What is this place?  Scream it top of lungs.  Scarring throat.  Falling prostrate at the wayside.  Crawling in vegetation off the blacktop.  Rats racing uninterested.  Can’t blame them their self-induced ignorance.  Safety net.  No longer homogenized, run into the woods.  Illusional technological reality quicker than the eye.  Magicians disguised as judges and juries.  Ruling law, resonant energy vibrations.  What do you see? Doesn’t matter this disbelief.  Validation, respect, gratitude flourishes inside; lucky to be alive.  All that is left… to be reborn.  Abated breath.  Waiting… to track the disguised.  My murder buried in the sweet earth.  Will find you, will find all of you.  A personal bridge between this world and the other side.

Plastic reality inhabitants- your premise is wrong.  Faked news, government actors, unholy experimenting scientists, military directors, wealthy owning them all. Money, mammon inside and out throughout time.  Programmable organic computers walking and talking daily working and dying.  Ground troops as pawns. In a cosmic game of chess.  Hearts aching to drink, but turning away fluttering. Small white moth reminiscent of resurrection.  Nationalized passion synthetically strong.  Americans apathetic in their beds.  Don’t think anymore… did they ever think?  Intravenously fed.

Stepped into the eye of my own hurricane.  ‘You are never to go there’ a voice said, power source unimaginable.  Falling in focus.  Off balance half in, half out of center. Buffeted stillness.  Know thyself.  Lawbreakers eventually become human.  In the end they all die.  Time does not finish crime.  Evil is tattooed, embedded in hearts… on the walls of internal organs.  Forsaken frequency of prayer.  Kneel for a miracle, listen.  Hearing, ‘Let me show you how…’  Forbidden power apprehended.  Trees manifest as tall angels.  Extensive roots, moving on the ground seeking justice. Sacred, ancient boulders, rocks rolling, crushing conquering- So be it, Amen.


‘The Hundredth Monkey’ a book by Ken Keyes, Jr. is based on the Japanese monkey, Macaca Fuscata.   Young monkeys learned from a wise mother to wash their food between 1952-1958.  After the hundredth monkey learned to wash their food, scientists found by evening the entire tribe; (even those far over the ocean, at Takasakiyama) also began cleaning their food.   The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that a small amount of animals/people may learn something new, but they create an ideological break through or critical awareness communicated from mind to mind instantaneously for all of mankind.  Maybe if enough people read this blog, everyone will  comprehend what the Network is.

Last night felt and heard the tapping on my aluminum head gear which woke me from sleep.  Wasn’t scared at all.  I’ve been educating myself nonstop as of a month ago.  There are many directed energy weapons out there in use.  One of these is called ‘The Touch of God.’  Which utilizes condensed microwaves to mimic the touch of a finger on skin or or as in my case, tapping an aluminum helmet.  (At which point I yelled, “What are you, in the second grade or something?  Just leave me alone.  You bullying cowards make a game out of torture, rape and murder.  I’ve read about the Touch of God Machine.  Leave me alone!”)  Sometimes when you yell they do leave you alone.  There were many expletives involved which I did not add for the sake of being civilized in a blog about torture.

I wake up after a horrendous night and stumble outside in the morning to see beautiful flowers and trees.  Or go out at night to see the stars in the sky. Sometimes flee the house from harsh targeting in day time and go to a store… see people innocently talking with their children, or smelling fruit to pick from a table. It seems so impossible, but targeting it is happening to me and hundreds of thousands of Americans.   BiggerThanSnowden.com has eight short profiles of professional people being targeted by directed energy weapons and gangstalking.

There are DEW’s that are called ‘voice to skull’ one of them being ‘The Voice of God.’   Not to be confused with brain/computer interface machines where live conversation can be heard from the experimenters microphones.  Hollywood has assisted in producing pornographically violent images that can be projected into people’s head through DEW’s.  And then there is the ‘Puke Machine,’ which when trained on a person causes instant prolific vomiting.  Our tax dollars have been put to good use by the CIA, FBI, NSA and our military.   OUR TAX DOLLARS!

As for me, the past week has been extremely harsh in the targeting of my stomach. Urination is becoming quite difficult because of this; sorry but must document for posterity.  As an herbalist, and healthy person am doing everything to combat the constant onslaught of microwaves being used to harm me.  Thank you for reading. Please share if you have twitter or face book so Americans know what is happening in our country.  Thank you.


The brain is the last physical frontier.  Most people consider their brain to be a private place, the last bastion of self.  With earthlings voluntarily interfacing with their televisions, computers, cell phones, i-Pods,  smartphones, radios and tablets is a choice to experience a loss in awareness of one’s surroundings, influenced by frequencies affecting the physical brain.  Tempus Fugit (time flies) when one is zoned out.  How much does the average person believe in themselves? How much do you believe in yourself?   When you read autobiographies of people living through horrendous events, many times the survivor indicates that through sheer belief they were able to live, while those around them died.  How does one believe in oneself totally and absolutely?  A person will never know how until tested.

If you believe in God; do you believe in yourself first and then God?  Or do you believe in God first and then yourself?  My own answer changed throughout life depending on what was happening at the time.  Parents understand it is very important for children to believe in themselves first, and then their parents. Otherwise the child could become physically or mentally dependent upon their parents as adults.  Autonomy is a good thing if it goes hand in hand with self-belief, not just rebellion.   Many religions claim we are created in God’s image,  with the spark of God within each and every one of us- or we would not support our body otherwise.  This ‘spark’ is the soul religions say.

Nothing can touch the soul.  It is perfect at all times regardless what happens to the physical body it houses.  The hundreds of gangstalkers I’ve been privileged to see over a period of four years have an energy around them of subjugation.  If a soul is ‘lost’ it is still within the body providing the energy to support it; however the brain of this person has turned away from their own light.  The light of God.  God by any other name is the One God.

Who are gangstalkers around me?  Many use their children as ‘cover’ so they appear as wholesome people.   The few gangstalkers seen outside their cars are very defiant when you ‘watch’ them.  They look at you as with such hatred; as if you deserve what they are paid to do to you.  They are very proud and loyal for the most part, and yet the grey energy  around each one of them implies defeat.   Interestingly many speak on phones as if I cannot hear them talking about about targeting me.    Most look like they have survived hellish lives. A few are young affluent people involved for a thrill and paycheck.

Awoke last night at about 3 am from a picture flashing through my brain of a man sitting at a computer looking straight at me, pressing a button on the computer, then saying, “you’re in.”  Does this mean the 3-4 hours of sleep last night gave them time to totally interface my brain on their computer after weeks of them working on it?  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  I wish it was.  -Our government allows us knowledge of the toy helmets on the market that move small cars with brain waves.

I am more ‘open’ minded then ever.  Oops another good pun… after finding ‘BiggerThanSnowden.com’ site.   In the past three weeks heard total conversations in brain while subjected to the worst torture imaginable from microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons on physical body.  -Which scientists and doctors experience that are highlighted in above website.  It is good to know we are not alone.

I do not become alarmed by hearing these conversations of interrogators; because this is my brain!  If I become afraid of my own brain, am lost.  This no doubt is what they want.  In award winning author Gloria Naylor’s ‘1996’ book outlining the voice to skull technology used against her- she found places to be where the technology would not work and kept her sanity.

Realize by not deciphering the experimentation done to me, the better off I will be. To just exist would be the most prudent form of ‘action’ to take.  ‘Be in the present’ as a most beloved relative likes to say.  All I can trust is breath prayers.  Nothing else inside my brain will be allowed to be relevant again.  The fact that I write my thoughts daily to help other targeted individuals is a blueprint in and of itself.   But by helping others, help myself- no matter how they use what I write- against me.

As a psychic I know we on earth are never alone.  Never.  Our angels are always present.  God’s spark inside us is accessible at all times if we look to God.  Every member of the Network Collective is watched by God and passed relatives.  It may be a covert organization but what they think they are doing in secret is knowledge throughout the universe and beyond.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

gangstalker1  Mr. Urich

The last two nights have had about four hours sleep total.  Directed energy weapons on my stomach nonstop.  Must have done something the Network considers ‘wrong’  because at one point electrocution was so bad, felt my stomach would literally rip open.  The most horrible feeling.  The flesh on stomach top was actually jiggling from impact of pulse of whatever EMF wave they were targeting me with.

Brain computer interface going on both nights also.  Am detached as witness while  listening to conversations going on in brain between subconscious levels.  At the same time experiencing and listening too experimentation done by the Network collective researchers working out of the rental neighbors two-story yellow brick house.  These last two nights when intense torture happening this neighbor’s car is conspicuously missing- perhaps she cannot ‘stomach’ intense torture.  Good pun eh?  (A targeted individual has to laugh.)

Instead a white truck delivered a man in light blue dress shirt and dark suit pants who got out and went into the back door with a satchel.   Then another man got into the truck and drove it away.  This truck  was always present during the two nights of intense torture.  Since posting neighbors ‘visiting’ car license plates, no one else comes to the drive anymore.  The man in white truck delivers experimenters.

neighbor that drives a white truck.jpg

This morning sorry to say, but documenting, urine smelled like it came out of a urine bag at a hospital.  (Volunteer Candy Striped four summers in highschool at St. Louis Barnes Hospital Complex spent two summers transporting wheelchair bound people with urine bags.)  I know they are killing me.  It is an odd feeling to go home after spending hours each day at library writing this and know that at night I will be baked and fried by illegal, directed energy weapons.   I am forced to leave my home to keep healthy.   In the daytime the assaults are less intense energy at home,  but hurt and harm non-the-less.  Have no where to go, the Network is there.  Have done everything humanly possible to help myself.  Am watching my own slow murder. With no help in sight.

In old news  Popular Science magazine an article by Clay Dillow August 24, 2010 reports on an ‘experimental’ microwave device called ‘Raytheon’s Assault Intervention Device’ that was installed in Pitchess Detention Center in California to ‘bring the pain’ when 65 prisoners in dormitory housing misbehave.  The device; mounted on a high wall penetrates the skin, but ‘does no damage.’  A similar device was used in Afghanistan but was recalled to the states.  It is a machine 3′ by 3′ by 6’tall.  Definitely not hand-held.

In more old news… the New Scientist, David Hambling explains that Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio (MEDUSA) uses ‘a beam of microwaves to induce uncomfortable auditory sensations in the skull’ and ‘exploits the microwave audio effect in which short microwave pulses to rapidly heat tissue, and cause shockwave inside skull detected by ears.’  MEDUSA can also cause brain damage from high-intensity shockwave of microwave pulse.

At one point last night, awoke to intense heat going into left ear and it felt like a liquid was dripping out of same ear hole.  God only knows why this is being done to left ear.   When I am asleep wonder just what programming is going on in my brain.

Today in meditation heard; “No one can make you do anything you do not want to do.”   Good.   An angel’s voice has advised me, since the age of six.  Have been photographing spirits since 1970’s.  ‘See’ angels and spirits since second grade.

The voice of interrogators and researchers are new as of brain computer interface, rape, and torture- beginning June 2016.  After remotely raped in a hotel with directed energy weapons heard the voice of a former boss piped into my cranium.  He said contemptuously, “I made you who you are.”   I was an artist and journalist, a Medicine Woman and an herbalist before working twenty years for him…   No one but God made me who I am.

More old news:  In a Washington Post article from 1-14-2007 on ‘Electronic Harassment and Voices in the head, “An academic paper written for the Air Force mid-1990’s mentions idea of weapons using sound waves to send words into people’s heads.’ ‘The signal can be a ‘message from God’ …‘  In 2002 the Air Force Research Lab patented sending microwaves into skulls as words.  The patent was based on human experimentation. ‘In October of 1994 the Air Force scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of their human subjects.‘  Just think of the weapons technology today.

On a lighter note.  Saw an invisibility suited coward again yesterday.  Was sitting in  back yard in the cool morning drinking coffee.  Saw what looked like a heat ‘mirage’ wavering above six foot tall slat wood privacy fence.   In back of this fence a chain link secures the yard for dogs.  At the same time the mirage was visible, birds startled and flew away.  Guess the guy jumped onto the top of the chain fence and leaned against the privacy fence.  Then I heard a metallic clink.  (Heard running on a relatives roof the footfalls were light weight and metallic.  The suit uses some type of ‘thrusters’ to leap onto roofs; and move in hyper-speed.)

Visiting friends out west was sitting- saying the Rosary on their front porch.  Too baked/fried from directed energy weapons to sleep.  This same ‘heat mirage’ was seen on a very cool night at 3 am on neighbors lawn across the street.   Said in a regular speaking voice looking directly at the mirage, “Coward.”  Then heard movement on grass to the front door of house.   Heard door open and shut; but  no one exited or entered.   Knew then ‘mirage’ is signature of invisibility suit movement. To make invisibility material scientists bend light around the surface of the suit refracting it.  A ‘heat mirage’ effect denotes when the suit is in action.  So that is good to know. You can see outlines of suit and a ‘mirage’ effect of movement.  Thank you for reading.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

Roberta Blackgoat  1918-2002, lived on Big Mountain a Navajo reservation in Arizona. Roberta believed the Mother Earth’s coal was her liver.  The water her blood.  She said that uranium was the Mother’s lungs.  In ‘Forgotten People’ Roberta is quoted as saying, “All the suffering going on in this country with the tornadoes, floods and earthquakes is carried on the breath of Mother Earth because she is in pain…They are trying to take her precious guts out for money. ”   This peaceful, holy woman spent her life protecting the rights of her people.

Most United States citizens believe that they have rights.  The right to free speech is so important.  But people are being murdered, tortured, harassed, intimidated, raped and brainwashed because they have spoken their minds.  How does this make us any different from Putin’s Russia?

Gathering and keeping evidence is one of the most important aspects of survival a targeted individual can have.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

who-is-this-bps-manager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquarters-at-bps1 Brent- head of all Security?

In 1983 a friend and I studied Native American Shamanism under a Cherokee tribal Chief, who said we could never tell his stories, and I never have.  As a child, books on artists and Native Americans were my reading material.  In grade school, interrupted my mother’s ironing to tell her that ‘in my last life’  was a great Native American warrior, a man.  Please understand my upbringing was in a Republican, strict Catholic, three square meals a day, (with all the food groups recommended by the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration;) white, middle class family.   She stopped ironing aghast; “Where did you learn about reincarnation?”  Didn’t know what that word meant, didn’t understand it once she explained it to me.  Told her, ‘just know I was a Native American warrior once.’

As an adult, after the studies ended with the Native American Chief,  I looked up in the sky one morning to see a cloud in the shape of a giant rattlesnake, scales, tail and all.  Didn’t own a camera at the time.  Called the Chief and he said that Mother Earth was responding to my quest to be a Medicine Woman.  Was excited and honored.

It hurt my heart to learn as a young adult that the ‘reservations’ most Native Americans live on in our affluent country are considered to have living conditions no better than those in Third World countries.  That is what I saw in Israel too.  The ‘Palestinian Territories’ reminded me of our Native American reservations.  I love Israel and I love the United States but to this day we subjugate indigenous people in our respective countries.

Psychic ability runs in my family.   This ability, plus the gift of being able to talk with trees, I used when working in Native American Shamanism.  When I stopped going to church every week about 12 years ago still continued to say the rosary to beloved Mother Mary several times a day.  For the past twenty-two years have practiced Native American full and new moon ceremonies inside a Medicine Wheel of rocks that I collected since the age of seven.  Between the two ‘religions’ and my breath prayers-  feel in touch enough with God to exist on this planet while being targeted with directed energy weapons, brain computer interfaced and remotely and electronically tortured and raped.

Because psychic ability runs in my family- believe that most of us have been targeted at one time or another by our government.  Since 1979 the CIA, NSA, FBI, Army Intelligence and Security Command and Secret Service conducted 100 ‘secret’ projects on ESP.  

11-12-2015 in Newsweek Magazine an article, ‘Meet the Former Pentagon Scientist Who Says Psychics Can Help American Spies,’ by Jim Popkin reporting on CIA and NSA funding of psychokinesis experiments, remote viewing and ESP studies  were spurred on by the Soviet Union’s interest in psychic spies.  The Air Force, Army, Defense Intelligence Agency and Congress bankrolled and protected these programs.  Army’s Fort Meade in Maryland became a secret psychic operational home.

Then in 1995 Congress asked the CIA to cancel or take over these programs.  Most were shut down. Now outside funding by wealthy people continues some of the research.  One huge pharmaceutical empire ‘BIAL’ owned by Luis Portela, funded ESP projects run by Edwin May in California. (From 1985-1995 May served as research director of the Pentagon’s ESP program in California.)  Porteal has said, he tries to comprehend why humanity and religion- ‘Accept too easily some phenomena, so-called mysteries or miracles… ‘ while scientists ‘…denied those phenomena, claiming they did not exist.’   Now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing millions of dollars in the Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) program to interface brains with computers.

Worked as a newspaper reporter in Arkansas for ten years, and interviewed a man running from the government.   He had apprenticed under the best U.S. Vietnam War sharpshooter.  This sharpshooter claimed he used an ‘entity’ that enabled him to see like a hawk hundreds of feet away.  This psychic never missed a shot.  After the war ended he was detained at a west coast military base.  This man was informed he would not be released until he told the military how to contact and  work with the ‘entity.’  The military officials said this ‘entity’ would be used as a ‘secret’ weapon for the U.S.  The psychic refused to cooperate and eventually escaped to live in the Ozarks in an abandoned cabin.

The man I was interviewing met the psychic accidentally and the sharpshooter made him his apprentice, took him to his cabin and taught him how to access the entity. Then sharpshooter fell ill.  He told his young friend that two black helicopters without any sound flew over his cabin and sprayed some kind of chemical.  Within a week he was dead.

The young man told me the government then approached him and wanted him to work with them and the ‘entity’ to create the perfect weapon.  He also declined their  offer.   After we talked- he and his family literally hopped into their car loaded with luggage and got out of town, leaving their home behind as these law abiding citizens ran from our government.  That was in 1991.  I don’t think the government’s interest in psychics has waned any since then.

FOX News was always playing in the break room where I worked for twenty years. A FOX News lawyer Mark Anthony, wrote a book about his psychic ability, ‘Evidence of Eternity.‘  It is great.  He tells about being besieged by ‘dead people’ on almost a daily basis, wanting to get messages to their families.  He is accredited, well-known and believed.

Been thinking about why my eyes were targeted so much.  I have the ability to see ghosts since childhood.   These living beings exist on different frequency.  If my eyes and brain can see frequencies outside the ‘norm’ then perhaps that is why I had the unfortunate ability to see those invisibility suits before our government wanted us to know about them.  The light bending qualities of these suits were detected by my naked eye twice at night and once during daytime hours.  What better way to ensure I never see them again but to target my eyesight?   Or were they targeting my pineal gland- some call this gland the ‘third eye.’   Was someone making sure that I don’t ‘see’ with psychic ability anymore?

When angry I speak to those holding the DEW’s, while in the privacy of my own home.  Listening devices are in home and phones for four years now.  When taking flash shots with a camera at night I hear the cowards on my roof startle to the point of almost falling off.  When really tortured with DEW’s grab antique wooden baseball bat and head outside into fenced back yard at night to hear them run up the roof.  (Men with illegal directed energy weapons wearing invisibility suits, in fear of a woman with a baseball bat?)  This is why they are cowards.

But if a person were able to hit an invisibly suited coward with a baseball bat in home, or inside fenced property?   – That suit wouldn’t be protection at all.

A neighbor in yellow brick house is part of the Network Collective.  Horribly tortured mistakenly ran to tell her about what was happening one night, she just sat like a deer in the headlights.

Saw her in a supermarket parking lot sitting in her car, and went straight over to ask point blank if she thought the gangstalkers would kill me?   Caught off guard she responded truthfully before thinking, “I don’t think they want to kill you. I think they will stop after the elections.”   After the elections they didn’t stop.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

Toms and Brent


After being targeted with directed energy weapons for several long months believe myself to be dying in Springfield, MO.

There are five stages of death.  First is denial.  I really don’t want to believe someone is torturing and experimenting on me.  That is not a rational thing for someone to do and I have committed no crimes.  

Because am a law abiding citizen did everything a rational person would.  Called Springfield City Utilities, (thinking it had to be an electric wire malfunctioning.)  Then called Fire Department for a safety home inspection…  Then bought an EMF reader because no responder that I called for help had an EMF reader!   Odd in a city this size, don’t you think?

Under advisement of Russel an employee from City Utilities, ‘grounded‘ my home.   Spending more money on this endeavor.  Two six foot long copper rods on two sides of house connected with wire did nothing to alleviate electrocution.  Still refused to believe I was being assaulted even when the kind man ‘grounding’ my home said: there were microwave and electromagnetic wave weapons.  This was news to me.

Next stage of dying is anger.  Dog-gone-straight was I angry those first months of being targeted with directed energy weapons!    Health-nut my whole life, eating with ceramic or wooden utensils because could ‘taste’ metal.  My tiny dorm-room style refrigerator way back in the fireplace room away from kitchen because just the buzz of electricity was jarring to me.  ANGRY, because here I was using  aluminum foil as protection when aluminum replaces the copper in the brain and is considered to be the primary cause of Alzheimer’s.  But supposedly aluminum blocks microwaves.

Kept buying more and more products to stop the electrocution with directed energy weapons, that I didn’t believe was happening.  Products purchased with a credit card.  Angry to be acquiring debt.  Angry to be in such pain.  Terrible, horrible pain.  Angry to be hurt all the time by cowards hiding.  Angry to be remotely and electronically raped and not be able to even see those attacking me.

Next stage of dying, bargaining...   Wrote the owner of my former work place a letter, begging him to stop any surveillance of me.    Took a large, favorite old mermaid painting off the wall, and attached the letter to the back of it- bargaining for my life. Delivered both to the corporate offices of my former employer here in Springfield, Missouri.  Signed the ledger as a visitor, noting I had delivered a gift.  Never heard back.  The targeting with electromagnetic weapons never wavered… in fact got worse.  The bargaining did not work.

Within the week visiting friends, was targeted harder then in my own home.  I guess due to closer proximity of neighbors and hiding places.  (Never told my friend about being targeted to keep them safe.)   When alone in their house heard footfalls sounding like metal cleats touching lightly, running ON THE FLAT ROOF OF THEIR HOME.

Then back home targeting worse than before leaving on trip.   Attempting to do ANYTHING in my own home was almost impossible.  COULD NOT EVEN paint a picture, clean, boxing up possessions to give away, or sell…  When in home anything accomplished was done in constant pain, sizzling, shaking, and took every ounce of energy.   And did I really want to sell a home that was paid for?  All the TI sites said not to run, keep homes.

Called the Springfield City Utility asking for assistance again with the lights that flickered from DEW attacks (hoping to learn more about my attacks.)   Russel came back to check out wires, and I bravely asked Russel what happened ‘to the poor girl,’ he had said was being electrocuted in Springfield.   No answer.  An hour later got a call from my former employer’s head of security Rodney Toms-  didn’t see his message for days.

Rodney Toms and I played phone tag until we finally talked.  Rodney, had no idea why he was asked to call me by the corporate head of security- Brent  Rodney was sorry he hadn’t called sooner- but his child has been ill.  He genuinely sounded like a good man, and innocent.   Rodney asked if I would meet with him.  Said I would be happy to, if the company president, the founder and two women I knew in security there… to discuss what was ‘happening’ to me.  Rodney said he would call back about the meeting, but never did.

After deadly electrocution that lasted three days non-stop…  (was I being targeted excessively because agreed to a meeting?) called Toms back, and asked if that meeting would ever take place?  Rodney said he had not asked anyone to the meeting, because he didn’t think any would come.   Inquired if Tom’s had been told yet why he was to call me?   Rodney said he found out it was because of ‘some letter.‘  Did he know the letter was attached to very big gift?   He said no.  Then exasperated he asked “What is this all about?”  Suggested he talk with Brent who asked him to call.  Suggested Toms find out what kind of company he worked for.  Did he want me to drop reports at corporate for him to look at evidence of what was happening to me?   He said no.

The letter he referred to was brought by corporate a month earlier.  Toms called me an hour after I spoke with Russel an employee of Springfield, MO City Utilities.   Toms call had nothing to do with the letter attached to a gift.  His call was meant to intimidate me for giving City Utilities Russel a report about being targeted in Springfield, MO.  Toms was a pawn of Brent- head of security.

In the last two weeks have accepted the reality that my former employer has paid the Network Collective to kill me.  (Or maybe it was just Brent- head of all security, acting on what he believes is best for the firm?)  I accept the fact that their targeting will kill me.   Don’t condone DEW attacks on my person, but have gone through all the stages of death and finally accept am being slowly murdered.

It was great to stumble on a site for TI’s and find out while leaving a message there, that I could have a blog on WordPress.

When you are being tortured it helps to have a voice.   Once my site was up and running called Toms back and left message on his phone about viewing the evidence of what was being done to me on “targetedartist.wordpress.com.”   He must have called Brent after reading this site.  Brent must have called his buddy Carlos Curly at the Springfield Police Department.   

Found a message from a policeman on land line days later.   Carlos Curly said I was to come and meet him at the station to talk.  His voice sounded like a good old boy.  He said- former employer did not want me to send any more ‘letters‘ (only sent one attached to a gift) or call them (had made one phone call to secretary of president.  Then Toms called me and left messages to call back.

Tried to reach the police officer, but the number recorded was only a station number, not a detective’s office.  So got in car.  Could only go twenty miles an hour, after being tampered with.   Now have a chain wound through hood grill into bumper so no one can open trunk.

Arriving at the Springfield Police Department took a long time, flashers flashing so people would go around a slow moving vehicle.  Police station just closed five minutes earlier, at 4:00 pm.  A very kind policeman emerged and he attempted to call the officer for me.  Turns out Carlos Curly was not a detective, but worked at the firing range.   The kind policeman took my name and said he would email Curly to let him know I came by.   Thanked him for his kindness and left.

Wondered if I could be arrested for giving a former employer a gift and for answering messages left by Rodney my former employer’s security man?   It doesn’t really matter, nothing really matters when you are being tortured to death.  I accepted whatever would come out of it.  And nothing ever did come of Carlos Curly’s call.   Must of been all intimidation and harassment.  

After writing this blog you are reading now.  Never heard from the firing range officer again.   Good old boy system doesn’t work too well with TI’s writing truth in blogs.

On NPR this morning listened to interview with the new High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.  He is from Jordan.  The interview turned to the subject of torture.

Zeid said there was no exception for the use of torture under any conditions, no matter who the criminal was.  Since I am law abiding, hard working, and a patriotic U.S. citizen, as well as an artist and poet… this ‘no torture’ law applies to me too.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.



If you go to the site ‘My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Towers’ by Veronica Ciandre from March 20, 2010.  In her first page, paragraphs 4-6 she talks of the same symptoms I am experiencing for four months from DEW targeting.  Ciandre noted that she started writing three months after living under cell towers- interestingly I started writing after three months of DEW targeting.

Veronica says, ‘Before three months ago I was healthy, vital and slept like a baby. Didn’t wake with numb hands and feet, body feeling prickly all night and tingling or vibrating almost all day.  I didn’t spend night after night in a hyper active state as though electricity was running through me.’  She talks of bouts of nausea, heart racing, dizzy spells and inability to focus, and concentrate.   –Same, same, same with me!

People might find it hard to believe Veronica she writes, but the giant cell towers on the roof of her apartment are clear cut evidence and proof of what is happening to her.   I have no proof.   Friends hear my story of being targeted with DEW’s and do the best they can- but see in their eyes- pity, and fear for me.  I have no evidence.   Yet Veronica and I have the same symptoms.  The weapons in my neighbors homes, and on my roof are not seen.      -Thank you Ciandre for your blog site and I pray you are well.

First time in my life, took yoga at a wonderful learning facility in Springfield, Missouri.  A gift from a relative.   Loved it.  But the last two classes; I was targeted with a hand-held directed energy weapon!  It is very hard to do sit-ups while being targeted at home, but even more difficult holding a pose in yoga while shaking with electrical/microwave energy.  The next week in class it happened again.   Quietly got out of class and went to the facility’s glass door looking out front of the building into the parking lot.

Immediately a dark-haired woman emerged from a car looking straight at me.  The expression on her face was one of gloating with a really terrible smile.   If I had to expound would say she looked like a demon.

Went back inside my class figuring since I saw her, and could identify her, she would leave me alone.    But no.  Five minutes later, targeting resumed.  Got up quietly, to find the woman talking with a man in the reception area,  six feet on the other side of the wall from where I was in class on a yoga mat.

Her black purse lay stretched out at both ends by something long and pointy inside it, was on the glass coffee table.  One sharp end of the purse pointed in the direction exactly where I had been on the other side of the wall.   When I asked the woman at the desk on the way out, ‘That woman at the table, think I know her… is she going to take a class here?’ The receptionist said, ‘She will be starting a private class.’   Sadly,  never went back, her private class would be the same time as the yoga class I took.

Was offered a visit with friends this summer.  It was all I could do to get on that plane alive.  Targeting with directed energy weapons severely left me quiet ill the weeks before my trip from lack of sleep, nausea from being targeting severely and inability to focus mentally.   Stayed with friends recuperating.  Looked forward to getting four hours sleep on the plane never guessing that a DEW would make it through TSA security.

Once in seat on the plane the beauty of  landscape below had me taking pictures from the plane window.  Suddenly dropped the camera.  Bent to retrieve it from under chair.  Feeling around- my fingers touched what felt like a thin bag with a long, round object in it, but couldn’t find my camera.  The woman behind me held it up grinning oddly.  Thanked her, took a few more pictures then decided to sleep.

Exhausted put head on a pillow leaning up against the window, and the plane started vibrating with electrical energy.  Was the plane having difficulty?  Sat forward.  Not afraid of plane turbulence, closed my eyes.  But noticed my legs sizzling like they do at night, and remembered the bag with cylinder under my chair.

But what about TSA airport security?!  Did the woman disguise this device to look like a flashlight- like the man who showed me a flashlight shaped DEW?  Getting up nerve, reached down again to grab the DEW to hand it over to the stewardess.  Finally I would have evidence!

When I touched the bag, the long device was gone, the empty bag still there.  The woman  behind me said caustically, ‘Drop your camera again?’   She targeted me the entire flight and there wasn’t a thing I could do.   Afterwards the woman and I stood waiting at adjoining gates for our next planes, she watched me the whole time with a horrible smile on her face.   When I got home from my trip began looking in earnest on the internet to find evidence for everything happening – one website of a targeted individual listed being microwaved on a plane.  

Are the TSA, the FAA and the police involved?

How is this possible?  Why are these devices; the size of large flashlights not intercepted?   Homeland Security should be aware that these DEW’s exist.   If knitting needles, nail files and box cutters are not allowed on planes, neither should directed energy weapons be.

Today, I’m exhausted 2-4 hours sleep total in last three nights.   One thing they do while you are going to sleep is to make your muscles twitch, so that your shoulders jerk or your hands flop.  Never before in my life have I had any of these symptoms of shaking, twitching, burning, sizzling, (brain and organs) rattling till your body wakes you up and electrocution.  Feet and hands Charley-horsing into unnatural positions while attempting to relax, all the whites in my eyes blood red in the morning.  The last two nights the targeting was only on my stomach and it was harsh. Consequently there are traces of blood from rectum and vagina.  When not targeted  do not bleed.


My dog Roxanne died within three months from electromagnetic assault meant for me. She was always by my side.  God bless Roxanne.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.



If the people of the world unite without the governments telling them who their enemy is this year…  or their friend the next.  Without the big companies and wealthy exploiting the environment, and getting away with murder.  Without the greatest export the U.S. sells- military hardware to both sides in a conflict:  How many gardens could people grow?  How many public schools could teach art, music, health and physical education again?  How many leaps could be incorporated in a dance? How much art could be hung?  How many homes, factories and vehicles built with renewable energy?

Under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013,  are psychotronic and directed energy weapons allowed to be used against U.S. citizens?  Yes.

Sarah Kershaw in an article published with the New York Times in 2008 “Sharing their Demons on the Web,’ wrote that Representative Jim Guest from Missouri told the Times, “I’ve had enough calls, some from credible people- professors- being targeted by nonlethal weapons…  They have trouble sleeping at night.”  Guest helped to bring one of the only cases to court to stop DEW attack on a Missouri resident and his family- by satellite and hand-held DEW’s.   (Yet when I called Jim Guest this summer to ask him for help with my own DEW targeting?  Guest replied that he help he gave a targeted individual that made global news… “That was all a mistake.”  And quickly ended our conversation.  Obviously the man was scared out of his wits to help anyone else- perhaps Guest has been threatened?) 

Sarah Kershaw wrote that if people report they are being targeted ‘…to the police, doctors or family, they said they were often told they were crazy.’

Sept. 14, 2008 Time magazine had an article on ‘The Army’s Totally Serious Mind-Control Project.’  $4 million was given to the U.S. Army in 2008 to create ‘thought helmets.’  Army neuroscientist  Dr. Elmar Schmeisser overseeing the program, said ‘It’d be radio without the microphone…  Because soldiers are already trained to talk in clean, clear and formulaic ways, it would be a very small step to have them think that way.’  The challenge is to pinpoint speech-related brain waves.

Back in 2009 San Francisco-based Emotiv Systems offered a $299 headset as a commercial version of brain wave technology in a toy.

Going back further in time; Chief Justice Burger oversaw the Supreme Court case of CIA v. SIMS (1985:)   Between l953 and l966 during the Cold War, the CIA (funded with U.S. tax dollars) paid for a program called MKULTRA.   Involving research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials in clandestine operations to control human behavior.  80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. This method of experimentation is now expressly forbidden by Executive Order.  It is against the law.  Yet it continues today clandestinely.

Cointelpro, was the secret war on activists and whistleblowers used by the FBI.

Many think MKULTRA morphed into the Monarch program.

Former CIA director William Colby when asked about Monarch said, Monarch ended between late 1960’s and early 70’s.  But did  Monarch morph into the new Phoenix program?

Prison inmates in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 were experimented on with directed energy weapons for 18 months in exchange for lighter sentences.

I like what James Stanley said.  He was a Master Sergeant in the Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky at age 20 when he agreed to test gas masks, not knowing he would be experimented on.  He was among several thousand people the Army and CIA tested. In 1994 Congress voted to redress his case and after 18 years he was awarded compensation for his suffering.  This Korean and Vietnam combat veteran compared his experiences at Fort Knox to the Nazi tests on camp inmates.  He said, “We tried them at Nuremberg… and then turned around and did the same thing… ” in our own country to our own people.

Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

gangstalker followed everywhere during time off in Hot Springs, Arkansas Gangstalker taking up close and personal photos.

A request by 13 U.S. Senators was made to Bass Pro Shops founder John Morris, and Bass Pro Shops President Jim Hagale,  after 21 year old Dylann Roof went into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered nine church goers on June 17, 2015.

Roof was allowed to buy a gun while his three day background check was still pending due to a ‘default to proceed’ provision in gun law.  The FBI was notified but no one looked at his police report.  FBI director James B. Comey said, ‘… Roof should not have been able to legally buy that gun that day.’

It has been over a year since Bass Pro Shops founder John Morris and President Jim Hagale, received a letter from thirteen senators asking a change in one gun sale policy as a ‘duty to ensure your products do not get into the hands of dangerous individuals.’  But Bass Pro Shops never responded to the letter or to any inquiry  by newspapers.  The FBI reports 91 of most background checks are completed within minutes in most states.  EZ Pawn in Texas was sent the letter, as was Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, (as of Oct. 3, 2016 John Morris/Jim Hagale purchased Cabela’s.)

WallMart joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 2008 and agreed not to sell guns without background checks even if three days passed.

In contention is a provision of the Brady Handgun Violence Act allowing firearm sales to proceed if after three days an applicant background check is still pending.  The thirteen U.S. Senators who sent the letter to Bass Pro Shops are; (Conn.) Richard Blumenthal, and Chris Murphy,  (Mass.) Edward J. Markey,   (Ill.) Dick Durbin,  (Hawaii) Mazie Hirono,  (N.Y.) Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer,  (Cal.) Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer,  (R.I.) Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed,   (Va. )Tim Kaine, and  (N.J.) Robert Menendez.  No Missouri state Senator put their name on that letter, including Claire McCaskill.   On the other hand (Mass.) Senator Chris Murphy put his name on that letter and went further by saying, “Listen, I don’t think people should be shopping in these stores unless they make a commitment to require background checks before they sell guns.” As reported by Thomas Gounley August 12, 2015 in the Springfield News Leader.

unnamed  Los Angeles, CA  billboard.

Once my first disability check arrived,  felt brave to tell family what happened to my job of twenty years.  With $1,059 a month coming in, autonomy was intact- wasn’t destitute any longer.  Most were respectful of the over six months of silence but some were angry.   Surprisingly one relative asked if I would accompany them to Israel to help cook, while they were at business meetings; found myself saying ‘yes.’

When I wasn’t praying or working to get government aid:  watched a foreign movie everyday from the library.  Listening to different languages uplifted me, altering the  environment of my circumstance, and assisted in learning new things about our world.   Most of the movies I watched oddly enough were made in Israel and represented both Palestinian and Israeli viewpoints.    A librarian recommended the book ‘My Promised Land’ by Ari Shavit. It was good.   Felt as if God had prepared me for this gift of a visit to Israel.   At the library checked out ‘In Flight Hebrew.’ By studying this CD for a month, I learned enough Hebrew to shop for groceries and make my time there fun instead of awkward.

Even while in Israel two men stalked me!   One was not happy when I aimed my camera at him.  He scowled and turning away but kept following.  The other man, a very tall Chinese man laughed a lot, but disappeared when I tried to photograph him.  That trip was my first time out of the U.S. besides traveling briefly to Mexico. What a beautiful way to get over twenty years of hard work washed down the drain.

It made me question more than ever, who had the money to pay someone in another country to watch me… and why?  I wasn’t that important.   What were the watchers keeping track of me for?  I started calling them ‘the watchers.’

Back from Israel and in the U.S. kept studying Middle Eastern languages at home with garage sale CDs.  All my life, loved Persian carpets and incorporated their designs and patterns in paintings.

According to ‘martinacable99’ at WordPress.com– ‘learning a foreign language and being on disability are two good reasons people get targeted with directed energy weapons;’ taken from ‘Monarch-the-New-Phoenix-Program-II.

In 2015 was only gangstalked and  wasn’t yet targeted with directed energy weapons. Didn’t know anything about DEW’s or invisibility suits.  Was piecing together what remained of my life after twenty years with one corporation.

Did directed energy weapons attacks start because I learned another language?  Do we really want the United States to ban learning and appreciation of other cultures? Is someone a terrorist just because they learn Middle Eastern languages, listens to their music and loves their culture?  NO.

As winter approached settled out of court for hand injuries to pay the extra $100 heating bills.  Paid off debts.   Thought the stalking would stop then.

But noticed the people following became bolder wanting me to see them.  About that time, realized might never work again.  Began to look at my home.  The electricity was 75 years old and barely worked.  With rest of settlement money hired someone to rewire.  Also bought a whole new black wardrobe from Disabled Vets, and Good Will.  Bought five pair of black new shoes to last the rest of my life.  The brightly colored clothing and footwear reminiscent of my ‘former’ life I gave away.  

People asked ‘why all black clothing?’   Told them various reasons, but the main reason I didn’t tell was to be able to hide from the people following me for years.

At that time didn’t know about ‘heat bodies,’  or through-wall radar, or each human’s electromagnetic pulse that can be identified by a satellite.   Just thought if they were going to try to murder me by ‘suicide;’ murder me by ‘accident;’ or murder me by ‘natural causes’ I could run and hide in black clothing, to attempt to escape them first.  Escape in other Missouri towns is probably not possible.  My former employer owns Springfield, Missouri as well as controls most of what goes on in the state of Missouri.  So would have to run to another state.

Now I know, the Network Collective is everywhere.  There is no safe place from directed energy weapon attack.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Poem: Close your eyes while I pray.

Bless me God, for seeking forbidden truth. Revelations mutating silence. Never believing what society says is good or bad.   Wanting to know myself.  Calamitous existence from the beginning.  As a child understood our world cracked-open. Making sacrificial offerings for family and nation.  Living alone with a vengeance to get something done.  Words mightier than swords spilling out of mouth and pen. Now pretending everything is all right.  Watching, eyes wide open, no evidence.  A witness.  Knowing.  But everyone sleeps.  Thank you God, love you God.  Amen.

The surveillance started in 2012 after filing with employer of twenty years for medical help concerning work related hand/arm injuries.  Former employer immediately sent pictures to a security website that runs nationwide to track ‘persons of interest’ or criminals.  Businesses use photos to track ‘shoplifters and troublemakers.’  My former employer wants live footage.  Everywhere during this first phase of stalking, got lots of attention in stores from loss prevention crews.  Funny at the time; as I could see thieves walking out of Malwart with new boots on their feet and tags on.

This is what happened while visiting a friend down south in Arkansas last week: One night, we made a campfire in the driveway of their four acres.  Roasted organic marshmallows and drank hot chocolate.  Laying back looking up at the twinkling stars, but four drones straight above us repeatedly circled, some doing U-turns.  

To dark to catch evidence of stalking with drones on camera.  My former employer’s store in that state was an hour away.  My former employer sells drones among other things.  If it wasn’t them, then tax money was paying for all this with local authorities involved.  Police vehicles followed inches behind my car, from the moment I got to town.   When leaving this town of 30,000 police followed inches from my bumper, till I got back on the highway for home.  One cop pulled his car over and watched me get on the highway.   These are all intimidation, harassment tactics.

Was followed on the return trip home (231 miles) by an orange Mustang with a black stripe down the middle.   Upon exiting at Evans Road in Springfield, Missouri the Mustang driver pulled out in front, waving and smiling obnoxiously until turning onto the highway heading back south. Could pick him out of a line up.

Out west at another friend’s home, the week before… helicopters hovered repeatedly.  Praying in a secluded area heard neighbors wondering about the helicopters.  A strange man in a black suit and tie, came up to shake hands with me.   Then he got in car and drove away.

Couldn’t sleep on sofa one night, around midnight moved blankets to a cot in their basement.   Instantly helicopters swooped low over house five times!

In restaurants in this western state- diners at adjoining tables used their Smart phones to take video of me.  All intimidation tactics.  They wanted me to know I was always watched.   Believe the neighbors next door to friend are part of surveillance as their two cars never leave when I visit.   At that time laughingly told friends I had a ‘fan club.’  Had no idea this was called ‘gangstalking,’ until went to library to research five years later.  As the stalking got worse, became worried and afraid.  But had no idea gangstalking was OK: compared to torture with directed energy weapons that was yet to come.

Two years after filing for medical help was let go because my work injuries would not heal, even after two surgeries.   After twenty years of making my employer A LOT OF MONEY with my good work ethic.   Receiving Employee of the Year Award over thousands of co-workers.  Was denied unemployment wages by employer due to the way they illegally and falsely maneuvered me out of a job.

While waiting for government foodstamps-  foraged in the 50 by 100 foot city lot my house sits on for food.   Picking up the organic apples laying on the ground that fell from trees planted the first year bought my home 1995- eating dock leaves, grape leaves and dandelion leaves in salads.   Peach leaves for tea.   My ‘yard’ is a huge garden of herbs, fruit and flowers, now overgrown.  Glad this yard sustained me when I had nothing.  Feel sorry for the people who did this to me, as they are going to have to ‘feel’ everything they did to me in their life review upon their natural deaths.  And they will have to face God.

Did not tell family when my job ended.  They would have given lots of advice (as scared people do) and insist I stay with them (as people who love you do.)

Focusing was not easy.  Always having one or two jobs, working hard- NEVER had unpaid bills.  Panic from destitution pressed in.  This went on for months while the gangstalking worsened.  At social services standing in hour long lines, and at social security in two hour lines- realized state and federal agency employees buried in rules, red tape and regulations could care less about the people they saw through two foot square windows.   And in these lines usually two men in orange T-shirts stood at the door watching me.   Intimidation increased.   Was constantly reciting prayers to God for calm.

Didn’t understand why harassment and intimidation intensified once my former employer let me go.  Found out the insurance agent processing my work injury’s had been a manager with my former employer and worked for them for years.   Finally went to seek advice from a lawyer who told me the papers I showed him concerning work injuries contained great errors.   Didn’t want to believe him when he said I was being lied too by my former employers insurance agency.  Didn’t want to get a lawyer.

Once I secured a lawyer, had a deposition, told these lawyers working for my former employer that I was destitute, and without money for the past three months since being let go.

What happened after that deposition?

Suddenly every time I left the house -people around me began dropping large amounts of money -bills on the ground.  Or whole rolls of quarters spilled.  The clincher was at the Station Library, when a twenty-something gangstalker sat beside me at a computer desk.   He then put his billfold stuffed with 20’s hanging out, in the small space between our two computer desks- though ten computer desks ALL AROUND US were empty.   He sat next to me two hours waiting for me to steal  his wallet.  Then I knew-  my former employers of twenty years, wanted me to do something illegal to have me put in jail.  So all the terrible things I knew about them would never be listened to, in a court of law.

My former employer wanted me to do something illegal in desperation to ruin my character.  But I wouldn’t do anything illegal.   I never have.

When there was a four car accident on the corner of Minota and Campbell, I ran out to help.   As usual.  Looked up from a screaming lady and baby,  to see blond haired man with glasses eight feet away taking notes on me.  He smiled when I saw him.   Standing by him was a man with black hair videotaping me.  I could identify both of them in a line up.  The video-taper had the decency to look down in shame.  Again intimidation and harassment, lack of privacy- stalking.

Five months later kneeling all morning in front of my Grandma’s statue of Mother Mary-  the one that miraculously smelled of flowers several times– was astonished by instant, incredible peace and a warm golden light.  Heard clear as a bell; “You will get disability.”  By the end of week was told by government officials that I would be on federal disability for my hand work injuries.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.