Toms and Brent


After being targeted with directed energy weapons for several long months believe myself to be dying in Springfield, MO.

There are five stages of death.  First is denial.  I really don’t want to believe someone is torturing and experimenting on me.  That is not a rational thing for someone to do and I have committed no crimes.  

Because am a law abiding citizen did everything a rational person would.  Called Springfield City Utilities, (thinking it had to be an electric wire malfunctioning.)  Then called Fire Department for a safety home inspection…  Then bought an EMF reader because no responder that I called for help had an EMF reader!   Odd in a city this size, don’t you think?

Under advisement of Russel an employee from City Utilities, ‘grounded‘ my home.   Spending more money on this endeavor.  Two six foot long copper rods on two sides of house connected with wire did nothing to alleviate electrocution.  Still refused to believe I was being assaulted even when the kind man ‘grounding’ my home said: there were microwave and electromagnetic wave weapons.  This was news to me.

Next stage of dying is anger.  Dog-gone-straight was I angry those first months of being targeted with directed energy weapons!    Health-nut my whole life, eating with ceramic or wooden utensils because could ‘taste’ metal.  My tiny dorm-room style refrigerator way back in the fireplace room away from kitchen because just the buzz of electricity was jarring to me.  ANGRY, because here I was using  aluminum foil as protection when aluminum replaces the copper in the brain and is considered to be the primary cause of Alzheimer’s.  But supposedly aluminum blocks microwaves.

Kept buying more and more products to stop the electrocution with directed energy weapons, that I didn’t believe was happening.  Products purchased with a credit card.  Angry to be acquiring debt.  Angry to be in such pain.  Terrible, horrible pain.  Angry to be hurt all the time by cowards hiding.  Angry to be remotely and electronically raped and not be able to even see those attacking me.

Next stage of dying, bargaining...   Wrote the owner of my former work place a letter, begging him to stop any surveillance of me.    Took a large, favorite old mermaid painting off the wall, and attached the letter to the back of it- bargaining for my life. Delivered both to the corporate offices of my former employer here in Springfield, Missouri.  Signed the ledger as a visitor, noting I had delivered a gift.  Never heard back.  The targeting with electromagnetic weapons never wavered… in fact got worse.  The bargaining did not work.

Within the week visiting friends, was targeted harder then in my own home.  I guess due to closer proximity of neighbors and hiding places.  (Never told my friend about being targeted to keep them safe.)   When alone in their house heard footfalls sounding like metal cleats touching lightly, running ON THE FLAT ROOF OF THEIR HOME.

Then back home targeting worse than before leaving on trip.   Attempting to do ANYTHING in my own home was almost impossible.  COULD NOT EVEN paint a picture, clean, boxing up possessions to give away, or sell…  When in home anything accomplished was done in constant pain, sizzling, shaking, and took every ounce of energy.   And did I really want to sell a home that was paid for?  All the TI sites said not to run, keep homes.

Called the Springfield City Utility asking for assistance again with the lights that flickered from DEW attacks (hoping to learn more about my attacks.)   Russel came back to check out wires, and I bravely asked Russel what happened ‘to the poor girl,’ he had said was being electrocuted in Springfield.   No answer.  An hour later got a call from my former employer’s head of security Rodney Toms-  didn’t see his message for days.

Rodney Toms and I played phone tag until we finally talked.  Rodney, had no idea why he was asked to call me by the corporate head of security- Brent  Rodney was sorry he hadn’t called sooner- but his child has been ill.  He genuinely sounded like a good man, and innocent.   Rodney asked if I would meet with him.  Said I would be happy to, if the company president, the founder and two women I knew in security there… to discuss what was ‘happening’ to me.  Rodney said he would call back about the meeting, but never did.

After deadly electrocution that lasted three days non-stop…  (was I being targeted excessively because agreed to a meeting?) called Toms back, and asked if that meeting would ever take place?  Rodney said he had not asked anyone to the meeting, because he didn’t think any would come.   Inquired if Tom’s had been told yet why he was to call me?   Rodney said he found out it was because of ‘some letter.‘  Did he know the letter was attached to very big gift?   He said no.  Then exasperated he asked “What is this all about?”  Suggested he talk with Brent who asked him to call.  Suggested Toms find out what kind of company he worked for.  Did he want me to drop reports at corporate for him to look at evidence of what was happening to me?   He said no.

The letter he referred to was brought by corporate a month earlier.  Toms called me an hour after I spoke with Russel an employee of Springfield, MO City Utilities.   Toms call had nothing to do with the letter attached to a gift.  His call was meant to intimidate me for giving City Utilities Russel a report about being targeted in Springfield, MO.  Toms was a pawn of Brent- head of security.

In the last two weeks have accepted the reality that my former employer has paid the Network Collective to kill me.  (Or maybe it was just Brent- head of all security, acting on what he believes is best for the firm?)  I accept the fact that their targeting will kill me.   Don’t condone DEW attacks on my person, but have gone through all the stages of death and finally accept am being slowly murdered.

It was great to stumble on a site for TI’s and find out while leaving a message there, that I could have a blog on WordPress.

When you are being tortured it helps to have a voice.   Once my site was up and running called Toms back and left message on his phone about viewing the evidence of what was being done to me on “”   He must have called Brent after reading this site.  Brent must have called his buddy Carlos Curly at the Springfield Police Department.   

Found a message from a policeman on land line days later.   Carlos Curly said I was to come and meet him at the station to talk.  His voice sounded like a good old boy.  He said- former employer did not want me to send any more ‘letters‘ (only sent one attached to a gift) or call them (had made one phone call to secretary of president.  Then Toms called me and left messages to call back.

Tried to reach the police officer, but the number recorded was only a station number, not a detective’s office.  So got in car.  Could only go twenty miles an hour, after being tampered with.   Now have a chain wound through hood grill into bumper so no one can open trunk.

Arriving at the Springfield Police Department took a long time, flashers flashing so people would go around a slow moving vehicle.  Police station just closed five minutes earlier, at 4:00 pm.  A very kind policeman emerged and he attempted to call the officer for me.  Turns out Carlos Curly was not a detective, but worked at the firing range.   The kind policeman took my name and said he would email Curly to let him know I came by.   Thanked him for his kindness and left.

Wondered if I could be arrested for giving a former employer a gift and for answering messages left by Rodney my former employer’s security man?   It doesn’t really matter, nothing really matters when you are being tortured to death.  I accepted whatever would come out of it.  And nothing ever did come of Carlos Curly’s call.   Must of been all intimidation and harassment.  

After writing this blog you are reading now.  Never heard from the firing range officer again.   Good old boy system doesn’t work too well with TI’s writing truth in blogs.

On NPR this morning listened to interview with the new High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.  He is from Jordan.  The interview turned to the subject of torture.

Zeid said there was no exception for the use of torture under any conditions, no matter who the criminal was.  Since I am law abiding, hard working, and a patriotic U.S. citizen, as well as an artist and poet… this ‘no torture’ law applies to me too.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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