If you go to the site ‘My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Towers’ by Veronica Ciandre from March 20, 2010.  In her first page, paragraphs 4-6 she talks of the same symptoms I am experiencing for four months from DEW targeting.  Ciandre noted that she started writing three months after living under cell towers- interestingly I started writing after three months of DEW targeting.

Veronica says, ‘Before three months ago I was healthy, vital and slept like a baby. Didn’t wake with numb hands and feet, body feeling prickly all night and tingling or vibrating almost all day.  I didn’t spend night after night in a hyper active state as though electricity was running through me.’  She talks of bouts of nausea, heart racing, dizzy spells and inability to focus, and concentrate.   –Same, same, same with me!

People might find it hard to believe Veronica she writes, but the giant cell towers on the roof of her apartment are clear cut evidence and proof of what is happening to her.   I have no proof.   Friends hear my story of being targeted with DEW’s and do the best they can- but see in their eyes- pity, and fear for me.  I have no evidence.   Yet Veronica and I have the same symptoms.  The weapons in my neighbors homes, and on my roof are not seen.      -Thank you Ciandre for your blog site and I pray you are well.

First time in my life, took yoga at a wonderful learning facility in Springfield, Missouri.  A gift from a relative.   Loved it.  But the last two classes; I was targeted with a hand-held directed energy weapon!  It is very hard to do sit-ups while being targeted at home, but even more difficult holding a pose in yoga while shaking with electrical/microwave energy.  The next week in class it happened again.   Quietly got out of class and went to the facility’s glass door looking out front of the building into the parking lot.

Immediately a dark-haired woman emerged from a car looking straight at me.  The expression on her face was one of gloating with a really terrible smile.   If I had to expound would say she looked like a demon.

Went back inside my class figuring since I saw her, and could identify her, she would leave me alone.    But no.  Five minutes later, targeting resumed.  Got up quietly, to find the woman talking with a man in the reception area,  six feet on the other side of the wall from where I was in class on a yoga mat.

Her black purse lay stretched out at both ends by something long and pointy inside it, was on the glass coffee table.  One sharp end of the purse pointed in the direction exactly where I had been on the other side of the wall.   When I asked the woman at the desk on the way out, ‘That woman at the table, think I know her… is she going to take a class here?’ The receptionist said, ‘She will be starting a private class.’   Sadly,  never went back, her private class would be the same time as the yoga class I took.

Was offered a visit with friends this summer.  It was all I could do to get on that plane alive.  Targeting with directed energy weapons severely left me quiet ill the weeks before my trip from lack of sleep, nausea from being targeting severely and inability to focus mentally.   Stayed with friends recuperating.  Looked forward to getting four hours sleep on the plane never guessing that a DEW would make it through TSA security.

Once in seat on the plane the beauty of  landscape below had me taking pictures from the plane window.  Suddenly dropped the camera.  Bent to retrieve it from under chair.  Feeling around- my fingers touched what felt like a thin bag with a long, round object in it, but couldn’t find my camera.  The woman behind me held it up grinning oddly.  Thanked her, took a few more pictures then decided to sleep.

Exhausted put head on a pillow leaning up against the window, and the plane started vibrating with electrical energy.  Was the plane having difficulty?  Sat forward.  Not afraid of plane turbulence, closed my eyes.  But noticed my legs sizzling like they do at night, and remembered the bag with cylinder under my chair.

But what about TSA airport security?!  Did the woman disguise this device to look like a flashlight- like the man who showed me a flashlight shaped DEW?  Getting up nerve, reached down again to grab the DEW to hand it over to the stewardess.  Finally I would have evidence!

When I touched the bag, the long device was gone, the empty bag still there.  The woman  behind me said caustically, ‘Drop your camera again?’   She targeted me the entire flight and there wasn’t a thing I could do.   Afterwards the woman and I stood waiting at adjoining gates for our next planes, she watched me the whole time with a horrible smile on her face.   When I got home from my trip began looking in earnest on the internet to find evidence for everything happening – one website of a targeted individual listed being microwaved on a plane.  

Are the TSA, the FAA and the police involved?

How is this possible?  Why are these devices; the size of large flashlights not intercepted?   Homeland Security should be aware that these DEW’s exist.   If knitting needles, nail files and box cutters are not allowed on planes, neither should directed energy weapons be.

Today, I’m exhausted 2-4 hours sleep total in last three nights.   One thing they do while you are going to sleep is to make your muscles twitch, so that your shoulders jerk or your hands flop.  Never before in my life have I had any of these symptoms of shaking, twitching, burning, sizzling, (brain and organs) rattling till your body wakes you up and electrocution.  Feet and hands Charley-horsing into unnatural positions while attempting to relax, all the whites in my eyes blood red in the morning.  The last two nights the targeting was only on my stomach and it was harsh. Consequently there are traces of blood from rectum and vagina.  When not targeted  do not bleed.


My dog Roxanne died within three months from electromagnetic assault meant for me. She was always by my side.  God bless Roxanne.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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