Above pictures of HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska.  HAARP is all about control.   Controlling the weather, controlling people’s minds, and using electromagnetic surges as weapons for hurricans, earthquakes and activating volcanos.   ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP,’ a book written about advances in Tesla technology by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning has all the answers anyone would need about how electromagnetic frequencies can control us.

Of all the major newspapers I read on the subject of invisibility suits… Science News, New York Times, University of Berkeley, New Zealand News, The Atlanta, all reported cloaking technology as wonderful news.

Only the Guardian newspaper questioned the legality of using invisibility suits.  God bless the Guardian.

A decade ago, the first invisible fabric was created by John Pendry, a British scientist using metamaterials ‘loaded with nano-particles.’   Newer invisible suits made of silk-based metamaterial coated in gold nanoantennas, thinned down and lightened the weight of invisibility fabric.   Scientists from Imperial College London and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany  made objects disappear under photonic crystal fabric that had minuscule lenses bending light to hide objects.

The Stealth Bomber F-117A  uses flat surfaces and sharp edges to reflect radar along an outer layer treated to absorb radar energy.   The F-117A then has the radar signature of a small bird rather than an airplane.  But the stealth bomber is still visible to the human eye.  The invisibility suits are not.  Both the invisibility suits and the Stealth bomber reduce their heat signature so infrared detection is difficult.

In 2006 David Smith at Duke University attracted global attention by hiding an object in a single microwave frequency with copper loops on fiberglass board.

In March 2009 The Wall Street Journal’s, Robert Lee Hotz wrote about the magic of mastering nanotechnology of light to make objects appear invisible.  He mentioned Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology; Scotland’s University of St. Andres; London’s Imperial College and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China; all overcoming obstacles which previously made invisibility unattainable.  One physicist Che Ting Chan was quoted as saying- “You steer light around an object, therefore you never see the object.”   Hotz, wrote that  new fabrication for invisibility could be computed in seconds, in 2009- with production time running nine days.

In 2015 the US army announced it was going to test prototype metamaterial invisibility uniforms.

In 2015 Boubacar Kante, a professor at University of California, San Diego worked on invisibility by changing dispersal of electromagnetic waves, without loosing any intensity of light reflected.  The fabric uses non-conductive materials- dielectrics of ceramic and Teflon which do not absorb light, made to a very fine scale with cylinder-shaped particles to reduce the invisible object’s shadow.  Said Kante; “This cloaking device basically fools the observer..”

In 2016 Philip Ball, of The Atlantic wrote ‘Like water in a stream going around a rock…’  so light is guided around a cloaked object.

In the Guardian article of March 2016, Owen Bowcott and Alice Ross wrote, “Under article 37 of 1949 Geneva convention- camouflage, decoys, mock operations and misinformation are all permitted.”  Regarding this Geneva article 37- Bill Boothby, deputy director of RAF (Royal Air Force) legal services said, “…bending light might be regarded simply as a technologically sophisticated way of achieving that outcome.”

Yet Boothby also says, invisibility suits/weapons  “… could be outlawed under the Geneva convention clause entitled ‘prohibition of perfidy.”  By non-compliance with minimal requirements to carry a weapon openly.

You can find site after site, article after article about invisibility suits as products of the future.  Why do none of these reports  admit they exist, and are being produced and sold today?  Perhaps because the American government does not want it’s public to know they are being experimented on with hand held directed energy weapons in the arms of cowards dress in invisibility suits.  DEW’s allow brain computer interface to occur seamlessly.   Isn’t it convenient to have an unsuspecting public instead of a well informed one?   There has been only one targeted individual I could find who reported hearing an invisible intruder in their home moving things about.  The TI could only ‘see’ their intruder when they walked in front of a mirror.  Can mirror reflections impede the refraction of light so the human eye can see invisibility suits?   I couldn’t find any data supporting this, but believe the TI who reported the incident.

Directed energy weapons hidden in cars parked near targets streaming electromagnetic frequencies through their car to the person of interest would also fall under current Geneva convention laws.  Prohibiting gangstalkers from using these weapons because they are ‘not carried openly‘ and ‘cause undo suffering.’    Supposedly DEW’s are only in the hands of the military at this time.  Yet websites sell them.  If you Google ‘sale website for directed energy weapons’ the first site to come up is ‘Electronic Weapons for Sale.’

My CD players have been targeted.   Three months ago a friend encouraged me to get a CD with brainwave theta meditation music to help me relax.  The goal of the Network is to cause sleep deprivation.  DEW’s contract your muscles, make your body sizzle and shake with electrocution physically.  DEW’s drop your immune system ensuring the target feels exhausted and tense at the same time.  This might enable brain computer interface quicker- harder to fight mentally or physically when exhausted.  Also bought the CD- Ancient Mantra for Healing by Mahamrityunjaya.

One CD I play on repeat all night- on the right side of me; and another CD is in a machine on the left, on repeat.  This keeps the brain computer interface to a minimum.  I believe the vibration of the musical sounds and also listening to two tracks at once help combat any brain interface while asleep.  And I sleep well with both tapes unless targeting is harsh and then am awakened almost nightly.  All three CD machines were targeted at different times depending on what music was in them.  The Theta brain wave CD was targeted first,  have recorded one song pulsing with the DEW.  The only other CD to be targeted was the Mantra for Healing.  Anything the Network doesn’t like, must be good.

Also morning meditation chanting ‘Om,’ or God- keeps microwaves from harming my body at that time.  If a targeted individual were to hum anything, or chant ‘Om’ all the time, I believe the effects of the electromagnetic waves would somehow be reduced by the vibration of the hum, or ‘Om.’   I’m no scientist but feel better practicing all the above. Thank you for reading this.  I’m going to write until the cowards kill me.  Last night was extremely bad, lots of pain and shaking, especially in the head area.

I’m being trained like Pavlov’s dogs.  When I’m NOT posting things, or handing out reports in Springfield, MO, the targeting is light.   When the Network doesn’t like my behavior, the targeting is very harsh.   In this way they attempt to condition me, but I don’t care anymore.   Nothing matters after you have been tortured for months,  the world looks different, you get focused- have a one track mind that is very RATIONAL.  Perhaps targeting in that respect is similar to ‘electric shock therapy,’ but  like to think it hones down life to very simple terms; truth, love and the present moment.

They say Archangel Michael is never angry, yet he conquers demons and sends them to hell.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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