How and why did I become a targeted individual?

When Negroes, wanted to change their name to ‘black people,’ my father didn’t understand that, or why they marched for their rights.  He remarked, “Why do they keep wanting more…”  On TV the white policemen on horses beat women walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965.  Even at the age of eight, even when my father didn’t understand what black people wanted, I believed these white cops were horrible, terrible people.   And believed that EVERY person should have the same rights as white MEN.

When we lived four years in Paris, Tennessee black people could only shop two days of the week on the town square (and if found there at any other time were arrested,) this law was bad to me.  Stooping over to drink from water fountains in parks with small metal signs hanging on them that said ‘whites only,’  didn’t think my mother’s explanation made sense.  I began yelling in the park at the unfairness of a black person not being able to drink, my mother became fearful looking around and begged me to be quiet.

I grew up questioning everything most people believed to be good and true about this ‘perfect’ America.   Obviously this made me a bad person.  A trouble maker at the age of eight.  In my father’s America, girls could not wear pants in Webster Groves, Missouri public schools until in my 8th grade at junior highschool, our class president petitioned for girls to be able to do so. Only then were pants allowed in public schools.   Even then, my parents only let me wear pants if the temperature went below 30 degrees.

As a child psychic, loved talking with and climbing trees, so when a lineman fixed the wires on our telephone pole, thought that would be a great job for me.  He just laughed and said ‘Women can’t do this.’  I wondered why.  Didn’t want to be a ‘trouble maker’ but didn’t understand laws that made no sense.

When a bunch of ‘radical’ women burned their bras; Americans and my parents were scandalized.  I didn’t see what the problem was.

Back then women wore perfectly cone shaped bras, perhaps like the ‘flesh and blood’ breasts created by plastic surgeons today.  In the 1950’s doctors told new mothers breastfeeding was a thing of the past. So for the first time in human history generations of infants drank cow milk.  Cow milk makes big bones- we grew  tall.  Human milk produces more brain cells and immunizes children against allergies and diseases.  Interestingly enough  many of us raised by mamma-cows became vegetarians- and were sickly as kids allergic to many things.

Always stood up to my father when he was wrong, which probably gave me strength to stand up to other ‘authorities’ if something was terribly wrong.  When in my twenties and a boss was abusive, just walked away immediately and got a new job that same day. Whoever I worked for their business always improved, they made more money due to my work, and I usually worked for minimum wage.  It didn’t occur to me to ask for more money even with all the work I did for my employers.  Suppose always just thought minimum wage was all I would get and it was good enough for me.  Never, ever liked money.

Growing up had to take allergy shots weekly for asthma.  Was allergic to beef, trees, grass, dust, mold, milk, cheese, wheat, you name it.  It was like I didn’t belong on this planet.  In college- worked out more than ever and overcame asthma by running three miles daily.  Usually ran in the dark to avoid cat-calls and once was joined suddenly by a man running next to me with a switch-blade knife.  After he flicked it open, he told me that if I were ‘raped, murdered and thrown into a ditch, no one would find me.’    As a psychic had always ‘seen’ divine creatures.   The angel jogging by my side always told me what to say in emergencies like this one, but this time she said I had to mean it.  So I said sincerely, “God sent you to protect me tonight from just such a thing.”  

My would be rapist looked confused and stammered as he said, “This is a switchblade!  If someone raped you, no one would find you till  morning…” Looking at him with love, (all the fear pushed into a place inside me so as not to be felt or seen because fear is the opposite of faith,) I said again, “But God sent you to protect me from rapists.”  He let out a big sigh of dejection and snapped shut his switchblade, “You better stop running at night, there are rapists on this campus and you could get raped.”  Thanked him for his good advice and he just suddenly faded into the night.

Later in life read where the ‘Peace Pilgrim’ Mildred Norman, responded in the same way to those on her journey attempting violence to her.

There has always been evil on this planet.  Sometimes masquerading as policemen on horses, doctors telling women their body functions are obsolete, sometimes evil is plainly visible like with Nazis; or gangstalkers in the Network; or as individuals wanting to violate and harm other people like my neighbors who are part of the Network.  Neighbors hiding in their homes as cowards.

There are angels and demons on the planet and people like myself who can see them clearly.  If I were to tell anyone in the psychiatric community that I can see ghosts, angels, and demons they would classify me as schizophrenic.  I suppose then most of the people in the bible are schizophrenics.  Did the only people born with gifts from God all die after the bible was written?    Luckily I can also photograph spirits and have hundreds of spirit photographs:

pets-umbilical-holding-spirit-to-body  My dog’s umbilical that attaches soul to physical body.

Didn’t Jesus tell his disciples- ‘ Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…‘ John 14:12.   I suppose when you hear the voice of an angel who tells you how to help people your whole life- you are having audio hallucinations and need anti-psychotic drugs?  Did you know they still stone people to death in Africa if they are believed to be psychic? They call psychics ‘witches’ there.  How can the whole United States of American love Harry Potter and yet not believe that humans created in the image of God have gifts?

I was afraid of ‘witches’ most of my life.  Something left over from my Catholic upbringing.  But then if you think about the Renaissance (meaning the ‘age of man,‘) you know or maybe you don’t- that two million women were murdered as witches during that time in Europe… wouldn’t that kind of fear alter DNA enough to make the very word ‘witch’ abominable in the hearts of humans (for no one would ever want to be burned as one.)

I was always praying for everybody in the family, the milk man (back then most people left the bottles on their ‘stoop’ in a metal box and on a certain day new milk appeared,) the post man… etc.  praying late into the night as a child.  Each person in your life mattered back then because physicality was the reality.   There wasn’t internet.   Smart phones or chips.  Computers in the 1960’s were HUGE, room-filling machines- you couldn’t put one on your lap- or lock and load DEW’s on a targeted individual.    The concept of virtual reality was only in books and movies. You had the telephones that sent voices along physical wire, and snail-mail sent by post.

Today brain computer interface technology can be carried into a hotel room in luggage and lined up on a desk.  The scientist-torturer can use a rolling chair to go back and forth across the floor manipulating controls, while they torture a woman in a hotel room below them visible with through wall radar.   The targeted individual while being remotely and electronically raped can listen to the constant back and forth of the wheels on a chair going ’round and round,’ on the ceiling above their bed all night long.   And know that an insane experimenter is in a room above them.   With MU waves beamed at a target- a TI is unable to move.  These brain interface computers can be delivered in unmarked white vans anywhere in these United States of America if you have the money to buy Network Collective services.

Being Catholic, I realized early on that my behavior would most likely end me up in hell one day.  You are either good or bad, go to heaven or hell.  I snuck too many cookies and ice-cream bars to be good,  fought with my brothers and sister a lot.  I questioned my father too often.  And believed black people were smart and good.

In the Renaissance if a woman lost her husband, or father and owned land; if she was a midwife and knew herbal medicine and healed people, if she gave advice and it was always correct; the Catholic church targeted her through neighbors during the Inquisition, for being a witch.  In 1542 the papal Inquisition’s Franciscan and Dominican brothers told these women that in order to prove they were not witches they would have to be tested.  Their ‘test’ was to be tortured, naked of course- until they admitted to having ‘sex with the devil.’ Once they admitted that they were witches, they were forgiven by a priest, and therefore would go to heaven. After enduring all that, they were burned at the stake for being witches.  If however they did not admit to being a witch, they were tortured until death and would go to hell.  Lots of good choices there.

There is not much difference between the mental attitude of torturers today and those of the Renaissance. Nothing much has changed on earth since the Bible was written.

The ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ was written by Heinrich Kramer, a psychotic German Catholic clergyman recording for all time how to spot a witch and torture her. It was the book to own during the Inquisition.  I wonder if the scientists and DEW ground troops/gangstalkers have a book today that helps them target people.

For years I’m not afraid of the word ‘witch’ because the word’s very history encompasses all the subjugation wealthy white men in power exert over any person; (women especially) who stand up for what is true and good. 

Using through-the-wall radar you not only see through walls but see through clothes, so those watching on the network reality ‘TV’ always see you as naked; thereby reducing you to the status of a prisoner or victim instantly in their minds. How powerful these Network Collective Americans  must feel in the comfort of their own living room watching people move around in their own apartments and homes virtually naked, in pain being tortured remotely and electronically raped in live-time broadcast on the internet.

Constant directed energy attention to the head effects a targeted individual’s brain functioning.   Began to take extra doses of choline-inosital, to help brain activity and extra vitamin B 12, to help with energy.   Would be a basket case right now without them.  Directed energy to the kidneys and liver means drinking a gallon of filtered water each day as necessity. Sometimes after I’m remotely, electronically raped there is blood… there is not much you can do for that.

The jolts of energy to the body during morning meditation make voice jiggle comically, or absurdly depending my mental attitude from the amount of sleep allowed- the night before.  Recorded my shaking ‘Om’s’ for posterity.

This electromagnetic energy just like electrolysis can cause hair loss.  If loose a lot more hair will shave my head like Sinead O’Connor and be done with it.   Single, older women and minorities are targeted more than anyone else; more then whistle blowers.  This is according to the gangstalker in a CNN report from January 13, 2015. He said ‘witches’ were targeted; does the Network use Malleus Maleficarum’ written by Heinrich Kramer to know who is a ‘witch?’  Nothing has changed except technology in 500 years!

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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