Ran from home after months of sleep, desperate to have rest.   First began sleeping in my car (the good home I own left vacant for the night.)   This worked until hours later was located and targeted.  Then began running to hotels.   Credit card debt is growing running from my attackers. Had NO DEBT before becoming a TI.

Above are pictures in the parking lot of a hotel in Springfield, Missouri.  Acquired a hotel room and settled in.  Was horribly attacked with directed energy weapons.  After an hour of remote, electronic attack asked for my money back and left the hotel. 

Out in the hotel parking lot photos taken show-  Skyline webcams of high quality produced by VisioRay.   These DVR video surveillance systems ‘produce high definition live cams for impressive real time images. Live Streams are distributed through smart Cloud networking, which guarantees a high quality in every country around the world.’  Also in the vans were Samsung Soundbars.


Ran to another hotel too scared to sleep in my own home here in Springfield, Missouri.   Was so exhausted.   With the use of a MU wave, was violently, remotely, and electronically raped by directed energy weapons using brain computer interface, by someone in the room above me.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you dear God.

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