Standing Up

In a 26 minute YouTube video Targetedartist reports a history of violent personal and property crime in and around a Springfield, MO home, at:

When levels of microwave, and magnetic wave radiation are extremely dangerous inside home, a Springfield, MO homeowner heads outside to take photos on their property line at night. In 2020 two people found in photos dressed in black at night. Couple photos show one person holding a device, just ten feet away from where the homeowner measured extreme radiation inside their sleeping area: probably a coincidence.

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) can be singular devices held in the hand that project microwave, sound wave and other frequencies. Most DEWs are military grade weapon’s programs uploaded into personal iPhones and computers to triangulate with satellite and cell towers streaming invisible energy to NEURALLY INTERFACE a human’s electromagnetic pulse. These ‘neuroweapons’ can effect any nerve in the human body depending on where the waves are directed.

One Springfield, MO homeowner and their property is continually surveilled by rental ‘neighbors’.

During a night without sleep extreme danger levels of radiation were recorded inside home. Note unfamiliar faces (never to be seen again) leaving a rental house next day. One man carried out two large black duffel bags one at a time, to a vehicle without license plates. The man with red hat has to put left arm out while walking because each black duffle bag he carried was so heavy.

Some rental ‘neighbors’ moved across the street and within the first hour of renting pointed directly at a residents home. The homeowner sitting outside on porch watched the man first point at two houses to the south, and then at their own home, at which time a photo was taken. Every item moved into this man’s rental house came out of a Springfield furniture rental company truck. A couple years later they moved on.

Today three rental neighbors across the street have moved out in past couple months. Two of those neighbors’ dogs attacked a USPS postal worker delivering mail door to door. Their dogs always ran loose, almost never on chain or behind fence. Because of these rental neighbors who have now moved on (all at once): all mail in a two block radius will never be delivered door to door ever again. We are required to collect mail from behind a church in a USPS community postal unit.

Have run out of house in early morning hours when microwave and magnetic radiation is extremely high to see ‘a north rental neighbor’ silhouetted in window standing with a device in hands pointed at my home. When ‘a neighbor’ saw me they ducked down below window sill. I kept watching. After about three minutes ‘a north neighbor’ peeked over sill and sank below it again. Then a minute later stood up defiantly holding device staring straight at me, until walked out of sight. Usually cannot catch such sights on camera since do not wear camera on person.

A beautiful pear tree covered south exterior wall of home in 2018.

Upon request, permission was given by owner for a ‘trim’ just a foot above neighbor’s truck. But the ‘trim’ removed half the tree as seen in photo below… The next ‘trim’ in video posted above, was without permission and left the pear tree with only five branches at the roof line photo of stick tree made years later. Today in process of taking tree down.

The crime incidents experienced by a Springfield, MO homeowner are so numerous over 90% are never reported.

Here are some important questions that will never be answered:

Do authorities in Springfield discourage the reporting of crime because the city is in the national spotlight for some of the highest violent crime rates in the US? When will Springfield, MO Chief Paul Williams, Captain Pennington and other first responders educate their associates about the proliferation of directed energy weapons in the civilian population? When will targeted individuals in Springfield, MO reporting crimes be respected for bravely standing up for themselves when the crime that they are reporting is “top secret” according to Senator Jeanne Shaheen: therefore making them ‘persons of interest’ for reporting ‘classified information’? Would morally flexible members of a police department coerce community members into discrediting a targeted individual? God bless all first responders.

Street theatre?

This week when a man bent over and then began to crawl around the front of my yard while I sat on porch saying a rosary, asked him, ‘Excuse me?‘ Wondered what he was up to. Then after a minute of crawling on hands and knees, the man stood up and read the loose-leaf paper he was holding in his right hand, as if he was reading directions from a script. Below he stands, after crawling– to intently read what is written on his loose-leaf paper…

The man then walked down the side walk looking confused. I was so interested that stopped praying and walked into my driveway to watch. About thirty feet from my yard, he met a woman who looked for all the world like an undercover security guard or police officer. -She wore a lot of paraphernalia inside her black shorts (as if that could hide it) -resembling a gun and other devices, and she wore very white shoes, shirt and black shorts. She seemed very angry at the man and walked up to him literally snatching the paper out of his hand in disgust. Then she turned and sprinted out of view behind a rental house to the north and the man walked down the street.

I went to sit back down on my front porch to resume morning prayers, laughing. After a couple minutes the woman walked past front yard staring at me. Followed seconds later by a south rental neighbor (who takes photos of my yard.)

Not a day goes by that I do not praise God for the beauty of this world, and the love of friends. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for loving and protecting me. Thank you God for freedom of speech and press that survives in our country today… Springfield MO City Council 2021 – YouTube

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away Your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

We are Energy

Did you know that the earth’s frequency can fluctuate from 7.83Hz to 45 Hz and higher? When that occurs the higher frequencies can merge with human brainwaves: gamma (30–100 Hz), beta (12–30 Hz), alpha (8–12 Hz), to effect the earth. Humans are created in the image of God. We are energy.

Third time is the charm for publishing this article in its entirety: The Schumann Resonance (SR) or frequency of the Earth’s surface has been 7.83 hertz (Hz) since humankind registered it in 1952.   Are 5G poles and 4G cell towers raising EMF levels in our environment today? If you want to find out if the Earth’s surface Schumann Resonance has risen since 1952 due to cell towers, satellites and 5G poles, you will have great difficulty finding any data- except for the effect solar flares and lightening transmissions have in changing the SR.

A little info on EMFs: Remember nature, animals, humans and plants (the entire natural surface of the earth resonates at 7.83Hz.) Scientist and author, Valerie V. Hunt noted in her book, ‘Infinite Mind’ that natural healers radiate 7.83Hz out of their hands when they worked. Traditionally natural healers believe it is God-energy that comes through their hands to heal. -The healer is just a vessel. Hertz (Hz) traditionally refers to the number of cycles per second in wireless communications.  Or transmission of radio signals in cycles per second. 

Here are a few fun facts: There are 1,000 hertz in a kilohertz, (kHz).  One million hertz in a megahertz, (MHz).  One billion hertz in a gigahertz, (GHz).  There are ten billion hertz (or 1 GHz) in the lowest frequency of a microwave, (MW) and microwaves travel by line-of-sight on the visual horizon about 40 miles, they can go through walls, paper, glass and plastic, are deflected by metal, but are absorbed by water.  A millimeter (mm) wave frequency at its lowest is 30 GHz -up to 95 GHz. These mm waves also travel by line of sight but are blocked or degraded by water and rain, human bodies, animals, vegetation, roofs, and walls, etc. Then there are ‘generations’ of mobile networks such as 3G- works at frequencies up to 2.1 GHz.  And 4G- is up to 2.5 GHz.  Radio waves register at up to 300 GHz or below, and radio waves can travel beyond line of sight by diffracting around hills.

(They put a 5G pole in the sidewalk three houses down from my home of 25 years without asking any tax paying home owners. This 5G pole is no higher than a telephone wire, is also three houses a way from the Springfield, MO Parkview Highschool.)

It is from the government sponsored site that you can find evidence of humans brainwaves joining earth’s: At the National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health and US National Library of Medicine: article, ‘Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects’; from July 14, 2017 by McCraty, Atkinson, Stolc, Alabdulgader, Vainoras and Ragulskis reports-  “In the late 1950s, Schumann and Koenig measured a set of frequencies consistent with the mathematical model predicting an earth-ionospheric cavity resonance. The frequency of the first Schumann resonance (SR), as they are now named, is approximately 7.83 Hz, with a (day/night) variation of about ±0.5 Hz. The other SR frequencies are ~14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz, which closely overlap with human brainwaves, such as alpha (8–12 Hz), beta (12–30 Hz), and gamma (30–100 Hz).” 

Scientists claim the mass-mind of human brain waves can affect the earth’s surface frequency of 7.83Hz. Fear is supposedly the frequency of 19Hz -in the range of infrasound when research shows humans and animals feel afraid. “…19hz is in the range known as infrasound, which is below the range of human hearing, which begins at 20hz. (Engineer Vic Tandy) learned that frequencies in this region can affect humans and animals in several ways, causing discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision (by vibrating your eyeballs), hyperventilation and fear, possibly leading to panic attacks… prior to an attack, a tiger’s roar contains frequencies of about 18hz…”Thank you Mark Pilkington author of ‘The fear frequency’ published Oct. 15, 2003 in The Guardian.

(How wonderful to finally read that ‘eyeballs can vibrate‘ at a certain frequency. -This happens to many targeted individuals.)

Throughout time, governments have ruled by fear, and man-made religions often are fear-based. Our Associated Press reports the same old news over and over, aggrandizing fear-based journalism without truth. If humans chose to not live in fear it will make a difference to us and the planet. We are powerful beings. But how can targeted individuals who are slandered, intimidated, harassed, poisoned, and remotely tortured, remotely raped, remotely mind-controlled and remotely murdered with directed energy weapons and brain computer interface NOT feel fear?

Amazingly, many TIs refuse to feel fear by educating themselves as to what is happening to them, by using the US freedoms of speech and press to educate non-TIs, by relying on each other for support, kindness, and healing through interaction with each other. Fear is the opposite of love and faith.

Found out that there are about 179 nations including the US, that are members of a United Nations agency for communication tech and info called ITU (International Telecommunication Union). ITU’s purpose as quoted from it’s website is to “… ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, are secure and improve access to ICTs…” Wikipedia reports: “ICT is an umbrella term that includes any communication device, radio, television, cell phone, computer and network hardware, satellite systems… etc.”  ITU’s “… treaty provides for all generations of mobile technologies, from 2G to 5G and beyond.” ITU lets competent international bodies set standards on maximum levels of exposure to EMFs. See:

Are ITU’s ‘competent international bodies’ competent because they get the job done and make money for all networks involved, or are they competent because they put the safety of plants, animals, insect and human life before profit?

Below a calling card and snack wrapper left in my yard by cowardly night visitors.

ELUXE Magazine’s owner, Chere Di Boscio wanted to establish a magazine dedicated to sustainable luxury publishing from London, UK. He believes luxury and education go hand in hand… From ELUXE Magazine article, ‘Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G’, from January 16, 2018 by Jody McCutcheon: “First, it’s important to know that in 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RFR as a potential 2B carcinogen and specified that the use of mobile phones could lead to specific forms of brain tumors…” (RFR is radiofrequency radiation that is part of electromagnetic energy covering the frequency range of 3 KHz-300 GHz.) Both 3-4G use radio waves, initially used for communication. 5G uses millimeter waves initially used for military applications, remote sensing, imaging, security screening (TSA at airports,) radar, and telecommunications.

ELUXE- “Perhaps the strongest concern involves adverse effects of MMWs on human skin. This letter to the Federal Communications Commission, from Dr Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, outlines the main points. Over ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers, so human skin basically acts as an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. Disquieting as this may sound, it’s generally considered acceptable so long as the violating wavelengths are greater than the skin layer’s dimensions. But MMW’s violate this condition.”

“Furthermore, the sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer act like helical antennas, which are specialized antennas constructed specifically to respond to electromagnetic fields. With millions of sweat ducts, and 5G’s increased RFR needs, it stands to reason that our bodies will become far more conductive to this radiation. The full ramifications of this fact are presently unclear, especially for more vulnerable members of the public (e.g., babies, pregnant women, the elderly)…”

Jody McCutcheon– “What’s more, MMWs may cause our pain receptors to flare up in recognition of the waves as damaging stimuli. Consider that the US Department of Defense already uses a crowd-dispersal method called the Active Denial System, in which MMWs are directed at crowds to make their skin feel like it’s burning, and also has the ability to basically microwave populations to death from afar with this technology if they choose to do so. And the telecommunications industry wants to fill our atmosphere with MMWs? In the meantime, we as individuals must do everything we can to protect ourselves against the dangers of 5G.”

ELUXE’s Jody McCutcheon writes: “Here’s what you can do:” And she suggests planting trees to block 5G signals. Stop buying smart machines. And, “Do as the Hawaiians have done and threaten smart meter and 5G tech installers with liability and class action lawsuits…” See her suggestions for ideas about becoming active.

“Even if the policy drivers and governments aren’t doing their due diligence, at least we can say we’re doing ours.” -Thank you to ELUXE Magazine and Jody McCutcheon. At

I love this video about 5G that is very inspiring:

According to Wikipedia: “Five Eyes (FVEY) is an Anglosphere intelligence alliance comprising AustraliaCanadaNew Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.” FVEY is the world’s oldest intelligence network monitoring electronic communications of citizens and governments.

According to the article What You Should Know About the “Five Eyes” Intelligence Community ( by Joe Carter from May 19, 2017: “The FVEY partnership began with the UKUSA agreement, first called the BRUSA Agreement. This agreement, signed in March 1946 and still in effect, was the basis for cooperation in signals intelligence between the two nations. The agreement was later extended to include former British Dominions—Canada in 1948 and Australia and New Zealand in 1956.” And “For most of FVEY’s existence, the details about the existence of the arrangement have been kept strictly confidential. The partnership was so secret that Australian prime ministers were reportedly unaware of its existence—or their country’s involvement—until 1973.”

Providence- “The FVEY partnership focuses on the subset of intelligence collection known as signals intelligence (SIGINT). SIGINT is a category of intelligence comprising all communications intelligence, electronic intelligence, and foreign instrumentation signals intelligence, however transmitted.”  And, “During the Cold War, the FVEY partners reportedly developed a global communications monitoring program known as ECHELON. The program is said to have used ground-based signal stations located around the world to collect Soviet satellite communications. Since then, the program is claimed to have developed the ability to monitor emails, fax, telephone, and Internet communications. ECHELON is believed to capture all communication traffic and sift through it for keywords or other suspicious activity.”
And, “The original UKSUSA agreement “evolved into a common understanding that both governments will not target each other’s citizens/persons.” However, a 2005 draft of an NSA directive says the partners “reserved the right to conduct intelligence operations against each other’s citizens “when it is in the best interests of each nation.” – Thank you Joe Carter and Providence Magazine.
Remember Helena Csorba.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

Associated Press?

Does factual news only exist after it is paid for by concerned citizens, printed out and distributed on public billboards and subway signs? What happened to the investigative reporting of the AP? The CIA’s MOCKINGBIRD Project (MP) files (courtesy of FOIA) report that MP only ran from March 1963 to June 1963. But journalist Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post revealed in 1977 that the CIA was still paying journalists to report government-approved news. He said the CIA had filed data on controlling 400 journalists in over 25 global news organizations.

Today news of the biggest crime in history- that of the remote torture and mind-control, remote rape and murder with directed energy weapons that neurologically control humans in an undeclared invisible, silent holocaust of millions is reported factually only through the documentation and investigation reported publicly by targeted individuals in books and on the internet. Many are the involuntary human experimental subjects being subjected to this atrocity. Unlike printing presses, the virtual reality hacking facing the documentation of the average TI’s internet article makes the reporting of this holocaust easily modified, edited and highjacked by criminals. Oh, for the ‘good old days’ of the printing press:

Johannes Gutenburg in the 1450’s designed and built the first ‘history changing’ printing press to publish his ‘Gutenberg Bible’. In 1750’s Hugh Gaine created the New-York Mercury (later changed to New-York Gazette), and during the American Revolution both British and Patriot leaders wondered whose side he was on because of the way he factually reported important issues.

In 1773 Mary Katherine Goddard took control of ‘The Maryland Journal’ in Baltimore reporting information and news supporting the Revolutionary cause. The Declaration of Independence was published in her paper as soon as July 10, 1776. -Thank you ‘Journal of the American Revolution’, Nov. 6, 2014 ‘Top Ten Printers’ by Carol Sue Humphrey at: and Britannica.

Thomas Jefferson’s portable copy-press design was produced by a London shop in 1786. In 1783 he wrote Robert Morris: “Being desirous of getting from England as soon as possible one of those copying Machines invented there not long since…” On Sept. 1, 1785 Jefferson writes to James Madison: “Have you a copying press? If you have not, you should get one. Mine (exclusive of paper which costs a guinea a ream) has cost me about 14. guineas. I would give ten times that sum that I had had it from the date of the stamp act.”

In 1856 Samuel W. Lowe of Philadelphia invented his Lowe printing press (above). It was rumored of the Lowe press that, “Every boy and business man seems to be having one.”

Patented on March 19, 1861, Albert Adam’s New York cylinder press was used by the armed forces and merchants. -Thank you to and Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia. From 1861-1865 during the US Civil War Albert Adams press was used.

During WWI printing presses were on wheels. The British Expeditionary Force started printing news in 1915 from the trenches. The printing of books had all but stopped and because of scarce resources/labor newspapers became smaller. -Thank you ‘Print in the trenches’- from 12-10-2014.

Words in print are weapons. Hitler bragged that he mind-controlled German people through print and radio by repeatedly using simple words and phrases over and over. During 1939-1945 in WWII this advertisement above tells it’s own story. Today paper news is struggling to make ends meet because of free virtual news. Most funding of news is done by the wealthy, their corporations and governments. If their story is not told correctly, funding is withdrawn.

In the 1940’s the CIA MOCKINGBIRD Project was created to monitor and control all information the US free press and reporters investigated. Former Director of the CIA (1973-1976) William Colby said, “The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

From the BBC’s own website article, ‘Part of the Conspiracy?’ by Richard Porter from Feb. 7, 2007 it is reported in #3: “Our reporter Jane Standley was in New York on the day of the (9/11 WTC) attacks… she doesn’t remember minute-by-minute what she said or did… and what was being told to her by colleagues in London who were monitoring feeds and wires services.” Was the ‘wire service’ AP? The photo above is from the BBC site and is a snapshot taken from a twenty minute video- where Jane reports how WTC Building 7 collapsed into rubble from fire, but the building is standing tall and strong behind her left shoulder the entire twenty minutes. I have taking the liberty of circling WTC 7 in another photo above for ease in viewing. -Thank you BBC at

Were there lies about fire destroying WTC Twin Towers and Building 7? Photos cannot lie. This one above, a woman stands in the gapping hole created by a plane where fire from jet fuel has already burned itself out. Experts today believe a combination of DEW attack and controlled demolition brought the Twin Towers down. Excellent news from brave citizens and experts about 9/11:

From 2008, when brave architects and engineers teamed together funding the lecture in Canada, by Architect Richard Gage who spoke in the documentary- ‘9/11 Blueprint for Truth The Architecture of Destruction’. At one point Gage wonders if BBC’s smiling Jane Standley is speaking from a ‘script’ during her twenty minute news broadcast on BBC. In a Stanford University Education catalog for documentaries their summary of Gage’s 9/11 documentary video reads: “In the 2008 edition of this stunning multimedia presentation, filmed professionally in a studio before a live audience, San Francisco Bay Area architect Richard Gage (AIA) provides the myth-shattering scientific forensic evidence of the explosive controlled demolition of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings on September 11, 2001″ -Thank you

In printed word, factual news about 9/11 is from brave Professor Dr. Judy D. Wood who has a B.S. in Civil Engineering 1981, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in Applied Physics 1983, and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science in 1992. Her 2010 book is ‘Where did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11’ reveals why the pulverized towers disintegrated from the top down. Professor Eric Larsen wrote the forward.

So much news today is not being investigated and remains unreported while fluff, celebrities, sports, the arts, music, and archived ‘safe’ news is emphasized by the wealthy and their industries: who are funding news organizations. -On National Public Radio (NPR) is this kind of news is being highlighted?

Glancing at their ‘home page’ in Springfield, MO KSMU listener’s supported Ozarks Public Radio located on the Missouri State University campus in Strong Hall -has news by Scott Simon entitled, ‘New documentary ‘Cow’ imparts the painful solitude in the life of a dairy cow,’ from 5 hours ago. Other KSMU news documented in the order it appeared includes the opening article (photo above) on their Home Page: ‘Weekend Outlook April 8-10, 2022 by Michelle Skalicky, 23 hours ago. About what is happening in the Ozarks. Then in order by news titles these radio articles and names of reporters appeared:

*Missouri Republicans and Democrats agree: Courts need to intervene on redistricting. Jason Rosenbaum

*Missouri-wide campaign targets roadside trash. Michelle Skalicky

*Tiger Woods tees off in the 3rd round of the Masters. Rina Torchinsky

*NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins dies after reportedly being struck by a car. Rina Torchinsky

*Fresh Air Weekend: Conductor Marin Alsop; Poet Ocean Vuong. No author

*Delia Ephron recounts a concentrated period of loss, love and illness in new memoir. Scott Simon

*New exhibit shows photographer Adger Cowans range- from Civil Rights to movie stars. Ryan Caron King

*Saturday sports: MLB begins; NBA playoffs coming up; Tiger Woods plays Masters. Scott Simon

*Hebrew Union College may stop ordaining rabbis in the Midwest after 150 years. Jolene Almendarez

*More details emerge in federal investigation into Hunter Biden. David Folkenflik

*New documentary ‘Cow’ imparts the painful solitude in the life of a dairy cow. Scott Simon

*Opinion: Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal? Scott Simon

*Irish poet and novelist Colm Toibin reads from his new poetry book ‘Vinegar Hill’. Scott Simon

*Week in politics: Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed as justice; Russia sanctioned. Ron Elving

*Spoken word artist Kae Tempest looks inward to search for peace in the daily rush. Scott Simon

*Two sisters share their plans to unite after fleeing Ukraine. Scott Simon

Oddly enough didn’t see any news headlines about the undeclared DEW silent holocaust… or of targeted individuals living in Springfield, MO- a city in the top ten cities in the US for violent personal and property crime, where many TIs live.

Since remote DEW attacks began in 2016 at targetedartist’s home of 25 years: as of 2017, TA has twice sent every major TV, radio, and print news organization or news editor in the US documented evidence regarding the remote DEW neuro-targeting, torture, rape and mind control of millions of innocent citizens within the borders of the United States. This NEWS was also sent to Springfield, MO’s KSMU news reporter, and their director and content coordinator Jennifer Moore. Is there a black out on DEW and targeted individual news reporting, unless it happens to government employees and US overseas diplomats? US targeted citizens were reporting this silent holocaust decades before the US Cuban Diplomats did. Why is it, that only in the rarest circumstances is the silent holocaust documented by non-targeted people? Below is former NASA Engineer and then Missouri State Representative Jim Guest’s letter asking for justice for targeted individuals:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if KSMU was more like KMIR? Love this 2012 news segment from KMIR-TV News in Palm Springs, California which aired ‘Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment’ on MSNBC news ‘You Ask and We Investigate’!  This MSNBC affiliate serves the Coachella Valley in California and is based in Santa Monica. A YouTube video created by the MSNBC-KMIR’s news reporter Angela Monroe on Nov. 12, 2012 records the original news broadcast on KMIR-TV at:  -Thank you Angela Monroe, MSNBC and KMIR-TV.

There are still brave citizens left in the United States. Citizens who are true patriots and practice their freedom of speech and freedom of press.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

DEWs Used Publicly

See:  Senator questions AFP chief about the deployment of LRAD during protests in Canberra – YouTube when an Australian Senator questions a military man about peaceful demonstrators in Canberra, hit with a directed energy weapon called LRAD.

It isn’t only Australia where authorities use these DEWs openly. From the Ottawa Citizen News: article entitled ‘Trucker Protest: Day 23- Trucks being towed from Wellington Street; 47 more people arrested’…  by a Staff Reporter Feb 20, 2022 is an excerpt below:

“Earlier in the week, there were rumours in the protesters’ camp that police would move in long range acoustic devices — LRAD, also known as “sound cannons.” Over shorter distances, LRAD signals are loud enough to cause pain in the ears of people in their path.”  Matthew Lapierre @mattlapi wrote in “Protesters grabbing ear plugs from a box.  They are preparing for crowd dispersal weapons.”  -9:21 am Feb 19 2022. Below is photo of an LRAD device in backpack.

Popular Mechanics news by Lynne Peskoe-Yang ‘How to Dodge the Sonic Weapon Used by Police’ from June 17, 2020 quoted audio producer Cory Choy who experienced LRAD in 2014 at the Black Lives Matter protests in NY, as saying, “People in the direct line of fire [of the LRAD] didn’t run,” he says. “They just dropped to the ground and started screaming.” And, “Horrible, nauseating pain hit my body,” he tells Popular Mechanics, “and then I realized it was sound. At first you just think, ‘What’s happening to me?’ Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode…” 

Peskoe-Yang writes– “The first LRADs were developed as military weapons in response to the bombing of the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen in 2000. Military officials asked the LRAD Corporation (now Genasys) for a device with two functions: to communicate at a distance with potential threats, and to disperse them with an unbearable alarm-like sound… These military-grade weapons soon found their way ashore and into the hands of police. Protesters have reported LRAD attacks by police at the NODAPL protests at Standing Rock, during the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and in dozens of other cities and demonstrations around the world.”  -Thank you Popular Mechanics. To read this article go to:,so%20loud%20it%20can%20cause%20permanent%20hearing%20loss.

Many world citizens have seen photos of demonstrators in Australia with burned skin they attributed to LRAD. However, TA has not been able to find evidence yet, that LRAD (a sonic directed energy weapon device) causes burns. What kind of DEWs can burn skin?

Above photo is the directed energy weapon called ADS (Active Denial System). Since 2014 in the United States, our Marines and police have been working to make the once vehicle-mounted ADS weapon, into a portable version. This DEW was developed by the US Air Force Research Lab funded by the Department of Defense. ADS works by beaming short millimeter waves that can cause second degree surface radiation burns. Most human’s pain threshold to ADS is three seconds.

Learn more about ADS in these excerpts from: Here are three of the questions and the answers:

Q4. What is the status of the Active Denial System program?
A4. The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program is continuing to invest in advancing active denial technology to support user interest in a smaller, more mobile configuration for urban environments.

Q14. Can this technology ever be lethal?
A14. The Active Denial System was specifically designed as a non-lethal weapon. For this technology to become lethal, the energy beam exposure would have to be sustained and prolonged many times over the duration required to achieve the repel effect…

Q17. What does exposure to the Active Denial System feel like?
A17. Many volunteer test participants liken the effect to the temporary heat felt from opening the door to a hot oven…

The Active Denial System, or “heat ray,” creates heat by pushing energy through a magnetic field and generates millimeter waves meant to penetrate 1/64th of an inch into the skin. In  2007 a change in one device’s power settings resulted in second-degree burns to an airman’s body.


Health Impacts of Crowd-Control Weapons: Directed Energy Devices

Physicians for Human Rights  (PHR)  October 28, 2020 Weapons  Produced by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO)

“Directed energy weapons, also known by the brand name Active Denial System, are a new technology developed by the U.S. military…   The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate initially funded the development of an electromagnetic heating weapon in 2002. By 2004, private manufacturers such as Raytheon were funded to continue research. The first prototype, Active Denial System I, underwent some testing and was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010, but was recalled a few months later and has never been used since then against enemy combatants in military settings. Since 2011, the updated ADS II and the Silent Guardian, a smaller mobile device, have been demonstrated on military personnel and volunteers. The Silent Guardian is marked directly to civilian law enforcement agencies and other security providers… a newer more transportable version currently being considered by the military, and potentially in the future, by law enforcement.”

Capable of penetrating about 0.4 mm into the body, the electromagnetic waves could potentially access blood vessels, nerves, and glands… Legality of Use- “International human rights law protects the right to freedom of assembly, including the right to hold public or private meetings, marches, processions, demonstrations, and sit-ins…  The use of non-lethal incapacitating weapons must be carefully controlled…  Restraint must be shown in all use of force by law enforcement agents, with a view to minimizing injury and loss of life.

In addition, the state has an obligation to ensure that assistance and medical aid are rendered to any injured or affected persons at the earliest possible moment. International human rights principles have been violated if the use of non-lethal incapacitating weapons is not adequately regulated… Health Effects:  Testing on military volunteers identified several cases of skin burns, blisters, or prolonged pain.

From 2020: ‘Heat ray’ dogged by safety and ethical worries before feds asked to use it on protesters – The Washington Post   Others contended (ADS) would inevitably be used as a torture device. “It seems fundamentally a weapon that’s designed to create a great deal of pain and fear,” Douglas A. Johnson, then the executive director of the Center for Victims of Torture, told the Sacramento Bee in 2004. “Once this kind of technology is available and there’s a perception that it’s safe and nonlethal, it seems like a natural device to be used in interrogations.”  

Lasers burn skin. Above photo is of a Chinese laser weapon. Now China is working to produce the ZKZM 500 laser assault rifle that can hit targets 1/2 mile away.   In the United States our military is fine tuning its laser weapons: –How the Military Will Be Revolutionized By Laser Weaponry (    “There’s a technological revolution brewing in warfare. Silent and invisible, it relies on high intensity pulses of light to kill or incapacitate, all at the speed of light. After decades of promises and false starts, lasers are at last finally entering military service. And warfare will never be the same.”

From August 6, 2018 an Army notice concerning laser weapon burns noted: “Since the wavelengths that cause sunburn when outside are the same as certain laser wavelengths, the reddening and pain of the skin due to exposure is a similar effect.”   

More about lasers:  Laser Weapon Being Developed By Military Can Send Voice Commands and Burn People Over Long Distances ( The Department of Defense (DoD), in collaboration with several universities and small companies, are developing a non-lethal laser weapon which can send voice commands or burn people’s skin to repel targets over long distances.   

Information found on RF fields burns and radar burns?  Exposure to RF fields above 10 GHz at power densities over 1000 W/m2 are known to produce adverse health effects, such as eye cataracts and skin burns…   The beam can be focused up to 700 meters away and is said to penetrate thick clothing although not walls.    This can lead to burns and body tissue damage.

Last but not least the DEW traditionally used to burn human flesh- is microwave weapons. There are websites that teach how to make homemade microwave weapons: that are the new AK-47. Where DEWs are more important to global guerrillas who work towards infrastructure destruction.

Below TI Karen Stewart in photograph woke up to find microwave directed energy weapon burns on her face. Stewart spent 28 years in the NSA Maryland, as an intelligence analyst and foreign language specialist.  Her intelligence reports were credited by her supervisors for saving thousands of lives.  When she reported NSA management wrong-doing… she was suddenly, secretly falsely accused of something that put her on a ‘terrorist’ list, and slated her for ‘harassment and death.’   

From FORBES magazine  Michael Peck June 23, 2021 wrote: ‘The US Military Wants a Better Microwave Weapon.  Will the Police Also Use It?’  Right off the author notes:   “The U.S. military wants a more powerful non-lethal microwave weapon to knock out the engines of cars and boats.  This device could also be used by U.S. law enforcement agencies, including Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), according to the Pentagon.”  Peck notes, “It’s not clear whether the Radio Frequency Vehicle Stopper has already been deployed…  What is clear that the military isn’t satisfied with current technology. Existing radio-frequency vehicle stoppers “have known range and overall system size and weight limitations,” said the Navy, which wants a device that is smaller, lighter, requires less power and cooling, and is cheaper to manufacture.”

“A compact – lightweight long range RF-HPM vehicle/vessel stopping capability has significant commercial applications beyond the DoD,” the Navy said. “Other government agencies, such as the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to include Customs and Border Patrol, have actively been researching these types of non-lethal counter-electronic effects. Local civilian law enforcement has these type of missions to support both vehicle/vessel interdiction missions as well as to mitigate vehicle/vessel-borne terrorism. Currently overall system size, weight, and cost have hindered the use of these systems by these agencies.”

At the same time, microwave weapons have been used by hostile nations against U.S. government personnel, with hundreds of victims reporting debilitating health effects. If the U.S. military’s microwave weapons are adopted for police use, and criminal suspects claim their health has been affected, the outcome could be controversial.”


Directed Energy Weapons Market worth $10.1 billion by 2026- Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets, from June 2, 2021.  “CHICAGO, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to a research report “Directed Energy Weapons Market by Technology (High energy lasers, High-power microwave, electromagnetic weapon technology, Sonic weapon technology), Platform (Land, Airborne, naval, Space), Application, Range, Product and Region – Forecast to 2026”, published by MarketsandMarkets™, the Directed Energy Weapon Market is valued at USD 4.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 10.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 18.7%.” (Other articles show estimates of $50 billion from US DEW profits.

Whatever directed energy weapons were used on the demonstrators in Australia, only God knows. But thank goodness for all the brave human beings on this planet who still stand up for their rights and the rights of others, and our environment, and creatures great and small that cannot speak for themselves.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen. 

David Lawson & Eleanor White

Eleanor White is a retired engineer. She served her country by spending two years in the military as an engineer. White has been a targeted individual for decades. In hopes to assist new targeted individuals understand what is happening to them, she has done a book review on PI-journalist David Lawson’s two books. The first 2001 “Terrorist Stalking In America’ (ISBN:0-9703092-0-1 out of print) and second published in 2007 ‘Cause Stalking’ (ISBN-13:978-0-9703092-3-5). Below you will find Eleanor’s report, where David Lawson’s comments will appear in quotations:

David Lawson’s Investigation Into Organized Stalking updated March 7, 2009, By Eleanor White. American private investigator David Lawson spent approximately 12 years investigating stalking groups in  the United States and Canada, mainly in the 1990s. He wrote about his experiences “riding with” these  networked community harassment groups in two books.  Eleanor also encourages the reading of Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace By Dr. Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz, Gail Pursell Elliott Copyright 1999.

While group harassment in the workplace is fairly common, and well documented…  the community-based counterpart, organized stalking, is not well known to the average member of the  public. This paper is to share some of David Lawson’s findings so the reader can begin to grasp what appears  to be a relatively new type of crime. So new, in fact, that targets of organized stalking have great difficulty  getting law enforcement officials to take it seriously.  

Before sharing David Lawson’s findings, it should be pointed out that Lawson’s books contain two types of  information: his observations, and his conclusions.  

David Lawson’s observations of the activities of the community organized stalking groups are a perfect  match for the types of harassment reported by organized stalking targets. However, Lawson’s conclusions as  to who is mainly responsible are puzzling to targets who have read his books.  

David Lawson claims that foreign terrorists and “anti-government” groups are responsible for the growing  organized stalking crimes. Very few targets of organized stalking see evidence that Lawson’s conclusions  match the targets’ experience. Lawson may have discovered those groups operating when he rode with the harassment groups, but anyone interested in finding the backers of local harassment groups would do well to  suspend judgement on Lawson’s conclusions.  

Right up front, targets of organized stalking report that LIES circulated about the targets are what fuel local  hatred for the targets. One of the favourite lies being circulated is that the target is a child molester. This is  routinely used against female targets as well as targeted men.  

Other lies are that the target has a serious criminal record, or is into the drug trade, or is a prostitute. So for  those reading this paper who aren’t familiar with organized stalking, keep in mind that the obvious answer to  “Why would people harass targets who are nobodies?” … is that once lies are circulated that the target is a  major criminal, that target is no longer a “nobody.”  

As to why certain people are chosen as targets, targets’ reports show that whistleblowers and activists are  sometimes subjected to organized stalking as “punishment” for their activities. Other cases occur when a  target is in line for a large inheritance, or has turned in a well-connected spouse for criminal activity such as  pedophilia, or sometimes the target just “ticked off” someone who is well-connected to groups willing to do  organized stalking.  

According to David Lawson, some targets are simply chosen for ‘practice.’  


Quotes are from David Lawson’s currently available book “Cause Stalking” except where noted from his  original book, “Terrorist Stalking in America.”  

Author David Lawson did interview perpetrators, (“perps”), targetted people (“targets”), and the police. Here  is what the author heard from the police he interviewed:  

[pg 79] “I also spoke with a few police officers from across the country. They confirmed the  existence of stalking groups across the country. In general, they said that ’cause stalking’ is  primarily a civil problem where the plaintiff has to prove financial loss. They also said that there  are free speech and grass roots issues involved. In fact, the police themselves are targets of these  groups. In small towns, the number of members in these groups can easily exceed the number of  police officers. In general, the police will not talk about stalking groups. One officer did say there is a storm brewing as groups become larger and more numerous.”  

Author Lawson explains here how he got involved and began to interact with the ’cause stalking’ perpetrators: 

“One day, several years ago, I was sitting in my house, and checking out the activity on my  scanner. I heard a woman say that she was following a certain vehicle. She gave the location, the  make and model of the car and the license plate number. A few days later, I heard the same  woman on the same frequency (84) request backup at a certain location. A few days after that I  again heard her broadcasting the position and details about another vehicle she was following. I  listened to other people talking on that frequency and they didn’t give any indication that they  were with any government agency but they were talking about arresting people.”  

“On another occasion, on the same business band frequency, I heard someone complain that an  African American man was crossing the street. “All we could get him for is jaywalking”  responded the leader. “Leave him for the police.”  

“People in the group would discuss where they would go for supper, after their shift was over, so  I [the author] went too. I listened to a group of people openly discussing various activities as if  they were the police.  

“Real police officers were also sitting in the restaurant, listening to them. I later learned that their  presence was not a coincidence.  

“One man who had supper with the group drove a van marked with the call letters of a local AM  radio station. I started listening to it. Most of the guests were people who said they had new  revelations about Waco or Ruby Ridge, or had some inside story about government corruption. It is called hate radio. I also heard advertisements for the meetings of a local political group and I  attended some.  

“At the first meeting I attended, one young man flashed a phony police badge at me. No one paid  any attention. Some of those in attendance were the people I had seen in the local restaurant. This was my introduction to the creepy world of anti-government extremists.”  

David Lawson goes on to explain that he has observed “extremist groups” for several years while living in  New York State, Florida, and Canada. He monitored the stalking groups’ public communications, attended  meetings, and rode with them.  

The author defines the basic reason for being for these citizen stalking groups as CAUSE STALKING. Cause stalking means the group is assembled, under a leader with a “shadowy past”, for some specific cause.  

“Cause stalking has been used by extremist groups since the early 1990s. The basic system is  alleged to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan and refined through years of use.”  

Some details about the typical cause stalking recruit:  

“Recruits tend to be blue collar workers who are at the bottom end of the job scale. They are  janitors in apartments, hotels, etc., who have keys to get in any locked doors. They are security  guards, who can let fellow members into places where they would not normally be allowed to go. They are city workers, who can, in many cities, follow a target around all day in their vehicles or  have a noisy project underway near his [target’s] residence. They are taxi drivers, who are a  network that is always on the road. They are cable, telephone and electric company employees  who can interfere with a target’s service and spend time on patrol with the group, while they are  on the job.”  

Those are the author’s words. Here are a few quotes from the perpetrators themselves, from the original book: [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “We are like the police except we are above the police.”

(From Terrorist Stalking in America] “We are a citizen’s group that helps the police. We are  trying to alert people in the area about this person [the target] before he gets to do what he did in  the last place he lived.” [Eleanor White talking: All the cause stalking targets I know well did not  commit ANY offenses. The stalkers are filled with LIES by their leaders.]  

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] “When I get the call, I go to whatever the address is. It  doesn’t matter what they [targets] do, they can never get away from us.”  

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Who are we? We drive the ambulances that take you to the emergency room. When your house is burning, we put out the fire. We are security guards. We  protect you at night. You only have electricity, phone and cable service because of us. We are  janitors. We have the keys. We fix your cars. You don’t want to mess with us.”  

In “Cause Stalking”, David Lawson provides some details about the motivations of stalking group members  not in the first book:  

– 25% follow the nominal “cause” they were recruited under 

– 25% actually participate in the harassment 

– 75% harass occasionally or not at all 

– 10% join out of fear of being harassed themselves

That 10% joining out of fear of harassment is quite interesting, as one of the most difficult barriers to  educating the general public about organized stalking is why anyone would volunteer to harass others.  

Lawson describes recruits to these groups as “… those who feel powerless, inferior and angry.” Common  sense is that naturally, such people would be easy to recruit for street and adjacent to the target’s home  harassment, but I would comment that lots of professionals put us (targets) down at every opportunity,  declaring us mentally ill for even suggesting organized stalking is possible. These professionals don’t “feel  powerless, inferior, and angry.”  

And I doubt the many utility and city employees who participate feel “powerless, inferior, and angry” either.  So while David Lawson has done a great job, some aspects of organized stalking have apparently escaped  him.  

One comment Lawson makes is that “Firemen across the country, and even some police officers, support  these groups.”  I have heard a number of reports that vehicular harassment has involved an above average number of  vehicles that bear stickers of firefighters, or, a few targets have traced perpetrator identities to firemen. One  target discovered that a number of vehicular harassment cars, identified by licence number, were parked in a  police station parking lot.  

My personal take on why some firemen and police might back these groups is that many have a heightened  sense of community service. If they can be persuaded that the target has a criminal record, the worst case  being that of a pedophile, it would be natural for firefighters and police to “help keep the target in line”.  

The author concludes, as explained at a number of places in the book, that the “cause” the typical group is  “working toward” is mainly an excuse to get the groups together. The main motivation of members who stay  with these groups is the sense of power and belonging the group members derive. Having a “cause” enhances the feelings of power and righteousness, but group members, according to the author, are most concerned  with how their fellow group stalkers feel about their “work” and accept them.  

Lawson explains the attitude of the typical stalking group member towards the “cause” this way:  

“Most active group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group but they don’t  particularly care.”  

These groups come into being and are run by leaders. Here is what the author says about them in this book, a  bit different and more clearly, when compared with the original book:  

“Group leaders do have political goals and the belief that the end justifies the means.”  Lawson describes leaders as considering their members “disposable.”  

Lawson states that some leaders work for corporations and politicians (original book didn’t  mention politicians.)  

Lawson states that leaders identify targets but don’t directly supervise the harassment group  members.  

Lawson describes leaders as having an “air of mystery”, “having worked for the CIA, NSA, or  some other intelligence agency that doesn’t reveal information about their employees.” Lawson  states that this “background” is likely mythology. 

How about financing these groups?  

Although the author states that the pay is low, there are still very large expenses to harass people as  thoroughly as targets report. Here is an example of what I mean by “large expenses”:  

“Groups are well financed. They can afford to rent property wherever the target lives. If he drives across the country, he will be followed by supporters of similar groups in that area. If he travels  by plane, group members will meet him wherever he lands in the U.S. They may even  accompany him on a plane if they know his travel plan, and there is a good chance that they do.”  

Here is what the author learned about their financing:  

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] “The operations of many extremist groups are actually  financed by corporations which use them to stalk their enemies or potential enemies. The groups  are used as the private armies of those corporations. Some countries kill dissidents and in others  they are jailed. In the United States, someone who is threatening to corporations or industries,  like a whistleblower or activist, is likely to become the target of an extremist group.”  

The author makes several statements that these criminal stalking groups not only harass targets specified by  their leaders, but also are FOR HIRE – a kind of “revenge service” for those wealthy enough to hire them.  

There are two distinct reasons why targets are harassed:  

– The initial reason targets are placed on the stalking groups’ “list” 

– The reason the stalkers keep it up (always involves lies)  

Those two reasons should always be kept separate in your mind, reader. David Lawson’s focus is mainly on  the reason the stalkers continue to harass targets.  

David Lawson’s chapter on Selection of Targets may well be true, but it certainly doesn’t describe the  thousands of people who don’t fit his list of targeted categories. Here are some of the categories of targets  Lawson records in “Cause Stalking”:  

– Abortion clinic workers 

– People guilty of mistreatment of animals 

– County clerks and local politicians 

– Police officers 

– Judges 

– IRS and Treasury agents 

– Civil rights activists 

– Government or corporate whistleblowers 

One thing David Lawson makes clear in describing the targets is that “The ultimate goal of the groups is to  destroy the targets.” Those who have been stalked by organized citizen groups which are fed lies report that  these groups do destroy targets with great efficiency.  

Next, let’s look at some of the typical OPERATIONS these groups carry out. Here, I have retained a number  of quotes from the original book because I feel they state the situation as well or better than the new book:  

• The first step, after a target has been selected, is to establish a personality profile “… which will  involve an assessment of IQ, personality type, and history.” 

• “A target may also notice being photographed.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “The primary characteristic of cause stalking is that it is done by large groups of people. A target will always be followed, but he is unlikely to see the same stalkers  very often.” …  

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Many of these groups include hundreds of people.”  

• “Some authors refer to cause stalking as terrorist stalking. Groups do not just stalk individuals. They  employ organized programs of harassment which include break-ins, property damage, assault and  occasionally, even death. The children of a target are a favorite.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Firemen across the country, and even some police departments  have a long history of supporting extremist groups. Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in  extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming. They will also race  to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers and utility  company workers helps give group members an illusion of legitimacy and power.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “City employees can be used to harass a target in many ways  including tearing up the road in front of a target’s home. Employees of pest control businesses who  have access to the keys for apartments and those who work for alarm and locksmith companies are  also of interest.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Groups also attack targets of convenience. These people are  selected because they are convenient targets, and not for any other reason. These include loners who  tend to be more vulnerable to their harassment tactics than those with family and friends around them. Targets of convenience are used for practice.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “In order to establish bases of operation, they will enlist the  assistance of neighbors. In many areas, they can do this by intimidation. Those who do not co-operate can be targetted, which includes harassment of their families and damage to their homes and vehicles. 

“If they are dealing with individuals who do not know them, they can also appeal to their sense of  patriotism and they can offer drugs, friendship, home repair, free taxi rides and what ever else they  have to. In some cases they may even be able to get a key to the residence from a ‘patriotic’ landlord.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Surveillance is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a target leaves his residence they will alert the group, either by cell phone or by business band radio.  Other members, who are patrolling the perimeter to watch for police and other vehicles driving in the  area, will race to the location to begin pursuit. In small towns, where business band radio is widely  used, these activities are a local sport among a small group. Anyone with a scanner can join in. Some  targets have reported hearing an announcement on their scanners as soon as they turn their lights on in the morning.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “In a typical apartment setting, they will attempt to lease, sublet, or otherwise have access to apartments above, below, and on both sides of the target. They will also  “guard” the vehicles of a target in the parking lot.”  

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] If [the target] flushes a toilet, he may hear a car horn honk, the  sound of a power tool or hammering, for example. There will also be a large number of people  coming and going, and accompanying rowdiness and noise.” 

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “A common ruse used by these groups is that they are a ‘citizens group’ which assists the police and they are ‘just keeping track of’ a certain individual, for whatever  reason. The illusion is reinforced by the case files they carry which are complete with photos of the  target and look like those used by police.”  

• “During a search [of the target’s home or apartment] members who are on patrol anyway establish a  perimeter around the residence to watch for police vehicles. In an apartment setting, entry will likely  be gained through a member of the janitorial staff, pest control or alarm technician, since they have a  right to enter. They may even be able to approach a landlord and gain his co-operation, after  convincing him of their ‘higher purpose’. He may also co-operate out of fear.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Others do not recognize that they are being harassed by an  organized group. They just think that there are a lot of rude people in the world.”  

• “Interception of mail is standard practice.” … “Typically, targets notice that their mail is arriving late  or they do not receive certain pieces of mail. They [targets] may overhear people at a nearby table in a restaurant talking about certain mail, and realize it is theirs, or someone may drive by [the target]  waving their mail at them.”  

• “Interception of phone calls is also standard practice. This is done by telephone company employees  who support the [stalking] group for ideological reasons or because they obtain some benefit.”  Eleanor White comment: I’d add to that one of the most likely reasons, because the phone technicians  are told lies about targets.  

• “An objective is to isolate the target from his family and friends. He can tell them about all the strange things happening around him, but they will not understand and perhaps will think he is crazy.  Sometimes other members of the family will receive the same treatment.”  

• “When a target is driving, standard practice is to surround his vehicle and attempt to control his speed. He will not be followed in close proximity by the same vehicles for a long distance. They do frequent  trade-offs. Vehicles line up behind the target to take their turn.”  

“In many parts of the country it is common to see groups of six to 30 or more vehicles driving around  in convoys with their high beams on during the day. This is one of the ways a convoy can be  identified.”  

• “Standard practice is to watch the target’s vehicles and this subjects them to damage including slashed tires, scratched paint, stolen license plates, etc. Typically they would not cut the brake lines on  vehicles or commit other similar acts of sabotage, but they would drain the oil or antifreeze over a  period of time.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “A target will be followed on foot wherever he goes. Anyone  can go to the same public places he goes, and they will attempt to get into any other restricted places  he goes, including hospitals, places of employment, etc. It has been said that it is possible to go nearly anywhere if you have a clipboard in your hand and it is almost true. They also like to wear name  badges on a lanyard, and some carry phony police badges.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Common harassment tactics used by those on foot include pen  clicking, in which they repeatedly click a ball point pen, key rattling, and rattling change in their  pockets while standing behind the target. Many tactics are tried and the result is observed. Those  which evoke a response from the target are repeated. When a target sits anywhere in public, group  members will attempt to sit behind him in order to create noise, by whatever means, including tapping their feet on the target’s chair. The objective is to harass the target constantly.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “Groups attempt to interfere with any business and personal  relationships which the target has. Typically, this interference involves character assassination from  some anonymous individual and is not usually taken seriously by those who know the target. It can be effective with people who don’t know the target.”  

• “At work, the target will also experience character assassination. If he works in any position where he has to deal with the public, there will be a steady stream of customers who complain about him. If he  is a real estate agent, he will have a steady stream of prospects who occupy his time but never make  an offer.”  

Let me, Eleanor White, give you an example of how brutal and serious this “character assassination”  can be.  

One of our members, who prefers to remain anonymous, moved in with her husband and children to a house which, unkown to them, had been a methamphetamine lab. The chemicals used to brew meth  apparently cause distinctive symptoms in the mouth. This family’s dentist felt he was “helping law  enforcement” by reporting them to local law enforcement as meth users. This was absolutely untrue,  but the family didn’t even know the report had been made and had no way to correct it. (In fact, in  some places, dentists are REQUIRED to report suspected cases of meth use.)  

Law enforcement in that area was apparently tied in to the citizen groups, and the family was harassed for many years. The husband died, apparently from exposure to these chemicals.  

The lady, now a grandmother, steadfastly did detective work and eventually found out about her  family’s reputation, with some help from a policeman who was a personal friend, from a different  jurisdiction. This policeman admitted off the record that “meth mouth” can result in people being  submitted to citizen harassment groups for harassment.  

Character assassination is complete, and has life-destroying consequences!  

• “A common tactic use by groups is noise campaigns. Group members will drive by the target’s  residence or work place, honking their horns, squealing tires, and making whatever other noise they  can.”  

“They will also make noise from whatever nearby properties they have access to. Typically, they will  make noise when the target goes outside. Group members will also frequently knock on his door for  whatever peculiar reasons they can dream up.”  

• “In an apartment setting, targets can expect to hear tapping on the walls in the middle of the night,  hammering etc. from the upper and/or lower apartments, and possibly the apartments on both sides.  They will continue to ‘work’ on these activities for as long as they can get away with them.”  

• [From Terrorist Stalking in America] “… It is not uncommon, in an apartment setting, for a target to  hear someone moving from room to room as he does, from the upper or lower apartment. [Eleanor  White talking: This requires commercial through wall radar or more advanced technology in many  cases.]  

• “Often they occupy a nearby apartment, part time, when the owner is not there and he receives some  benefit. A target may notice someone leaving a nearby apartment when he leaves his, and arrive when he arrives. In addition, he will often be accompanied in elevators by a steady stream of different individuals who go to the apartments being used by the group.”  

What about the future, then? Let me close this review with a chilling quote from David Lawson’s first book,  Terrorist Stalking in America, reporting what the author learned from some of the leaders:  

“The leaders … are starting to balk at exposing their members to arrest for activities which  amount to little gain for the movement. They say that anyone who is a target should be killed, and  not just harassed for years.”  

Eleanor White

-Much thanks to David Lawson for his books. And extreme gratitude and thanks to you Eleanor White for your constant giving to the TI community.

Former Navy Officer and Control Systems Engineer David Voigts walks across the US to bring awareness to involuntary human experimentation that is the gangstalking and remote DEW neuroattacks of innocent US citizens.

This week at the Springfield, MO Library Center (where computers went off-line same week a couple years ago that the SPD’s computers went off line to ‘update’ their systems) was hacked so bad actually left library. Was editing photos of old paintings done 10-15 years ago. It took an hour to edit and save 9 paintings. When they were done, the whole computer range of desktop icons, programs, files and folders were deleted, (such as Word, Google, Microsoft and Firefox icons, etc., and also deleted were the nine finished, edited photos of paintings.) Only the ‘recycle bin’ was there and some original photos. Librarians were stumped because the computer desktop icons were not even in the trash (sorry changed to politically correct ‘recycle bin’). Here are two photos (one close-up) of same display image: showing the hacking. Original photos left on the display had their individual jpeg numbers changed to letters and $ signs: and if someone intends to use these paintings for profit- they have all been copyrighted.

Here are some observations from targetedartist:

In 2016 when DEW attacks began in Springfield, MO -what looked like ‘secret service’ agents first DEW remotely targeted in large black SUVs remotely when TA was driving to, or at grocery store, or library. These very large, physically fit white men, had short hair, shaved blank faces, and dead eyes. They wore suits or white dress shirts and black pants/shoes. In the surrounding rental homes one FBI couple moved in and stayed two years -even had the white van parked in drive that another dress-suited agent came out of every day going into the home presumably to use the bathroom. Eventually this class of gangstalker moved on, (did they decide targetedartist was manageable?)

Then visibly poor or homeless began to stalk and remotely DEW target outside the home, and around home, along with ‘neighbors’. Then rental ‘neighbors’ moving in had reputations for ‘getting things done’, many have children, and immediately remote DEW targeting was upgraded to involve brain-computer interface, interrogation and lots of DEW remote torture and rape.

At the library sometimes, whatever ‘story’ working to post gangstalkers came in that would reflect it -as a scripted visual. Hacking at library is done by the homeless, poor, middle class and goons. In the past year at the library, if there is a story the gangstalking community doesn’t like, goons appear looking like some form of computer blue-collar security, most of them white men, blank, anemic faces and dead eyes- sometimes black men. All wearing dress shirts, some in suits. They hack computers accessed by targetedartist and render them useless… Either every single action suddenly takes three actions to complete, or entire stories are deleted, or as yesterday: the entire display of edited, saved material was deleted, and only original photos remained, with different jpeg numbers, all having $ signs in them and letters instead of numbers.

Thank God for the kind librarians in Springfield, MO. Thank God, for the TI letters and phone calls from so many good people from all over this country. Thank God for the kind Springfield, MO Post Master, his secretary and employees on Chestnut Expressway, who have assisted with mail from being returned, the mail from another family, and destroyed mail: from continuing to happen. And thank God for the friends in the military who support TAs efforts in God bless you.

Painting below, “Walking on Water” 2001.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

Helena Csorba

The entire Targeted Individual community will mourn the loss of Engineer, Helena J. Csorba who lived until the age of 72. Helena endured decades of what the military defines as being ‘slow-killed non-lethally,’ until she finally died by remote-murder from directed energy weapons on March 10, 2022. Targeted Individual’s death certificates will never note the truth… That all TIs die from directed energy weapon remote-murder. Murder by ‘natural causes’, murder by ‘accident’ or murder by ‘mind-controlled suicide’. To be as brave, as intelligent and as consistent in educating the United States citizenry and all TIs about using the right terminology to define the heinous crimes perpetrated against TIs, and in using the correct names of weaponry attacking us 24/7- was the hallmark of her constant work as an advocate for TI justice.

One of Helena’s greatest works was to start a petition, “asking for an investigation of the intentionally but surreptitiously pulsed microwave RF Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) at normal, ordinary, everyday, law abiding, innocent people: Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U.S. Citizens.” At: As of 3-31-2022, the number of citizens who signed Helena’s petition was 7,877. Helena J. Csorba’s petition: “This is a petition for… The Havana Syndrome caused by pulsed, high-power microwave radiofrequency directed energy weapons (DEWs).

1. We are asking our Senators and Congressmen to hold Joint Hearings on the use of intrusive and destructive pulsed, microwave radiofrequencies, as there are thousands and thousands of us being surreptitiously accosted. We need to shed abundant sunshine on this heinous crime, that is being obfuscated and ignored; discrediting people who are reporting it, much like the initial reaction to the United States diplomats’ and the eight undercover CIA officers’ reports were, when stationed at their posts in Havana, Cuba.

2. We are asking that the 50 State Attorney Generals create and establish a dedicated phone line for reporting of this crime. There are that many of us!

3. We are asking that the 94 Federal Judicial District Prosecutors order investigations and schedule Grand Jury Hearings, to bring the criminals who are perpetrating this crime, to justice and bring relief to the normal, law abiding citizens, who have been enduring these heinous, extrajudicial, surreptitiously meeted out assaults.

This crime needs to be investigated and stopped! This is BULLYING, on steroids. No one should have to live like this! No one should have to endure this. No one! THIS MADNESS HAS TO STOP!

THE COVER-UP HAS TO STOP! It is no use pretending that it is not happening!”

Link to the rest of the story:

On January 29, 2022 Helena wrote in her petition ‘update’:

— “I have been talking to the attorney, who we want to retain to represent targets and walk us through the legal business of getting the acknowledgement and recognition that this horrific crime is happening to selected population at large. So as retaliation and to discourage me with pain, they (local police are who are doing this to me), are aggressively pulsing me with MW RF DEW. It is impossible to sleep while you are being pulsed and tortured with this weapon. That is why I gave up trying to sleep and publicly document my assaults.”

Helena’s, GoFundMe site as of 3-31-2022 raised $20,440. She wrote: “My name is Helena Csorba. This is a Legal Fund for help with- 1. to hire an attorney to guide this process, 2. to deliver our message to President Joe Biden, 3. to deliver our message to Attorney General Merrick Garland.”

“I have started a PETITION… You can follow how many people are hurting and are asking for help, on the above website. Thank you for any and all support you can give to our cause, to get justice and to stop this horrific crime. Helena Csorba

Helena was interviewed on In Other News Radio with Geoff Brady, July 2, 2018 at: Brady wrote: “Guest – Helena Csorba, has been the victim of covert microwave attacks for decades. She’s a retired civil engineer living in the borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Because of the attacks, Helena has deeply researched the topic and has compiled mountains of evidence on the use of microwave and radar technology as weapons. Her research helps other victims and it builds stronger cases for those seeking justice. However, Helena continues to suffer painful biological effects from pulsed high powered microwave through wall radio frequencies. At this time, she needs support and protection, but ultimately, relief from the attacks.

Helena told Geoff that the interview opened doors for her. Brady did a second interview with Helena that aired on February 2, 2020 at Brady wrote: “In our last interview with Helena Csorba, who is a victim of a decade long covert microwave attack strategy, we discussed the microwave weapon exposure symptoms displayed by diplomats at the US and Canadian Cuban Embassy in Havana and the US Embassy in Guanzhou, China… Returning guest Helena Csorba has been the victim of covert microwave attacks for decades. She’s a retired civil engineer living in the borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Helena’s professional background and knowledge base has helped her to deeply researched the topic and compiled mountains of evidence on the use of microwave and radar technology as weapons… We get a recap and update on Helena’s case, her FOIA requests to the local government dating back to 2012 and we’ll review proper terms used to describe the technology involved… Guest – Helena Csorba has been the victim of covert microwave attacks for decades. She’s a retired civil engineer living in the borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her research helps other victims and it builds stronger cases for those seeking justice.”

Helena began getting other offers for interviews. One with Tim Brown, February 24, 2020, on Setting Brushfires Radio Show: The Helena Csorba Story… Brown wrote:Tinfoil hats won’t stop it. Copper pots won’t stop it. And your home is not safe. When Helena Csorba refused the advances of a police chief in her neighborhood, her life began to become a living Hell. First, it was just being ticketed every other week, but as technology advanced, she began to be targeted with microwaves. What she learned about them and how they have been used against her, as well as thousands of other Americans is disturbing and yet, no one seems willing to step up on behalf of her and others like her.” -The Helena Csorba Story… “I’ve Been Targeted With Microwaves For Years”.

Helena was a true US patriot. She believed in what the United States is supposed to stand for and used any legal, peaceful means possible to receive assistance for herself and others who are unjustly ‘listed’ and targeted. She joined an email site of a hundred targeted individuals constantly sharing her knowledge with them. Helena’s emails were famous for being highlighted, underlined and lively. Below are a few emails sent to targetedartist unfortunately the highlighting color has been removed transferring to WordPress format, but photo below shows Helena’s zest for educating.

Below emails in format of newest at the top, where you will see Helena kindly correct targetedartist’s understanding of what kind of weapons are being used on TIs:


H Cs <> 25 April 2018 at 19:25

To: JG <>

I hope you scrolled down past our correspondence, to read the other research I sent you.


From: JG <>

Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 8:07 PM To: H Cs

Subject: Re: RADIO WAVES

Thanks Helena for your information.  Will ask for this book at library today.  (The Zapping of America) God bless you.  Josephine.

25 April 2018 at 17:11, H Cs <> wrote:

Hi Josephine,

Thanks for your note.

I do not think Woody Norris developed this technology. This was developed a long time before his time. He and others developed the Audio Spot Light (it is also called by various other names).

And as an engineer, I do not call it ‘electronic harassment’. Electricity does not go through walls and mostly needs a conduit to run along, to be ‘conducted’.

I call it by what the technology truly is, and that is RADAR; using pulsed radio waves (in the microwave or millimeter wave range of the EMF Spectrum) to penetrate multiple walls; ground penetrating; everything penetrating, etc. The only thing electronic about these devices is the power supply.

I attached another one of my writings below. I could send you more of my research if you like.

I am glad you reached out.

A good book to read on this topic is ‘The Zapping of America; Microwaves and their Deadly Risk and the Cover-up’ by Paul Brodeur (1977).


JG <> Today, 3:20 PM To H Cs

Please read- if you have not already:  “The Sound of things to Come” from New York Times of March 23, 2003 by Marshall Sella.  This is what was used in Cuba.  Funny… think of all the technology this ‘family’ man has created and sold to the military since then?   He lives in San Diego where all this is invented, produced and sold to government.  Lately been reading FBI doesn’t think Cuba diplomats sonically assaulted.   The government will do anything to cover this up.  Please send anyone you know this article.  Sincerely, Josephine

HCs <>

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 3:30 AM  


Look ! what RADIO WAVES can do! through one foot thick walls!!! It picks up my breath rate by measuring my rib cage moving (while I am sleeping) and my heart beat at my wrist (while I am sleeping). 


Of course everyone knows by now that RADAR can locate a target, lock onto a target and TRACK a target. (The definition of the acronym RADAR means radio detection and radio direction and ranging.)


Once a target is located, the radio wave power can be increased and beam focused to pin point accuracy, that can stimulate nerve endings (feels like electrocution – i.e. rapid firing of a synapse); burn a body part; vibrate a discrete body part (including down to the accuracy of vibrating a single tooth); IT HURTS; IT IS TORTURE!

The MECHANICAL vibration of radio waves and radio wave SHOCK WAVES and PRESSURE WAVES cause concussions and sub-concussions and other bodily trauma.

The FCC call these RADAR devices that use radio waves as RADIOLOCATORS & INTENTIONAL RADIATORS. They are also known as TTWS (Through-The-Wall-Surveillance); a.k.a. STTW (Sense-Through-The-Wall); a.k.a. TWS (Through-Wall-Sensors).

There is one case that I know of that has gone as far as the 10th Circuit Appellate Court, where a home was searched using RADAR radio waves: US v. Denson (attached).

In ‘Sneeking Past Kyllo’, USA TODAY commented that the warrantless search using RADAR radio waves, was allowed in the DENSON case, whereas the evidence gathered in KYLLO v US, using a FLIR (forward looking infrared heat sensing devise that measured the heat escaping from a home), was not allowed. The majority opinion was written by Justice Scalia, Supreme Court (attached).

If you click through all the links in the USA TODAY article, you will find Marshal Moffet’s testimony transcribed.;

The Supreme Court in May 2015 denied the petition for review of the DENSON case:

Denson v. United States, 556 US 568 – Supreme Court 2009




No. 08-10433

Supreme Court of United States.

June 15, 2009.

The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied.

The U.S. Department of Justice had waived any response to the petition.

FYI ……. Helena


Gadgets    Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router   By David Hambling August 1, 2012

In the 1930s, U.S. Navy researchers stumbled upon the concept of RADAR when they noticed that a plane flying past a radio tower reflected radio waves. Scientists have now applied that same principle to make the first device that tracks existing Wi-Fi signals to spy on people through walls.

Wi-Fi radio signals are found in 61 percent of homes in the U.S. and 25 percent worldwide, so Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty, researchers at University College London, designed their detector to use these ubiquitous signals. When a radio wave reflects off a moving object, its frequency changes—a phenomenon called the Doppler effect. Their RADAR prototype identifies frequency changes to detect moving objects. It’s about the size of a suitcase and contains a radio receiver composed of two antennas ¬and a signal-processing unit. In tests, they have used it to determine a person’s location, speed and direction—even through a one-foot-thick brick wall. Because the device itself doesn’t emit any radio waves, it can’t be detected.

Wi-Fi RADAR could have domestic applications ranging from spotting intruders to unobtrusively monitoring children or the elderly. It could also have military uses: The U.K. Ministry of Defence has funded a study to determine whether it could be used to scan buildings during urban warfare. With improvements, Woodbridge says, the device could become sensitive enough to pick up on subtle motions the ribcage makes during breathing, which would allow the RADAR to detect people who are standing or sitting still.

See image above for how it’ll work.

1. MOVING SUBJECT When Wi-Fi radio waves bounce off a moving object, their frequency changes. If, for example, a person is moving toward the Wi-Fi source, the reflected waves’ frequency increases. If a person is moving away from the source, the frequency decreases.

2. REGULAR OL’ ROUTER A Wi-Fi Internet router already in the room fills the area with radio waves of a specific frequency, usually 2.4 or 5 gigahertz.

3. BASELINE SIGNAL One antenna of the RADAR system tracks the baseline radio signal in the room.

4. SHIFTED SIGNAL A second antenna detects radio waves that have reflected off of moving objects, which changes their frequency.

5. PERP, SPOTTED By comparing the two antennas’ signals, the computer calculates the object’s location to within a few feet as well as its speed and direction.

BREATHE EASY,  Breathe Easy

“It’s possible to detect a person’s breathing rate by surrounding him with radio waves. Neal Patwari’s wireless engineering group at the University of Utah designed a network of 20 inexpensive radio transmitters that are placed around a patient’s bed. Then they created an algorithm that detects a stationary person’s breaths better than current detectors do. Patwari plans to upgrade the algorithm by the end of the year to filter out body movements too. The system could someday be used in hospitals in place of tubes and masks.”  —Elbert Chu

Tags: • Gadgets • Wi-Fi • Technology • security • august 2012   

HC Sent: Thursday, November 9, 2017 4:39 PM 

I also wanted to give you my FOIA request letter to the FCC for the complete list of all Doppler RADAR and/or pulsed RADAR, of all stepped-frequency, continuous-wave (CW) RADAR, of all ultra-wide band (UWB) RADAR and/or the combination of these intentional radiators and radiolocators.

I received a partial response (attached spreadsheet).

I also have military experimentation documents on ‘microwaves and their bioeffects’ that I could send you, but I did not want to overwhelm your inbox. If you would like me to send those, please let me know. I have been doing research on this topic for a long time.

These are a few of the documents:


Research Report  MF12.524.015-0004B   Report No. 2 Revised  Zorach R. Glaser, Ph.D. LT, MSC, USNR

Naval Medical Research Institute, National Naval Medical Center,  Bethesda, Maryland 20014, U.S.A.  4 October 1971     Second Printing, with Revisions,  Corrections, and Additions: 20 April 1972  (Supersedes AD No. 734391) 

The original document:

A more legible copy of the above document:


From: H Cs <> Sent: Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:03 AM

Subject: pulsed microwave radiofrequency RADIOLOCATORS & INTENTIONAL RADIATORS 

I also experience pulsed microwave radio-frequencies, RADAR, also known as a TTWS (Through-The-Wall-Sensor) device. The FCC officially calls these devices ‘radiolocators’ and ‘intentional radiators’. They are widely available to First Responders. The devices should only be used during catastrophic, exigent circumstances, like the recent earthquake in Mexico or during a hostage situation, to detect the slightest of motion in a huge rubble or inside a building.

This is my attempt at describing the technology.

The TTWS (a.k.a. STTW (Sense-Through-The-Wall technology)) devices use pulsed microwave (MW) radiofrequency (RF) to detect any motion, no matter how tiny, through multiple walls. With filters, the TTWS MW RF device can eliminate any clutter and motion that is not of interest, reading the ‘bounce back’ of any unabsorbed MW RF, called ‘back-scatter’, that returns to the device, making it possible to ‘see’ into homes and into earthquake rubble.

These TTWS radiolocator and intentional radiator devices are motion sensors, very much like the speed RADAR that most people are accustomed, which measures motion in MPH.

These devices pick up the ‘slightest of motion’, measured in ‘beats per second’, measuring the motion at a person’s wrist to detect heartbeat; measure the breath rate by detecting the motion of a person’s chest heaving; picks up hand, arm and limb motion for gesture and gait recognition and even detect the vibration of the vocal cords, to discern speech – through multiple walls.

When pulsed at embassies, the microwave RADAR, radiolocators and intentional radiators are used for ‘listening-in’ espionage devices. There is no need to do a ‘break and enter’ to place a hidden microphone; the espionage can easily be accomplished by pulsing a radio signal, in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum, into a building, through walls, with direct line of sight, to pick up multiple conversations and to locate everyone in the building.

It’s a handy device.

These devices have matured from the microwave devices that were beamed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for decades, from the 50’s to the mid-70’s, which caused various cancers to the embassy personnel.


Soviet Halts Microwaves Aimed at U.S. Embassy

The pulsed microwave radio-frequency, through-wall devices can specifically vibrate discrete body parts, cause cavitation of tissue, can cause burns, hurt, over-heat the body, cause RF Anesthesia, RF Ablation, causing great havoc to the peace and tranquility and the quality of anyone’s life and destroy their health, in short order.

This is an article describing ‘shockwaves’, ‘cavitation’, concussions and brain trauma:

And an article on ‘pressure-waves’:  Eavesdropping using microwaves – GHz- gighertz audio snooping system

The most brilliant capability of these pulsed microwave radiofrequency, through the wall RADAR, radiolocators and intentional radiators is their precision. A very specific body part, of a very specific individual, can be pulsed. The person next to them will not feel a thing and will wonder what you are talking about. A great ‘crazy-making’ toy, especially if the local police have a grudge and want to retaliate and take revenge; the added benefit is that they can surveil you, through-walls, un-noticed (definitely unbeknownst to you) while you might be plotting a crime with an acquaintance, in the privacy of your own home, while sitting on your couch. A neat ‘back-door’ advantage.

Those quote ‘SONIC ATTACKS’ in Cuba pulsed at the U.S. and Canadian Embassy personnel and families, are not a mystery. They are pulsed microwave radio-frequency RADAR, which frequencies are in the inaudible range. They are finely tuned, very accurate MW RF radiolocators and intentional radiators.

Occasionally, depending on the microwave frequency chosen or the age of the person, hissing, chirping, cricket sounds or a louder shrill tuning fork sound may be in the audible range.

There is only one case that I am aware of where a TTWS radiolocator and intentional radiator device was used, that has gone to court. It is U.S. v. Denson. The case is attached. Neal Gorsuch, in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote the opinion that allowed that warrantless search of Mr. Denson’s home, to locate him before they busted the door down. Neal Gorsuch is now Justice Gorsuch.

As a side note, Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion in Kyllo v. U.S., where Scalia said that the a thermal sensor, a forward looking infrared camera (FLIR-type camera – that detected the escaping heat from the building), shone at Mr. Kyllo’s home was a warrantless search and the evidence that it produced, of the overheated marijuana growing room, was not admissible as evidence.

To give you an idea of some of the unclassified  MW RF TTWS radiolocator and intentional radiator devices, I have the ManTech reports below: 

The ManTech Reports:  Prepared for the DOJ, NIJ – Sensor, Surveillance and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence (CoE)


– Through-the-Wall Sensors (TTWS) for Law Enforcement: Test & Evaluation Version 1.2 (2014)

– TTWS for Law Enforcement Use Case Scenarios Version 1.3 (2014)

On page 26 of the Market Survey Report, prepared by ManTech for the DOJ and NIJ, is the most capable, unclassified, TTWS RADAR device that I am aware of, called STORMS (Sense Through Obstructions Remote Monitoring System). The STORMS is a micro-Doppler RADAR device that has a 300 meter (1,000 feet) standoff range, to pick up speech (a private conversation in your living room while sitting on your couch or talking to your spouse in your bed), in the privacy of your own home. The STORMS microwave radiofrequency device can pick up breath rate and heart rate, through multiple walls, and has been available as a handheld model since Q2 of 2012.   The VAWD Engineering FAQ sheet on STORMS:  Sense Through Obstructions Remote Monitoring Systems (STORMS);;

This TTWS invasive surveillance (espionage) device does not need you to be on a D.E.C.T. phone or on a computer or on any ‘smart’ RF device of any kind. This technology is not a DIRTBOX, IMSI-catcher, Stingray, etc. intercepting device.

MIT article on detecting motion, behind walls:  Could wireless replace wearables?

CSAIL wireless technology that measures heart rate and breathing through walls has applications for personal health, baby monitors and law enforcement.

The FCC partially answered one of my FOIA requests (spreadsheet attached). The TRX systems – last one on the spreadsheet – is a good example of target tracking using Ultra-Wide Band RADAR..

One other article of interest is on ‘speed ball’ RADAR. It has been noticed that ball players (not all – just pitchers and catchers) are also dying from cancers. It is because the speed-ball RADAR that is directed at them, in particular, at their head and shoulder, where they are getting the cancers.

The untimely death of Gary Carter and what we can learn from what happened to the “kid”

I hope this is helpful.  Helena

Helena sent article by Dr. James Lin:  “fyi…………….. It is pulsed highpower microwave (radio wave) directed energy (also known as radiolocator / intentional radiator by the FCC) that the embassy personnel are being ‘hit’ with.”


As always, please feel free to post, forward, cut and past!

James C. Lin University of Illinois at Chicago 851 South Morgan Street, MIC 154 Chicago, IL 60607-7053 USA E-mail: and entire article with references is at- file:///C:/Users/Public.TLCPUB23.000/Downloads/-%20Dr%20James%20Lin%20ARTICLE%20Radio%20Science%20Bulletin%20No%20362%20Sept%202017%20(1).pdf

The Mystery of “Sonic Health Attacks” on Havana-Based Diplomats by James C. Lin:

For the past few weeks, media outlets have been reporting on the US State Department’s disclosure that Havana based US diplomats were experiencing health issues. Their residences were described to have been targeted with bursts of sound waves. Diplomatic staff and family members have repeatedly reported hearing loud buzzing or scraping sounds. Symptoms included severe hearing loss, headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, and problems with balance or vertigo, which are suggestive of a connection to the inner-ear apparatus within the human head.

While suspicious of a Cuban governmental role in directing the “attack,” US officials have yet to pin down the source, nor have they found any weapon that potential culprits might have used. Experts consulted by media outlets and the US government appear to have been baffled by it.

The Cuban government has denied any involvement. US State Department officials have speculated that the diplomats may have been attacked with an advanced sonic weapon operating outside the range of human auditory response.

The reporting of health issues associated with hearing loud buzzing, or what was described as bursts of sound, is mystifying, and has caused considerable distress among embassy staff and their families. Indeed, the incidence has caused some diplomats to retum to the US with their families.

It is known among audiologists, otologists, and hearing scientists that robust audible (and perhaps, inaudible) sound could damage hearing and vestibular sensory systems, and alter human emotions and moods. However, it is not clear whether a weapon that covertly uses sonic energy to injure people actually exists today. Nevertheless, this event is calling attention to the reality that sonic and ultrasonic waves could potentially be weaponized for health attacks.

The US State Department has called on Cuban authorities to ferret out who is making these health attacks. Apparently, the Cubans have offered to let the FBI go to Havana and investigate the incident, implying that they are cooperative in the investigation, and that they did not deliberately target US Embassy personnel with any sonic weapon. Indeed, to date, the consensus among media reports seems to be a collective dismay, that “scientists still have a big mystery to solve.

Wait a minute. There actually may be a scientific explanation.

It is plausible that the loud buzzing, burst of sound, or acoustic pressure waves may have been covertly delivered using high-power microwave radiation, instead of blasting the subjects with conventional sonic sources. It has been scientifically well-documented that absorption of a single microwave pulse impinging on the head, and conversion of a microwave pulse to an acoustic pressure wave by soft tissues inside the head, may be perceived as an acoustic click or knocking sound, depending on the intensity of the incident microwave power. A train of microwave pulses to the head may be sensed as an audible tune, chirp, or buzz [6-8].

Would the sound show up on an acoustic recording instrument? Yes and no. It would depend on design and fabrication of the sensing device. Some readers may regard the mentioning of auditory perception of or hearing microwave pulses as preposterous and astonishing. Therefore, let me explain.

Studies have shown that the auditory phenomenon occurs at a specific-energy-absorption-rate threshold of microwave radiation… (a) pulse of microwaves aimed at the subject or the subject’s head, for example. Most significantly, the high-power microwave pulses may be remotely covertly delivered, so that only the intended target would perceive the sound in his or her own head. This obviously is at once astonishing and intriguing.

Microwave radiation, under other circumstances, cannot be perceived by humans, such as being seen as visible light or heard as airborne sound. Furthermore, the hearing apparatus commonly responds to acoustic or sound pressure waves in the audible frequency range (up to 20 kHz). The hearing of microwave pulses is thus a unique exception to the airborne or bone-conducted sound energy that is normally encountered in human auditory perception.

In fact, the hearing of microwave-pulse-induced sound involves a cascade of events. A minuscule but rapid rise in tissue temperature, resulting from the absorption of pulsed microwave energy, creates a thermoelastic expansion of brain matter. This small theoretical temperature elevation is hardly detectable by any currently available temperature sensors, let alone felt as a thermal sensation or heat. Nevertheless, it can launch an acoustic wave of pressure that travels inside the head to the inner ear. There, it activates the hair cells in the cochlea, and it then is relayed to the central auditory system for perception, via the same process involved for normal hearing.

Depending on the intensity of the impinging microwave pulses, the level of induced sound pressure could be considerably above the threshold of auditory perception at the cochlea: to levels approaching or exceeding discomfort and even tissue injury, including reported headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, and problems with balance or vertigo.

Assuming that the reported event is reliable, there is actually a scientific explanation for the source of sonic energy. It could well be from a targeted beam of high-power microwave pulse radiation.

End note: The reader may also be interested in my article in another publication [9], where I discussed the mysterious sonic health attacks on Havana-based diplomats by the potential use of short high-power microwave pulses directed toward the subjects. From- The Radio Science Bulletin No 362 (September 2017)

Helena also sent: . She printed out the entire April 20, 2018 article ‘Canadian and American diplomats in Cuba hit by ‘directed energy’, U.S. doctor says’ highlighting everything important that the author Bruce Campion-Smith wrote.

Helena Csorba’s life was not in vain. Targetedartist honors this brave, intelligent woman with all her heart and soul, she was an example for every targeted individual to emulate. She never gave up and never gave in, she worked tirelessly for a solution and for justice for the horrendous targeting of all TIs. Helena will be sorely missed.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen. And please God, look after one of our greatest TI-activists Helena Csorba.

Dr. Millicent Black

Dr. Millicent Black serves as a pastor of an on-line church that encourages fellowship in Christ for targeted individuals and non-targeted individuals. She holds a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN. And received her doctorate from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio in 2015. She continues her education through training as an advocate for victims of domestic violence.” 

Who is Dr. Millicent Black?  In her own words, here are excerpts from: ‘A few words from Millicent’ May 2017: “My name is Millicent Black. I am a victim of non-consensual human experimentation on the same order as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. This experimentation is as cruel as the story of Henrietta Lacks, except that data is taken from my body remotely by telemetry via satellite. The invasion of my body and brain can be accomplished no matter where I travel in the world.”

“There are constant visits to… (hospitals and doctors) and natural medicine practitioners in an effort to stay on top of the mistreatment that I am forced to endure that could cause cancer or death from microwave and other radiation exposure.   Changes to my vision and cognitive abilities are indicative of brain damage much like what has been experienced by the Cuban Embassy workers… Help me continue to stand against the illegal use of my body as a form of human trafficking.  Sincerely, Dr. Millicent Black “

And from February 27, 2020 Dr. Black writes: “Please remember that these assaults on my body are being done with Directed Energy Weapons… (as in) Signals Intelligence. DEW’s or, “exotic weapons” were reported to Congress in 2001 by then Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich and Lynn Surgalla, former Vice-President of the United States Psychotronic Association… Pleas for enforcement of known Constitutional Laws and Federal and State statutes have been sent to the DOJ Attorney General, the Attorney General in the State of Tennessee and Ohio, DOJ Civil Rights Division and State and local public servants. The United Nations Human Rights Committee on Torture, Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment have also been notified… God Bless,  Dr. Millicent Black”

You can see Targeted Individual, Physicist Dr. Katherine Horton interview Dr. Black, and 30 year veteran of the NSA Bill Binney at:

Dr. Black mentioned the name Henrietta Lacks. For those of you who do not know of her, here is some information from an Editorial in ‘Nature’ Sept. 1, 2020 at  

“… Henrietta Lacks illustrates the racial inequities embedded in US research and health-care systems. Lacks was a Black woman. The hospital where her cells were collected (Johns Hopkins Hospital) was one of only a few that provided medical care to Black people. None of the biotechnology or other companies that profited from her cells passed any money back to her family. And, for decades after her death, doctors and scientists repeatedly failed to ask her family for consent as they revealed Lacks’s name publicly, gave her medical records to the media, and even published her cells’ genome online…   In the laboratory, her cells turned out to have an extraordinary capacity to survive and reproduce; they were, in essence, immortal…”   Henrietta’s cell line is known as HeLa.  Unmodified genes cannot be patented according to the Supreme Court in 2017.   Lacks family members met with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and agreed to let HeLa cells continue to be used without financial compensation.  But they want the world to celebrate the fact that great medical innovations in genetics and cancer for decades are possible due to the use of one black woman’s cells.  -Because of public outcry over the treatment of her family’s and Henrietta Lacks’ privacy rights violations: the Johns Hopkins Hospital of Medicine now devotes pages of information about her legacy.  One is at:

See Dr. Millicent Black, speak for her family, in 2011:   Mielsen B @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues – YouTube

Thank you God-the-One-By-Any-Name for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind.   You see everything we do and know what we think God.  And You know those who are harming TIs.  These perpetrators will stand naked before You one day God upon their natural deaths, without their technology and without their ‘authorities’ –who will one day also appear naked before You and attempt to explain why they allowed top secret involuntary experimentation, rape and torture on innocent civilians for a nation’s security. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters into the light for justice.   We love you, Amen.


From Wednesday, May 11, 2016, ‘The Paper’ in Dwight, Illinois the headline read: ‘Dwight man to Trek Across U.S. To Alert People To ‘Illegal Experiments’, by Myke Feinman, Managing Editor. ‘The Paper’ photo caption reads: “Dwight Native David Voights will be walking across the United State from Deleware to California in hopes of bringing public awareness to the issue of illegal electronic ‘control’ of innocent U.S. citizens.”

“Dwight native David Voigts will be walking across the United States with a sandwich board on his back to raise public awareness of non-consensual human experimentation by the government, which he says continues to this day. Similar to the Central Intelligence Agency’s experiment in the 1950’s with mind control known under MKULTRA. Voigts, a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy’s control systems engineering program, said he was experimented on by the government testing human-machine interface, allowing the military to totally control a person’s mind and body wirelessly.”

“He said the program was referred to as the “Voice of God” or “Hand of God” weapon, which when used with a psychological warfare campaign, are called “perception warfare” or “No-Touch Torture” weapons. This allows the human targeted individual to be sent real “pain” signals, to hear voices, to see things, smell things, etc. that are not there but “implanted” in the mind electronically as if they are real.”

Myke Feinman writes: “In warfare, the application could disrupt and stop enemy combatants before the battle begins.” Unfortunately No-Touch Torture weapons, or directed energy weapon (DEW) attacks on US diplomats outside our borders and US citizens inside their own country are being used in ‘peace time’ for decades by big-business and personal retribution and, for experimentation on involuntary human subjects to finish licensing on new medical/military industrial products.

Back to ‘The Paper’- “There’s a long history of non-consensual human experimentation in our country,” Voigts said. He cited atomic radiation experiments on children with developmental disabilities and testing of LSD on unwitting U.S. citizens during the MKULTRA program. He said the electronic “wireless torture” is only authorized to be used on enemy combatants and key support personnel in a declared war abroad, not on innocent U.S. civilians. “You can’t used them on civilians in your own country in revenge and silencing campaigns,” Voigts said. “That’s illegal and unconstitutional.”

“He said the intention of the trip is to raise awareness about the targeting issue. “So with the backpack billboard, business cards, letter to the editor, and Facebook/Twitter ads, I expect the topic will get some decent exposure,” he said. His trek will begin in Delaware and end in the San Francisco Bay area in California and is expected to start in mid-May. His Facebook page is at:; -Thank you Myke Feinman, and ‘The Paper’ of Dwight, Illinois.

On, April 12, 2019 former Navy Officer David T. Voigts wrote, “I am walking across the country to raise awareness for targeted individuals… I do public outreach for victims of human-machine interface technology. This tech is a deployed military/intelligence weapon and is used to target individuals for discrediting. The program is illegal, unethical, and disgusting. Their story needs to be told.” – Thank you David Voigts

From the—training-manual.html  is the following quote: “Is Mind Control Possible?  Absolutely.  There is a mountain of evidence…  Today we know there are technologies that can induce sound into the brain at a distance, can monitor and alter brainwaves at a distance, can alter behavior at a distance, can induce images into the brain at a distance, can target individual organs at a distance.  Can disrupt the calcium ions binding on individual cell surfaces at a distance, creating pain and other effects anywhere in the body.  Mind control technology exists, without a question.”        –Dr Eldon Byrd, Naval Officer, 2001

Recently in 2021 Karen Stewart (above photo) shows burns or radiation dermatitis from directed energy weapon attacks at her home that occurred overnight. She spent 28 years in the NSA Maryland, as an intelligence analyst and foreign language specialist.  Her intelligence reports were credited by her supervisors for saving thousands of lives.  When she reported NSA management wrong-doing… she was suddenly, falsely accused of something that put her on a ‘terrorist’ list, and slated her for ‘harassment and death.’   Stewart is targeted remotely with DEWs 24/7.

Not only are the majority of targeted individuals women, but many TIs both men and women are being remotely raped with technology: At you can read many stories of remote rape with DEWs. Years ago when investigating on this same site, one woman who identified herself in 2015 as ‘Maine 04074’ wrote page after page about a couple and their sons living above her in an apartment building. But in 2020 can only find a single letter by Maine 04074. Here are excerpts of the formerly published pages about Maine 04074’s heinous ordeal:

Maine 04074: “When I was in my apartment the rape was intense and horrifying I sometimes threw up. My body smells like burning flesh during the rape and manipulation of my body organs. I pray to God to let them kill me… The pain is excruciating and the radiation so powerful that the flesh around my vagina is raw and red. I wear a pad every day and there is always blood on it because of the constant 24 hour rape…. My neighbor said to my face he is the one torturing me but the police will never find enough probable cause to seek a search warrant… PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ARE THERE, HELP ME... I have horrifying pictures detailing my torture and rape since 2015… As I am writing this the creeps are jolting my heart… I think they think that they will never be caught since they neuro-monitor my brain, they know my thoughts and what actions I am going to take… You wanted to know my story and what I have done. I am now beginning to realize my biggest crime is being a woman and being black at that… No torture or monitoring happened until I moved into a new apartment 2015… Also they seem to know my thoughts, how it that possible? … I realized it was them (that) made me have gas for over 20 minutes in my bathroom. Above me I would hear several people laughing and some saying “Oh that is gross.”.. the mother trying to keep the boys quiet said, “Don’t laugh so loudly she will hear us.” …I was tortured with the gas daily and excruciating abdominal pain which made me cry. The final straw came on the morning of ___ 2015 when the rape started. I was lying in bed when I felt my private areas being manipulated and an orgasm being forced out of me… I RAN UP THERE, BANGED ON THEIR DOOR… I was furious and confronted them about the gas, the zaps, the stalking in my own apartment, the excruciating pain and now finally the sexual rape/molestation. I said I was calling the police. The father jeered at me and dared me to call the stupid ___ police… He was right, the police believed that this was happening to me but said they had no physical evidence to help them obtain a search warrant. I was defeated. As soon as the police car drove off, the electronic rape began and it has never stopped since then… every time I moved from the bedroom to my living area, it is like somebody upstairs was dragging equipment following me everywhere. Even at 1am, if I went to the living area, the loud noise of equipment being dragged to my direct spot followed me… 2015, the ELECTRONIC RAPE BEGAN AND IT HAS NOT STOPPED… The rape is sometimes so painful that I cry for hours… I have gone to two different hospitals in Maine but when I explained what was happening, they said I was suffering from PSYCHOTIC EPISODES… for the past four months, I have been a victim of serious directed energy molestation and electronic rape… PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.” -Thank you and God bless- Maine 04074 and Citizens Against Harmful Technology, email:

In 2006 ‘The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists’ by Psychiatrist Colin A. Ross, he digs through 15,000 FOI pages of CIA documents to reveal the truth about who he calls oath-breaking doctors in the United States. Sadly- are mind-control, DEW injuries being diagnosed as ‘symptoms’ of ‘mental illness’? Probably, because many prominent psychiatrists who wrote the psychiatry books at universities today became famous working on mind-control projects decades ago funded by the CIA. If any US citizen speaks up about mind-control or body manipulation with DEWs, (both subjects have top secret status) the speaker is discredited as mentally ill to keep national security intact.

One Springfield, MO TI who wants to remain anonymous recently emailed targetedartist, after she got her first pap smear (a screening test inside the cervix.) She wrote, “Within the week of having this procedure done, I began to experience my muscles contracting orgasmically without any physical stimulation, something that had never happened before. I believe my doctor’s nurse put an implant or chip on the gel my doctor used to assist the test, but have no proof. Since then have researched what is happening to me by reading books by targeted individuals. This keeps me sane. Whoever is doing this has remotely electronically raped me repeatedly since I had a clinical test called a pap smear.” -God bless you anonymous Springfield, MO TI.

What are some patents for mind-and-body-control?

US6506148B2 and US09/872,528 By Henricus G. Loos 2001 for nervous system manipulation by EMFs from computer monitors, video stream, DVDs and televisions: Physiological effects can be induced in this manner by very weak electric fields, if they are pulsed with a frequency near ½ Hz. The observed effects include ptosis of the eyelids, relaxation, drowsiness, the feeling of pressure at a centered spot on the lower edge of the brow, seeing moving patterns of dark purple and greenish yellow with the eyes closed, a tonic smile, a tense feeling in the stomach, sudden loose stool, and sexual excitement, depending on the precise frequency used, and the skin area to which the field is applied.

PATENT US4877027A 10-31-1989 by Wayne B. Brunkan, entitled ‘Hearing System’. Under # 8 for uses: “The method of irradiating a person’s head to produce sound in the head of the person comprising: microwave irradiation, pulsing microwaves and frequency modulating groups of ‘bursts’ by audio waves.”

U.S. Patent 3951134A  4-20-1976 by Robert G. Malech entitled: ‘Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves’. A process for monitoring brain wave activity of a subject comprising the steps of transmitting at least two electromagnetic energy signals of different frequencies to the brain of a subject being monitored.

US PATENT 4384293 5-17-1983 A by Paul S. Deem and Paul H. Grobert with Parent company Raytheon Co. entitled, ‘Apparatus and Method for Providing Pointing Information’. Claims for use are, ‘An apparatus for providing pointing information in accordance with a reference signal produced by a GPS satellite, for producing output signals in accordance with the received reference signal.’ To locate and use any chip in a machine or human… “without losing the phase of the reference signal and wherein the means for transferring.”

Companies like Neuralink are, “Developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” Will their technology be used publicly or covertly, voluntarily or involuntarily?

Recently targetedartist received a letter from a man proclaiming himself to be a former Navy officer who served for years on a nuclear submarine. He accidently found on YouTube and watched one targeted individual speak for six minutes before the Oct. 18, 2021 Springfield, MO City Council on creating city gun laws for DEWs at The gentleman wrote that he supported the endeavor (to make laws governing DEWs) and understood from news reports on US diplomats, just how horrific attacks with DEWs can be. WOW!

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

Ode to Fallen TIs

Happy New Year everyone. My greatest heartfelt love is sent out to targeted individual June TI. The physical loss of TI Louis Fournier who died December 23rd, 2021, impacts so many who knew and loved him. Soon will dedicate a post on Louis Fournier’s life and work. God bless you Louis.

November 2021 another targeted individual: my brother Samuel physically-died suddenly without warning asleep on his sofa. Would visit him every Thanksgiving. In 2017, when he was out grocery shopping used an electromagnetic frequency reader (EMF device) to gauge his apartment radiation levels. All rooms were ‘0’ except for his chair by table, and his sofa: both read at danger level 7-9 set at 0-3 magnetic radiation. Below are the 2017 photos from his chair, sofa and wall above sofa that separated his apartment from a gangstalkers’.

In 2016 when directed energy weapon targeting and home break-ins started where I lived. Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley assisted finding out from Springfield, MO City Utilities why high levels of 7-9 magnetic radiation- set on 0-3 magnetic abruptly started. But when I called Captain Pennington of the Fire department for a free home safety inspection because, “An electric current suddenly began running in my home of twenty years”, he called the SPD to investigate me.

Then SPD called my brother in St. Louis, MO to assist in placing me in a 96 hour evaluation hold after their two attempts to do so had failed. God bless his heart, Samuel stood by me, and told them nicely to let me alone. He was so scared by SPD’s call, that for months he did not tell me about it. When he finally did : the very next day on his nature-trail-bike ride he had an ‘accident’. Samuel said, “I hit something that wasn’t there. My bikes front wheel smashed in a mangled heap from the impact. I ducked and rolled over the handlebars. Was going about 20 miles an hour, but wasn’t hurt. Walkers, saw the front of my bike smash up. But nothing was in the road.” Did Samuel hit a condensed wall of microwaves? I believed so, and explained the technology of directed energy weapons as best as possible. There was nothing I could do to protect my brother, except prayer… and pray to God for his protection, I did.

Someone monitoring our cell phone call, (which can be hacked and listened to by average criminals much less police departments), attempted to harm my brother. Was it because he related how Springfield, MO Police wanted help to place a victim of crime in lock down (because I reported a crime that is a classified top secret program?) (The Washington Examiner from January 29, 2022 reports a surveillance device that can fit in a briefcase called ‘StingRay’ simulates a cell tower to intercept signals from cell phones. US police departments now use this IMSI-catcher manufactured by Harris Corp initially created for the military and intelligence agencies to monitor phone calls and texts without having a warrant. See article, Stingray’ device tracks cell phones, allows eavesdropping on calls, prompts civil liberties worries’, by William Patrick.) -But these devices have been reported in the news since 2015. (Currently, some state representatives are working to ‘declassify’ all reports on US DEW attacks.)

After SPD called my brother in 2017, I would speak frankly with him over the phone about how in the US targeted individuals are attacked with invisible weapons frequencies used to murder them by ‘natural causes’, ‘accident’ and ‘mind-controlled suicide’. -Thanksgiving 2020, arrived at top of the stairs, face to face with a white male, 60’s, agency-goon closing the apartment building’s attic door located three feet from my brothers front door. I said with a smile, “Checking the cameras or adjusting the electromagnetic radiation level?” Goon laughed, and quickly entered the apartment next to my brothers (the other side of the wall above the sofa,) that was absolutely empty except for two large black duffle-bags at the windows.

Thanksgiving 2020 radiation levels inundated my brother’s kitchen and dining/living rooms with danger level 9 magnetic radiation everywhere. Only bathrooms and bedrooms were at ‘0’. The radiation made me feel ill but I never said a word, and my brother’s face was flaming bright red the entire three day visit inside his home: but normal looking when we left the apartment together to go somewhere. In his last months of life, Samuel said he heard electronic equipment whirling and clicking above his apartment in the attic and wanted to go up there, but never did. Was my brother slowly murdered, day after day in his own apartment five years by directed energy weapons? I believe so.

Samuel was an avid prayer, believing in God without a doubt. He was also born with the energy of two or three humans inside him, and proved to be a medicine man in the Native American tradition.  -So was guided by God to do some amazing things during his life. Once, he found a tiny old woman wrapped captive by her dressing gown and robe unable to move, blue and shaking, clinging to the concrete around a storm sewer hole during a raging storm.  Picking her up in his arms he carried her home, and only after finding a willing neighbor to assist her change and get in dry clothes, would he leave her side.

Medicine men not only trust their intuition, but heal by their touch.  The Shuman frequency of the surface of the earth and everything on it, resonates at 7.83 Hertz.  This same energy frequency has been scientifically recorded to come out the hands of healers.  Once my brother dropped everything on his job drove to Little Rock- walked straight into a neonatal hospital care unit and with a smile demanded to hold a friend’s child in his arms who was dying.  The nurses complied and the infant recovered from that point on. 

Going through Samuel’s things, found a minister’s business card with hand written note, ‘Thank you Samuel, for saving my dog and me.’ Wish I knew that story.

Samuel loved to fish at Table Rock lake on the full moon.  Once day-fishing he looked down at two children in a lagoon and spotted a huge cottonmouth swimming rapidly towards them.  The children were playing in its territory.  Their mom sat in a lounge chair on shore, could not see the snake.  What she did see was a larger than life man, jump in the lagoon brandishing a huge fishing knife.  While the woman screamed hysterically, Samuel stopped three feet from her children to grab the snake’s neck and cut its head off.  Then Samuel turned, smiled, nodding at the woman and walked away.  In the background he could hear the children yelling excitedly to their mom about the big snake cut in half.

A few years ago my brother called laughing. He had been working in the yard of a friend stomping down fresh sod, when a wild turkey flew down to land three feet from my brother to begin stomping his claws on the ground. The turkey would bob it’s head, stomp, then stop. So my brother bobbed his head, stomped and stop. Incredulous my brother kept stomping with the turkey, until it flew off five minutes later. The incident caused a traffic jam on the corner of a very busy road because drivers could not believe what they were seeing. To Native Americans the turkey symbolizes one of the greatest attributes a human can have: to give away what is cherished to anyone who asks.

After arriving at my brother’s apartment to process his belongings, asked him for a sign having to do with the book shelf in his living room.  It is always good to be specific when requesting signs.  Since psychic sight and phenomenon is something he and I shared, it was not surprising later that day: a two-inch thick ‘St. Joseph’s Reader’ was laying on top an antique clock below the book shelf. My name is Josephine.  Had Samuel said ‘hello’ to me?   But he also left a sign with 10 month old tulip bulbs sitting dried in parched soil, a friend sent last February.  I had noticed the ornate tin of dried, cracked dirt with two inch brown stems waiting to be picked up on Thanksgiving and taken home to be planted.  Every day I wanted to put that dried pot of dirt in a bag for travel, but kept forgetting.  The day his friend showed up at the apartment to assist processing my brother’s things: green sprouts were budding!  Thank you God for Samuel, alive and well in another frequency called ‘heaven’ right by those who love him.

WE ARE ALL SPIRIT CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE. Above photo shows Targetedartist photograph of her dog’s spirit umbilical extending from his mouth.  It is said, the spirit  umbilical is what connects the soul to the flesh until the body physically dies.  At which time the soul is released.  Then the soul travels through the umbilical (which is most likely a wormhole.)  At the end of that wormhole, the soul meets God the One by Any Name.  Please note the vortex or rings of movement in the spirit umbilical. 

Below two photos of energy inside a painting of an angel by Targetedartist, who asked God while taking photos to see the painted angel’s energy. Even when camera moved location, the energy still emanated from painting of angel.

Below is another painting by Targetedartist who asked God again, years later to see her painted angel’s energy in a photo. (Any time we create with God by our side, what we create is alive…) In photo below a painted angel’s energy emanates from her stomach– where ancients believe human’s ‘first brain’ resides. The ‘first brain’ connects directly to God and human psychic ability. Please note moving vortex in painted angels umbilical:

If you read the TI prayer in last months blog post on Targetedartist, there is information on Valerie V. Hunt’s scientific work with creation frequency, or the I AM energy that we all are. To create is one of the greatest levels of energy a human can choose to be.

For those of us who have forsaken their souls to harm others on Earth what kind of energy are they creating in and around them? God the One By Any Name knows who destroys psychic ability by repeated DEW remote targeting of a TI’s stomachs first brain, or who is using biological warfare to shut down ‘sacred gates’ located in each human’s spirit. We all have to answer to our CREATOR. We all must appear before God upon our physical deaths. 

It is said that when those on earth die who have taken free will away from humans -they will be forgiven their sins by God, but then God will cast them to hell for eternity where they have no chance of creating themselves anew. It is also said that HELL is the largest prison system in all God’s creation…  And that those taking free will from humans have directly attacked GOD just as the fallen angels did… Mess with God suffer the consequences. GOD SEES EVERYTHING WE DO because what we do is etched on our souls forever. NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH ANYTHING.    

There is constant proof by physicists today that EVERYTHING and EVERY BEING is nothing but pure energy. Earth life is short, soul life is forever.

Russian physicist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, said “He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.”  He died in 1945.   The Bible reads: “Satan is the Prince of the power of the air.” Ephesians 2:2
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Emiko Schowengerdt in my kitchen. Photo from Oct. 2019.

Would like to also acknowledge the physical-death of a friend: Richard Schowengerdt on Dec. 24th, 2021. Richard Neal Schowengerdt was an engineer from Liege, Missouri.   He served in the National Guard and entered the U.S. Navy studying at their school of electronics in San Francisco, California graduating in 1951.  Went to Japan, set up a communication station for the U.S. Navy.   Returned to U.S. in 1957.  Settled in St. Louis, Missouri.  Studied at St. Louis University. He then worked at McDonnell Aircraft.  Wrote a communication system for the Project Mercury Space Capsule.  Moved to California in 1961.  Worked at U.S. Naval Station, Seal Beach.  Had a son.  Promoted to Guided Missile Branch head.   Consulted at Logimetric Engineering.  Elected President of Orange County Engineering Council 1967.   1968 started work at the Naval Missiles Systems Engineering Station at Port Hueneme.   Branch head at Navy Metrology Engineering Center in Pomona.   1971 Test Engineer at Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Office in Pomona.   Chief Warrant Officer Two with Naval Reserve.   Graduated from California State University in 1976, working at Northrop, Rockwell and McDonnell Douglas.  In 1988 worked with Defense Contract Management Agency. Worked for Northrop Grumman Corporation at El Segundo.   In his spare time Schowengerdt experimented with electro-optical camouflage.  In 1993 he invented Project Chameleo with Dr. Felix Schweizer.   Project Chameleo is the first patented invisibility suit: 1994 US Patent 5307162. Oct. 2014, Schowengerdt retired.  52 years with government and military, and a 33 degree Mason. God bless you friend on your new journey.

In 2019 Mr. Schowengerdt wrote me a letter of support for unexplained phenomenon photographed on my property in Springfield, MO which he was convinced were images of humans wearing invisibility suits. Suits he believes the Navy manufactured from his patent, that are used today in clandestine activity.

Author Robert Guffey writes and posts photos on Cryptoscatology Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021: “It saddens me to announce that Richard Schowengerdt, the visionary scientist featured so prominently in my 2015 book CHAMELEO, passed away on the morning of Dec. 24 at the age of 91… Richard lived a wonderfully strange, dramatic life filled with intrigue, wonder, romance, and tragedy; he often found himself riding a wave of improbable twists and turns that most people experience only vicariously through TV shows and blockbuster films. For that reason, perhaps I shouldn’t have been at all surprised when a full rainbow appeared in the sky as I wrote his name in the sand on Christmas Eve….”

Guffey writes: “In the meantime, if you’d like to hear Richard talking about his breakthrough innovations in optical-camouflage technology in his own words, I suggest listening to this 2-4-19 edition of Geoff Brady’s IN OTHER NEWS, a radio show that airs weekly on WBAI in New York.  Rest In Peace, Richard….”

My county’s flag. Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

Christmas Prayer for TIs

Archangel Michael fights without anger, knowing the truth of the fight is enough.  There is a time to love and a time to stand up for truth- both can be achieved at once, in the moment.  Prayer (and the camera) are the greatest weapons of all -along with the pen and word vibration of truth.  This Prayer is made specifically for Targeted Individuals everywhere; from all faiths, who believe in the One God of Any Name or Perception:

Targeted Individual’s Prayer:   “Being of I AM’s creation, we know that all nano/chip  receivers and transmitters, electromagnetic frequencies, vibrations, brain computer interface, implants, and manipulations, germ/biological warfare, and machines do not exist within us now as we are created in God’s image.   Thank you, I AM created in God’s image, we love you.

OM, is the sound of your name God- OM, is your vibration.  Thank you OM.

Mother Mary, we are thankful for our lives, health, intelligence, creativity, sanity, and beauty as breathed into our being by God and shining in praise; protected by your legions of angels, and heavenly hosts, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Rafael.  Mother who protects and guides earth mothers and their children; watch over us all.  Thank you Mother Mary.

Allah, aid us in thanking all the animals, plants, insects, dirt, rocks, water, air, sun metal and oil that are your creations: healing, sustaining, and nurturing our families, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you Allah.

Four Corners of the Universe created after God separated the waters to create heaven and earth – beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth- pray for us.  Thank you.

Diana, aim true when our energy and our physical bodies are being attacked by invisible weapons of streaming frequencies.  Patroness of childbirth, nursing and healing take care of us.  Thank you.

Yemanja thank you for washing us clean with your waters; clean from all remote influence of artificial intelligence, machines, man-made manipulations and anything else we know not of  inflicted upon your children-of-water.  Thank you Yemanja.

Tioga teach us how to love the earth; to sit in nature now and just BE.

Nammu, we command all GMO’s, radiation, chemicals, biological warfare, and poisons…  along with any unknown error and evil be miraculously disappeared with Your assistance  this very instant from our food, drink, air, water, metal, fire and earth; and our family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me…  Thank you Nammu.

St. Benedict Joseph Labre, the homeless saint… targeted individuals ask for your protection, love and guidance.  We also ask for your protection, love and guidance for all homeless people involved in the organized stalking, hacking, and DEW/BCI attacks on TIs.   Because you were homeless on this earth dear St. Benedict, you can influence the minds, hearts and souls of all homeless especially those who would harm others for shelter, clothing, drugs, food, sex or money.   Thank you St. Benedict Joseph Labre.

Buddha give us your wisdom to breath and move with focus and intention now.  Thank you Buddha.

Mother Theresa show us how to smile as we go forth today.  Thank you Mother.

Shiva, we release to you all those who would harm us, and be our enemies- now with forgiveness while asking your protection and guidance.  You will know what to do with them.  Thank you Shiva.

Jesus, with your assistance aid us in resurrecting all aspects of our lives now.   We most especially ask for aid in resurrecting all forms of our privacy, our wellness and our abundance now.  Jesus, you so loved little children, take care of our targeted infants and children now.  Thank you Jesus.

Jehovah all miracles manifest with blessing upon your name when we raise our hands and praise you.  Assist us in manifesting our reality on Earth as in the fifth dimension ‘heaven.’  Thank you Jehovah.

St. Mary MacKillop defender of sexually abused children, St. Maria Goretti patron saint of men and women who have been raped: please both of you protect, love and guide targeted individuals who have been remotely raped with DEWs and BCI. Give  your strength to all TIs, until God’s justice reigns.  Assist all TIs in believing in our I AM created in God’s image.   Thank you St. Mary MacKillop.

Mohammed divinely inspire us to the will of God.  Thank you Mohammed.

St. Jude, patron of lost causes and the impossible, we welcome you into our lives now and in all the lives of targeted individuals everywhere to stop the insanity of horrendous crime, and subjugation inflicted upon us now.  Thank you St. Jude for awakening the consciousnesses of all federal, state and local first responders, public safety, public servants, politicians, communications-utility-security, and military/medical agents to work from their hearts in honesty clearing the path for justice and assistance for all targeted individuals.  Thank you St. Jude.

Yaweh, we were made: and now are in your perfect blueprint of light -protected and loved past, present and future in any dimension this moment, we thank you Yaweh.

Holy Spirit your fire and wind strengthens us in delivering up to you now our knowledge of all evil attacks on family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and us.  We seek your justice with love.  You will know what to do with those attacking targeted individuals.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

Marduk, we seek assistance with those beings manifesting hell on earth, destroying lives and assaulting  property, animals and persons.   We ask with due cause for your assistance now.  Thank you Marduk.

St. Dymphna, watch over all targeted individual’s sanity daily; as those who would take a TI’s sanity are under the influence of self hatred from the devil.  Especially watch over TI children freeing their minds from control, pain, fear and mind-control.  Thank you St. Dymphna.

Supreme Being, assist us now in transfiguring our atomic structure with rainbows of light removing all error till heaven manifests within us.  Thank you Supreme Being.

Maat, we humbly ask you bring to justice all aspects of the wealthy and their world governments, militaries, medical agencies, corporations and communication-utility and security participating in the silent holocaust today.  Your truth, morality, harmony and order are much needed in our world today.  Thank you Maat.

Almighty, alter each cell, DNA strand, chakra, our hearts, mind and energy bodies by saturating us with your unconditional love, light and protection now.  Thank you.

Goddess, we liberate any limitations and error; past, present and future from our lives this very day; while abundance in all forms manifests within us and in our lives now being created to aid us as we pray.  Thank you Goddess.  We love you Goddess.

Asarualimnuna may your armies protect our lives now.   May your armies induct gangstalkers and Network employees into their ranks today, changing them -to fight FOR all targeted individuals now.  And against all evil.   Thank you Asarualimnuna.

St. Agatha survivor of torture, look after all targeted individuals who are remotely tortured 24/7 until the will of God awakens our I AM potential and reigns within us.  Thank you St. Agatha.

Bridget thank you for keeping targeted individuals focused on bringing to light what is happening all over the world.  Please give us the strength to never back down.  Especially remembering to light the love for ourselves no matter what is done to us.  Thank you Bridget.

Elohim, thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  We love you Elohim.

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre you spent your life alone seeking truth, a constant pilgrim, outcast and removed.  Please kind Sir give your strength to all targeted individuals who are so alone in their suffering.  Thank you Saint Labre.

Archangel Gabriel the messenger of God, thank you for bringing targeted individuals reality to the front of the every newspaper, radio station and electronic media everywhere… bringing all telecommunications news black out to an end.  Thank you Archangel Gabriel.

Peitho Greek Goddess of Persuasion of political leaders bring the truth of targeted individuals as being POWs in our own homes, our cities, states and inside the borders of our nations.  Persuade our leaders to make laws against the use of DEWs, BCI, organized stalking and military/medical experimentation of nonconsensual human subjects.    Thank you Peitho.

Krishna, Shakti, Isis, Gaia, Diana, Green Tara, Joseph, Kali, Aine, Artemis,  Athena, Morrigan, Anna, St. Pasqual, St. Theresa, Turtle Island and all the names belonging to the One Holy of Holies, all the angels, saints and archangels- protect, guide and love each targeted individual now.  We ask this of you now.   Thank you.

We are, I Am in your image God, therefore no pain or error exist because our physical bodies are not real.   We love you unconditionally Great Spirit,  may your hand be with us.   May your legions of angels be with us.  We thank you One by Any Name.  So be it, so it is.  Amen. 

-Prayer for TIs By Josephine Grace 2018 Copyright… This POEM ‘A Prayer’ can be reproduced with acknowledgment of author and copyright to Josephine Grace  Thank you.

Native Americans believe rocks to be the oldest, wisest Beings on Earth and that everything: every rock, blade of grass, butterfly, tree, fish, bird, turtle, bear, and person contain Spirit. In the Bible, it is recorded how wind and flame represent Holy Spirit. In India, many animals including the cobra, monkey and cow are revered as gods or sacred Beings. Today, scientists in Japan are studying how bodies of water (or a glass of water) act as sentient Beings by responding to loving thoughts and words of humans. Scientists in US laboratories are baffled why rocks and crystals release ‘energy’ when broken. Don’t they don’t know God is in everything? This life is short. Our souls are forever. Rocks, plants, animals all have souls, so does the Earth.

What if ‘no matter’ how hard we look into our subatomic microscopes, humankind will never understand how sacred all of life is? As Earth’s population explodes, more people are seeing angels. Regardless if you feel alone, what you cannot ‘see’ exists. Humans are always just a heartbeat away from the other side. A favorite book of mine is by a FOX news lawyer Mark Anthony called “Never Letting Go.”  He is one funny and informative psychic.

Einstein’s research led him at the end of his life to discover what he called an intelligent ‘matrix’ of ‘nothingness’ from which all of matter emerged from. Einstein hypothesized that this ‘matrix’ as he called it, could be God. We are all made of the same atomic stuff, but each one of us experiences life and death through our perceptions and gifts. The Persian poet Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” He also wrote: “Let the waters settle, you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being.”

Scientists claim the electromagnetic field of human beings- and all surface beings…  resonates with the Earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hertz.   One has to wonder how the microwave towers, radio wave towers, cell phones, iPads, computers and smart appliances impact the natural frequency of life on Earth and Earth itself.

Scientists who track and research electromagnetic fields know that a human body is sheer energy.   They have found that when people create anything… knit a sweater, grow a garden, paint, dance, write, sing… the energy they use in their minds touches a higher consciousness that is directly connected the One Divine Power; the One God by Any Name.   In fact to create and to love are the greatest accomplishments that a person can perform while alive on this good Earth.  To practice ‘free will’ and consciously put life before money is another great accomplishment.  Angels are everywhere.

Color has its own EMF frequency.  Color heals.   Have prayed in many churches recently that have had their original Prussian blue and cerulean blue ceilings with gold leaf stars, painted over.  These magnificent churches in the past two decades have had murals full of color submerged under white or grey interior paint.   Beige, white and grey seem to be colors of choice for today’s churches and home interiors- these colors do not heal, like the vibrant colors used for centuries in places of worship. 

Color inside and outside of people’s homes used to be brilliant as well.   What has happened to the human race in ‘civilized’ countries when healing, vibrant color is seen as ‘old’ or archaic?   Color is life.  Color heals.

God bless all TIs and their families on this Holiday and all year. Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.