A Top-Secret Poem

This is for national security?

(Good people shine stronger than a corrupt government.)

All this non-lethal remote, slow-kill

(People created in God’s image heal)

Of non-consensual human experimental subjects

(Shine people shine)

Raped.  Tortured.  Murdered.  Mind Controlled.

(This is not our true life)

Murder by natural cause or accident of course

(Everyone answers to God)

With invisible weapons that don’t make bullet holes.

(The Divine can be invisible too)

But it’s the small things that matter the most.

(Kindness, friendship)

Like writing this over and over while in a Springfield, MO public library

(A life devoted to truth)

While hackers continually delete this poem.

(Poems are like flowers, they leave seeds)

It’s the big things that hurt the most which are taken with stoic grace.

(With God by one’s side a heart gone wild)

It’s the constant sizzle without heating oil

(Angels can be invisible too)

It’s the body organs frying without sitting in a frying pan

(Our ‘dead’ relatives watch us in ‘the’ spirit)

And repeated pin jabs in flesh without any steal pins to be had…

(We are never alone)

All this insanity, makes anything said about it

(Speak the truth)

Though factual,

(Evidence does not lie)

Sound like the speaker is insane.

(Speak the truth)

Neuroweapons stream in waves full blast – interfacing with nervous system of humans

(We are sheer energy)

The electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

(Spirits are around us at all times)

What is funded in bills under ‘electronic surveillance’

(Humans are more powerful than machines)

Without definition of type of surveillance

(Those who surveil being educated by our good lives)

Surveillance of human brains

(TIs are good, and educate those reading brains for the better)

Nothing private when human nervous systems interface with neuroweapons.

(Open books are beautiful)

Is it fun to remotely DEW target a human,

(God sees inside everyone of us)

Like a video game?

(Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)

Brains, hands, arms, and bodies neurologically effected

(Think good thoughts)

Feeling crawling ants, without any ants. Day after day after day.

(God is omnipotent, TIs are strong)

70% of all targeted individuals are women, women, women, women, women

(Who give birth to everyone)

Are the women imprisoned or burned at the stake?

(Women carry the intelligence of their offspring)

It is more civilized today

(Enlightenment is God’s light shining inside you.)

No touch, all remote

(Saints could and still do leave their bodies when needed)

Microwave weapons burning faces, necks, and bodies till clothes are ripped off

(And God separated the waters to create heaven and earth)

Manipulation of rectum and bowel muscles

(Using free will is to use God’s greatest gift)

Neuroweapons produces forced, violent flatulence to discredit

(Belief in self is wonderful)

To shame

(There is no shame in truth)

And excruciating urges to evacuate

Eliminator organs without anything to evacuate

(Sitting still in love heals)

Or the muscles of the heart, such good hearts constricting

(Heaven is just a heart beat away)

Just like the vaginal and penal muscles stimulated

To constrict into orgasm in public places…

(Miracles happen in nanoseconds and last forever)

But. Effects instantly STOP. After moving away

(Movement and dance are joyous)

Injuries disappear instantly after leaving area

(Believe in your body and its intelligence)

What about the intense hunger after just eating?

Intense thirst after just drinking.

(Never doubt what you know about who you are)

Constant tingling tingling tingling

(Like bells jingling, jingling, jingling)

Hey, but don’t you know… This is all top-secret?

(Truth is spoken and written because we have rights)

So just pretend you didn’t actually read this poem

About top secret facts and agendas.

(Secrets cannot stand in the light of truth)

A poem about leaders

(Silence is fear, speaking truth is power)

Wanting criminally insane control over EVERYTHING energetic.

(Never doubt divine origin)

New world order slave practice

(Machines created by man are flawed)

A poem about mass murder in silence and invisible civil war

(Nothing can stop a good soul)

All around us in broad day light. -And moon light.

(Light of Great Spirit shine on me)

And millions of perps.

(Against a majority of one with God)

Guilt free perps whose leaders tell them they are doing a good job.

(Goodness wells up inside and spilling everywhere)

Tidying up what is left of the strong and the brave in America

(A hero for truth shines forever on the other side)

They cannot kill all of us

(We the People rule)

No one is going to prison for non-lethal remote crimes that kill

(A soul lives forever)

Committed against millions of women, children and men.

(Beauty lives forever)

Such a temporary life to commit a ‘silent holocaust’

(God’s greatest gift is free will)

Because DEWs and BCI and gangstalkers and the syndicate… don’t exist.

(Because only evil is error, no-thing)

Nothing top secret exists, nothing top secret exists, nothing top secret exits

(What you believe is real)

Russian and China can’t win only the US can?

(God decides who wins are looses)

Insanity for a national security arms race for the mind

(Chakras of spinning energy are the source)

No one gets off Earth alive

(Angels know)

We all have our skin fall off in the end

(Light shining at the end of wormholes)

Our spirits loosed

(To live our true life)

So who really wins?

(God decides who wins or looses)

And no one gets away with anything.

(God you are my love and my joy

God you are always with me.)

Thank you, God-the-One-By-Any-Name, for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you, God, for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind.   You see everything we do and know what we think God.  And You know those who are harming TIs.  These perpetrators will stand naked before You one day God upon their natural deaths, without their technology and without their ‘authorities’ –who will one day also appear naked before You and attempt to explain why they allowed top secret involuntary experimentation, rape and torture on innocent civilians for a nation’s security. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters into the light for justice.   We love you, Amen.

New Year Prayer for TIs

Archangel Michael fights without anger, knowing the truth of the fight is enough.  There is a time to love and a time to stand up for truth- both can be achieved at once, in the moment.  Prayer (and the camera) are the greatest weapons of all -along with the pen and word vibration of truth.  This Prayer is made specifically for Targeted Individuals everywhere; from all faiths, who believe in the One God of Any Name or Perception:

Targeted Individual’s Prayer:   “Being of I AM’s creation, we know that all nano/chip  receivers and transmitters, electromagnetic frequencies, vibrations, brain computer interface, implants, and manipulations, germ/biological warfare, and machines do not exist within us now as we are created in God’s image.   Thank you, I AM created in God’s image, we love you.

OM, is the sound of your name God- OM, is your vibration.  Thank you OM.

Mother Mary, we are thankful for our lives, health, intelligence, creativity, sanity, and beauty as breathed into our being by God and shining in praise; protected by your legions of angels, and heavenly hosts, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Rafael.  Mother who protects and guides earth mothers and their children; watch over us all.  Thank you Mother Mary.

Allah, aid us in thanking all the animals, plants, insects, dirt, rocks, water, air, sun metal and oil that are your creations: healing, sustaining, and nurturing our families, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you Allah.

Four Corners of the Universe created after God separated the waters to create heaven and earth – beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth- pray for us.  Thank you.

Diana, aim true when our energy and our physical bodies are being attacked by invisible weapons of streaming frequencies.  Patroness of childbirth, nursing and healing take care of us.  Thank you.

Yemanja thank you for washing us clean with your waters; clean from all remote influence of artificial intelligence, machines, man-made manipulations and anything else we know not of  inflicted upon your children-of-water.  Thank you Yemanja.

Tioga teach us how to love the earth; to sit in nature now and just BE.

Nammu, we command all GMO’s, radiation, chemicals, biological warfare, and poisons…  along with any unknown error and evil be miraculously disappeared with Your assistance  this very instant from our food, drink, air, water, metal, fire and earth; and our family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me…  Thank you Nammu.

St. Benedict Joseph Labre, the homeless saint… targeted individuals ask for your protection, love and guidance.  We also ask for your protection, love and guidance for all homeless people involved in the organized stalking, hacking, and DEW/BCI attacks on TIs.   Because you were homeless on this earth dear St. Benedict, you can influence the minds, hearts and souls of all homeless especially those who would harm others for shelter, clothing, drugs, food, sex or money.   Thank you St. Benedict Joseph Labre.

Buddha give us your wisdom to breath and move with focus and intention now.  Thank you Buddha.

Mother Theresa show us how to smile as we go forth today.  Thank you Mother.

Shiva, we release to you all those who would harm us, and be our enemies- now with forgiveness while asking your protection and guidance.  You will know what to do with them.  Thank you Shiva.

Jesus, with your assistance aid us in resurrecting all aspects of our lives now.   We most especially ask for aid in resurrecting all forms of our privacy, our wellness and our abundance now.  Jesus, you so loved little children, take care of our targeted infants and children now.  Thank you Jesus.

Jehovah all miracles manifest with blessing upon your name when we raise our hands and praise you.  Assist us in manifesting our reality on Earth as in the fifth dimension ‘heaven.’  Thank you Jehovah.

St. Mary MacKillop defender of sexually abused children, St. Maria Goretti patron saint of men and women who have been raped: please both of you protect, love and guide targeted individuals who have been remotely raped with DEWs and BCI. Give  your strength to all TIs, until God’s justice reigns.  Assist all TIs in believing in our I AM created in God’s image.   Thank you St. Mary MacKillop.

Mohammed divinely inspire us to the will of God.  Thank you Mohammed.

St. Jude, patron of lost causes and the impossible, we welcome you into our lives now and in all the lives of targeted individuals everywhere to stop the insanity of horrendous crime, and subjugation inflicted upon us now.  Thank you St. Jude for awakening the consciousnesses of all federal, state and local first responders, public safety, public servants, politicians, communications-utility-security, and military/medical agents to work from their hearts in honesty clearing the path for justice and assistance for all targeted individuals.  Thank you St. Jude.

Yaweh, we were made: and now are in your perfect blueprint of light -protected and loved past, present and future in any dimension this moment, we thank you Yaweh.

Holy Spirit your fire and wind strengthens us in delivering up to you now our knowledge of all evil attacks on family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and us.  We seek your justice with love.  You will know what to do with those attacking targeted individuals.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

Marduk, we seek assistance with those beings manifesting hell on earth, destroying lives and assaulting  property, animals and persons.   We ask with due cause for your assistance now.  Thank you Marduk.

St. Dymphna, watch over all targeted individual’s sanity daily; as those who would take a TI’s sanity are under the influence of self hatred from the devil.  Especially watch over TI children freeing their minds from control, pain, fear and mind-control.  Thank you St. Dymphna.

Supreme Being, assist us now in transfiguring our atomic structure with rainbows of light removing all error till heaven manifests within us.  Thank you Supreme Being.

Maat, we humbly ask you bring to justice all aspects of the wealthy and their world governments, militaries, medical agencies, corporations and communication-utility and security participating in the silent holocaust today.  Your truth, morality, harmony and order are much needed in our world today.  Thank you Maat.

Almighty, alter each cell, DNA strand, chakra, our hearts, mind and energy bodies by saturating us with your unconditional love, light and protection now.  Thank you.

Goddess, we liberate any limitations and error; past, present and future from our lives this very day; while abundance in all forms manifests within us and in our lives now being created to aid us as we pray.  Thank you Goddess.  We love you Goddess.

Asarualimnuna may your armies protect our lives now.   May your armies induct gangstalkers and Network employees into their ranks today, changing them -to fight FOR all targeted individuals now.  And against all evil.   Thank you Asarualimnuna.

St. Agatha survivor of torture, look after all targeted individuals who are remotely tortured 24/7 until the will of God awakens our I AM potential and reigns within us.  Thank you St. Agatha.

Bridget thank you for keeping targeted individuals focused on bringing to light what is happening all over the world.  Please give us the strength to never back down.  Especially remembering to light the love for ourselves no matter what is done to us.  Thank you Bridget.

Elohim, thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  We love you Elohim.

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre you spent your life alone seeking truth, a constant pilgrim, outcast and removed.  Please kind Sir give your strength to all targeted individuals who are so alone in their suffering.  Thank you Saint Labre.

Archangel Gabriel the messenger of God, thank you for bringing targeted individuals reality to the front of the every newspaper, radio station and electronic media everywhere… bringing all telecommunications news black out to an end.  Thank you Archangel Gabriel.

Peitho Greek Goddess of Persuasion of political leaders bring the truth of targeted individuals as being POWs in our own homes, our cities, states and inside the borders of our nations.  Persuade our leaders to make laws against the use of DEWs, BCI, organized stalking and military/medical experimentation of nonconsensual human subjects.    Thank you Peitho.

Krishna, Shakti, Isis, Gaia, Diana, Green Tara, Joseph, Kali, Aine, Artemis,  Athena, Morrigan, Anna, St. Pasqual, St. Theresa, Turtle Island and all the names belonging to the One Holy of Holies, all the angels, saints and archangels- protect, guide and love each targeted individual now.  We ask this of you now.   Thank you.

We are, I Am in your image God, therefore no pain or error exist because our physical bodies are not real.   We love you unconditionally Great Spirit,  may your hand be with us.   May your legions of angels be with us.  We thank you One by Any Name.  So be it, so it is.  Amen. 

-Prayer for TIs By Josephine Grace 2018 Copyright… This POEM ‘A Prayer’ can be reproduced with acknowledgment of author and copyright to Josephine Grace targetedartist.wordpress.com.  Thank you.

Native Americans believe rocks to be the oldest, wisest Beings on Earth and that everything: every rock, blade of grass, butterfly, tree, fish, bird, turtle, bear, and person contain Spirit. In the Bible, it is recorded how wind and flame represent Holy Spirit. In India, many animals including the cobra, monkey and cow are revered as gods or sacred Beings. Today, scientists in Japan are studying how bodies of water (or a glass of water) act as sentient Beings by responding to loving thoughts and words of humans. Scientists in US laboratories are baffled why rocks and crystals release ‘energy’ when broken. Don’t they don’t know God is in everything? This life is short. Our souls are forever. Rocks, plants, animals all have souls, so does the Earth.

What if ‘no matter’ how hard we look into our subatomic microscopes, humankind will never understand how sacred all of life is? As Earth’s population explodes, more people are seeing angels. Regardless if you feel alone, what you cannot ‘see’ exists. Humans are always just a heartbeat away from the other side. A favorite book of mine is by a FOX news lawyer Mark Anthony called “Never Letting Go.”  He is one funny and informative psychic.

Einstein’s research led him at the end of his life to discover what he called an intelligent ‘matrix’ of ‘nothingness’ from which all of matter emerged from. Einstein hypothesized that this ‘matrix’ as he called it, could be God. We are all made of the same atomic stuff, but each one of us experiences life and death through our perceptions and gifts. The Persian poet Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” He also wrote: “Let the waters settle, you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being.”

Scientists claim the electromagnetic field of human beings- and all surface beings…  resonates with the Earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hertz.   One has to wonder how the microwave towers, radio wave towers, cell phones, iPads, computers and smart appliances impact the natural frequency of life on Earth and Earth itself.

Scientists who track and research electromagnetic fields know that a human body is sheer energy.   They have found that when people create anything… knit a sweater, grow a garden, paint, dance, write, sing… the energy they use in their minds touches a higher consciousness that is directly connected the One Divine Power; the One God by Any Name.   In fact to create and to love are the greatest accomplishments that a person can perform while alive on this good Earth.  To practice ‘free will’ and consciously put life before money is another great accomplishment.  Angels are everywhere.

Color has its own EMF frequency.  Color heals.   Have prayed in many churches recently that have had their original Prussian blue and cerulean blue ceilings with gold leaf stars, painted over.  These magnificent churches in the past two decades have had murals full of color submerged under white or grey interior paint.   Beige, white and grey seem to be colors of choice for today’s churches and home interiors- these colors do not heal, like the vibrant colors used for centuries in places of worship. 

Color inside and outside of people’s homes used to be brilliant as well.   What has happened to the human race in ‘civilized’ countries when healing, vibrant color is seen as ‘old’ or archaic?   Color is life.  Color heals.

God bless all TIs and their families on this Holiday and all year. Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

We are Magnificent

If someone were to go to a psychiatrist and say that they painted a picture and took a photo of it while asking God to show the artist all the energy in the painting… and in the photo, a spiral energy chord was emanating from the painted angel’s stomach. The psychiatrist without viewing the photo would diagnose the artist as schizophrenic. If you read the 2006 book ‘The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists’ by Psychiatrist Dr. Colin A. Ross, you will find that many university mental health studies clinical-psychiatric books are written by CIA funded doctors. -Eastern religions believe the gut is the first brain where the link between God and man exists in the mind… Our guts have over 100 million nerve cells— it is shaped like a brain and is what Easterners refer to as the ‘first brain.’ Not only does the skull brain continually take direction from the guy, but this is where intuition comes from.

What if that same artist when taking photos of humans or other animals created by God-the-One-by-Any-Name could also photograph the same spiraled energy vortexes coming out of, or around humans and animals they photographed? Is every human capable of feats of energy during self-preservation, hands-on-healing, and divine prayer/meditation and or co-creation? Targetedartist believes so. For evil or good.

And what about asking God when taking the couple photographs above of another angel-painting to see the energy inside it? An energy which exhibits itself in two photos even after the artist moves positions. Visiting friend has face covered for privacy. And if a ‘nobody’ can photograph divine phenomenon, what could masses of humanity praying and meditating together on one idea do?( Dr. Corkin Cherubini calls himself ‘a nobody’– in his 2014 book: ‘Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity’ because he continually wonders why his US government would spend so many tax dollars having police follow him, and goons with DEWs harass and harm him… when he was a ‘nobody.’)

Let me tell you about angels…

“Angels are everywhere. Native Americans believe rocks to be the oldest, wisest Beings on Earth and that everything: every rock, blade of grass, butterfly, tree, fish, bird, turtle, bear and person contain Spirit. In the Bible, it is recorded how wind and flame represent Holy Spirit. In India, many animals including the cobra, monkey and cow are revered as gods or sacred Beings. Today Scientists in Japan are studying how bodies of water act as sentient Beings by responding to loving thoughts and words of humans. -That includes the water in a cup that a person will drink.

Scientists in US laboratories spend tax dollars studying rocks and crystals but are baffled why there is a release of ‘energy’ upon breaking them apart. Don’t they know God is in everything? This life is short. Our souls, i.e. our spirits live forever.

One of my favorite books is by the FOX NEWS lawyer Mark Anthony, called ‘Never Letting Go’. He is one funny and informative psychic who is plagued by those on the other side who want him to deliver messages to the living.

What if ‘no matter’ how hard we look into our subatomic microscopes, humankind will never understand how sacred all of life is? How mystical and magical? As Earth’s population explodes, more people are seeing angels. Regardless if you feel alone, what you cannot ‘see’ exists. Right beside you. Humans are always just a heartbeat away from the other side.

In the 2010 ‘Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic’ by Dorothy G. Maclean she talks about being able to talk to and see the ‘fairies’ or ‘angels’ of all living and inanimate things. Even houses, cars, cities and nations, have their angels. Maclean, was the only gardener among all the ‘psychics’ to invoke God’s name while speaking with the plant’s angels, who were working at the 1972 Findhorn Foundation gardens in Scotland. Under her love and the help of God, her communication grew luxurious, huge, happy vegetables and ornamental plants grew out of the pure sand on a wind ravaged cliff. Findhorn, inspired countless scientists from around the world to visit and attempt to scientifically figure out how the garden grew so well, but the researchers never figured it out.

Einstein’s physics work led him at the end of his life to discover what he called an intelligent ‘matrix’ of nothingness from which all of matter emerged from. Einstein hypothesized that this same ‘matrix’ could be God. Everything around us is made from the same atomic stuff, in different quantities and arrangements… and each human experiences life and death through our perceptions and gifts depending on how well we can relate to- the other ‘atomic stuff’ around us. Einstein: “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” Did Einstein know that what you cannot see exists and to ‘imagine it’ creates its physical ‘reality’ on earth. Our earth -the multi-dimensional planet, has humans living on it that are multi-dimensional beings.

The Persian poet Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” He also wrote: “Let the waters settle, you will see stars and moon mirrored in your Being.”

The earths’ surface and everything on it including humans, resonates at 7.83 Hertz. Renown scientist and professor Valerie V. Hunt was one of the first who researched energy data in relation to humans. She found when people create anything… knit a sweater, grow a garden, paint, dance, write, sing… the energy their minds use touches a higher consciousness directly to Great Spirit, that co-creates a field bringing a no-thing into third dimensional being. To consciously call on God-the-One-By-Any-Name while creating anything, is to bring divinity to Earth with intent.

To create and love are the greatest acts a person can perform while alive on this good Earth. To practice ‘free will’ and consciously put life before money is another great act. Angels are everywhere.” -Copyright 2016 by targetedartist.wordpress.com

The truth is that humans have been taught since children that to see ‘auras’ or to know what a person is thinking, to heal by touch, to create with God is wrong, sinful, and just crazy. Especially women since time began, have been sent to ‘insane asylums’ for revealing that they are ‘psychic’ or have ‘abilities’.

In the Rennaissance over 2 million women were killed as ‘witches’ for having abilities to assist others with their psychic energy. Catholic monks during the Inquisition would allegedly torture and rape the women until they confessed to ‘having sex with the devil.‘ At which time they were forgiven their sins, sentenced to death but allowed burial in a Christian cemetery. However, the women who didn’t ‘confess’ under torture and rape to having ‘sex with the devil’ and kept repeating their innocence… were eventually labeled ‘witches’, burned at the stake, and had all their property and money confiscated and given to the Catholic church. Heinrich Kramer (1430-1505) wrote the first ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ -a book used for discerning if a woman was a witch. With methods of torture included for the best confessions.

Doesn’t Jesus say to his disciples in the Catholic Bible: John 14:12-14, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” So why do religions and governments today still discredit and attempt to put away professed psychics and great healers? What is their threat to the status quo? The world never changes. What if even just the ‘listed’ and targeted individuals meditated and prayed on one idea for a couple hours… so much change would happen for the better.

In the 1950-60’s the US researched psychic spies. Military higher-ups were convinced computers could be altered by the human minds of psychics. In 2006, Joseph McMoneagle wrote, ‘Memoirs of a psychic spy: the remarkable life of a US Government remote viewer’, which outlines how secret US psychic research is conducted.

We are our greatest hope. We, the people of the Mother Earth are so powerful in our energy created by God-the-One-by-Any-Name. To be humble enough to acknowledge our Creator is to be loving and praising of where we come from and who we are.

License below of a gangstalker believing in their technology, their own power, and AI.

So, what can a targeted individual do when their psychic abilities are being hacked and blocked? Only know that what God has given can never be taken away. Believe. And know that God’s greatest gift is free-will. Those who are taking that away from humans have come up against God directly. They may get away with what they do in this brief temporary life on Earth but must stand before God at the end of this very temporary life.

What can a TI do when their psychic ability is being uploaded by government agencies computers and programed into troop ‘helmets’ and for military weapons research? A TI can sit in stillness, breathe deeply and hold the breath inside for a long time with God by their side and see their brain data inside machines disintegrate into sheer light. (Breathing deeply and long during DEW attacks has assisted many TIs in changing their EMP, making targeting almost impossible, and the energy impact less.)

When laying down, a handful of magnets put into metallic empty coffee bags and placed at specific target locations on the human body are known to disperse the DEW attack to that area. (If you get a magnet near a cell phone, the reception dies.) Copper wire spirals placed in the ear canal have said to disrupt many DEW attacks to the brain. During the 2018 ‘Pentagon Teleconference on probable use of neuroweapons on US Cuban Diplomats’ it was discussed by 4 US State Department doctors how most neuroweapons enter the body through the ears. Targetedartist transcribed much of the one-hour audio and posted it on March 16, 2019, at https://targetedartist.wordpress.com/2019/03/16/pentagon-teleconference-transcript/ at- https://web.archive.org/web/20180915161211/https://nsiteam.com/probable-use-of-a-neuroweapon-to-affect-personnel-of-us-embassy-in-havana/

Taking choline/inositol as a supplement traditionally assists in brain rejuvenation. Gotu Kola is the ‘brain’ herb traditionally used to raise children’s grade point averages, traditionally said to stop progression of Altheimer’s, and traditionally used to aid in recovery of memory after stroke.

Eating whole, and if possible organic foods, drinking a gallon of carbon-filtered water a day has been known to assist in keeping a body young. But most of all, if one consciously keeps the Creator at their side, and if you can say the name of God mentally, frequently, if not at all times evil is banished. (When a young boy from Maryland in 1949 became possessed and was moved to St. Louis, MO, the Catholic church’s priests could not remove the evil entity harming him so, Archangel Michael came to the boy in a dream and told him to repeat 3 times: “Dominus, Dominus, Dominus” and the demon would leave him. -That is how the boy became healed and grew up to work for NASA. The movie, ‘The Exorcist’ was created from this true story that is reported in the book, ‘Spirits of Saint Louis’ by Robbi Courtaway.) We have power over demons on earth, Jesus said. How many gangstalkers are possessed by demons?

Gloria Benish, author and spiritual healer of several books, such as ‘Go Within or Go Without’ says, “I’m attempting to begin a global peace movement. In the Bible, it says, “It’s easy to pray for those we love,” but we are asked to “pray for our enemy.” She has a Global 8 Prayer that is extremely powerful. It goes something like this: God bless and forgive those who are against us, for they know not what they do. Touch their hearts with Your divine love so they may know Your true spiritual nature and reality. And kiss their foreheads awakening them to Your omnipotent power…

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year, TI friends and non-targeted friends.

Above sign is on TIs home above the front door.

Thank you, God, for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you, God, for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen

Invisibility Covered Up

How does a society that has so much gradually condense and spiral down into a people that allow tyrannical leaders to exist and ‘list’ or name imaginary ‘terrorists’, that are necessary to achieve allocation of government funding for weaponizing inventions and illegally licensing them using involuntary human experimental subjects (called Targeted Individuals, TIs) to profit the medical/military industrial complex?   Even when the supposed ‘terrorists’ reported, surveilled, stalked and targeted with directed energy weapons (DEW) neuroweapons- are obviously law abiding, good US citizens, nothing is done to stop this nationwide crime.   The idea is that if the US does not conduct this inhumane experimentation, Russia and China will and then we will be at their mercy. Because of ‘national security’ are the ‘listed’ and Targeted Individuals -POWs in their own country, in their own states, towns and homes? All for the sake of fear and greed?

In Missouri organized criminal groups the military labels ‘gangstalkers’ remotely DEW torture, rape, mind control and slowly murder (through ‘natural causes’ or ‘accidents’) fine, upstanding US citizens living here, that become involuntary human experimental subjects.  They have committed no crimes. But pretend they have, why are TIs harmed so hideously without a legal trial?  And why are 70% of targeted individuals throughout the world single older women?   

Are women exclusively used as TIs for DEW neuroweapon remote rape and torture because their EMPs reflect a computer image that can be generated into human likeness on film and sold as pornography, or in real-time ‘screened’ by the military elite that have promoted this lucrative retribution program?

Below are photos of where perps in yard knocked over a 5 pound Buddha, crushed a rose at its root-stem -under a window where black marks of some device placed against home marked metal window frame. All in the same week, car wheel well was decorated with spray paint…

Out of Costco in a huge parking lot… Is this the same Springfield, MO Police Officer that attempted to place a TI in 96-hour evaluation hold twice? Sitting in his own vehicle, right next to the TIs’? Why? Don’t believe in coincidences.

Is this alleged off-duty harassment and intimidation?

Do the surveillance crews, gangstalkers, organized criminally insane groups of DEW users, and the alleged corrupted government workers that may be employed inside our police and fire departments, city utilities, etc. actually believe ‘listed’ and targeted individuals are thieves, killers, or just involuntary human experimental subjects needing retribution they are said to be? Targeted Individuals and the ‘listed’ come from all walks of life as teachers, doctors, salesmen, artists, etc… and they are peaceful people working in anti-war groups, environmental activists, whistleblowers, etc.  But no matter what a ‘listed’ or targeted individual supposedly has done to deserve the DEW/neuroweapon attacks, surveillance, and BCI… those attacking them are the criminals.  

And the law does nothing.  Why?

From: “Confessions of a Gang Stalker” AKA Life in the Syndicate – Gang Stalking, Mind Control, and Cults (gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com) ‘Modus Operandi of FBI, CIA and NSA Psychopaths and Terrorists who secretly torture Americans’ – Gang Stalker Confesses… “… I was offered a place in the syndicate. The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police-like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society… The Bureau of Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical officers, etc. Whenever you’re committing a crime for the good of the syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of non- syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and “arrest” you the moment somebody calls 911…”

Gang Stalker Confesses continued: “Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they still generally believe that they’re doing it for a reason….” Gangstalker noted that they like to use, “a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate’s control.”

The power and ‘ownership’ gangstalkers feel towards their nonconsensual human experimental subjects overrides any humanity they were born with or any spiritual connection to God-the-One-by-Any-Name they were created with.  

Object below filled with buckshot found in front yard, the day after talking about how a ‘neighbor’ owns a shotgun. Don’t believe in coincidences.

Have received many emails from targeted individuals saying what Targetedartist believes… that gangstalkers who primarily DEW attack them, act as if they own them.  If you study the Stanford Prison Experiment funded by the US Office of Naval Research in August 1971, it is recorded that just days after the experiment started, the students chosen for their excellence who were ‘guards’ became consumed with power that corrupts absolutely and began exhibiting violent authoritative control over their fellow students who were also chosen for their excellence and designated as ‘prisoners’.  The experiment had to be stopped because there were too many abuses.

Heinous Nazis during the years 1933-1945 consisted of people who were former ‘friends’ with their fellow Jewish citizens but suddenly turned on a dime to perform atrocities against them, all in the name of power.  Ask any psychiatry professor, and they will tell you that when questionnaires are passed out in any university, and students are asked to number the three most sought-after commodities on earth… students want power #1, money #2 and sex #3.

Today’s massive number of inhumane crimes DEW-remotely achieved by gangstalkers across our nation harming millions of US citizens with invisible neuroweapons has been called the ‘silent holocaust.’ Because the crimes committed- the daily streamed energy of neuroweapons to the EMPs of humans- might be as bad or worse than the crimes Nazis committed during WWII. Many experiencing the ‘silent holocaust’ believe it is might be worse because those Jewish people in WWII heinously experimented on, raped and tortured by Nazis COULD SEE THEIR ATTACKERS.   The ‘listed’ and targeted today are alone in the pain and horror inflicted on them by neuroweapons that produce many of the same physical injuries right in the ‘privacy’ of their own homes.

Speaking of holocausts. Photo above shows one of the first nuclear warheads. Please watch the July 2022, New York Nuclear Public Service Announcement, YouTube 2-minute video, that “tells citizens what to do in case of an attack.” Reported by ‘The Telegraph’, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zznmdUJbeU8.

Fixing privacy fences Targetedartist found a path behind the bushes of one fence line at a north rental property: where a gangstalker sits and allegedly DEW targets totally hidden. Empty water bottles were under the bushes in great quantity, as well as a ceramic coffee cup with picture of a man pointing a gun. The cups printing? ‘Good Hunting’. The trash was placed in a garbage can kindly for the rental neighbor.

Many targeted individuals have gangstalkers move next door to them into apartments or houses, for ease of surveillance and remote DEW neuroweapon attacks. 

Often TIs claim gangstalkers appear anytime day or night at the public locations they go to.    DEW/neuroweapons interact with human EMPs to neurologically affect ANY part of a target’s physical body, emotions and brain.  

One TI wrote that in a library reading room where he goes for the daily newspaper- his bowels and bladder are often remotely stimulated with energy weapon vibrations that cause extreme pain and stimulation whereby there is a need to head toward the public restrooms.   Another TI sent an email reporting the same kind of stimulation to her genitals when she is in public places.  Yet at all times TIs usually remain calm and appear ‘normal’ to anyone watching them. Authorities often label the ‘listed’ and TIs with some mental illness if they speak to first responders about the crimes and injuries done by DEW attackers.

It is estimated that perhaps half of all ‘authorities’ in the US are involved in the ‘national security’ DEW cover up or allegedly assist and perform DEW neuroweapon attacks on innocent citizens.

TIs that seek protection and service vowed by first responders, are often labeled ‘schizophrenic’. Again from ‘Gang Stalker Confesses’, he speaks of people who are employed by the ‘syndicate’ wanting to leave the syndicate being labeled similarly… “Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (…or diagnose you with schizophrenia.)

There is a new threat, a physical one reported by CBS NEWS on November 30, 2022 that ‘San Francisco gives approval for police to deploy robots with lethal capabilities’ at https://www.cbsnews.com/news/san-francisco-approval-police-deploy-deadly-lethal-robots/ “Supervisors in San Francisco voted Tuesday to give city police the ability to use potentially lethal, remote-controlled robots in emergency situations — following an emotionally charged debate that reflected divisions on the politically liberal board over support for law enforcement. The vote was 8-3, with the majority agreeing to grant police the option despite strong objections from civil liberties and other police oversight groups. Opponents said the authority would lead to the further militarization of a police force already too aggressive with poor and minority communities…”

“The San Francisco Police Department said it does not have pre-armed robots and has no plans to arm robots with guns. But the department could deploy robots equipped with explosive charges “to contact, incapacitate, or disorient violent, armed, or dangerous suspect” when lives are at stake, SFPD spokesperson Allison Maxie said in a statement. “Robots equipped in this manner would only be used in extreme circumstances to save or prevent further loss of innocent lives,” she said. Supervisors amended the proposal Tuesday to specify that officers could use robots only after using alternative force or de-escalation tactics, or after concluding they would not be able to subdue the suspect through those alternative means. Only a limited number of high-ranking officers could authorize use of robots as a deadly force option…”

“San Francisco police currently have a dozen functioning ground robots used to assess bombs or provide eyes in low visibility situations, the department says. They were acquired between 2010 and 2017, and not once have they been used to deliver an explosive device, police officials said. But explicit authorization was required after a new California law went into effect this year requiring police and sheriff’s departments to inventory military-grade equipment and seek approval for their use… A federal program has long dispensed grenade launchers, camouflage uniforms, bayonets, armored vehicles and other surplus military equipment to help local law enforcement. In 2017, then-President Donald Trump signed an order reviving the Pentagon program after his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, curtailed it in 2015, triggered in part by outrage over the use of military gear during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting death of Michael Brown.

“San Francisco police said late Tuesday that no robots were obtained from military surplus, but some were purchased with federal grant money… Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who voted in favor of the policy authorization, said he was troubled by rhetoric painting the police department as untrustworthy and dangerous… Board President Shamann Walton, who voted against the proposal, pushed back, saying it made him not anti-police, but “pro people of color.” “We continuously are being asked to do things in the name of increasing weaponry and opportunities for negative interaction between the police department and people of color,” he said. “This is just one of those things…” End of article. -Even though most authorities never acknowledge DEW neuroweapons (from the military) are used in TI-attacks by organized crime groups for decades on US citizens inside their own country, the VISIBLE weapons devices remotely controlled from the military are not only being used, and sought, but acknowledged and condoned…” Speaking of ‘rhetoric painting a police department as untrust worthy and dangerous…’

After writing the above, a week later the USA TODAY on Dec. 7, 2022 article, ‘San Francisco changes course, bans police use of ‘killer robots’ amid public outrage,’ by Christine Fernando. Evidently ‘we the people’ still rule in some places! At: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2022/12/07/san-francisco-rejects-police-killer-robots/10850743002/

Last year, 60 Springfield, MO police positions came open. Was it because little Springfield, is ranked with St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri as the three cities (in one state) at the top 25 US cities noted for the most violent personal and property crime? There are still 42 positions open for ‘sworn’ officers a year later, Chief Paul Williams said in the November 2022 City Council meeting. Now retired police officers are coming back to the force.

During this same council meeting that the sound was turned down when residents trooped to the podium one by one to voice their opposition to a commercial shop put in a residential neighborhood. The sound went down so low that you could not hear what these citizens were saying from the back of the council room. Two police officers (who spent the entire previous 3 hours of the live city council meeting staring into their iPhones) were told to get up and go into the press room to manually turn down the sound of the live streamed meeting. At the same time, the city council-podium microphone was turned down. Why?

FOX5 New York reported in 2021 that police deployed a robotic dog called a Digidog that was “equipped with cameras, lights, and transmitters. It can navigate using artificial intelligence.”  The Spot model from Boston Dynamics was used in the Bronx and Manhattan.  See video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24jufNhuUSI

In Newsweek from 2-19-22 an article by Peter Barker and Zenger News was reported ‘This Robot Dog is the Latest Recruit at the Police Department’ in St. Petersburg, Florida.  “SPOT, a robotic K9, has joined the police force in St. Petersburg, Florida. “SPOT is a remote-control robotic dog that can climb stairs, open doorknobs and move over rough or uneven terrain,” the St. Petersburg Police Department said in a message it posted along with images of SPOT on social media. “It can be used in extraordinary situations that involve a threat to human life and/or risk for First Responders, including active shooter response, hostage situations, search and rescue in an unstable building, exposure to biological or chemical hazards, mass casualty incidents and natural disasters,” the police department said. The Speer Foundation, created by a St. Petersburg family, which includes the local owners of Realty ONE Group Sunshine, provided the funds to purchase SPOT.”  At https://www.newsweek.com/this-robot-dog-latest-recruit-police-department-1680723 “

Targetedartist’s flesh and blood hound dog in photo above looking stressed after a nighttime DEW attack in 2018.

The human mind is not able to readily accept much less understand the atrocity and horror one person can inflict over another with DEWs that neurologically impact any animal body.  Dogs can be DEW neuroweapon attacked as easily as their humans, an article like this one on ‘How is electro-pollution affecting your pet?’ by Katie B. Kangas, DVM, CNA, CVCP from February 2019 has nothing to do with DEWs, but hints how common electric frequencies in homes harm animals. Think what a gangstalker could do with powerful DEW energy streamed to a chipped dog: https://animalwellnessmagazine.com/electro-pollution-pets/

About a month ago one ‘neighbor’ in Springfield, MO put his fingers through a backyard chain link fence to pet a TI’s dogs.  When the TI-dog-owner whistled at the backdoor 50 feet away for the fur people to come inside, the ‘neighbor’ laughed raucously yelling in a sing song voice, “Your dogs like me!  Your dogs like me! Your dogs like me! And there’s nothing you can do about it!” -This is the same ‘neighbor’ on a YouTube video that can be seen allegedly stealing a camera six feet inside a TIs property line. 

Why does a neighbor always head outside and attempt to speak to a TI when they work in their yard, especially when their wife is away?  And when the TI purposefully stays away from a fence line making communication impossible their dogs, allegedly are DEW remotely targeted in retribution. Instantaneously causing uncharacteristic aggression to each other?  Time and time again, like clockwork in the past month this has allegedly been done. Do gangstalkers not have lives? Do they not know that God sees everything they do and doesn’t care about supposed ‘national security’ efforts when it involves taking free will from humans?

First responders and ‘authorities’ deny DEWs exist: because they are top secret devices/military-programs used in an ‘arms race’ against Russia and China: that are a ‘US national security’ priority.

Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you, God, for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you, God, for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen

REVISED: Seeking Justice

(Revisions in orange colored writing.)  Thomas Jefferson supposedly said, “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” If he really said that… what would he and his friends – Ben Franklin and George Washington think of the National Security Act, Homeland Security and the listing, and targeting of US citizens with directed energy weapons for retribution and nonconsensual experimentation for decades? The ‘listing’ of US citizens causes all their rights to be taken from them without their knowledge or consent. The directed energy targeting of US Cuban Diplomats is the same heinous torture done to US citizens called Targeted Individuals for decades inside US borders.

Talked with a Springfield resident last month about the theft he experienced that made news in our city. We talked about out how Springfield, MO has one of the highest crime rates of any city in the United States coming in at #11 in 2022. Mentioned how my home had been broken into twice and burgled once and how haven’t received much assistance with all the crime going on in the neighborhood of Portland and S. Campbell Ave. He cautioned me, confiding he was a former Springfield, MO police officer. Told him that was great, that I had wanted to be a cop my whole life growing up… Why did he caution me?

Why is it that when a US citizen experiences injustice and injury from poor criminals, or a wealthy person and their corporation… or a corrupt agency or corrupt persons in our country whether it be in the government, first responders, postal service, military or military/medical industrial complex: that these same individuals seeking justice are seen or labeled as ‘anti’ or ‘radical’ or ‘activist’ or ‘whistleblower’ even though a wrong has been done to them? Seeking justice legally, and peacefully is bad?

Why have the powers-that-be in the United States become hostile towards the very citizens in our country who have: Worked within our laws, literally enriched corporations, and many times generously toiled long hours as a volunteer to make our country better?

Weeks of US postage hold mail is missing.

Two postal investigations have been conducted in Springfield, MO since September 9th, regarding a postal carrier, and missing hold mail, yet when the person conducting the investigations calls, she says often during our discussions, “Perhaps your postal carrier just put your hold mail in the wrong box”. OK. With all due respect is that suggestion supposed to make someone feel better about weeks of missing mail, because it was placed in a box near theirs?

Never has the fact been addressed as to why any hold mail was delivered in the first place when the hold-form box to check for ‘pick up’ was clearly checked- and the form signed by a postal worker.

Arrived home on the 8th at night and took mail out of my postal box. In the evening on the 9th after being told by 2 men at ASPS So. Annex that hold mail was delivered, only one piece of mail was there to pick up. When relaying the fact to the postal investigator that only one piece of mail was there, she replied that while monitoring my mail for weeks she has noticed I don’t get very much mail. Told her it is good to be loyal to the people you work for. Said I was always loyal to a former employer of twenty years, Bass Pro Shops.

This is the second time weeks of hold mail has been missing since 2018. All physical evidence during the last four years has been turned in, and copies made at the Post Masters’ office on Chestnut.

Evidence like the last ‘hold form’ that was handed to the Springfield, MO Postmaster’s assistant at the Post Office on Chestnut Expressway to send to the USPS So. Annex… and last month the form was handed in again to copy for the investigations. Several times in recent years my hold forms (was told by So. Annex workers) were allegedly “lost” or, “You never handed one in.” -The very same location the investigating person works at.

Evidence like copies of cards and letters sent back to friends with ‘return to sender’ on them, or ‘no longer lives at this address’. Then there was a copy of a property tax form stamped by a city worker in 2021 with ‘no longer lives at this address,’ because the envelope containing my tax form was sent back to the city. Or how about copious amounts of mail from people called the ‘Attaways’ being delivered to my address for two years. That several times was either handed to Post Master’s assistant who sent it to the USPS South Annex with a note to stop delivering these people’s mail… or to the So. Annex employees themselves- only to receive the exact same mail in my box a day later? And more…

Postal workers are not federal employees according to the experts. But they are US Civil Servants. All the civil servants who are postal workers that I have spoken with and worked with over the past four years have been kind and professional to me.

Only one woman did however consistently suggest that the absence of weeks of hold mail could perhaps be something I might have done? Perhaps I gave box keys for the USPS mail unit to friends? NO. Have never. We discussed many things. How I might not be emptying the box when it got full? No. Then she put me on hold during our 20 minute phone conversation and actually called the postal delivery person in question to speak with them. Afterwards she said, He said the hold-form had the ‘delivery’ box checked. Interesting because days earlier ‘Jay’ the attendant at the South Annex window on Sept. 9th, discussed with me about how the box was clearly checked for ‘pick up’ by addressee. (We were both looking at the form which went to get and then gave me to keep.) And it was on the 9th that Jay also contacted the same postal delivery man to see if he had the hold mail with him. The delivery man told Jay that He was sorry to be delivering my hold mail that day because he had not noticed the box for ‘pick up’ had been checked.

All the ‘he said, she said’ and ‘about-faces’ aside… respectfully ask, where is weeks of hold mail?

The fact is that the ‘listed’, and Targeted Individual often have their mail messed with. Targetedartist’s mail delivery has been in question since 2016. First had the guts to report delivery oddities around 2018. In a 2016 House Oversight Committee, So. Carolina State Rep. Trey Gowdy and a Homeland Security agent only agreed on one thing: ‘Listed’ US citizens were denied their rights without their knowledge.  This ‘listing’ makes McCarthyism look like a day in the park.

From, Are USPS Workers Considered Federal Employees? “The first thing to remember is that a postal employee is not considered an employee by the federal government of the U.S. USPS functions independently as an autonomous agency. It is a branch directly under the executive branch of the federal department, but does not have any taxpayer dollars business.” From, Solved: Is a Postal Service employee considered a civil service retir… “Yes, postal service workers are civil servants and can take the following deduction if it applies.” And from, Is the President a Civil Servant? – Politic Sphere “A civil servant, also known as public servant. It is a “person employed in the public sector by a government department or agency for public sector undertakings”. In most countries, civil servants are employed in central and state governments.”

Former Chief of US Interests Section in Cuba told National Public Radio, US diplomats experienced property crime and home break-ins… “Turning off electricity, rearranging things, emptying water tanks… anything to get at morale.”  -Same is true for US civilians, including mail delivery interruptions.   This is reported as happening to all TIs and the ‘listed’… why?

Enough of US mail. Thank you to all USPS Postal Workers in Springfield, MO for being kind and professional while attempting to find out where weeks of my hold mail went. Please find it.

What is a targeted individual? According to 2022 Wikipedia: “Targeted individual may refer to: The subject of: Mobbing, the bullying or harassment of an individual by a group. Gang stalking… A targeted killing… Targeted surveillance… An individual claiming to experience electronic harassment.”

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) are invented, produced and sold in the US for decades by people like Woody Norris. San Diego’s inventor Woody Norris created, produced and sold US DEWs inside US borders to General Dynamics for multimillion dollar contracts.  In a 2003 NYTs interview he laughingly bragged; DEWs “Instantaneously cause loss of equilibrium, vomiting, migraines… really, we can pretty much pick our ailment” he laughed.  DEWs Human Traffick the targeted because they neurologically affect every aspect of the human body… nothing is sacred, nothing is private.

Targeted Individuals are the nonconsensual human experimental subjects that DEWs are tested on for licensing. If the ‘powers that be ‘list’ anyone they consider to be an ‘undesirable person’ for test subjects- then retribution is lucrative.

What did former NASA Aerospace Engineer, then Missouri State Representative Jim Guest think a targeted individual was? Representative Guest thought TIs needed justice, when he wrote the 2007 legislature:  “For help for the many constituents in our country being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups.  Serious privacy rights violations and physical injuries are caused by these groups and their use of so-called non-lethal weapons on men, women and even children.”  

What did ex-FBI special agent Geral Sosbee say happened to TIs? “FBI and CIA routinely torture, kill, falsely imprison, or force suicide upon targeted individuals using electromagnetic weapons for mind control and nervous system manipulation.” His statements are quoted by the Task Force EU Coalition.

Sept. 2018 Pentagon Teleconference: 4 US State Dept. Doctors concluded US Cuban diplomats “did not suffer physical or mental illness, but DEW neuroweapons injuries”.  -The same is true for US civilians for decades.  

In January 2000, Lockheed Martin Neuroengineer; Dr John D. Norseen, a former Navy pilot, was quoted (US News and World Report, 2000) regarding his research on the electrohypnomentalaphone, a mind reading machine.  Norseen says he is ‘agnostic’ on the moral ramifications, that he’s not a mad scientist – just a dedicated one. “The ethics don’t concern me,” he says, “but they should concern someone else.”’

Targeted Individual, Helena Csorba was murdered by DEWs March 10, 2022.  A retired civil engineer, she assisted TIs by researching the effects of DEWs and creating a change.org petition, “asking for an investigation of the intentionally but surreptitiously pulsed microwave RF Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) at normal, ordinary, everyday, law abiding, innocent people: Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U.S. Citizens.”  Helena wrote in an email, “The pulsed microwave radio-frequency, through-wall devices can specifically vibrate discrete body parts, cause cavitation of tissue, can cause burns, hurt, over-heat the body, cause RF Anesthesia, RF Ablation, causing great havoc to the peace and tranquility and the quality of anyone’s life and destroy their health, in short order.”

This is an article describing ‘shockwaves’, ‘cavitation’, concussions and brain trauma:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-22-the-science-behind-a-party-trick-may-lead-to-a-breakthrough-in-brain-research.html

70% of all Targeted Individuals are single women.

Most TIs are murdered by remote DEW attack to simulate a ‘natural cause death’ such as: heart attack, aneurism, stroke. Otherwise TIs are murdered by car ‘accident’ inside their cars or while walking. Many cars are tampered with outside on the streets, in driveways, or inside auto repair shops. Targetedartist had to buy another car because the ‘repair’ done by two auto shops in the past year allegedly resulted in much bigger issues. Now this ‘new’ car is at the auto shop with the most qualified mechanics that repair Springfield First Responder vehicles. Will keep going to this shop because of their great customer service. And know will continue to receive wonderful car care from them in the future.

Today called the car shop remembering to ask that the chip for door locks be removed from the computer, so no one with a ‘master’ remote key-less system (RKS): can play with ‘new’ car. The RKS is a remote electronic frequency device that can open or lock doors. Had to do same with old car. For years would unlock my car with a key and ‘neighbors’ would lock it before could open. Or would lock car doors with key (my RKS was broken) and the car would unlock. Smart cars can be totally shut down from long distances, would never want one.

Once attempted to unlock my car four times and before I could grab the handle and pull car door open the lock would snap down. Saw a car at the end of driveway with black tinted windows just sitting there early in the morning. Turned to look at the car with hands on hips, then got out my camera. Instantly door locks flew up and open and the perp drove away.

“Hackers and criminals are getting even more sophisticated” says Doug Shuppe from AAA, explaining that new hacking devices can amplify your fob’s signal, which means they can capture it even if you are not next to the vehicle. May 4, 2022 From FOX11 Los Angeles NEWS article, ‘Key fob hacking: How thieves can hack into your car and tips to stop it’. By Christina Gonzalez. At… https://www.foxla.com/news/key-fob-hacking-how-thieves-can-hack-into-your-car-and-tips-to-stop-it

Below is Targetedartist’s, November 2022 art show at the Springfield Library Center:

In 2021 when working on an interview with Dr. Millicent Black about her DEW attacks in Tennessee, realized that her targeting was the worst ever reported. Upon sending her the finished draft of blog post, within hour my aunt’s heart ‘burst’ in St. Louis, MO, she died hours later. Don’t believe in coincidences. Did not publish that investigative report -the first such withdrawal of an article in the 40 years have been free lance journalist. Later that year began new interview with Dr. Black inserting some of the facts from first article again to publish, and my 63 year old brother died in St. Louis, MO in his sleep. Another coincidence?

Couple years ago talking with New York WBAI radio show host Geoff Brady, (who produces ‘In Other News’) mentioned a sweet Arkansas TI friend of mine (from post December 12, 2018 titled, ‘Sabotage’.) Mentioning how this TI was sedated and cut by a doctor. Finished talking with Geoff Brady, got in car with this TI and drove down an Arkansas highway. Half hour after the phone call, a car rolled by with the license plate: ‘I CUT U’ on it. 30 minutes to get a special license on a car to torture TIs on the road. I still have the photo of this license, but it seems to have been removed from this blog’s media site.

Unfortunately was on the phone with this same sweet TI friend and told him I was going to ask for USPS investigation on missing hold mail. An hour later checking his post office box: my friend was struck by a huge white SUV at great speed pulling out from a parking space. My friend was visible on the drivers side window and front windshield. Struck with such force he flew three feet and rolled. A passerby yelled, “It looks like she is going to hit him again!” Only then did the woman completely brake and get out of her car. My beautiful friend is in medical rehabilitation for a broken bone and injuries today.

Just don’t believe in coincidences.

The depth of evil, depravity, and corruption in the name of any ‘civilized’ country’s ‘National Security’ is beyond belief or understanding. Am horrified each and every day supposed human beings perform heinous acts against other people, following orders for blood money, doing ‘reality’ stalking and remote DEW torture. Is the average US citizen completely deceived?

Why is remote 24/7 torture of US citizens TOP SECRET?  Senator Jeanne Shaheen asked the same question urging US Director of National Intelligence Haines to DECLASSIFY all reports of US DEW attacks.  For decades most civilians reporting DEW attacks to first responders were and today still are placed in 96 hour evaluation hold.  Has the US experimented on its citizens in the past without their consent?

In Sept. 2021, NYTs reported on Walter Reed Hospital’s red-splatter commemorative painting entitled: “The Gunshot” painted by a CIA officer injured from “directed energy devices”.  Another CIA patient remarked, “We all wished WE HAD BEEN SHOT.  A VISIBLE injury, so that our colleagues would more readily believe us.”

Why revise and reprint this blog post? Because after publishing it yesterday, was met by a gangstalker that continually hacks a TIs person and public computer. Yesterday he threatened the children of good friends I know. Was it because this post is about two USPS investigations of missing mail? Or because I put his car license and car photo on this blog? Both car photos have since been taken down. Power corrupts absolutely. But this particular gangstalker also comes across as completely criminally insane. Does he not know that God sees everything we do? Does he not know that when his skin falls off and his soul stands naked before God he will be held responsible for taking free will from humans? Free will is God’s greatest gift to humans.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen

Weapons: Seen and Unseen

NOTE: Trouble with hacking on this particular blog post. And a question… Does Microsoft internet service not allow links to this WP blog site when the name targetedartist.wordpress.com or targetedartistpoet is placed in address bar? Today’s references were from other TIs using information from targetedartist.wordpress.com. And several from a woman who stares into a camera calling herself ‘Targeted Artist’ on a site put up 3 months after this blog was created in 2016. Is Microsoft deliberately making it difficult for readers to access targetedartist.wordpress.com, i.e. targetedartistpoet? If so… why? NOTE: Had to edit this post on 10-12-22 due to hacking and print being multicolored in ways not accentuating text. Want to let readers know that since publishing this post levels of microwave and magnetic radiation in home have risen exponentially.

The Ruger AR-556 Semi-Auto Rifle – .223 Remington/5.56 NATO – Black pictured above, is sold on Cabela’s website. Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s on September 25, 2017.

-Little Rock, Arkansas’s THV11, a CBS affiliate: ’13 U.S. Senators to Bass Pro: Change gun policy’ by Thomas Gounley dated 8-12-2015 reported Springfield-based Bass Pro Shops, Nebraska-based Cabela’s and Texas-based EZPawn were asked to stop using the ‘Brady Law loophole’, to ensure that your products do not get into the hands of dangerous individuals.” 

Months earlier 9 members of a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina were murdered by a white supremacist who acquired his weapons with this loophole. Listen, I don’t think people should be shopping in these stores unless they make a commitment to require background checks before they sell guns,” said Sen. Chris Murphy. https://www.thv11.com/article/news/politics/13-us-senators-to-bass-pro-change-gun-policy/91-188890459.

Federal law requires background checks on firearm purchasers. The FBI says 91 percent of those checks are “immediate,” or completed within minutes… but another 9 percent are not. A provision of the Brady Handgun Violence Act allows gun retailers to proceed with a firearms sale after three days if applicant’s background check is still pending. The senators see this “default to proceed” as a loophole. Have Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and EZPawn voluntarily changed their gun policies yet?

Photo of what the Oxford Dictionary defines as a chemtrail: “A visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation.”

The Business of Guns,  ‘Walmart Has Tougher Policies for Background Checks Than the U.S. Government Does’ by Kate Masters from July 16, 2015. Reports, “Last week, FBI director James Comey admitted that alleged Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof obtained a gun by exploiting a loophole in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Through a “default proceed…” Photo of 21 year old neo-Nazi, Roof below.

Masters reports: “Walmart’s own background check policies have surpassed federal requirements since 2002… In a 2000 FBI study, the agency found when a background check takes over 24 hours to complete the buyer is also 20 times more likely to be a prohibited purchaser.

“Walmart realized that it’s just not good practice as a responsible corporate citizen to supply guns to those people,” says Lowy.  Jonathan Lowy, is Chief Legal Counsel and VP of the Legal Action Project of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “Walmart was able to institute this common-sense reform within a matter of days,” he says. “If the biggest retailer in the world can do it, pretty much at the snap of their fingers, it shows that any other gun dealer in America could easily do the same thing.” https://www.thetrace.org/2015/07/walmart-background-checks-ffl-rifles-ammo-shotguns-fbi-nics/

Fast forward to 2022, seven years after the Charleston shooting. Salvador Rolando Ramos, legally bought two semiautomatic rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition, shot his grandmother, then entered Uvalde, Texas grade school and murdered 19 children and two adults. 18 year old Ramos below.

Automatic and semiautomatic weapons are typically not used by hunters to repetitively shoot metal projectiles at herds of deer, fluffles of rabbits, or scurries of squirrels. These weapons are used to shoot many humans at once ‘for self defense’, or for mass-murder. The military uses them to ‘suppress enemy movements’. Yet they are sold over the counter in US gun stores. Why? The lack of laws governing these tangible weapons are staunch compared to those laws barely existing to govern directed energy or ‘neuroweapons’ sold on the internet today.

A 2021 article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information logged in the National Library of Medicine, notes Special Operations Forces have made brain health a medical priority. A new challenge has been identified- ‘unconventionally acquired brain injury’ (UBI). But why is no news agency reporting that this UBI ‘challenge’ is most probably caused by DEWs, or ‘neuroweapons’? From the article: “Although this emerging condition is described as a cluster of neurosensory and cognitive symptoms with unknown etiology/ origin, there remain critical questions about how this diagnosis differs from other brain injuries… UBI can be distinguished from traumatic brain injury (TBI) largely due to an unknown point of injury. The described symptoms otherwise appear to be largely the same as TBI. Likewise, the recommended course of treatment is to follow the Clinical Practice Guidelines for mild TBI/TBI. even if the injury is an actual or suspected UBI. Personnel must be careful to avoid entering sensitive information into the medical record, which may be particularly challenging if identifying the cause involves classified information about an unconventional weapon.” -From https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34105120/ Below is photo of a DEW in use.

In the past month have received emails from two targeted individuals sharing the experiences they have endured during DEW attacks. One email was from a TI reporting he walked up a flight of stairs from his basement by a large picture window in his home, and at the top he was “pushed so hard” for 8 feet “by an unseen force‘ that he had to run to keep upright without falling and ended up against the table in his kitchen. What DEW can do this? In 2013 Scientists in Switzerland found that they were able to use 160 decibel sound waves, at 24,000 hertz to levitate and move objects, without researchers needing ear protection or in some instances hearing anything at all. (Human hearing range rarely exceeds 20,000 hertz.) And NASA engineers suggest radio waves and microwaves can be used to create an invisible ‘force’ or ‘wall’ to either propel, or stop moving objects.

The other TI reported in an email that upon rising from bed where her body is “targeted with directed energy all night” she has to put her bare feet against the ground (no matter what the weather) so as to, “Let out the excessive amount of energy inside my body.” The woman wrote: “My limbs are stiff after a night of targeting, until I ground myself by putting my feet in the dirt. Then the sizzling and tiny vibrations cease when they are absorbed by the earth.”

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen

Lots of News

Two targeted individuals emailed recently. One said, opening front door they saw a pretty regular sight of someone on the sidewalk repeatedly checking their iPhone and looking up at their home. The TI wondered if iPhones issue an alert when ‘listed’ and targeted human EMPs set off a military program triangulating with satellites/cell towers? Or if perps are using a radar program on iPhones, to check where heat signatures register in a home? Wrote back, that have personally been shown the iPhones of two separate perps involved in directed energy targeting. Programs are used to locate and load a TIs EMP with streamed directed energy. The other TI wrote about how, “Ambulance, fire trucks, and police seem to tailgate me a lot. Their trucks and cars parked next to mine in parking lots when I’m grocery shopping, and if I’m walking? So many sirens sound while exercising.” Wrote to them noting data from TI emails and conversations confirm all ‘Listed‘ individuals and TIs suffer harassment, intimidation and slander 24/7, from people in all walks of life. -As well as remote DEW torture and rape that is continually experienced by TIs and the ‘listed’. Victims have been shown DEW weapons by perps.

According to the September 2022 news release by Springfield-Green County Health Department, Springfield, MO’s suicide rate is 60% higher that the national average, Josh Conaway of KSMU news reported on 9-11-22. (Missouri is ranked high, the 18th state in national average for suicide.) Aaron Schekorra the spokesman for Springfield’s health department said, “So that ends up being, if you work that out, one person in the Springfield community dying by suicide every five and a half days.” The article: Springfield suicide rate is 60% higher than the national average, officials say (ksmu.org) Of that percentage, the rate of suicide by first responders, especially police officers is higher than the civilian population. (In the past two years over 50 positions in the Springfield, MO Police Department were vacated. Why? Is there any evidence of a schism between fine SPD officers who protect & serve, and those breaking their oaths, and how does this influence SPD officers mental health?) According to June 2022, USA TODAY, ‘Police, firefighters die by suicide more often than in line of duty. Why rates remain high’ by Cady Stanton: “Despite suicide rates for the general population declining by 3 percent, or 1,656 people, from 2019 to 2020, according to CDC data, the rates among first responders showed moderate to no decrease from 2017 to 2020, the Ruderman study found.” Suicide rates remain high for police, firefighters. Where is the help? (usatoday.com)

When you tack on the fact that Springfield, MO is ranked 11th US city in the nation for violent personal and property crime, along with St. Louis, and Kansas City, MO who are listed higher -in the top ten… it is no surprise that in 2020 on a Jeff Bezos news site 247wallst.com, the 2020 article: ‘How the Violent Crime Rate in Missouri Compares to Other States’ by Samuel Stebbins reports that Missouri ranks sixth most violent crime ridden state in the nation. How the Violent Crime Rate in Missouri Compares to Other States – 24/7 Wall St. (247wallst.com)

So the question is why Targetedartist has been told by 2 perps in the last couple years that Springfield police are allegedly working with ‘neighbors’ to compile ‘evidence’ for community legal proceedings on a law-abiding, TI when the crime rate is soaring at this TI’s home? Shouldn’t the SPD be working with TIs who are some of the sanest, most law-abiding citizens in the nation?

Springfield, MO police officers say they do not believe DEWs exist, and Springfield City Council and Mayor do not create city laws against the use of DEWs. (God bless Springfield, MO first responders, City Council and Mayor.) Minnesota, Maine and Michigan actually have state laws banning neuroweapons that can be bought by civilians on the internet. The language used in these DEW-laws in all three states and in UN law refer to DEWs as ‘weapons of mass destruction, used by terrorists.’

Could the lack of an SPD up-to-date education about neuroweapons/DEW technology be the main reason violent crime and suicide rates in Springfield, MO are among the highest in our nation? Are Springfield, MO perps involved in DEW targeting committing suicide, because they feel guilty about having jobs that pay well for them to remotely torture, rape and murder law-abiding, good men, women and children? Only God knows.

A fascinating October 2021 article by Ben Norton, about how Canada is working with NATO on cognitive warfare from the ‘Grayzone’ news site- founded and edited by Max Blumenthal is at https://thegrayzone.com/2021/10/08/nato-cognitive-warfare-brain/ -Our US covert government allegedly the CIA, has used ‘listed’ and targeted individuals for decades in non-consensual human experimentation with cognitive warfare devices known as BCI and DEWs. Are the Canadians catching up?

Please watch targeted individual Mariana Maritato express herself beautifully in 2018 before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abusehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iebicm2b-tM

Springfield, MO was the meth capital of the US in the 1990’s. March 30, 2020 Lauren Barnas of KOLR-10 OZARKS FIRST News ‘Investigated: Is Missouri still the meth capital?‘ reported that Missouri had the highest meth lab busts (2,927 in all) in the US. with 189 in Greene County alone, noting since 2004 these labs are now outside the US. In 2021 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention verified, “Missouri’s overdose deaths topped 2,000, an increase of nearly 12%…” in an article at: https://www.dea.gov/engage/operation-engage-kansascity. Then, in a May 17, 2022 an article by Lisa Cox, (at https://health.mo.gov/news/newsitem/uuid/8a7cef2f-64e2-46a1-ba51-c6a4194762ef/missouri-launches-dashboard-displaying-opioid-overdose-related-data), the Missouri Department of Health noted our state ranks 32nd for a “19% increase” of fatal drug overdoses, involving opioids.

Has the decades old drug culture in Springfield, MO produced families of criminals active in retribution and experimentation programs against TIs and the ‘listed’? Do gangstalker-parents use their own children to assist their criminal activities? Many TIs have seen children used to monitor and/or commit crimes against their parent’s victims.

Targetedartist speaks to the Springfield, MO City Council and Mayor of Springfield, MO in 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCGe4UKFhd4&t=185s and again in 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiQlLBecAws

Missouri has had neuroweapon/DEW crime for decades:

Love this wonderful news segment from KMIR-TV News in Palm Springs, California which aired ‘Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment’ on MSNBC news ‘You Ask and We Investigate’! This MSNBC affiliate serves the Coachella Valley in California and is based in Santa Monica. A YouTube video created by the MSNBC-KMIR’s news reporter Angela Monroe on Nov. 12, 2012 records the original news broadcast on KMIR-TV at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6dk0MCOur8&list=LLpXLAI1Cq2f6CciExBsjxAg&index=9 -Thank you Angela Monroe, MSNBC and KMIR-TV.

-Those using DEWs not only can hack human EMPs, but any electronic device. Are homes and cars outfitted during ‘break-ins’ with items such as the ‘WiFi security camera, audio and video’, or the ‘audio RF wireless listening device , with a distance up to 300 meters? If a home is not broken into, perps who live next door can stay inside and listen with devices like the a ‘parabolic device that amplifies 8X sound for long distance listening,’ and the ‘100m spy bionic ear‘. Prices for all the above ‘spy’ tech ranged mostly under $50 and was found on ‘security’ websites on the internet.

In a 26 minute YouTube video Targetedartist reports a history of crime and violence in and around a Springfield, MO home, at: https://youtu.be/HS83gmUTHuM

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen

Truth is Bad?

In grade school we are told that our country was founded on liberty. Liberty from truth. Truth derived from evidence. Evidence culminating in justice from legal precedence, expert spoken and written facts, as well as eye witness testimony. All over the world people seek justice. Except it seems in the United States, where truth is unwanted? One of the biggest unsolved crimes in US history is just waiting to be taken from ‘cold case files’ and reopened: but US citizens refuse to know the horrific truth about what happened on 9-11-2001. Because the truth about 9/11 is horrific.

So awful, that most of US citizens did not know until months and years later that a third building fell ion 9/11 that wasn’t hit by a plane,. World Trade Center 47 story Building 7 collapsed in 6 second free fall after the Twin Towers fell. No high-rise steal building has ever fallen down due to fire in the history of the world. Video below shows WTC7 standing behind BBC reporter Jane Stanley’s left shoulder for twenty minutes as she announces it had already collapsed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GcjP9KVR7E.

In a documentary every US citizen needs to watch the 2008- ‘9/11: Blueprint for Truth- The Architecture of Destruction’ Richard Gage speaks at a Canadian University about the WTC starting with Building 7 noting: “The 911 Commission who was sworn to give us the complete, fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11 did not even mention the building in one page, or one sentence of their 571 page report. Max Cleland for this and other reasons resigned from the Commission stating “This is a national scandal, this investigation is compromised.” Cleland who died in 2021 was a Senator from Georgia, and a disabled US Army Vietnam Vet who received the ‘Silver and Bronze Stars’ for commendable actions in combat.

Three buildings free-fell in seconds on 9/11 and one hero in photo above, NYFD Firefighter First Responder, Paul Isaac is quoted as saying.   “I know 9/11 was an inside job.  The police know it’s an inside job and the firemen know it too.”  No high-rise steal beamed building in history has ever fallen in free-fall unless demolished with explosives or directed energy weapons.

Experts studying the WTC free-fall collapses believe nano-thermate charges were placed on every steel column on each floor.   While in Dr. Judy Wood’s 2010 book ‘Where Did the Towers Go? Directed Free-Energy Technology on 911’ gives forensic analysis of evidence of a large directed energy weapon (similar to the DEW: HAARP) being used to demolish the WTCs from the top down.   Some experts believe both methods (nano-thermate and DEWs) were used in the demolition and free-fall of two of the tallest, steel beamed buildings on earth for them to collapse straight down into their ‘footprints’. 

Not relating Dr. Wood’s theory. The March 1, 2007 Vermont Guardian,  “Structural Engineer questions the WTC collapses:  ‘Why the towers fell: two theories’ By William Rice, P.E.  Richard Gage said, “The interesting fact is that each of these 110-story Twin Towers fell upon itself in about ten seconds at nearly free-fall speed.  This violates Newton’s Law of Conservation of Momentum that would require that as the stationary inertia of each floor is overcome by being hit, the mass (weight) increases and the free-fall speed decreases.”  And, “Even if Newton’s Law is ignored, the prevailing theory would have us believe that each of the Twin Towers inexplicably collapsed upon itself crushing all 2677 (287) massive columns on each floor while maintaining a free-fall speed as if the 100,000 or more tons of supporting structural-steel framework underneath didn’t exist.”

Many heroic first responders spoke the truth about what happened on 9/11:

NYFD firefighter Joseph Meola:  “It looked like the building was blowing out on all four sides.  We actually heard the pops.”

Hero NYFD firefighter Edward Cachia:  “It actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit… We originally had thought there was like an internal detonation, explosives, because it went in succession, boom, boom, boom, boom and then the tower came down.”

Hero NYFD Battalion Chief Orio Joseph Palmer was rescuing civilians, when he reached the 78th floor of WTC2 ten minutes before it  ‘collapsed’.   Gage notes: Chief Palmer  radioed his men on the ground saying: “We can knock it (the fire) out with 2 lines, (2 hoses)”.  The fire was virtually out.  Chief Palmer died just minutes after his radio announcement: as did over 300 firefighters that day. 

Hero NYFD firefighter Craig Bartner told the truth:  “All the whole time you’re hearing, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.  I think I know an explosion when I hear it.  I was really close to building 7 when it fell down.  That’s one of the things I live with all the time… it didn’t sound like just a building falling down.  There is a lot of eyewitness testimony hearing explosions.  I didn’t see any reason for that building to fall down the way it did.  And a lot of guys should be saying the same thing.”   https://youtu.be/XiIT4HInWjY

Hero NYFD Kenneth Rogers:  “There was an explosions in the south tower… I kept watching.  Floor after floor after floor.  One floor under another after another… It looked like a synchronized deliberate kind of thing.”

Truthful FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney. “We’re currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the city of New York for this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night (September 10), and went into action on Tuesday morning. And not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site.”   -9-11-2001, Tom Kenney to Dan Rather, during TV interview, Sept. 13, 2001. Gage notes Guiliani was there with FEMA on Sept. 10, 2001:  “Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani gave testimony to the 9-11 Commission, the testimony was not included in the 9-11 Commission Report.   

Richard Gage can be seen in the business suit second from left in photo.

The WTC construction was completed in 1971 by the Lower Manhattan Association /David Rockefeller and brother Nelson Rockefeller Governor in 1960. By 1980’s requests made by WTC owners to the NY Port Authority to demolish the buildings were denied due to heavy asbestos content.   In 1998 NY Port Authority privatized WTC.  And on January 2001 Larry Silverstein made a $3.2 billion bid to lease-purchase the WTC and won.  

Gage notes foreknowledge on 911:  “Airline flights had transponders all turned off at same time.  NORAD stands down for 11/2 hours…  Stock market Put Options -millions made on the fated airlines.”  And “ACE Elevator Company spent 9 months before 911 ‘modernizing’ the Twin Tower’s elevators, from the shafts all steel beams of core were accessible.  ACE Elevator went out of business after 911.”  

http://www.ae911truth.org is supported by caring, thinking citizens: prominent engineers, architects and other hard working people. Gage notes that 911 Truth is seeking justice not only for US victims of 911…  but for the millions of innocents in 2 countries murdered when the US created 2 wars as pay-back, and sent troops to avenge the WTC. 

Thank you to the Architects for Truth 9/11, founder Richard Gage.  And thank you to the New York Times Newspaper https://911truth.org/destruction-of-the-world-trade-center-why-the-official-account-cannot-be-true/  -Thank you.

It is my opinion that most gangstalkers and any US citizen participating in harassing, torturing, slandering, and experimenting on the ‘listed’ and targeted individuals is working for the US citizens that orchestrated 9/11.

Have heard from several TIs that when traveling on airlines their luggage is searched without the TSA leaving any ‘search’ notice inside. Packages are unwrapped, and contents messed up. How is it possible that this is happening in our country? One TI noted that they are constantly searched in the security line and every single thing in their carry one is taken out and looked into.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.


“POEM: Thank you targeted individuals for being here transmitting your beautiful frequency in a world half full of creatures hungry with power. Life thread fraying before surprised DEW-bloodshot eyes. No whites, but pinks. Horror stranger than a rabbit hole. Never give in. You, TI are incredible.

Manufactured dreams, scripted reality, staged games, remote DEW, neuroweapon torture and remote rape. Brain computer interface. Are you ‘acting different’ after years of energized dark Night falling horizontal in an exhausted body? Rising from bed as a bullseye holding God’s hand tight. You are honorable and good. Never give up.

Adaptation a gift. -So extreme minute by minute, hour after hour, day upon day of NEVER DOUBTING WHO YOU ARE. Never questioning WHO is this TI? Careful. Rational. Law-abiding. No addictions. Honest.

TIs are exceptional. TIs are true. There is no ‘why’. There is now, and knowing you are loved. Only you can assist you.

God the One by Any Name, created humans in God’s image. Passing second after second of endurance tests. The criminally insane use energy, to steal a TI’s time. There is no privacy. God’s greatest gift to us is free-will. Virtual reality creeping into the third dimension. Barely noticeable to those entranced. TIs know what no one wants to know for survival… -As a physicist says, “Nothing is real.” A nanoparticle can streak through the earth in a millisecond.

TIs are told they can only exist outside US borders, or as government paystubs. Believe in yourself. You exist.

Keeping soul in body with song, as vibration interferes targeting. Singing heals burning, stings, vibrations, sizzling, entrainment, and much more. A broken heart cracked open experiencing the power-over pleasure of people streaming through a TI invisibly, harmfully still drums. Beating turning over into yesterday, flipping into tomorrow with one thump, a heartbeat away from heaven.

And where is todays plan? Eating, working, shitting, showering, driving, writing, reading? The mind is mapped and mined, so TIs have to jump over looted data to change before those working to discredit and destroy lock on a body’s electromagnetic pulse. Sleep? Don’t panic. Breathe deeply after laying down pushing out stomach, this also changes your EMP. Calming body to a different frequency.

TIs are POWs in our own countries, in our own states, in our own towns, and homes… undeclared civil war, a silent holocaust where invisible weapons rule and power hungry youth are above the law. The New World Order subdues the best and the brightest. Remember to remember yourself. Do something to bring joy.

With those who are loved-unawakened… Smile, talk about grocery prices, gardening, weather. But never, ever shake sleeping friends, family, authorities with confessions… of a reality that is true beyond anything taught in school. They might question. WHO ARE YOU? Or give you advice on what TV show to watch to bring you back into the fold. OR maybe someone will take you shopping… to feel better. Or police suggest a 96 hour evaluation hold. You can always say, “No thank you.” Hold your face to the sky and drink in the azul of God’s face.

The alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet. Brave survivor, transcending neuroweapon attacks with nanosecond-brain-lurching-flexibility.

Miracle of breathe and laughter: You make a difference merely by existing TI! When the alarm clock finally goes off, it will be too late… unless a miracle happens. Time is short. Never give up. You are beautiful.

Did you not know? Brain waves can be virus’s glitching the status quo of mass-mind frequency? Cleaning the earth. Banishing evil. Who are you? A hero.

Targeted individuals are smarter, kinder, more caring and talented. Highly intelligent, courageous souls. Sheer energy examples of love in action. -THAT is a targeted individual. BRAVE. COURAGEOUS.

Thank you targeted individuals for being here transmitting a frequency of God in the beauty of Great Spirit’s creation. Nothing can take God’s beauty from you. Nothing can take you from you. God is right by your side.

-This poem has ended.

Remember our TIs working to assist us from the other side: on this lovely blue planet.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.

Gloria Naylor My Hero

Gloria Naylor was born 1-25-1950 and died 9-28-2016. Her parents were sharecroppers in Mississippi, who then moved to Harlem, New York where her dad became a transit worker and her mom a telephone operator, and Gloria was born. Naylor tested into advanced classes in high school, and after Martin Luther King Jr. died  she took time off as a missionary. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1981, and an MA degree in African-American studies at Yale University.

Read Gloria Naylor’s 2005 book ‘1996’ in 2017. God bless her, that book changed my life. But it seems in 2022, five years laterNothing has changed in the condition of directed energy weapon targeting of US citizens, except for more knowledge about this technology, and renewed denials of all TI evidence across the board from authorities inside the United States, and Springfield, MO. You have to be OUTSIDE the US to have directed energy weapons affect you… or you must be a government employee and suffer just certain injuries to be believed.  -That is what is going on today.

Got her book at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri from MOBIUS. It documents Gloria Naylor’s attacks with microwave weapons and V2K (Voice to Skull) weapons.  It is sad to read that someone of stature (an incredibly accomplished author and poet who received the National Book Award for her first novel ‘The Women of Brewster Place,’) went through such horrible trauma.  (Like all TIs do.)  Gloria Naylor became a targeted individual when a neighbor encouraged law officials and the NSA to go after her by lying that she was “dealing drugs.” The woman had a brother in the NSA. Gloria, an African American, had just acquired a ‘summer cottage’ in an all white area of a small town.

Life is so interesting.  While reading the book was so shocked that someone else was going through what happens in Springfield, MO.   Still do not want to believe such evil exists.   Even though TIs are being soft-killed (military term for ‘non-lethal’ DEWs) by cowards who hide, don’t want to believe it.   Medicine-people of indigenous tribes never accept physical reality.  So even though researching non-stop for facts… have never, ever believed what is happening, even though DEW attacks cause such pain and harm to physical bodies.   A tightrope to walk.  (To not believe in physical reality makes it less third dimensional, less ‘real’, Medicine people say.)  What we believe in becomes more.  -Today’s research by physicists prove this to be true.  And any medicine man can tell you that by not believing in physical reality is how miracles occur with assistance from God.

Naylor wrote about great ‘community participation’.  That she had ‘…practically become a prisoner in her own home.’  -Which many TIs mention also.  Naylor was followed 24/7.  Her garden/yard poisoned, things moved constantly in her home, cameras with listening devices in home and car, synchronized noise when attempting to sleep or stepped outside.  When she never fell into depression and left town.  NSA ordered the local stalkers to raise all assault levels in stalking, and remote microwave mind-reading of agents sending her their thoughts began.    

After levels were raised and Naylor did not fall to pieces, the ‘community’ around her upgraded attacks and a remote weapon began to read her thoughts.

Naylor saw a counselor then, and he was approached by the NSA for her files.  After refusing to give them he was audited by the IRS.  He did not believe Naylor had done ANYTHING to warrant a “national security risk” as they suggested.

In Naylor’s ‘1996’ her goodness and simplicity shines through.  Regardless, she did CUSS at her stalkers, experimenters and the agents in her own mind and outloud in the privacy of her own home.  Most TIs do the same, it is fascinating how everything a TI says is heard, and everything a TI does in the privacy of their own home is seen.  Even though it is impossible to hear anything outside my home that I would say inside because of a thoroughfare right out front and the fact that all my windows have been closed for years… a rental neighbor placed signs in her windows facing my home.

Similarly as do most TIs stalkers and experimenters, they began to hate Gloria Nalor because they were assigned to drive her crazy, and she just wasn’t going crazy.  She also always uncovered their surveillance, as she was smarter than they were.  Thought-suggestions of suicide were projected into her skull 24/7.   Even the local police were ordered to drive Naylor crazy.  When police stopped wanting to stalk her anymore, they told American zealots who don’t question authority to follow her everywhere from the community.

Naylor would run to new living locations, but the NSA always followed securing rentals around her, or in the case of people owning their own places: the NSA took over a room in their homes and surveilled/attacked from there.  “Drug dealing and national security” was the slander the NSA or police used to get their way.  It was not uncommon for Gloria to see up to 50 cars follow her in shifts of 2-5 cars, and she always took down their licenses.  

There were only a couple rooms in her new living space that she could use and not be remotely directed energy weapon or neuroweapon tortured.  -Most TIs express the same about their homes.  Naylor finally realized her torturers would follow her anywhere and wrote: “At first there was a flush of anger, and then I became very sad.  I stopped asking “Why?” a long time ago.  Now it was, “What kind of people would do this?”  Didn’t any of them, as individuals, question the insanity of all this?  Or were they just blindly following orders?”

She documented: “Even though you’ve learned through a lifetime of experience that some things need to be shoved aside if you’re going to go on.  You are changed by an experience like mine.  I would no longer look at this country with the same innocence as before.”

The first time Naylor when to a library to look up what was happening to her after months of torture, she educated herself on DEWs, gangstalkers, and authorities behind the attacks… and saved herself.  Libraries became her haven.  The same is true for many TIs.  By devouring information on what was happening she outsmarted her cowardly attackers more and more.  They became so angry because she was making their job difficult.  So they looped V2K ‘thoughts’ in her skull over and over.  At that point she stopped responding in thoughts to them and shut her brain down.  When she had one thought that squeezed out, that they were ‘monsters’, they responded: “We’re not monsters, bitch.  You’re the monster.”  It is fascinating to most TI’s that the criminally insane attacking them take great offense when their ‘victims’ know who they are, or say mean things about them in the ‘privacy’ of their brains or own homes. Below see signs facing a TIs home, a skull in one window and handwritten admonition in another: “Shut the F___ up!”

Above sign in right window facing a Springfield, MO TIs home says: “Shut the F__K up!” The TI says that when horrible levels of dangerous radiation in her home hit extreme highs, or spot specific painful targeting of organs, or remote DEW rape occurs with directed energy weapons, she will tell her perp-neighbor what she thinks of them in the privacy of her own home where all windows are shut closed at all times.

Naylor’s awards included, 1983 National Book Award, 1985 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, 1986 Candace Award and National Coalition of 100 Black Women, 1988 Guggenheim Award, 1989 Lillian Smith Award. Naylor’s books educated readers about poverty, racism and homophobia through critically and popularly acclaimed fiction. 

Gloria’s book, though labeled as ‘fiction’ has the main character bearing her name.  At the end of ‘1996’ she lists litigation against the NSA by John St. Clair Akewei filed in Washington D.C. (Civil Action 1:92-cv-00449.)  The lawsuit defines- ‘Communications intelligence, (from Fort Meade in Maryland;)  Signals intelligence remote computer tampering;   Detecting EMF fields in humans for surveillance;   EMF brain stimulation for remote neural monitoring and electronic brain link:   Two-way electronic brain-link:   Remote monitoring/tracking:  Spotters and walk-bys in metropolitan areas (gangstalkers;)   Chemicals and drugs into residential buildings with hidden NSA-installed and maintained plastic plumbing lines;   Brief overview of proprietary U.S. intelligence/anti-terrorist equipment.’  No action was EVER taken against the NSA employees named in the litigation, which would be due to ‘national security’. 

Naylor believes that research is what ‘saved’ her. At the end of her book, she includes a review of Cheryl Welsh’s,  ‘2003 Survey of Evidence Regarding Mind Control Experiments,’ from January 3, 2003.  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists carried Cheryl Welsh’s article ‘Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now’ on June 16, 2009.  Welsh who in 2007 graduated from Lincoln law School in Sacramento, is the director of a nonprofit ‘Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, (now Mind Justice.)  She writes, “A strong case can be made that the US, Russia and major countries are developing and conducting classified and control non-consensual experiments.” 

Cheryl refers to DEW’s as directed electromagnetic radiation weapons or EMRs.  She reports, “Human rights experts and top political figures make comparisons of EMR s to the atomic bomb, the most powerful weapons on earth.  Freedom of thought can be obliterated with EMR weapons’ attack on the brain in addition to the body. … EMR weapons are silent, undetectable and leave no trace.”  She writes, “Mind control weapons are a serious enough threat to be included alongside nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in a document published by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research.”   Noting that TIs also experience directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons attack the mind and body- causing forced muscle movements, sexual manipulation and abuse,  thought reading, and thoughts projected to target mind. And more.

Welsh documents,  ‘black bag intelligence tactics surrounding these EMRs include: mail tampering, manipulation of electronic equipment, forcing moving cars sideways with electromagnetic frequencies, heavy blows to body or exploding objects in home, and finally wrenching a person’s home or building structure to crack, causing loud noises encouraging sleep deprivation.   And ends her article by listing US and Russian mind control projects, as well as political discussions and legislation of mind control weapons.   

From National Public Radio, January 23, 2006: ‘1996’: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government’ by Ed Gordon. An interview with Gloria Naylor:

ED GORDON, host speaks:

“Novelist Gloria Naylor is best known for writing critically-acclaimed, African-American literature, including the Women of Brewster Place. However, Naylor’s latest offering falls into that ambiguous category some call fictionalized memoir. Once more, this somewhat true personal story is centered around Naylor’s conspiracy theories about government surveillence and mind control. The book is titled 1996. That’s the year it first became apparent to Naylor that she was being spied on.

Ms. GLORIA NAYLOR: “Since many of these things did happen to the real Gloria Naylor, by using myself as a protagonist, I was able to have the book act partly as a catharsis. Basically, what 1996 is about, it’s about our loss of privacy in this country, that the government has moved well beyond just the simple following of people, and the tapping of their phones. But they now have technology that is able to decode the brain patterns, and to detect what people are actually thinking. And they have another technology called microwave hearing, where they can actually input words into your head, bypassing your ears.

Now, these are both, both of these technologies are documented, and people have patents for part of the process. So, what I wanted to do in 1996 was to say to my fellow Americans, is that we have to be vigilant about any attacks on our civil liberties, even innocuous attacks, because they can snowball and lead to other things.”

GORDON: “Now, we should know the book is centered around an island off of South Carolina, where you go to enjoy there, and write, and tend to a garden. And then, as the account of the book suggests, your tranquility is ruined.”

Ms. NAYLOR: “I realize at one point, that I was being followed, and then I began to see the surveillance that was going past the road on my house. And so, these cars began to surveil me. People began to follow me around, and it did, it was very disrupting to think that your privacy was being violated, and for no reason that I could come up with. Since I’m not, basically, a political writer, I’m a fiction writer, for the most part. And so, I just didn’t, I didn’t understand it. I knew about COINTELPRO, which is because I’m African-American, and in those years, the FBI did many shameful things to disrupt black nationalist organizations. But since I wasn’t a part of any of that, I thought that I would be immune, basically, from the government having any interest in me.”

GORDON: “But let me play devil’s advocate, Gloria. There are going to be people who are going to say, just based on what you just said, why would the government follow you? What interest would they have? Etcetera, etcetera. Here’s a woman who’s just simply, underline, paranoid.”

Ms. NAYLOR: “Well, what I can say to them is this: it’s the same thing that happens when a child is abused by a trusted adult. Now, that child will go to some parents and tell them these things. They will be believed by some of the parents. Some of the parents will never believe that Uncle George could be doing these things to their little girl. So, it’s either that you’re gonna believe me, or you’re not going to believe me, and I couldn’t worry about that. I worried about it a little bit, Ed, to be truthful with you.”

GORDON: Mm-hmm.

Ms. NAYLOR: “That people would think, well, she just had a nervous breakdown. But when I really sat and thought about for a long time, I realized I can’t worry about what reception this news is going to be received in. I wrote what I felt I had to write, and I’m willing to put my own sanity and my reputation behind it.”

GORDON: And why you?

Ms. NAYLOR: I have no idea why me.

GORDON: Mm-hmm.

Ms. NAYLOR: “I think I just ran into the wrong people at the wrong time, and like the book shows, what starts from a very innocent dispute with a neighbor cascades and cascades and cascades into a whole production.”

GORDON: “Gloria, let me get your thought when, a couple of weeks ago, you saw the headline, like most of us did, about the White House, and the tapping of American citizens.”

Ms. NAYLOR: Yeah, yeah.

GORDON: “With this book, you must have not been surprised, but I would think you, it caused you to sit straight up.”

Ms. NAYLOR: “I was surprised that it even came out. And like the New York Times themselves admitted, they sat on the story for a whole year. And that’s part of why we don’t know the truth of many of these black operations that go on. And because of one, the patriotism of some people in the news media, because of the improbability that you would be believed if you became a whistle-blower, all of that lets these abuses flourish. The intelligence community, for the most part, has not accountability at all; to the Congress, to us the American people, and so they feel that they above the law. And every blue moon, something likes this Times Manifesto will come out, and people will say to themselves, my God, I had no idea that’s going on.”

“What I believe is that a lot more than that is going on. This is just the tip of the iceberg that happened to get exposed.”

GORDON: “Fiction writer Gloria Naylor, her latest book is titled ‘1996’. -Copyright © 2006 NPR. All rights reserved.”  -Thank you NPR and Ed Gordon. At: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5168026

God bless, Gloria Naylor who died ten years after this interview on September 28, 2016.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for protecting, loving, guiding, healing and watching over all TIs, our families and friends and everything and everyone we love. Thank you for especially watching over and healing all TI children and TI pets. God, your greatest gift to us is free-will and those DEW/BCI attacking TIs are taking away Your greatest gift to humankind. God thank you for bringing the Network Collective of gangstalkers and experimenters to justice. We love you, Amen.