It is not so bad when people do not believe when I mention being targeted with directed energy weapons.  That I can handle.  Wasn’t believed when I saw ghosts since age six, yet it runs in the family.  By age ten had an urge to lay my hands on family members when they were sick with headache.  Saw the energy that needed to be pushed up and out for immediate relief from pain, all the while praying to God for help in healing the person was working on.   Guess if I don’t believe in what is happening to me right now,  keeps me going even when shaking and frying at night. When you don’t believe in something you make it that less real.

Voluntarily sat on two city committees for a total of three years where used to live as the lone environmentalist.  Back then we were called ‘radical’ environmentalists for petitioning to put issues such as high level national radioactive repositories on ballets.  We were radical for making Monsanto responsible for having agronomy departments at major universities finish testing their own chemicals for them.  Testing these chemicals on unsuspecting public on city sidewalks and playgrounds in parks.  Today the word ‘radical’ is being thrown around in conjunction with those persons visiting certain ‘terrorist’ web sites.  OK.  But if our authorities are covering up truths about DEW’s,  gangstalking,  9/11 and more; then who is the terrorist?  To question someone’s patriotism because they look truthfully at our world… is against the very freedom of speech this country is founded on.  Or am I wrong?

I will tell you everything about 9/11 that is true.   The former owner of the Twin Towers petitioned the New York Port Authority to ‘demolish’ them because many floors were almost empty of renters, due to poor ventilation, and no windows to speak of.  He was denied demolition on the grounds that the building was full of asbestos, and there would be no way to contain this.  He sold the Twin Towers to new owner who immediately acquired ‘terrorist insurance’ which had never been done/allowed before in American history; the return on this insurance was huge.  President George Bush’s brother then became head of security at the Twin Towers months before they fell.   Many days a few elevators were being ‘serviced’ and shut down… and excess to the entire building’s structure was available through the elevator shafts.  Charges were set on all the major beams which were ridiculously many.

Like the Empire State building that weathered a plane flying into  it decades ago… the Twin Towers were so reinforced and strong that four planes could have flown into one building and it would still be standing today.   Hours before the ‘attack’ Vice President Cheney sequestered himself in an underground bunker and ordered the military jets (that fly after planes which go off course) to STAND DOWN.  After the planes hit the buildings and their jet fuel fires were out, you could see people standing near the edge of the holes, by the planes- waving.   They believed the disaster to be over.  When the charges were set off the two buildings fell straight down into their ‘footprints’ because the job of demolition was perfectly executed. Then many hours later a 47 story ‘building 7‘ that was not hit by a ‘terrorist’ on a plane, also fell perfectly, instantly into its ‘footprint.’

And finally we see our President sitting quietly in a school not reacting to the news. Was there  no reaction because Bush felt guilty about all the people murdered that day, just so a new building could be constructed in New York?    Was Bush too embarrassed to fake an emotion like shock?

Made a 5′ by 6,’ 9/11 painting in a period of two weeks- painting, as usual after I got home from work… with lots and lots of angels in it to mark the 3,000 plus people sacrificed in those two buildings (and two planes-) for the sake of greed.   Is the American public really that asleep not to see past the anger inside them, the hatred inside them; to honestly want to blame someone but us?  To blame ‘terrorists’ to start a war, to help our economy and secure oil fields is more murder on all our souls.  When in reality Britain and the U.S. government concocted the story about 911 and carried out the plans.

We are our government, never forget that.  It doesn’t matter how many guns we own, how advanced our technology if we kill and torture the good people in America who tell the truth…  (the activists, whistle blowers…) who will be left to stand up to authority? 

I’ve made a deal with God. If you read Mother Theresa’s unauthorized biography, you will find she proclaims that she will not go to heaven after death.  Instead she will stay on the earth as the “Dark Angel,” to minister to those in darkness and desolation.  I am no saint, cuss a lot at home in my darkest hours- especially at those on my roof electrocuting me.  One day I hope to be an avenging angel.

It was Einstein who said “Imagination is more important than knowledge…”  He said, “The divine reveals itself in the physical world,” and “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe- a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”  In 2016 physicist Michio Kaku reported that he has a string theory (which assumes some material particles are ‘vibrational states,’) that defines the existence of God.   Kaku say that he has concluded, “We are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,” and stated, “This means that in all probability, there is an unknown force that governs everything.”

For me, God exists as surely as a bee landing on the velvet purple of a flower petal. Before these scientists decided there is infinite intelligence in everything, the Native Americans knew that the Great Spirit existed in every blade of grass, rock, and animal. Prayer keeps my mind free from computer subjugation while I am awake.  The Monks from centuries ago used breathe prayer to keep their minds focused.  They would choose a seven syllable prayer, like ‘Thank you God for my life now.’ Then mentally say this prayer in conjunction with every breath they took.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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