful, new directed energy weapon,”- and its been what the victims have been talking about for quite some time”.

“There is one thing that we have discovered, if they hit you in your house with it, it will make you ill immediately.  It will make you throw up.  We’ve compared notes on that and found that it was a ‘Lilly wave’  and you have to actually leave your house to get away from the wave and not be sick anymore.  It’s basically connecting with a lot of people and comparing notes and comparing research that a lot of people have done to show that these are absolutely, definitely weapons.  (A Lilly wave is a bi-phasic electric pulse that stimulates neurons of the brain to resonate at a certain frequency, to control the brainwave patterns of the brain for mind control.)   Directed energy weapons are actually being produced for sixty-plus years but have been kept secret for several decades.  And are just now coming out saying, “Hey we have these, they are really wonderful stuff”   People are saying, “Oh my God, that is what I was hit with for like six months”.

“That is exactly what happened to me.  So if we could get police who have expertise to investigate, I think we could prove it.  But (the military/medical industrial complex) they are halfway… they don’t know whether to brag about their capabilities, or keep denying that this even exists.  It becomes very problematic”.  

GB-  “A past guest Attorney Jerry Leaphart, Dr. Judy Wood’s attorney, brought a Qui Tam case against the federal government regarding the NIST report, which concluded fire melted steel. (Dr. Judy Woods wrote ‘Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11’.)  – They had found that there was a company involved in making directed energy weapons and that was Applied Research Associates, (ARA) one of a number of companies involved”   (Geoff wonders if they also make portable energy weapons that have ‘been around for quite a while’ as well as ‘scaled up larger weaponry’).             

GB continues-  “A past guest Helena Csorba had mentioned that there was something called dielectric permittivity that could dial in specific substances that a radio wave would be able to evaluate.  -Whether solid, liquid or gaseous.  This weapon could dial in a specific organ in the body or  subtract the foil helmet that somebody is wearing and go directly to the brain.  Are you familiar with any of that material”?  ( Dielectric permittivity is the primary diagnostic physical property in ground penetrating radar (GPR).)

KS-  “Some of it.  I have read and seen indications that Raytheon has something called ‘The Raven’s Claw’ -and they, depending on the frequency, can dial in and attack any organ in the body.  Because the kidneys will have their own frequency.  The stomach will have its own frequency.  Your brain will have a different frequency… and they can dial that in and attack somebody’s kidney or aorta, or things like that.  Which is horrifically alarming.  … I’ve spoken to Helena a little bit”.   (Karen agreed with Helena, that perps using energy weapons like Raven’s Claw think),  “Oh this person is surrounding themselves with reflectix which is an attic insulation, or they are surrounding themselves with something else (metal cookie sheets)… so we’ll just dial this in and bypass it, and hit this person”… 

“So I always recommend to people that they use multiple layers of  different types of material to make it harder to hit them.  These people love to hit us in our sleep, they are going for that kill”.

“ What it looks like is that they basically load the ‘terrorist watch list’ with as many people as possible generally just to get the money from the state and federal entities, and say, “Look we’ve got a whole bunch of people in this area very dangerous, so we need to double our work load and we need to double our salary”.  You know, it’s JUST A SCAM.  Judge Trenga, I think it’s the sixth district in Virginia…  declared the watch list absolutely, totally unconstitutional.  Which of course anybody with common sense would know.  They fabricate false dossiers against  you, on order.  Send people out to stalk and harrass you.  And I found evidence that they go to the local police or sheriff’s department and say, “Look Jim Smith’s on our list so you can’t help him.  If he ever comes here for help you just ignore him.  You put him down as a nut case”.  (See Wall Street Journal of Sept. 5, 2019 https://www.wsj.com/articles/federal-judge-rules-major-terrorism-watch-list-is-unconstitutional-11567658552)

KS continues-  I went to the Tallahassee, Florida, Leon county Sheriff’s department to speak with them about (energy weapons) attacks that were not only affecting me but were affecting my quite elderly parents who I was visiting…  And the duty officer said, “What is your name again?”  I told him and he said, “OK come with me.”  He walked out to the parking lot, to his own private car, and opened up the trunk.   He took out about twelve to twenty folders.  He checked the spelling of my name.  Found my folder.  Opened it up and said, “Yeh I’m not allowed to help you.”  And put them back in the trunk.  Why in the world were folders of certain people in the private car of the duty officer”?  

“Well what they did was- everytime they switched duty officers, they switched the folders to that persons’ car.  Then if somebody came in and gave them a description of certain types of things like stalking harassment, electronic harassment, etc… they would go out and check the trunk to see if this is one of the people the FUSION center had told them they were not allowed to help”.  

GB-  “If listeners are wondering why this is important, a large part of it is because whistleblowers are targeted on this level and we wonder why things aren’t getting done.  It’s business as usual for the corrupt people in our federal agencies, our state agencies.  Well… this is one of the reasons, because the people… trying to make change are being severely targeted by organized stalking and specifically the microwave attacks.  Those can be really deadly for some people and in essence torture.    Karen it is not easy to imagine that someone would actually do this to another person… You were hit with them as well.  Can you talk about how you sustained injury from directed energy and microwave weapons”?

In one night Karen Stewart suffers weaponized WIFI burns or radiation dermatitis at home in bed. This photo shows ‘directed energy weapon’ attack injuries. -What our United States CIA and US State Department call, ‘neurological attacks’ made by ‘neuroweapons’. Neuroweapons are DEWs.

KS-  “Yes, I’m one of… I don’t know how many.  We estimate that there may be two to three million inside the United States are being targeted in various ways.  Most of them with organized stalking, and with directed energy weapons.  Though some of them are actually being hit with poison gases  in their own homes.  It depends on the program they put you in and how they want to human traffick you”.

(Karen Stewart lived in Maryland during the time she traveled to Florida to be with her parents who were ill. Simultaneously her lawsuit began against the NSA for wrongful termination.  Her mother had taken a fall and was in rehab.  Her father needed to be taken care of in her mother’s absence).  “So I went down there and it turns out that I was there for about two years.  During the first year, my lawyer had asked for subpoena power to get the identity of one of the upper echelon managers who was participating in my harassment.  And NSA’s reaction to that was not only to prevent the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission judge from issuing a subpoena which is illegal.  But they went to the FUSION center in Florida where I was visiting, and said, “Look, we want you to portray her to the neighborhood and to the town, and to all the people who basically work for you -the civilian mercenaries who you employ secretly…  We want you to portray her as a traitor and or as a pedophile.   I actually heard that from one neighbor telling another neighbor that I was a pedophile.  I never in my life have been, nor would I.  So I was rather shocked.  And then heard that from somebody else on the internet- they were told by the NSA to spread it around”…  

GB-  “I’m glad to hear that somebody told you this is what they heard.  Instead of continuing the gossip.  That is so vital, that is so important.  Was there any indication or anything specific you might recall that prompted these people in your neighborhood to let you know that this was going on”?  

KS-  “One of them said it accidentally.  Where she thought I couldn’t hear it.  And I overheard it.  The people she told had just moved into the neighborhood.   Had just bought a house.   They had children.  They resold the house and left.  So this woman’s lie cost these people several thousand dollars I’m sure.  Another woman… was a friend on Twitter.    She said, “Karen, I just got a message from somebody who said, “Don’t be friends with Karen on Twitter”.   She said, “Why on earth not”?   They said, “Well, I was told by the NSA that she’s a pedophile”.   (Karen’s reaction was disbelief, and she asked her friend to write a letter).   “So she agreed to write a letter to my lawyer we could put in the case.  She said, “Karen, even though it’s Twitter, I’ve known you, I see what your opinions are.  I don’t think this is possible”.  I said, “You are right, it’s not”.  When my lawyer sent off the subpoena, I started to see activity around the neighborhood where two people with badges would go house to house.  And they skipped our house. Where they went in- several of those seemed to be participating in harassment, and…got the directed energy weapons eventually.  So they were basically told, “This is a bad person and we need to kill her”.  And in so doing they were harming my parents”.

KS continues-   “I will let you know that the first few weeks that they did this, (energy weapon attacks) they did it at night from midnight to about dawn.  And they had contractors who first did it, until they got people in the neighborhood to agree to do it from their homes.  (Or perps, who)…  would run into the woods in the evening and then come get picked up in the morning just as dawn was breaking.  We would be hit with horrific electronic emanations throughout the night.  So bad that it would make you shiver.   So bad that… the refrigerator and washing machine were affected.   My iPhone and router were destroyed: they were fried”. 

“After several weeks and months of this I started to get health effects.   When this started, I said I can’t have my parents subjected to this.   So I began sleeping in the laundry room away from them.  They didn’t get hit as hard.  I developed heart damage, and bleeding in the brain.  Had a blood clot that went down my throat at one point, and they could tell that I had bleeding in the brain.  Yet I had no outside damage.   So how does that work?   I also had scarred retinas.  Vision damage.  How does that work?  All of it was appearing at once, and there are some other things.  But you just don’t go about your life having no health problems…  At that point I was in my 50’s.   My parents were in their late eighties, early nineties.   So we have extraordinarily good genes.   The joke in the family is that we live forever unless we are hit by a bus.   They started having heart difficulties just when I did.  So how do you develop heart problems in the very same year that your elderly parents do?  They both develop at the same time and you are twenty-seven years younger and you develop that at the same time”?

GB-  “I’m really sorry to hear that Karen.  You suffered this, in about what year was this happening”?

KS-  “They basically started hitting us late 2015 to 2016.  So that is when most of the damage showed up.  It just kept coming.  I can’t believe it, cause I almost never went to the doctor.  Had no reason to, I had maybe a migraine once a year.   I would describe myself at that point in my life… “I’m disgustingly healthy”.   But now I’ve got multiple permanent problems”.

GB-  “These problems are directly related to microwave directed energy”?     

(Karen Stewart notes that what she just described is documented in literature as the side effects, or injuries of energy weapons)-  “Very likely.  I mean the fact that it would be all coincidence is a billion to one.  The fact that you go fifty something years with perfect health and then suddenly develop multiple bizarre and unique health problems is next to impossible  without outside interference.  Something that would cause bleeding in the brain but no outside damage would indeed be microwaves.  That would be one of the injuries microwaves can and have caused.  Now there was an NSA agent named Mike Beck.  In the 1990’s he and another NSA agent went to a foreign country they haven’t identified…  but it was a hostile country.   They were rooming together in a hotel and… got hit with severe  microwave weapons attacks.  Well both of them developed Parkingson’s disease.  The other man died.  Michael Beck was forced to quit working in his forties because he was so severely disabled”.      ( Was a spy’s Parkinson’s disease caused by a secret microwave weapon attack? – The Washington Post

KS continues-  “Now if you look into the stories about the diplomats who were in China and Cuba when they too were attacked by ‘mystery’ weapons.   They called them ‘sonic’ weapons at first.  But then there were some neurologists who came out and said “No, these are directed energy weapons.  We recognize it as being microwave induced illnesses”.  And permanent damage.  Permanent eye damage, permanent hearing damage.  You can actually be ‘sunburned’ by radio frequency weapons.  There are various types of these weapons.  I know a woman in Arizona who has gotten third degree burns laying in her bed at night, being hit with these weapons”.        

“(Directed energy weapons) go from ‘war’ sized with the ability to basically fry everybody in a town or city.  To being specifically aimed at a person with a certain frequency and certain DNA: they have gone from huge weapons of war, down to antipersonnel assassination size in the last few decades”.     

GB-  “Helena Csorba was mentioning how the US diplomats who were at the Chinese and Cuban embassies…  I think she said doctors described the injury as the brain hitting against the skull causing bleeding.   This weaponry from what I understand in your write-ups in the ‘ActivistPost’,  is miniaturized.  Would you tell listeners more about that”?         

KS-  “Well they have been miniaturized.  They can be as small as something that sits in your hand.  I’ve seen a microwave device that can fit into your hand.  They can be in purses and bags.  They can be attached to the engine of a car.  They come up behind you and fry you.   There are other devices.  If they are harassing you on the street or as you drive.  They will have several cars that will surround you and they try to make sure they get somebody ahead of you that has one of these devices on a battery pack in their trunk and hit you with it”.

GB-  “In a more diabolical area several of the guests on the show have described how they were remotely raped and past guest Helena Csorba detailed how a computer interface can program microwave energy and could commit this act.  Has this also happened to you?   And what have you found in your research  in regards to this despicable crime”?

KS-  “It has not.  I seem to be on an assasination program where they just want me to get cancer and die, or just die of bleeding in the brain if they hit me particularly hard.  But I have read about it.  I suspect they do try to get nano into you…  It has to do with how they can do that.  How they can affect nano in certain parts of someone’s body.   The first thing that they do, I think, from my experience and from other people’s experience- is that they get a GPS chip into you so they always know exactly where you are at all times.  They can locate you within two inches from where you are standing”.

“The second thing that they seem to be able to want to do, is get nano particles in you so that if you are standing in a crowd of people and they hit the crowd with a subtle strength of a directed energy weapon: You are going to be miserable, but the other people aren’t  immediately going to be miserable.   I’ve had people in the house with me where I’m feeling it and not feeling well, and within an hour or two- one or two of the people I’m with might get a headache.  Because they don’t have the nano inside to catch and reflect the energy back into them.  The people without the nano, it just passes through them.  Even though it does have a deleterious effect, it does take longer for them to feel it and it does take longer for them to be harmed by it”.

“So this is very specifically target driven.   And they can actually also hone in on you by your brain frequency.   Because everybody has a unique brain frequency.   Just like they have a unique fingerprint.  Now when I was in Florida and they were hitting the house, he would actually get sick.  My father and I looked more alike than my mother and I, and we have more physical things in common.   It wasn’t that he was exactly my DNA, but he was so darn close it was affecting him very badly.  He would ask my mother to drive him out and away from the house for a while because he couldn’t stand it”.  

KS continues-  “There was a lady that I’ve known… well she’s been my best friend for forty years,  and whenever I would go to visit her within half an hour they had people surrounding… subtly hitting her house with these directed energy weapons in their cars.  And she would start to get ill.  I said, “OK, well we must have some things in common… have a similar brain frequency or something like that”.  So it is interesting even though it is horrendous the way that this works”.

“You can see how they can target somebody for assasination.  Most of the people in the room won’t have any idea anything happened and that person is dead.  They’ve had bleeding in the brain, they’ve had an aneurysm or a stroke or something and nobody is the wiser.  They think it is a natural occurrence and it is not.   I think Justice Scalia was murdered.   That’s what it sounds like to me.   And probably there have been other people murdered like that”.

GB-  “Especially if someone (is) not very healthy it’s easy to conclude it was a natural circumstance.   The late actor and comedian Dick Gregory mentioned  in an interview  pre-September 11th, 2001 that an ‘individual’s’ brain pattern can be read remotely’.  And in fact he said that he was ‘monitored’ that way.   You just mentioned brain wave patterns can be a specific signature for any kind of device to latch onto.  Thought that was pretty outlandish when I heard it, but that was quite a while ago”.

KS-  “They’ve been studying this in secret for a very, very long time.  And they have pretty much mastered almost any and all frequencies.  Think of the fact that they know what frequencies they hit your home with can make you severely depressed to the point of suicide.  They can hit a crowd of people that are peacefully protesting and maybe they don’t like what it is they are protesting.  So they hit them with a frequency that severely agitates them.  The people become violent and angry and don’t even know why.   They totally discredit that group and their cause”.

GB-  “Well that is starting to explain a few things.   You’ve written about how civilians are recruited to wield microwave energy weapons against people.  Can you talk a little more about that for our listeners”?     

KS-  “ Well it would appear that the FUSION CENTERS decide if they have a target within a certain neighborhood.   They send out someone from the FUSION CENTER or perhaps INFRAGARD.   (Wikipedia defines InfraGard as “a  non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation”.) INFRAGARD is a highly organized group of civilians who work for the FUSION CENTERS, and usually try to claim that they are volunteers, but they are not.  They are getting paid under the table…   I’ve talked to them and they have confirmed it.  We will get back to that”.

“A FUSION CENTER blankets a neighborhood.  What they do, it would appear… They say, “Hey, John Smith over here, he is a really bad guy.  But we don’t quite have enough legally to arrest him and charge him with anything.  But we’ve got to stop him.   It’s your duty as a human being and as a patriot.  You’ve got to help us stop him”.  And of course the person is like, “Sure, sure what can I do”?  

“They don’t question- ‘Why don’t you have evidence’?  ‘Why can’t you charge him’?  ‘Why can’t you arrest him’?   (FUSION center employees) they say, “Well we can’t, you know he’s too clever.  So in the name of social justice,  we’ll be giving you some devices that will hinder and hopefully maybe even kill him.  And we’ll just get rid of this problem.  Or if it doesn’t we’ll drive him from the neighborhood and you won’t have this problem’”   

KS continues-  “Course John Smith has no idea this is going on because he is never told he is being accused of  being a traitor or being a terrorist, or being a pedophile.  He’s never told, you know.   -This is totally against the Constitution.  They hate and fear monger throughout the neighborhood and seal the deal by saying, “Oh by the way, if you take this device into your house: You are next door, you’re in line of sight.  Hold this on him, turn it on and keep it on him… and we’ll give you a thousand dollars a week”.  Easy money, under the table, you don’t have to report it as taxes.  So even if people are uneasy, as soon as they get a huge amount of money waved in their faces they are all in.  Because they are told, “Hey, you know, we are the FUSION CENTER, we’re law enforcement, nothing can happen to you.  You are doing this under our auspices.   It’s not a crime if we tell you to do it”.

GB-  “And then there is another level Karen.   Who are aware of the crime that they are committing and  agree to do it and they are more on the criminal level.  Can you talk more about that”?

KS-  “Yes, they do actually employ criminals.  I’ll give you the example in Florida, when I started being stalked and harassed 24/7 and this was before they were hitting me with the energy weapons.  All through 2015 I was being stalked and harassed by people who had cars like Toyotas, Lexus and some of these other cars that showed they were accomplished people, you know they were upper middle class.  At that point in time I started giving interviews.  And a lady named Sher Zieve, actually wrote two articles…  One interview I gave anonymously to tell her about this program.  The second one, I said, “I’m just going to go ahead say my name and stand behind what I’m saying”.  So she wrote a second article.  When I found myself being stalked and harassed- at least one of these articles had a very short link.  So I put a link on the back of my car using letters from HomeDepot”. (One of the articles written by Sher Zieve:  https://canadafreepress.com/article/nsa-whistleblower-comes-out-of-the-shadows-into-the-light)

“And these people who had been told to follow me around everywhere: multiple cars all the time.  Whenever they would get behind me and I would stop at a red light they were curious as to what that link led to.  The link led to the fact that I was saying that the NSA and all these other agencies were  corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.  The FUSION CENTERS were corrupt.  The watch list was a scam.  

KS continues-  “So I witnessed several people who sat behind me, during a red light.  Look up  this link.  Then I would see them either shake their head… or do something that indicated to me that they were extremely disgusted with what they had been told to do and why.  Many of them would turn around and leave.   -So I started to disrupt the INFRAGARD who thought they were patriots and doing something”.

“Then I began to notice that the cars following me 24/7 became very bad cars.  They were very old cars, not in good condition.   They had lost the kind of people who had any kind of education and were basically tapping into the people who…  just didn’t have jobs or… who were actually crooks.   They had LOST the STORY and they went down a layer to people who knew they were hurting people and didn’t care.   They went to criminals”.

“We have speculated that not only do they get money, like other people did.  But probably were giving drugs, or they were given deals to get them out of jail early or reduce some kind of fine.  Or reduce the sentence.  They utilize everybody they can.  We think too that they get the criminals to do heinous criminal acts like murdering a pet, vandalizing your home or your car.  -The guy who is a CPA, he’s not going to do that but he will follow you around.  He’s not going to slit your tires.  They use proxies to keep themselves up and away from the crimes they induce people to commit.”  

Much of Karen Stewart’s experiences and TI group investigation is collaborated in the full transcript of  ‘a rare radio interview’ by a gangstalker who says he worked for “SIS, Security Industry Specialists, Inc ”.  The transcript can be read at targetedartist’s April 11, 2018 post entitled ‘Confession’.  The YouTube site originally used to transcribe from was Builder Rejected’s October 14, 2017 audio entitled ‘Silent Holocaust Whistleblower Testimony’.    Today this ‘saved YouTube recording’ of one hour twenty minutes is at the YouTube address of Kruno Baraba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jJebz5dsA8  

-At the beginning of the recording the gangstalker confesses,  “When I realized how horribly out of control it was, how down right evil it was… Once I began to realize that SIS was experimenting on it’s own employees, my fellow security specialists- I was outraged… I later learned my company was involved in a larger social engineering program that encompassed the entire city of Seattle”…  

Back to the ‘In Other News Radio’ New York interview with Karen Stewart:

Geoff Brady (GB)-  “Three states have outlawed microwave energy weapons: directed energy weapons.  They are Michigan, Maine and Minnesota.   The United Nations has specific laws regarding these weapons.  Are the laws and policies prohibiting the use of these weapons strong enough to protect the public in those states”?    

Karen Stewart (KS)-  “I would say no.  Because they don’t know how to enforce them.  In order for you to arrest somebody for using a directed energy weapon you have to prove he has it.   And in order to prove he has it, you have to have a piece of technology.  A meter that not only shows what is being used, but where the source is.  It is very difficult to source it.  Again you need equipment that is extraordinarily expensive.   These police are told that it’s illegal but they have no way to prove that it is happening or who is doing it.  With some of the cheaper meters you can stand inside somebody’s house and you can see the meter is absolutely going crazy.   But you don’t know who is doing it.   And it seems to be difficult to get a search warrant for somebody who is in line of sight”.

“That is the normal protocol- that to hit somebody you have to be in a home, or a trailer or an apartment or whatever  that’s line of sight.  To be next door, or you have to be on top, you have to be underneath…  but the law hasn’t caught up with the crime!  So the police are stymied to be able to apply any kind of law that comes along.   So it’s a nice start but it does very little”.

Forbes: The Pentagon Fears That Deadly Microwave Weapons Are Undetectable 03/https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpeck/2021/03/02/the-pentagon-fears-that-deadly-microwave-weapons-are-undetectable/?sh=7e87dde6cc3f Why is it that current Associated Press reports of DEWs attacks in the United States pertain only to US government employees, US diplomats living in other countries, and not US civilians?

GB-  “Karen, the corporate owned press has ignored or covered this topic in a way that has portrayed victims as psychologically impaired”.

“Past guest Josephine Grace has pointed to the New York Times article ‘The Sound of Things to Come’, by Marsha Sella: as one of the few truthful articles on the subject…   What are your thoughts on the corporate owned press writing about this topic”? ( https://www.nytimes.com/2003/03/23/magazine/the-sound-of-things-to-come.html

KS-  “Well, they have definitely been threatened.  And I do believe that certain mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, etc., etc. were told to get with the program or suffer the consequences.  I was talking with several people and we were comparing how many good-old sheriffs that ah, lived in our counties.  They were very revered by our parents and have suddenly died of brain tumors.   And we thought… ‘Oh dear God’ are these sheriffs…  We knew them to be Constitutional sheriffs…  and we speculated could these be sheriffs who they came to and said, “We need you to do this and this”.  And they said ‘NO’, that is against the Constitution.” 

“Did they hit them with directed energy weapons to produce brain tumors and then put their own people in? Cause we have found that every single time that happened, the guy that replaced them was all in with the program.  -We think they are making money hand over fist”.

“Not only are they getting toys for their police departments and sheriff’s departments.  But we think they are making money under the table as well.  Because we have found that lawyers and other professionals don’t want to talk with you about it:  “No I don’t want to hear it”…  You know?  They’ll either just totally avoid it, and say, “No, I don’t want to talk about it”, as if they are being listened to and they don’t even want you to mention it.  Or they are scared.  Or, they are making money off of it”.

GB-  “A very deep compromised situation if you are involved.  Catherine Austin Fitts, a financial expert, had stated that nearly 50% of Americans are involved as perpetrators of organized stalking programs.  Karen, based on your experience  as an NSA intelligence analyst, would you talk about how pervasive organized stalking is in the United States for example”?

KS-  “You know it is everywhere.  Now my stalking and harassment began in Maryland when I was working for the National Security Agency.  That is the first time I saw the billions of dollars introduced into stalking and harassment.  I found out they were being paid and directed by the FUSION CENTER.   Well, when I went to Florida to see about my parents, at that point in time I wasn’t being stalked and harassed.  When the NSA fired me, they ceased the stalking and harassment because they were doing it in order to try to get me to talk about it- so they could say: “Oh, you are paranoid, delusional.  You can’t hold a clearance if you are mental, so we are going to fire you.  So that was their trick at that point”.

“When I went to Florida to deal with my parents’ situation.  Again, like I said, had my lawyers ask for the right to subpoena something.  Which made the NSA crazy, they went to the FUSION CENTERS, told them all kinds of lies and stalking and harassment in Tallahassee, Florida began.   Then after about a year when they were losing ground and had to use crooks cause I was getting the message out there that they were being lied to.   By the end of 2015 they started with directed energy weapons”.

“When I was at the NSA, I came back two days after 9/11 and ended up hearing another fellow analyst talk about how they had all the information they needed to save every single person on 9/11 but management had forbidden them to warn people.  That was absolutely horrific”.

“I started talking about that (in Florida).  Because I said, “You know if you are going to do this to me.  I’m going to bring this topic to the fore because nobody is talking about it”.  So when I started to do that, they started hitting me with directed energy weapons.  They were not pleased about the subpoena.  They weren’t  pleased about me talking about 9/11.  I think the first few weeks they were hitting me, they actually were trying to kill me to shut me up about that. But I took to shielding kind of intuitively.  And survived it, and still am surviving it today”. 

“Even though I have damage.  I have damage that will be very clear.  What we are doing now, is we are comparing notes so that we can say, “If you have this, this and this type of damage.  And you have this type of MRI or you have this type of CAT scan that shows ‘X,Y,Z’- then you are being hit with directed energy weapons.  There is no question.  So we gather the unique data, as to the damage that these things do.  It has been shared with certain neurologists around the country.  So they know about it”.

KS continues-  “But as far as the Network goes, when I left Florida and came back up to Maryland it took them probably about a half an hour to start hitting my home with the directed energy weapons again.  That is how vast the Network is.  We’ve got 80 FUSION centers (in the US) and those are the epicenters for organizing those Networks of people”. 

(See where the FUSION CENTERS are in the state you live… https://www.dhs.gov/fusion-center-locations-and-contact-information.) 

“(FUSION and Network employees) they feel like they are patriots: when they are actually INSURGENTS and TRAITORS.  They can BULLY someone… and feel like they are really, really powerful.   And they are.  Because the police are told to turn a blind eye.  The Network is vast.  Now is it 50% of the American public?   I hope not.  But if you want to extend it to the Mayors, police chiefs and the other people: she (Catherine Austin Fitts) might be right.  I hope not, but she might be.  Because  the Network is astonishing.  They’ve been building this Network for twenty-plus years.   It’s a secret society basically that says, “We get everything, and you get nothing.  And we are going to make sure you get nothing.  Cause you are not part of the club”.

GB-  “The population, specifically in the United States, is under very sophisticated attack.  Those who are selected for organized stalking become involuntary experimental human subjects by the medical/military industrial complex.  These subjects are at the leading edge of a profound, sadistic tyranny.   Their data points are measured while under total surveillance, harassment and in pain.  Would you please talk about your research and understanding the goals of  organized stalking”?

KS-  “I spoke with Chris Dorr about organized stalking.  It basically is to trick yourself into portraying yourself as paranoid delusional and therefore, ‘undeserving of help’.  “Oh, this person’s crazy”.   Police have been told either this is mass delusion and they need to not waste their time with this person, or they are told, “If you hear this, this is a signal for you to know that this is a targeted individual and you are not able to help them, but they are a very bad person.  So if you can, try to turn anything they report against them.  Because we also would very much like to see them committed into an ‘insane asylum’ which is for profit to the Department of Homeland Security.  Or we want them put in a for-profit prison.  Because in either of those two places we can experiment on them even easier, than in their own home.   So they (recruitable stalkers) are drawn into this”.

KS-  “What else are they doing?  They are basically hitting journalists.  They are hitting whistleblowers.   They are doing medical experimentation- but what does that entail?  What are they doing medically?  I’m saying that there have been reports from people that they have been in staged car accidents, got to the hospital, where they had something extra done that didn’t need to be done.  And then came home with some very odd things going on”.   

In one month a TI in Springfield, MO experienced FOUR violent car accidents occurring within inches of their car.  This TI claims to pray over their vehicle the very minute the key goes  in the ignition: asking God and angels to protect at all times their car and anything in it.  Why did all four ‘staged’, violent car accidents occur at large intersections with a different police vehicle sitting at a red light at all of them?  Were they to be a ‘witness’ to the ‘accident’ ?       

Karen Stewart continues-  “Let’s go with Bill Binney (30 year veteran of NSA) he found that he had been chipped.  He said that ‘Starting in the night, when you are just about to go to sleep.  Chips were sending horrific pain signals through his body and that would keep him awake.  Now that is one of the techniques that they use.  They use sleep deprivation.  Because that kills you faster.  It makes your health go in the toilet much faster.  So everybody I’ve always talked to said, “That yes, the weapon strength intensifies during the day until at night it is horrific”.  That is to keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.  Eventually lack of sleep destroys your health and you die.  Part of this is also a eugenics program”.  

“They are saying “Well there are too many people in the world, we are just going to kill off a few, while gleaning all the information we can from them.  Concerning maybe how a medical disease works”.  Some people are chipped when they did not consent to it during a plastic surgery or they went in  with a broken leg and came out with chips that seem to affect their arms- and couldn’t possibly be for a leg.  So what they think is that once they’ve got them under they just put whatever chips wherever they want to”.   

“Some TIs have reported that they are degenerating as if they have a certain disease, when they never have and it’s not in the family and it’s not likely they would get it at that age.   So they report being experimented on as if a disease was destroying them to perhaps get knowledge for a medical company to treat these symptoms, the disease or syndrome better”…  

“They are using healthy people.   To destroy their health, examine the process and then charge millions of dollars to the people who are born with ‘the problem’, or contract it from a disease or get it from a car accident.    They are destroying healthy people.  To get the knowledge on how to make a lot of money helping people who are not so healthy”.

Karen Stewart continues-  “All of this is just any and all types of human trafficking they can think of.  Certainly one of the aspects not only is population control: use them and kill them off.  But they also are investigating transhumanism.  How can we invade a human being and turn him or her into more or less a pleasant robot that we can control”?

GB-  “These are areas that have been explored on this radio show, ‘In Other News’ and of course many other outlets as well.  Thank you again Karen Stewart for being on ‘In Other News’ and sharing this information not only relating to your case which you have suffered, but also about the worldwide community of men, women and children who are also sustaining microwave, radar attacks.  There is a detestable, psychopathic scourge dwelling among us.  Freely operating beyond any standard of ethical boundary.  Right now they appear beyond the reach of law enforcement or any type of justice.  But with your work and many others the tide is turning.  Thank you so much. 

KS-  “Well thank you for giving us a venue.  With which we can spread this information.  Because without people brave enough like you are:  This would just stay… you know… preaching to the choir.   So thank you very much.   

Thank you Geoff Brady and ‘In Other News Radio’ New York.  And thank you to Karen Stewart.  Listen in at https://inothernewsradio.com/podcast/in-other-news-october-11-2020/

Heirloom rose in front yard.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me.   God forgive all those harming us.  The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

David Case

Brave, and honest New York Firefighter Paul Isaac, stands next to an American flag after 9/11. Happy Birthday United States of America! God bless all the true US patriots. Heroes protecting our freedoms: by writing and speaking the truth. Like airline pilot and ex-CIA agent John Lear, who gave a sworn statement on June 13, 2018, about CIA project called, ‘New Century’. –CIA Agent Gives Sworn Statement: ‘We Brought Down the Twin Towers on 9/11’ | Truth11.com

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In order to get this interview with David Case on wordpress.com had to constantly ‘save draft’ because whole paragraphs would suddenly disappear if moved cursor to a new location and left clicked on page. But after ‘saving draft’ had to get out of the post and reenter the post, in order to write anything again. Or had to log out and log in again after switching from Google, to Firefox, or to Microsoft to write until the ‘issues’ began again. So hacking was terrible. Today (July 7th) wanted to hopefully finish this post, but the first three computers up and running that I logged into would go off line or not work at the Library Center in Springfield, MO. A kind, professional Library Center IT expert wanted see if “Entering my library card number caused the issue, or if you are doing anything wrong.” Turns out it was my library card number. Is this hacking done on site? Or is this hacking done remotely? Possibly both. It is common knowledge after 9/11 that the Department of Homeland Security, NSA, FUSION Centers and local law enforcement computers are connected and linked with all public service computers, including those in public libraries. -A big thank you to all the Springfield, MO librarians, especially the Library Center librarians, IT workers, and administrators like Jim Schmidt, who have always been extremely professional and kind to me.

See 2016- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2AmNtQZVEY to understand that some ‘authorities’ acknowledge the issues TIs and POIs deal with 24/7. This four minute video loops at 2:51 minutes so is actually shorter than 4 minutes. Here now is the interview:

Targetedartist (TA)- In June 2021 interviewed David Case who can be reached at http://antitinnitusv2k.com. Case began inventing workable devices as a child, and received his Electrical Engineering degree by the age of 20. “Can you tell us about of your background as an engineer, an electrician, an inventor and a targeted individual, David”?

(Words in italics and comments in blue are by targetedartist.wordpress.com)

David Case (DC)-  “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very, very intelligent super-fast thinking machine. It uses synchronicity to effect or trick the perception of the targeted individual. And that is what they want. You will find that TIs lose their friends and family, becoming isolated. And you know that is the goal of targeting… “

“I was attacked with sonic weapon tinnitus.  Electronic shrieking and I could not sleep.  They would synchronize it to the electronic devices in my home.  When the refrigerator would kick on my tinnitus would increase.  So my normal thought process was that there was something (some kind of weapons device) in the frig.  I unplugged the refrigerator.  And then they synchronized the tinnitus to all the clocks in the room.”  David soon knew that his remotely streamed tinnitus was not coming from any electronic device in his home.

“I’m an inventor, an electronic engineer.  I was inventing many different things, solar truck, solar cooker, etc and before I knew what was going on in the world, I was fascinated with computers.  And came up with an idea for a light operated computer.  It was without wires or electricity… it used light in a rainbow system where each color meant a specific thing.  I went to patent it.  My patent attorney was in St. Louis.  I stayed with friends up there.  Within a few months after my first meeting with my patent attorney, I was attacked similar to the way our diplomats were attacked in Cuba.  Strong ringing and shrieking in the ears, electronic sounds… So, I was not able to continue work on that patent, but had to invent a countermeasure for the sonic weapon I was attacked with.”  

TA- “DC reflect back to exactly what happened the day you became a targeted individual.”

DC- “The weirdest thing occurred the day I got the ringing in my ears.  I took a break from working on the light operated computer. Got to the Van Buren, Missouri area where my parents’ house is.  I was staying there for the night.  Suddenly my ears began to ring. So I went and lay down in my old bedroom and began reading the Bible.” 

“Flipped to Revelations and just happened to start reading when Satan was thrown in the pit.  (At exactly at the same time) the TV in the other room my parents were watching started to flip channels faster, and faster, and faster.  All of a sudden it blew up with a loud noise.  And screams and violins came over the TV speaker: of men, women, and children, thousands of them just screaming at the top of their lungs.   The violins were making”… (Case, stops talking and makes staccato, sharp, toneless sounds to explain how the violins sounded.)  “I’m like, what is going on?  I’m a TV repair man and I’ve never heard of a TV flipping channels that fast and blowing up like this.”

“Next thing I know it is 9 o’clock at night and the house is all locked up.  Suddenly a truck pulls up and a guy walks straight in the house.  The locked houseAnd starts very loudly saying:  “You’re going to have to turn down emotions.  We have lost ‘alpha to zulu’.”  There is a pause and he said, “I don’t know.  He just walked in his room.” 

DC continues-  “If you reverse engineer what was going on there.  They were using television to affect my emotions.  You know the TV is a weapon.  The TV can be used as a weapon by the intelligence agencies.  Later I found out the light operated computer I invented already exists, and they are a ‘secret’.  They are classified.  So the game was to get rid of me by hitting me with psychological, psychotronic weapons.  I just sat there in disbelief.  The next thing I know all I could do was cry.  I just started crying and all of a sudden went to sleep.”

“They have things called bio-waves in capacitors that put you to sleep.  It was first invented and used in Russia in mental health institutions.”  (Bio-waves use electrical signals through the epidermal layer to block pain and/or put people to sleep.   These devices are sold today on the internet under various name brands starting at $200-3,000.) “The next morning I wake up.  They had definitely hit me with the forced sleep and repaired whatever equipment they had going on.”

“Alpha to Zulu is A to Z.  What that means is a military term.”  (The NATO phonetic alphabet is used by the military and is the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet.)   “I found out they can use 13 different channels to attack people.  They have them labeled ‘A’ through- such and such.  So this was a direct reference to their attack system.  And they had breakdowns.”

“Just to be perfectly honest… the Creator does protect people.  I believe God blew up that system to show me- “Hey look what they are trying to do to you.”  Their equipment got zapped.  They were using the television to affect my emotions, to make me unstable.  They essentially try to drive people insane with this technology.  That is the goal of psychotronic weapons.  To remove the TI from society.” 

TA- Did you call the police about the man entering your parent’s home, David Case?

DC-  “No.  I tell every targeted individual I know don’t call or speak with and do not contact the police.  Do not contact the fire department.  Do not file reports.  ALL of this is used against TIs.  Even if you try to sue, that will be used against you.  This weapon system is designed to get around the court system.  And it does.   People are being put away because of the reports they file.  It is just a shame.”

TA- What weapon systems? 

DC-  “They are using classified technologies that are illegal for anyone to know.  National Security is really just a phrase that has nothing to do with protecting the country.  It is protecting high tech criminals… not the people.  It is protection of the machine that they built.  A huge killing machine essentially.  Weapons of war.  That is one of the reasons why they target TIs to experiment on them and find out how to kill more efficiently.  Kill with alternative methods without bullets or bombs.  They want to be able to kill people, large amounts of people untraceably.    You know when they walk in and say, “For national security reasons we are seizing your patent”…  You know they do that once and a while.  All that national security means is that it is a way to protect criminal activity.  Yeh, the government steals patents all the time and secretly makes them, or even advances them.”

“These weapons can actually explode 2X4’s.  When the packet of energy hits moisture it overheats the moisture very quickly. “

(Directed energy weapons go by many names:  “neuroweapons, electromagnetic pulse weapons, microwaves, ultrasonic stimulation, subsonic stimulation, hyper-sonic sound, pulsed RF emissions, laser weapons, acoustic energy weapon, radio frequency weapon, “soft and hard weapons” i.e. “non-lethal and lethal” (non-lethal being used to torture victims), radar weapons.”   -From the original US DOD, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon teleconference audio at):   https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/

DC continues-  “By focusing this energy on materials in your house they can do this and more.  Or by focusing on your body.   They can tailor this technology to penetrate sea water.  They can go to the bottom of the ocean.  This weapon is designed not to loose power density, no matter how far it travels.  Normal electromagnetic waves dissipate the longer the distance.  This does not get lower in intensity.   They are able to send power very long distances without losing any of it.  There are a lot of different technologies they are trying out on people.”

TA- Do you believe Artificial Intelligence controls the directed energy weapon program that targets millions of US citizens today inside the borders of our country?

DC-  “Yes.”

TA- Are MKULTRA, brain to brain interface and the Super soldier program connected? 

DC-  “I think all things are connected when it comes to the government and intelligence agencies.  DARPA is one of the agencies that is really the most dangerous.  Because they are incorporating our brain together with multi-technologies.”

“They are using superconducting quantum interference detection devices.  These are long distance and they actually monitor atoms.  If an atom moves or changes magnetic spin it registers in their equipment.  That is how they are able to read our bio systems, brain waves, etc.  But once you disconnect that, or interfere with it, they can’t do that and everything begins to break down.   Many people report my CD does reduce that, or stop it.”  

TA- Do you think there are chips and implants in TIs? 

DC-  “Yes.”

TA- How can a TI get rid of these nano-gadgets?

DC-   “There are reports that very fast spinning magnets close to the body will generate high voltage within the  nanoparticles and stop them.”

TA- Do chips and implants placed involuntarily in TIs, some in hearts, injure a physical body when they are stopped this way?  

DC-  “No, the body can handle that.  Those chips have conductors in them.  It will overwhelm those chips.  If you put high powered magnets in a circle and attach them to an electric motor to spin them fast close to the skin, it would generate very high currents in the chips.  Third dimensional world here… some simple things still work.  Everything obeys the laws of physics and we have to use the laws of physics to take counter measures.”

“What I am finding, is there is no meters to detect V2K or targeting.  They are using classified technology that is designed to not be detected.  I do believe it is a scalar type wave, or a non-Hertzian wave.  All meters record Hertzian waves.  What TIs are picking up with EMF readers and truly detecting EMF waves from: are the power system from the smart meters, from the cells towers, etc. “

DC continues:  “This is definitely horrible, but the targeting tinnitus and V2K signals are very highly advanced and designed to not be detected.   We do need to have more engineers like myself develop technology to detect all this.  I have developed a counter measure to V2K and targeting equipment.   -That is my jammer CD.   I had a study done on my CD in the United Kingdom and they found out it is putting out 2.8 Megahertz of sound or ultrasonics.  Which is really amazing because 9.26 of headphones are not supposed to put out more than 20 kilo-Hertz much less Megahertz.  We are just finding out from the UK study how the tinnitus-CD effects the body and targeting.”

“If you study what V2K, Tinnitus and targeting does: it sends high energy packets that hit the skull.  It raises the temperature and then lowers it, and raises it so fast that it causes sound inside the moisture of the skin.  They are using our skin as a transducer that turns one form of energy into another.  We are in a psychotronic war. “ 

DC continues-  “The main portion of targeting has to do with sonic energy once it hits the skull.  Now they are reading our biosystems, brain waves, heart rate, body temperatures… all this from a long distance.  We are essentially transmitters.  All of our electrical functions of the body can easily be ready by signal intelligence.”   (Signal intelligence is the National Security Agency’s SIGINT:  which is intelligence derived from electronic signals, communications systems, radar, etc.)  ” If a TI jams the ability to read these systems, so they don’t know what a TI is thinking, they cannot alter those thoughts.  My CD jammer does that.”

“If they can’t hear what you are hearing then they can’t alter your hearing.  If they can’t see what you are seeing through your eye, they can’t alter that.  They cannot synchronize events then either. The synchronization and street theatre many people report is greatly reduced, because they can’t synchronize the attack with things going on around the TI because they cannot see exactly where the TI is.  We need more technology, more engineers working like I do.”

TA- What about health?  What are some tips a TI can do to stop the effects of DEWs on the human body? 

DC-  “Well, there is water soluble pectin in apples, so it smooths out your blood sugar levels.  I would eat as many apples as possible, especially the organic.  I stopped eating all white sugar – one of the hardest things on your pancreas, when I was 14 years old because I had hypoglycemia.  Started using honey and molasses.  I absolutely reversed the hypoglycemia.  Never had a problem since and I’m 54 years old.  White sugar is what is causing all the diabetes”… 

“There is Mylar, an emergency blanket in most camping departments and lessens effects of targeting while you sleep.  There are sheets of Velostat like a blanket that can partially shield 20-30%…  it is also called Linqstat packaging material.   Stores wrap appliances with it, to prevent static electricity during shipping, it is a semi-clear plastic sheet.”

“Eat fruits and vegetables that are alkaline.  Watermelon is the most alkaline fruit.”  (Pears and asparagus are also great for creating a more alkaline body). “I use lye soap which is alkaline.” (Lye soap also kills parasites in the skin).  “A little bit of lye soap absorbs into your hands, so when you wash your hands with it, it is good for healthy blood.  Some people wash with antibacterial, or sanitizing soap which lowers the immune system.  They wash their hands over 20 times a day to keep from ‘getting sick’, but these commercial soaps are making them sick.”

TA- What do you think of vaccines? 

DC-  “I’m a naturalist, an herbalist, I’ve never had a vaccine or shot since I was a very little kid.  I can tell you that chicken eggs and duck eggs are one of the foods that rebuild DNA and possibly RNA.  I eat eggs every 3 days or so.  Eggs also effect the PH of our blood stream.  Acidic blood promotes cancer and all kinds of problems.  Eggs also help when people have too much acid in their blood.  Burdock root was tested along with viruses in animal subjects.   It is a tremendous blood cleaner, it also has a very strange anti-poisoning effect.   I take burdock root every week.  I do things to increase my immune system, and rebuild DNA.”

TA- What does your tinnitus CD do? 

DC-  “My anti-tinnitus CD is causing neuroplasticity –which is brain or nerve healing.  The CD actually stops many natural conditions along with stopping effects of targeting.  It stops tinnitus and hyper acoustics.  I give my CD away free, because I’m attempting to help people.  So far the CD has helped over a thousand people.  It is stopping the hearing of voices from V2K and is stopping TTTs.  The CD promotes deeper sleep.  It stops Raynaud’s syndrome.   I get letters every day…  We are finding that neurons are perceiving my CD sounds as a reboot signal.”   

TA- Why do you think more engineers are not inventing devices to protect and stop streamed targeting on TIs? 

DC-  “They are under contract and will be threatened if they try to do what I’m doing- which is assisting people to heal themselves.  Most of the scientists and engineers work for the government.  We really need more engineers to invent countermeasures for TIs.”   

My nation’s flag.

US BILL S.1828  AN ACT –Was created and approved last month for compensation for the Cuban, Chinese, and Russian diplomats. The payments are government employees with “qualifying brain injuries” and “similar injuries“.   There are “provisions of payment” for “dependents… employees, and individuals (who) can receive 23 payments for qualifying injuries, such as a 24 qualifying injury to the back or heart“.  Nothing is said about the millions of targeted individuals suffering the same injuries inside United States borders for decades. Bill S.1828 mentions the Committee on Homeland Security. The CIA. And the US Congress.   -Clearly the use of directed energy weapons, or ‘neurological attack‘ -(as Bill 1828 calls them) is a terrorist act. (DEWs are classified as ‘weapons of mass-destruction’ in UN law, and in Michigan, Maine and Minnesota law.) 

The UN General Assembly in December 1994 defined terrorism as: “Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public…  Wikipedia: United States defines terrorism, “In Title 22 Chapter 38, of the U.S. Code as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents“.  And the word “terrorism” itself is French; terrorisme that originates from the Latin: terror, or “great fear”, “dread”. In Latin ‘terrere’ means to “to frighten”.  

Looking closer -Bill S.1828 amends the 1947 National Security Act and the 1949 Central Intelligence Agency Act.   The National Security Act was created just weeks after American news reported a ‘flying disc’ crashed and was recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico on July 1947? Was the National Security Act’s purpose to monitor the ‘frightening’ UFO sightings, and immediately disprove all non-human activity?   Experts say, ‘yes’. In 1947 ‘aliens’ were classified at a higher level of secrecy than nuclear weapons.  Today UFOs no longer inspire fear but ridicule.

At corner near El Camino Alto Drive by Library Center on Campbell Ave. Two ‘objects’ in photo. One small dot at top right of photo. And an organic looking metallic object, right foreground. 3-24-2019.
Enlarged photo of object near corner of El Camino Alto Dr. and Campbell Ave. Springfield, MO.
At 3,000 feet in a commercial airliner photo of light-ball in sky above left. And more footage during same flight… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fERxoLfjsE
Chemtrails 2021

What amendments to the National Security Act and the Central Intelligence Agency Act are going to be made? And why are these amendments included in a bill about directed ‘neurological attacks’ (that are actually energy weapons i.e.. neuroweapons attacks… but cannot be acknowledged due to their classified nature)? (Judy Wood PhD. author of ‘Where did the towers go? Evidence of directed free-energy technology on 911‘ And, author Donald R. Prothero’s 2017, ‘UFOs, Chemtrails and Aliens‘ might think the link is warranted.) With all that in mind…

In 1937 Hitler retrieved a crashed UFO at the border of Germany and Poland before WWII. Scientists believe he back-engineered Germany’s WWII German rockets, flying discs, and fighter ‘stealth’ planes that were technologically advanced for their time. After WWII, no evidence was found of Hitler’s interdimensional ‘Glocke’ or Bell that floated above ground, chained to massive poles. The ‘Bell’ was said to travel through time and space.

TA- Continuing the interview with David Case: Does he believe most technology in existence today is back engineered from non-human spacecraft that landed or crashed to earth? And does he know Hitler retrieved the first crashed UFO inside the border of Poland, ten years before the Roswell, NM crash?

DC-   “Absolutely. You know Hitler also believed in the occult.  He received high technological advances from the spirit world.  I believe our military high up is involved deeply in that also”. (One Research Librarian for the DOD at El Presidio Real de San Francisco Military Base, Douglas Dietrich was assigned by US Army to find rare occult items and devices.)

“We have always been taught that we are so advanced in technology.  We are just reinventing technology that was invented thousands of years ago…  Like the Egyptian pyramids… archeologists have found batteries, gliders and some hieroglyphics suggesting they had lasers.  The latest spin about pyramids was they were generators.  High frequency transmitters that used hydrogen to make oscillations.  They transmitted energy into space.”    

A Nazi Vril saucer.
Germans invented ‘ball lightening or Kugelblitzs. US pilots named these lights Foo-fighters.

TA- It is documented the CIA’s Project Paper Clip  brought over 1,500 Nazis after WWII  to live in the US.  These ex-Nazis headed up our NASA space programs, and many of the ex-Nazis were lead scientists, doctors and psychiatrists in the fast growing U.S. medical/military industrial complex during that time.  Do you know about that? 

DC-  “Yes” 

TA- Ex-Nazi SS Wernher von Braun headed up NASA’s Saturn V rocket taking Apollo 11 to the Moon.  It is now known he had astronauts place seismic equipment on the Moon to record the impact the discarded fuselage would have on the tiny planet.  When the hull hit the Moon it reverberated (rang) in a way that suggested the moon was actually hollow. 

DC- “Yes, and there is another piece of evidence that’s strange.  When they were going to the Moon they calculated that the moon dust accumulates 3/4s an inch every ten thousand years.  So they calculated there was 6 feet of moon dust.  They would need an extra landing pad system so Apollo V wouldn’t sink all the way through the six feet of dust.  Well when they got there, there was only less than an inch of dust.  They had to take out the emergency ladder because the space craft did not sink.  But they still had to jump to the surface.  That is when he said, “This is a giant leap for mankind.”   So something strange is going on definitely.” 

“Either the Moon is very young.  Or the moon and earth are less than 10,000 years old.  Or their calculations are wrong.  Either way it is very strange.”

TA- In TI Paladin’s 2014 book ‘Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim,’ she believes human: pain, fear, and other extreme emotions are food for demons. Paladin advises TIs to keep their thoughts close to God.  What do you think? 

DC- “That is a deep subject.  Many life forces throughout the universe are very different.  Take the ‘Giant Tube Worm’ they found underneath the ocean by these volcanic ports with hot lava coming out.  Apparently these worms feed right in this super, superheated water.  It just does not make sense.  I’m sure there are creatures that don’t use ‘normal’ food and use other forms of energy.”    

TA- What is your educated guess about all the non-human visitors who may or may not be living on planet Earth? 

DC- “It is almost as if the ‘aliens’ are humans that have been mutated by an AI and are coming back from the future. It is just ironic how similar the timeline is and how men want to take over the minds of other citizens and experiment on them.”    

“But what I have come to conclude is that the ‘aliens’ have actually lost their ability to control their own minds.  They are simply drones controlled by a super powerful Artificial Intelligence.  They seem to be trying to replicate and mix our DNA.  If you pay attention to abductees, the majority of them are put on medical tables and experiments are done.  The ‘Aliens’ seem to have lost the ability to reproduce and they are trying to establish a DNA sequence.  What seems very apparent is that these creatures are not autonomous.  They are controlled by a powerful AI, just exactly like the US government is trying to do… turn all US citizens into drones controlled by the central government.” 

TA- One of the most well-known healers in the US lives in Branson, Missouri. The spiritual healer and psychic- Christopher Macklin was taught by divine beings as a child in his room at night, that what most humans believe to be ‘demons’ are actually creatures from another planet coming from the fourth dimension.  David Case, do you believe in God and the Devil? 

DC- “Yes, absolutely, absolutely.”

TA- Changing the subject, many targeted individuals do not believe their dreams are their own anymore. Have you been getting induced dreams since 5G satellites went up? 

CD- “I wear my headphones and listen to the jammer CD every night.  When you are subconscious that is when they love to mess with you the most.”

TA- Some targeted individuals have seen humans in invisibility suits with jet packs. And heard them targeting them from their roofs… 

DC- “It is not a far out concept that you can bend light and change the way it looks.  It is not that hard.  We can manipulate light now.  Light travels at one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second.  They slowed it down to 30 miles an hour in the laboratory.  Invisibility is just manipulation of light.  Not really that hard to do.”

TA- Why are is the gang stalking program happening?

DC- “In my opinion the Kennedy assassination was a military coup. The shadow government that took control of America in 1963 after the JFK assassination wanted an electronically-controlled society. President Kennedy uncovered a plan to enslave every man woman and child and he vowed he would expose this plan. He said this in a speech a week before he was publicly assassinated. JFK had found out that the CIA was operating out of their own black budgets and was starting conflicts around the world and selling arms to both sides. He vowed to break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” 

“Today, in my opinion, the CIA is the true government. It wants to rule by electronic proxy, that is, by controlling governments and populations through electronic mind control. One of the CIA mind control scientists, Dr. Jose Delgado, author of “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society” (1971), predicted that in the future generals and armies would be controlled by Electronic Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). This has come true. But today, this is not only true for the military but for the entire civilization.” 

TA- Do you have any hope for the world?  Or do you believe these are the end times as some people say? 

DC- “God has intervened so many times in my life, you can always see He saved me so many times.  God does intervene.  So God stops these people.  I would say if He didn’t intervene it would have already happened.  The world would have been taken over a long time ago.  We are heading for a big train wreck…  The amazing things we will see.”

“If you study world history deeply.  Many civilizations have been taken out because of technology… Atlanta?  That’s real.  Babylon was highly technological.  The Creator wipes these civilizations out when they get so wicked.  And they invent technology that is so advanced they use it on their own people.  That’s when God steps in, and wipes out that civilization.”

“If you study the Bible.  Adam and Eve actually glowed very brightly.  You could only see their face, feet and hands, they put off tremendous amounts of light.  When they were disciplined because they did something they weren’t supposed to do, they lost that Shekinah glory and that frequency of light.  When they lost that light, they could actually see their genitals and knew they were naked.  They didn’t know they were naked before.  The light covered them as clothing.    In the Garden of Eden (before this happened), angels would come and talk to Adam and Eve.”    

DC continues- “Well everything is accelerating and we are hitting crisis upon crisis.  It seems that something big is about to happen.  I ran across an article from an anonymous source, possibly the Swedish government”, Case surmised.  “The author explained that for 50 years all the governments of the world have been building underground cities.  To hide important personnel and supplies.  Because the sun is going to put off one of the largest solar flares ever known.” 

(Last solar flare of this magnitude was in 1786. And right now as you are reading this: the Earth’s Schumann surface frequency is at 1,400Hertz instead of 7.83Hertz since time began due to magnetized solar winds. See Schumann Resonance Spiking June 24th 2021! )

DC continues- “This solar flare is going to burn off a mile of crust on the earth.  I supposed that would be one half of the earth- whichever side is facing the sun.  They are building these cities several miles underground.  This article said one day we are going to wake up and all the governments of the world and all the politicians will be gone.  There are special underground trains to take officials to these bunkers… There will be absolute chaos.  Then the solar flare will hit.”

“Some military personnel have spoken of tunnels and spaces underground where these creatures live.  It is common knowledge that the US military has created huge living spaces and highways underground.  Five, four lane highways meet at Highlandville, MO underground.  Those traveling these highways never have to go above ground to arrive at the east or west coast.  Case: “In many states they can hear the drilling machines underground making all the tunnels.  There are vibrations.  They’ve recorded a low humming.”

TA- Supposedly God’s greatest gift to humans is free-will.  Do you believe in free-will?

DC-   “Yeh,”  David Case laughs.  “But that is quickly disappearing.  When I look at the world I see people, large groups of people, thinking the same and doing the same things, and that doesn’t seem to have a consciousness.  Free will is definitely in danger”.

Dr. Jose Delgado, an MKULTRA experimenter and Director of Neuropsychiatry, at Yale Medical School is recorded on Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974 to have stated:  “We need a program of psycho-surgery and political control of our society.  The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated… The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view.  This lacks historical perspective… Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal.  We must electrically control the brain.  Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”

TA- How do you stay calm knowing all that you know? 

DC- “With my jammer CD, I’ve totally received everything I’d lost when I was first attacked.  It is the only and best shielding device I’ve come across.  I’m doing great. A neuro scientist said my CD was, “Amazing”. The researcher wrote: “Clearly there is something not only to the sounds produced but also to the method. There may be neuroplastic changes that occur during sleep that actually allow inhibitory neurons to inhibit the spontaneously firing excitatory neurons thought to generate the perception of tinnitus. I’m hoping that I can eventually look into this with some kind of sleep study, but that may be a bit further into the future. Will definitely keep you posted on progress with setting up an experiment.”

“I just feel sorry for people that are suffering.  When I was tortured (remotely with DEWs) I came very close to death.  I just really want to help humanity.  I view this as a major crisis, so if I have the ability to help people, then that is my duty.  The jammer CD is a mission to save humanity.”

TA- Author, scientist and professor Valerie V. Hunt found that when voluntary experimental subjects in her laboratory were filled with high levels of frequency, divine beings would speak through them.  One targeted individual told me when they were being remotely DEW interrogated, an angel spoke through them. And said, “God has decreed that those involved in taking free will away from humans will be shown no compassion or mercy upon their deaths, to be cast into hell for eternity. Free will is God’s greatest gift to humanity”. What do you think of that David?  That all the people on Earth who are, have and will gangstalk, injure, mind control and remove free will from their fellow man with remote DEW targeting, and BCI are going to be incarcerated for eternity?  

DC- “Sounds great to me!”  Case said laughing. 

Thank you David Case. To date David Case has not received one penny from all the thousands of people he has sent his tinnitus CDs to. Today he is charging 15 dollars for shipping costs which he always took on the burden of before… To hear one of Mr. Case’s tinnitus CDs you can listen at https://tinnitusmix.com/

Thank you Dear God for everything exactly the way it is today, and for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice for all Targeted Individuals. Thank you Sweet God for protecting, loving and guiding all TIs and their families. And finally One God by Any Name thank you for blessing and forgiving all those involved in harming TIs and everything and everyone they love. Because the criminals doing this: do not know Your Omnipotence or Spiritual Reality, or how free will is the greatest gift to human kind. Thank you Dear God, I love you. So be it. Amen.

Does God forgive those who take free will away from humans, before God sends them to hell for eternity? -As humans forgive people who have committed heinous crimes but are relieved to see them jailed for life?  We will all find out.

Bill S.1828

Below is the stunning legal precedent called Bill S.1828. The bill is about “neurological attacks.” The term ‘neurological attack’ is never defined. Neither is what is causing these attacks ever mentioned. And the other stunning legal precedent of Bill S.1828 is that it only acknowledges government personnel as suffering from ‘neurological attacks’. Though for decades millions of US citizens have sought protection, service, and justice from the US government over these same ‘neurological attacks.’

What is stunning most of all is that the conclusions of the US State Department from autumn 2018 that clearly outlined US Cuban diplomats exposure to neuroweapon attacks causing injuries to entire physical bodies is never acknowledged in this bill. Why was not the wording of their conclusions incorporated in Bill S.1828?

Is it because the US government is well aware that millions of US citizens would then seek compensation for their “qualified injuries” from “neurological attacks”? (Attacks inside US borders using ‘Made in America’ neuroweapons.) If ‘neuroweapons‘ were mentioned in Bill S.1828?

Back in 2018 four US State Department doctors concluded in individual statements that: “Directed energy weapons” i.e. “neuroweapons” were responsible for all the injuries US Cuban diplomats suffered. These weapons they called: “electromagnetic pulse weapons, microwaves, ultrasonic stimulation, subsonic stimulation, hyper-sonic sound, pulsed RF emissions, laser weapons, acoustic energy weapon, radio frequency weapon, “soft and hard weapons” i.e. “non-lethal and lethal” (non-lethal being used to torture victims), radar weapons.” “Chemical and biological weapons” were also mentioned. In 2018 US State Department doctors boldly noted US Cuban diplomats did not suffer “health symptoms of mental or physical illness” but clearly were “injured” from neuroweapons. Read an excerpted transcript of this hour long video at March 16, 2019 targetedartist.wordpress.com.

Or listen to the original US DOD, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon teleconference audio at:   https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/

Here are the important excerpts from Bill S.1828 that ensure, “covered employees, covered dependents, and covered individuals of the Central Intelligence Agency” (with) “qualifying injuries or ‘‘TOTAL DISABILITY RESULTING FROM’’ ‘‘CERTAIN INJURIES” will receive “payments for qualifying injury to brain” and “qualifying injury to back or heart.” The bill also gives “AUTHORITY TO PAY PERSONNEL OF DEPARTMENT OF STATE FOR CERTAIN INJURIES TO THE BRAIN.” Payments “shall be made on a first come, first serve, or pro rata basis.” That is it. Wow.

The official name of Bill S.1828 is, “Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks Act of 2021”. But the name is not true in three ways.

First off, only “American victims” associated with the CIA, its affiliates and corporations or the US State Department may be legally acknowledged as suffering ‘neurological’ attacks and injuries. Anyone else, including an ‘American victim’ or US citizen who reports to authorities (FBI, law enforcement, government politicians or authorities) the same ‘neurological attacks’ occurring within the borders of the US and in their own homes and work places… is diagnosed as schizophrenic-paranoid. Then these ‘victims’ of neurological attacks who had the audacity to attempt to contact law enforcement, first responders, politicians or government authorities are discredited, committed and, or somehow arrested and incarcerated. Second, the word ‘afflicted’ in the bill’s name is not in any dictionary as an INJURY, but to their credit Congress does includes ‘qualifying injuries’ inside the bill. And thirdly, ‘neurological attacks’ are not ‘neuroweapon attacks’.

Directed energy weapons or neuroweapons in UN laws are called ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ because of the criminally inhumane affects they cause. DEWs are also called ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in three US state laws belonging to Michigan, Minnesota and Maine.

DEWs have been invented, manufactured and used inside US borders for decades. DEWs or neuroweapons have been sold on the internet since its inception for criminals to acquire and inhumanely stream to their ‘neighbor’.

This the flag of my state, Missouri. This is the flag of my nation, the United States. Targeted Individuals are Americans.

117th CONGRESS, 1st Session, S. 1828- AN ACT in its entirety:

To amend the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 to authorize the provision of payment to personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency who incur qualifying injuries to the brain, to authorize the provision of payment to personnel of the Department of State who incur similar injuries, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks Act of 2021” or the “HAVANA Act of 2021”.


(a) Definitions.—In this section:

(1) APPROPRIATE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES.—The term “appropriate congressional committees” mean—

(A) the congressional intelligence committees (as that term is defined in section 3 of the National Security Act of 1947 (50 U.S.C. 3003));

(B) the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate; and

(C) the Committee on Homeland Security and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives.

(2) COVERED DEPENDENT.—The term “covered dependent” has the meaning given such term in subsection (d)(1) of section 19 of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519), as added by subsection (b).

(3) COVERED EMPLOYEE.—The term “covered employee” has the meaning given such term in section 19A(a) of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519b(a)).

(4) COVERED INDIVIDUAL.—The term “covered individual” has the meaning given such term in section 19A(a) of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519b(a)).

(5) QUALIFYING INJURY.—The term “qualifying injury” has the meaning given such term in subsection (d)(1) of section 19 of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519), as added by subsection (b).

(b) Payment Authorized.—Section 19A of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519b) is amended by adding at the end the following:

“(d) Authority To Make Payments For Qualifying Injuries To The Brain.—

“(1) DEFINITIONS.—In this subsection:

“(A) COVERED DEPENDENT.—The term ‘covered dependent’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (a), except that the assigned duty station need not be in a foreign country.

“(B) QUALIFYING INJURY.—The term ‘qualifying injury’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (a), except that the assigned duty station need not be in a foreign country.

“(2) AUTHORITY.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law but subject to paragraph (3), the Director may provide payment to a covered dependent, a covered employee, and a covered individual for a qualifying injury to the brain.


“(A) APPROPRIATIONS REQUIRED.—Payment under paragraph (2) in a fiscal year may only be made using amounts appropriated in advance specifically for payments under such paragraph in such fiscal year.

“(B) MATTER OF PAYMENTS.—Payments under paragraph (2) using amounts appropriated for such purpose shall be made on a first come, first serve, or pro rata basis.

“(C) AMOUNTS OF PAYMENTS.—The total amount of funding obligated for payments under paragraph (2) may not exceed the amount specifically appropriated for providing payments under such paragraph during its period of availability.


“(A) IN GENERAL.—The Director shall prescribe regulations to carry out this subsection.

“(B) ELEMENTS.—The regulations prescribed under subparagraph (A) shall include regulations detailing fair and equitable criteria for payment under paragraph (2).”.

(c) Applicability.—Payment under subsection (d) of such section, as added by subsection (b) of this section, may be made available for a qualifying injury to the brain that occurs before, on, or after the date of the enactment of this Act as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency considers appropriate.

(d) Reports.—


(A) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 365 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the use of the authority provided by section 19A(d) of such Act, as added by subsection (b) of this section.

(B) CONTENTS.—The report submitted under subparagraph (A) shall include the following:

(i) A budget or spend plan for the use of the authority described in subparagraph (A) for the subsequent fiscal year.

(ii) Information relating to the use of the authority described in subparagraph (A) for the preceding year, including the following:

(I) The total amount expended.

(II) The number of covered dependents, covered employees, and covered individuals for whom payments were made.

(III) The amounts that were provided to each person described in subclause (II).

(iii) An assessment of whether additional authorities are required to ensure that covered dependents, covered employees, and covered individuals can receive payments for qualifying injuries, such as a qualifying injury to the back or heart.

(C) FORM.—The report submitted under subparagraph (A) shall be submitted in classified form.

(2) REPORT ON ESTIMATED COSTS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2023.—Not later than March 1, 2022, the Director shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report detailing an estimate of the obligation that the Director expects to incur in providing payment under section 19A(d) of such Act, as added by subsection (b) of this section, in fiscal year 2023.

(e) Regulations.—

(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Director shall prescribe regulations required under section 19A(d)(4)(A) of such Act, as added by subsection (b) of this section.

(2) NOTICE TO CONGRESS.—Not later than 210 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Director shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees the regulations prescribed in accordance with paragraph (1).

(f) Clarifying Amendment.—Section 19A(b) of the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. 3519b(b)) is amended, in the subsection heading, by inserting “Total Disability Resulting From” before “Certain Injuries”.


(a) Definitions.—In this section:

(1) DEFINITION OF APPROPRIATE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES.—The term “appropriate congressional committees” means—

(A) the Committee on Foreign Relations, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate; and

(B) the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Homeland Security, and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives.

(2) COVERED DEPENDENT.—The term “covered dependent” has the meaning given such term in subsection (i)(1) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b).

(3) COVERED EMPLOYEE.—The term “covered employee” has the meaning given such term in subsection (i)(1) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b).

(4) COVERED INDIVIDUAL.—The term “covered individual” has the meaning given such term in subsection (i)(1) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b).

(5) QUALIFYING INJURY.—The term “qualifying injury” has the meaning given such term in subsection (i)(1) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b).

(b) In General.—Section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b) is amended—

(1) in subsection (f), by striking “subsection (a) or (b)” both places it appears and inserting “subsection (a), (b), or (i)”; and

(2) in subsection (h)—

(A) in paragraph (1), by striking “IN GENERAL.—This section” and inserting “ADJUSTMENT OF COMPENSATION PROVISION.—Subsections (a) and (b)”;

(B) by redesignating paragraph (2) as paragraph (3); and

(C) by inserting after paragraph (1) the following new paragraph:

“(2) OTHER PAYMENT PROVISION.—Payment under subsection (i) may be made available for a qualifying injury (as defined in such subsection) that occurs before, on, or after the date of the enactment of the Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks Act of 2021.”; and

(3) by adding at the end the following new subsection:

“(i) Other Injuries.—

“(1) DEFINITIONS.—In this subsection:

“(A) COVERED DEPENDENT.—The term ‘covered dependent’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (e), except that the assigned duty station need not be in the Republic of Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, or another foreign country.

“(B) COVERED EMPLOYEE.—The term ‘covered employee’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (e), except that the assigned duty station need not be in the Republic of Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, or another foreign country.

“(C) COVERED INDIVIDUAL.—The term ‘covered individual’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (e), except that the assigned duty station need not be in the Republic of Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, or another foreign country.

“(D) QUALIFYING INJURY.—The term ‘qualifying injury’ has the meaning given such term in subsection (e), except that the assigned duty station need not be in the Republic of Cuba, the People’s Republic of China, or another foreign country.

“(2) AUTHORITY.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law but subject to paragraph (3), the Secretary of State or other agency head with an employee may provide payment to a covered dependent, a dependent of a former employee, a covered employee, a former employee, and a covered individual for a qualifying injury to the brain.


“(A) APPROPRIATIONS REQUIRED.—Payment under paragraph (2) in a fiscal year may only be made using amounts appropriated in advance specifically for payments under such paragraph in such fiscal year.

“(B) MATTER OF PAYMENTS.—Payments under paragraph (2) using amounts appropriated for such purpose shall be made on a first come, first serve, or pro rata basis.

“(C) AMOUNTS OF PAYMENTS.—The total amount of funding obligated for payments under paragraph (2) may not exceed the amount specifically appropriated for providing payments under such paragraph during its period of availability.


“(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary or other agency head described in paragraph (2) that provides payment under such paragraph shall prescribe regulations to carry out this subsection.

“(B) ELEMENTS.—The regulations prescribed under subparagraph (A) shall include regulations detailing fair and equitable criteria for payment under paragraph (2).”.

(c) Reports.—


(A) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 365 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State and each other agency head that makes a payment under subsection (i) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b) of this section, shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report on the use of the authority provided by such subsection (i).

(B) CONTENTS.—Each report submitted under subparagraph (A) shall include the following:

(i) A budget or spend plan for the use of the authority described in subparagraph (A) for the subsequent fiscal year.

(ii) Information relating to the use of the authority described in subparagraph (A) for the preceding year, including the following:

(I) The total amount expended.

(II) The number of covered dependents, covered employees, and covered individuals for whom payments were made.

(III) The amounts that were provided to each person described in subclause (II).

(iii) An assessment of whether additional authorities are required to ensure that covered dependents, covered employees, and covered individuals can receive payments for qualifying injuries, such as a qualifying injury to the back or heart.

(C) FORM.—The report submitted under subparagraph (A) shall be submitted in classified form.

(2) REPORTS ON ESTIMATED COSTS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2023.—Not later than March 1, 2022, the Secretary of State and each other agency head that makes a payment under subsection (i) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b) of this section, shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report detailing an estimate of the obligation that the Director expects to incur in providing payment under such subsection (i) in fiscal year 2023.

(d) Regulations.—

(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State and each other agency head that makes a payment under subsection (i)(2) of section 901 of title IX of division J of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (22 U.S.C. 2680b), as added by subsection (b) of this section, shall prescribe regulations required under subsection (i)(4)(A) of such Act.

(2) NOTICE TO CONGRESS.—Not later than 210 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of State and the agency heads described in paragraph (1) shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees the regulations prescribed in accordance with paragraph (1).

Passed the Senate June 7, 2021.

Sign on a targeted individual’s home in Springfield, MO.

Thank you Dear God for everything exactly the way it is today, and for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice for all Targeted Individuals. Thank you Sweet God for protecting, loving and guiding all TIs and their families. And finally One God by Any Name thank you for blessing and forgiving all those involved in harming TIs and everything and everyone they love. Because the criminals doing this: do not know Your Omnipotence or Spiritual Reality, or how free will is the greatest gift to human kind. God will you please forgive those who take free will away from humans, before You send them to hell for eternity? -As humans forgive people who commit heinous crimes but are relieved to see them jailed for life? Thank you Dear God, I love you. So be it. Amen.

Not Equal

We the People in the United States are not equal. An invisible, silent ‘war’ has been waged for decades inside US borders. (All for the sake of national security of course, because another country could figure out the mapping and mining of human brains before us?) According to Catherine Austin Fitts who always ‘follows the money’ our nation is divided in half. One half is the covert, military/medical industrial-government and their lackeys funded by US taxes, drug sales and human trafficking. The other half are innocent civilians doing most of the work sustaining our country being targeted by the latter.  Catherine worked as US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing for President George H.W. Bush.  

This silent, invisible holocaust uses involuntary human experimental subjects in the research of neuroweapons referred to publicly as directed energy weapons or DEWs that maim, manipulate, and mind control exceptional US citizens –inhumane crimes perpetrated remotely and streamed into target’s homes, public areas, and work places. The streamed weapons triangulate with cell towers, or satellites with a program inside iPhones or computers that lock onto the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of each human target and alter their life dramatically.

Do law enforcement agencies, FBI, first responders, FUSION centers and DHS create a list of ‘persons of interest’ that become involuntary experimental human subjects called TIs?   A TI list comprised of whistle blowers, activists, and minorities: 70% of which are single older women…  Thanks to Gokmen Aydemir’s YouTube, we have a four minute video (that repeats itself) of a 2016 House Oversight committee with So. Carolina State Representative Trey Gowdy interviewing Homeland Security agent Kelli Burriesci about what happens to US citizens denied their rights and ‘listed’: Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process – YouTube  

So why is it that only US Cuban, Chinese and Russian diplomats are deemed worthy enough to have their stories reported? Millions of private US citizens within the borders of the US have clamored for half a century to be heard, but their DEW attacks are never documented by the Associated Press. Now in the past week, several private news sources are publishing articles about inside US border DEW attacks. 

Yet the reports are not about the multitudes of US civilians enduring DEWs 24/7, but only chronicles government officials attacked briefly with ‘energy weapons’.

How can our FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. pretend to be confused or lacking in knowledge of exactly what is going on…  Way back in 2003 the New York Times newspaper ran an article by Marsha Sella who interviewed millionaire-inventor ‘Woody Norris’ who laughed often while discussing two versions of his San Diego, California USA-made DEWs:  The Sound of Things to Come – The New York Times (nytimes.com)   ”HIDA can instantaneously cause loss of equilibrium, vomiting, migraines — really, we can pretty much pick our ailment,” he says brightly. ”We’ve delivered a couple dozen units so far, but will have a lot more out by June. They’re talking millions!” (Last month, A.T.C. cut a five-year, multimillion-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics, one of the giants of the military-industrial complex.)”  Later in the article, the US inventor proudly mentioned another of his DEWs being produced: ”The L.A.P.D. wants to try it on high-crime alleys,” Norris says. ”The Army might use HSS for decoy troop movements. And Disney is nuts about it!” Why don’t the FBI, CIA, NSA and NSC know DEWs are invented, produced, sold and used inside US borders on millions of US citizens? It must be said that most of the government-injuries reported in the press made by neuroweapons are deployed microwave, sonar, radar, radio wave, ultra-sound/sonic and other DEWs.

Report on government attacks inside US borders from three sources:

On 4-29-21 Lara Seligman, Andrew Desiderio, and Erin Banco published ‘US probing suspected directed-energy attack on government personnel in Miami’ in POLITICO.   Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is quoted as urging Haines: the US Director of National Intelligence to reveal the truth about DEW attacks on government employees in Miami, Florida, USA. Shaheen believes all US DEW attacks should be declassified information.  Why would DEW attacks on civilians inside US borders be CLASSIFIED? Are the experiments for national security not finished yet? Does our US Constitution still allow a citizen to ask questions like this?

POLITICO- “U.S. officials are investigating a suspected directed-energy attack on federal government personnel in Miami last year, as well as at least two other incidents involving U.S. officials on American soil… It was unclear which agency the people in the Miami incident belonged to… Representatives for the NSC, FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment.”

POLITICO- “Two Pentagon officials briefed members of the House Armed Services Committee about the suspected attacks in a classified setting last week, POLITICO first reported. The briefers were Jennifer Walsh, the then-acting Pentagon policy chief; and Griffin Decker, the Pentagon’s director of the emerging threats cell. Officials have told lawmakers that they believe the threat of directed-energy attacks around the world is growing… The briefers said suspected directed-energy attacks have occurred on U.S. soil…”

Then on April 30, 21 CNN Newsource LocalNews8 in Idaho Falls, Idaho reported, “Senate Intel leaders say mysterious directed energy attacks appear to be increasing’.  “The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee warned Friday that mysterious invisible attacks that have caused debilitating symptoms…” (the word should be injuries) “appear to be on the rise against US personnel… The statement comes after reports this week about possible incidents on US soil… including ear popping, vertigo, pounding headaches and nausea, sometimes accompanied by an unidentified “piercing directional noise… “CNN first reported this week on a potential incident near the White House involving a National Security Council staffer that occurred in November, one of several on US soil. Federal agencies investigating the matter have not reached a clear conclusion yet on what happened, however, or who might be responsible…  Politico reported this week that the US is investigating a possible attack on US personnel in Miami last year.”

LocalNews8 continued- “The House Intelligence Committee is also working on the issue, and a spokesman for House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, said the reported attacks affecting personnel in Havana and around the world “are of grave concern,” adding that recent intelligence authorization legislation gave the CIA director more authority to provide benefits to those injured by hostile acts.”

So does that mean that millions of targeted Americans enduring “hostile acts” 24/7 will receive benefits too?

The third article by journalist Ryan Morgan of the AmericanMilitaryNews published April 30, 2021 ‘US gov’t employees attacks with sonic weapons in Miami: Report’ noted that, “U.S. officials are reportedly looking into a suspected directed energy weapon attack that targeted federal personnel in Miami, Fla. last year, according to sources familiar with the investigation who spoke with Politico late Thursday… The reported Miami attack is part of a growing number of similar attacks that sickened U.S. personnel in 2019 and 2020, and the attacks have gained the attention of the top lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee this week.”

Thank you to POLITICO, CNN’s affiliate LocalNews8, and American Military News:


Senate Intel leaders say mysterious directed energy attacks appear to be increasing – Local News 8

US gov’t employees attacked with sonic weapons in Miami: Report | American Military News

Thank you Dear God for everything exactly the way it is today, and for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice for all Targeted Individuals. Thank you Sweet God for protecting, loving and guiding all TIs and their families. And finally One God by Any Name thank you for blessing and forgiving all those involved in harming TIs and everything and everyone they love because they do not know Your omnipotence or spiritual reality, or how Your freewill is the greatest gift to human kind.

(Questions… Does God forgive those who take freewill away from humans before sending them to hell for eternity? Just like humans forgive people who commit heinous crimes but are relieved to see them jailed? Guess we will all find out one day.)


They put in a 5G pole three houses away from mine into the side walk in Springfield, MO. Without asking home-owners if we wanted it there. ThE 5G pole is also three houses away from Parkview High School where the young adults studying have not idea it exists on S. Campbell Ave. I love this video about 5G that is very inspiring: https://youtu.be/0RvMD0i9Or4

About forty US Diplomats are getting press coverage for having injuries from directed energy weapon attacks outside the borders of the United States.  That is great.  Some of these US diplomats are still being DEW attacked inside the borders of our country, but you don’t hear a lot about that.  That makes them targeted individuals (TIs).   For decades in the US there have been millions of targeted individuals who are victims of human trafficking, why has the Associated Press NEVER covered these injuries and attacks?

Human trafficking is not just syndicated drug-pushing, satanic cults and sex-trade. Human trafficking is neurological mapping, mining, instruction and manipulation perfected by the CIA MKULTRA program that is still going on today under a new name.  The name: MKULTRA changed to Phoenix. Last name change- ‘Monarch’. Brainwashing is no longer transmitted by electrodes but through software embedded in human skin, and programs in smart devices, satellites and cell towers. These programs stream wirelessly to laptop computers and iPhones to impose repetitive trauma-based in-home and public remote, no-touch torture and rape on countless US citizens. For the purpose of enslaving the minds of involuntary human subjects.  Those experimented on are brave, good, intelligent and kind people targeted for not being afraid to speak out against injustice in the work place, or in government offices or in personal relationships.  Why are 70% of all TIs single women? There are 1.4 million in US military service and only 14.5 percent women. Is that why the Monarch program uses nonconsensual women for illegal experimentation?

Why aren’t US Associated Press journalists, the FBI, and CIA listening to the one hour audio from 2018 when the US State Department hired four experts to conclude what happened to the US Cuban Diplomats? Their conclusion: the diplomats were attacked with neuroweapons: microwave, magnetic wave, radar, ultrasound, sonic sound, electronic weapons, and more. Another conclusion- US Diplomats did not suffer physical or mental illness, rather quantum electronic weapons attack and injuries. DEWs can be bought on the internet by anyone- the US State Department reported. Listen to https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/ 

 The Department of Defense’s, CIA’s MKULTRA was found to be an illegal program and shut down. DEW crimes in UN law are labeled as crimes against humanity, and the DEWs referred to as ‘weapons of mass destruction.’.  The Monarch program is experimentation needed for licensing of cutting edge products in the fields of medicine, military defense and science that would cost too much to accomplish legally.  Products using nano particles, chemical and bio-poisons, DEWs, GMOs, cybernetic lifeforms, enhancing technology, virtual troop helmets and suits, invisibility light refracting technology and more all are used in experiments on TIs. What better way for the wealthy, their governments and corporations to remove ANYONE that is a thorn in their side… Once enrolled in the TI Monarch retribution program for imagined or real grievances against them- A TIS life is taken up surviving involuntary human experiments.

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.  We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.  We should take nothing for granted.  Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

The US Russian, Cuban, Chinese diplomats have since the 1950’s endured microwave weapons attacks. 

David Voigts, is a former Navy Lieutenant and graduate of the US Naval Academy with a degree in control Systems Engineering.  He was serving in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets when he became aware of “…illegal and unethical projects using non-consenting victims referred to as “Targeted Individuals” to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim…”  (From a press release June 26, 2016 by David Voights.) 

The American hero Voights, became a TI after whistleblowing on this Navy-TI program.  On Facebook David Voigts wrote, “The so-called “Havana Syndrome” is a microwave-based human-machine interface weapon or B-CI.  The reason the information hasn’t been furnished is because it’s also used on ordinary American citizens via private intelligence firms who are contracted to discredit targeted individuals. The DOD and intelligence agencies will never come clean because the liability would be astronomical and thousands of their members would be sent to prison and some would literally face the death penalty. The situation is so grotesque -and it’s purposely done that way so that nobody has the guts to fix it- that they cannot tell the truth because it would destroy the credibility of their institution. The stuff they have done is way worse than anything Charles Manson or Ted Bundy ever did. Truly horrific! “   Thank you David Voights.

See Dr.Millicent Black in 2011:   Mielsen B @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues – YouTube

An interview on You Tube published Dec. 24, 2020 by physicist and TI Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007 includes TI Bill Binney, (who spent 30 years at the NSA), and TI Dr. Millicent Black -a theologian.  Was viewing the discussion when Dr. Black’s x-rays and photos of implants and injuries on her body were made public.  Dr. Black talked of the incredible pain she endured, when an x-ray showed one of these devices in her pubic area. Dr. Horton agreed, “I would just like to put in a supporting evidence that I have a dermatologist scan and that there’s a big visible scar in my pubic area as well.  And actually the implanting of genitals and the genital area- is the top, number one aspect of this targeting program.  Which also includes prolific remote controlled rape. So this (technology) is not to fight terrorists.  This is a rape and mutilation torture program.  And pretty much everybody (TI) is implanted the same way.  So I completely understand.  I have exactly the same thing.”

Dr. Horton went on to say, “Ultimately the only thing that people can do is launch their own court cases, because the FBI is not going to help you.  I think the FBI is majorly involved.  And the police will not help anybody.  I don’t know of a single police investigation into this anywhere in the world.  But I know of literally hundreds of cases having been submitted to the police for investigation and yet not a single investigation… “ 

Dr. Horton continued: “So at the end of the day the only thing that is going to stop this is a military intervention.  A military intervention, because these are military weapons being deployed against Americans and Europeans…  At some point the military has to come in and shut down these military psychopathic serial killers who are torturing women to death…    And men as well and children as well.  But I must say that the brutality at which they torture and maim the women is off the charts from my personal experience. “

Dr. Black agreed: “Absolutely.  Well it’s certainly not the way I expected to spend the last twenty years.”

Dr. Horton stated, ‘During Christmas most people spend their time with their family…  in a loving environment relaxing, having fun together.  Meanwhile, all of us are being tortured.  Literally all of us:  Bill, Millicent and I.  We will spend our Christmas being tortured, raped, battered with military weapons.  There’s a shift service on call and on shift just for the battery of defenseless men and women and children.  So your tax payers dollars and euros go towards the battery of innocent people… adults and children on Christmas.  That is the truth.  This is the truth that America needs to wake up to. “

Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food and drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire, frequencies and me.  Thank you sweet God the One by Any Name for  everything exactly the way it is today for us.  Awesome God bring the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And Wonderful God bring the Network Collective down to conquer them.   We thank you Dear God and love you God.  So be it.  It is so.  Amen

Springfield, MO DEW Torture

November 2020 CBS NEWS reported Springfield, MO ranks at #5 of the most dangerous cities in the United States for violent crime. One Targeted Individual has spoken three times over several years before the Springfield City Council encouraging them to modify existing city gun laws to include directed energy weapons… they have done nothing yet. Violent personal and property attacks are associated with the organized crime network doing the contracts for DEW targeting and gangstalking that is human trafficking supported by drug manufacture and sales. See five minute video: targetedartist.wordpress.com at Springfield, MO City Council meeting 8-23-19 MVI 0744 – YouTube  

NeighborhoodScout on Jan 2, 2021 ranked Springfield, MO as the twelfth most violent and dangerous city, after ranking St. Louis, MO as number two in the nation.

Have been home three days after being away assisting friends. The entire north side of my good home owned twenty five years is off the charts with danger levels of 7-9 set on 0-3 magnetic radiation, as it has been since 2016. How nice if Springfield, MO City Utilities placed everyone’s electric bills in the public domain. Then a TI could bring a neighbor’s electric bills to the Springfield, MO Police Department showing excessive power usage for the operation of a whole-house-DEW aimed at a TI’s house next door. Having been directed energy weapon (DEW) targeted by an employer of twenty years… before US Cuban Diplomats injuries became public… it has taken non-stop research, writing reports and mailing them hardcopy/on-line without response… to finally accept that our local, state, and federal authorities don’t care what is happening to millions of TIs who are US citizens.

When doing dishes in kitchen along north wall of house, face turns bright red in seconds: skin ‘sizzles’, eyes blur, and skull feels as if under ten feet of water. Immediately upon leaving kitchen these injuries from whole-house-directed-energy-weapon attack from the north disappear. Can keep no food in kitchen, rather must put food wherever the streamed magnetic radiation is not occurring. Otherwise, if kept in the kitchen where food is usually stored… all nutrition would be fried out of it. Hence ‘home’ is in a constant state of change that adheres to no norms. Below are two photos showing danger level radiation at kitchen sink. Photos all taken after main electric circuit-breaker shut-off using daylight or small flashlight.

Have had two beds, i.e. cots set up in two rooms for a year now. As of three days ago both cots are now at danger level 7-9, set at 0-3 magnetic radiation. Precision of constant danger levels arriving on cots moved to new locations with zero level radiation leaves me to wonder if the three break-ins since 2016, and 2020’s burglary of home were used to place devices that assist DEW attacks? Below see photo of EMF reader showing healthy levels where new cot location is with zero magnetic radiation now.

Because new cot location is not in center of house, unfortunately it is easily located with through-wall radar and infrared devices that assist hand-held pinpoint DEW attacks from people holding these small weapons in their vehicles or outside. In the past three days endured DEW injuries specific to heart: skipping beats, pressure, pain, muscle spasms, and racing heart upon laying down. Murder by ‘heart attack’ with constant DEW targeting is easy for cowardly gangstalkers. DEW-remote-murder-by-heart-attack and DEW induced stroke/aneurysm is a reality. Why do ‘neighbors’ spend way too much time in driveways sitting in their vehicles or standing looking into iPhones in the wee-hours of the morning in Springfield, MO?

On an interesting note.  Earlier, after arriving home was hit so hard with spot specific DEW targeting ran outside for some peace.  And there visible from second floor of a north rental a woman was pointing an object at my home that resembled a large, long black flash light.   (The same second floor where years earlier a silhouette of man stood when left eye was shot with a green laser point).  This north ‘neighbor’ ducked down quickly, but a few seconds later poked her head above windowsill to see if I was still there!  So I waved and smiled.  She stood straight up staring hard, then with device in both hands held in front of her body, she walked from the dimly lit room out of sight.

Recent efforts have been made to encourage diplomatic relations with Cuba. But does the US news reporting of the four year old attacks on US Cuban Diplomats still suffers from gross neglect verging on the criminal?

A Washington Post Feb. 10, 2021 article by Karen De Young outlines how US Embassy personnel are still suffering debilitating illnesses, headaches, hearing loss and brain injuries.  The author sites an ARB document (Accountability Review Board) that states that, “…both at (Havana) Post and in Washington, response to the incidents was characterized by excessive secrecy that contributed to a delayed response.”  Why does not the Washington Post ever investigate the blacklisted and classified nature of directed energy weapon invention, manufacture, sales and experimentation inside US borders on millions of US citizens happening for decades? Instead they only noted the National Academies found diplomat’s injuries to be, “consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency energy.”  Is the article entitled, ‘Classified assessment found slow and chaotic response to brain injuries affecting diplomats in Cuba,’ the best that The Washington Post can print after four years?  Why didn’t the Washington Post ask their reporter to listen to the State Department’s own conclusions before the Joint Chiefs of Staff, September 7, 2018 during a Pentagon Teleconference entitled: ‘Probable Use of a Neuroweapon to Affect Personnel of US Embassy in Havana: Findings, Pathology, Possible Causes, and Disruptive Effects’ where all four experts testifying concluded DEWs were used to cause the injuries on our US Cuban Diplomats? Find hour long audio of the Pentagon Teleconference at:   https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/

Or the Washington Post can read March 16, 2019 targetedartist.wordpress.com for a partial transcript of that audio.

Did ABC NEWS do a similar job as the Washington Post in their article entitled, ‘US botched initial response to diplomats’ brain injuries in Cuba: Declassified report,’ by Conor Finnegan Feb. 11, 2021 when they printed old news about our US Cuban diplomats having health, “symptoms”, “Havana syndrome”, “falling ill”, or “health attacks” thereby placing the burden of what happened on the fallibility of the human body instead of directed energy weapon injuries?

A fantastic CBS NEWS article, ‘American diplomats in Cuba were likely targeted by microwave energy, study finds’, back in Dec. 5, 2020 by Audrey McNamara conversely reported: “A new government study has concluded that a form of targeted microwave energy is the most likely explanation for a series of mysterious hearing and neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats working in Cuba and China.”   And, “Mark Lenzi, a State Department security officer who worked in the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou, China, told “60 Minutes” last year that he and his wife began experiencing symptoms in 2017 after hearing strange sounds in their apartment… “I believe it’s RF, radio frequency energy, in the microwave range,” Lenzi told Scott Pelley.”

CBS NEW’S McNamara went on to report, “The RF theory was also supported by a 2014 National Security Agency statement, disclosed in a worker’s compensation case, that described such a weapon as a “high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time without leaving evidence.” The statement goes on to say “…this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves.”

Which is what millions of US targeted individuals have been telling first responders for decades. To no avail.

Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding all targeted individual’s families, friends our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food and drink, out air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire, and frequencies.  Thank you sweet God the One by Any Name for  everything exactly the way it is today for us.  Awesome God bring the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And Wonderful God bring the Network down to conquer then. We thank you and love you God.  So be it.  It is so.  Amen