The brain is the last physical frontier.  Most people consider their brain to be a private place, the last bastion of self.  When earthlings voluntarily interfacing with smart- televisions, computers, cell phones, i-Pods,  iPhones, radios and tablets, washers and more it is a choice to experience a loss in awareness of one’s surroundings, and influenced by frequencies affecting the physical brain.  Tempus Fugit (time flies) when one is zoned out.  How much do you believe in yourself?   When you read autobiographies of people living through horrendous events, many times the survivor indicates that through sheer belief they were able to live, while those around them died.  How does one believe in oneself totally and absolutely- we never know how until tested.

If you believe in God; do you believe in yourself first and then God?  Or do you believe in God first and then yourself?  My own answer changed throughout life depending on what was happening at the time.  Parents understand it is very important for children to believe in themselves first, and then their parents. Otherwise the child could become physically or mentally dependent upon their parents as adults.  Autonomy is a good thing if it goes hand in hand with self-belief, not just rebellion.   Many religions claim we are created in God’s image,  with the spark of God within each and every one.  How else could we support life of our physical  body.  This ‘spark’ is the soul religions say.

Nothing can touch the soul.  It is perfect at all times regardless what happens to the physical body it houses.  The hundreds of gangstalkers I’ve seen over last four years have a grey energy around them of subjugation.  If a soul is ‘lost’ it is still within the body providing the energy to support it; however the brain of this person has turned away from their own light.  The light of God.  God by any other name is the One God.

Who are gangstalkers?  Many use children as ‘cover’ so they appear wholesome.   The few gangstalkers seen outside their cars are very defiant when you ‘watch’ them.  They look at you as with such hatred; as if you deserve what they are paid to do.   Interestingly many speak on phones as if I cannot hear them talking about targeting me.    Most live hellish lives. A few are young affluent people involved for thrill and money.

Awoke last night at 3 am from a picture flashing through my brain of a man sitting at a computer looking straight at me, pressing a button on the computer, then saying, “you’re in.”  Does this mean  when asleep last night they totally interface my brain on their computer?  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  I wish it was.  -Our government allows us knowledge of the toy helmets on the market that move small cars with brain waves.  But not the bigger toys being used on TIs.

I am more ‘open’ minded then ever.  Oops another good pun… after finding ‘’ site.   In the past three weeks heard total conversations in brain while subjected to the worst torture imaginable from microwave and electromagnetic directed energy pulses weapons on physical body.  -But it is not just me.  Scientists and doctors are experiencing the same DEW targeting as well.  It is good to know TIs are not alone.  The original site was removed but thank goodness, remains visible on:

I do not become alarmed by hearing these conversations of interrogators; because this is my brain!  If I become afraid of my own brain, am lost.  -This no doubt is what they want.  In award winning author Gloria Naylor’s ‘1996’ book she outlines the voice to skull technology used against her- and found places to be where the technology would not work to kept her sanity.

Realize by not deciphering the experimentation, just adapting… the better off I will be. To just exist would be the most prudent form of ‘action’ to take.  ‘Be in the present’ as a most beloved relative likes to say.  I trust breath prayers.  Nothing inside brain will be relevant again.   I write thoughts daily to help other targeted individuals, they are a blueprint of my brain.

As a psychic know on earth we are never alone.  Never.  Our angels always present.  God’s spark inside us accessible at all times if we look to God.  Every member of the Network Collective is watched by God and relatives on the other side.  The Network may be a covert mind control organization but what they think and they are doing in secret is known throughout the universe and beyond.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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