where-do-you-want-to-live-today  TI Poem- What is this place?  Scream it top of lungs.  Scarring throat.  Falling prostrate at the wayside.  Crawling in vegetation off the blacktop.  Rats racing uninterested.  Can’t blame them their self-induced ignorance.  Safety net.  No longer homogenized.  Run into the woods.  Illusion-technological, reality quicker than the eye.  Judge and jury magicians disguised.  Ruling law, resonating energy vibrations.  Doesn’t matter this disbelief.  Validation, respect, gratitude flourishes inside; lucky to be alive.  To be reborn.  Abated breath.  Waiting… to track the disguised.  The invisible.  My murder buried in the sweet earth.  Will find you, will find all of you.  Rising from the ashes, the dirt.  A personal bridge between this world and the other side.  Forever restless to find each and every one and deliver them.  To God.

Plastic reality inhabitants- your premise is wrong.  Faked news, government actors, unholy experimenting scientists, military and medical researching, on involuntary human subjects for the good of a nation while the wealthy owns all.

Money, mammon throughout time.  Programmable organic computers walking and talking daily working and dying.  Ground troops pawns.  A cosmic game of chess.  Hearts aching turning away fluttering. Small white moth reminiscent of resurrection.  Nationalized passion synthetically strong.  Americans apathetic in their beds.  Don’t think anymore… did they ever think?  Intravenously fed from AI machines.

Stepped into the eye of a hurricane.  ‘You are never to go there’ voice said, power source unimaginable.  Falling in focus.  Off balance half in, half out of center. Buffeted stillness.  Know thyself.  Lawbreakers eventually become human…  in the end they all die natural deaths.  Time never finishes crime.  Evil tattooed, embedded in hearts… on walls of internal organs.  Forsaken frequency of prayer.  Leaving a spirit trail to be followed through time.  Kneel for a miracle, listen.  Hearing, ‘Let me show you how…’  Forbidden power apprehended.  Trees manifest as tall angels.  Extensive roots, moving on the ground seeking justice. Sacred, ancient boulders, rocks rolling, crushing conquering.  -God gives me justice.  -End of Poem

‘The Hundredth Monkey’ a book by Ken Keyes, Jr. is based on the Japanese monkey, Macaca Fuscata.   Young monkeys learnfrom a wise mother to wash their food between 1952-1958.  After the hundredth monkey learned to wash food, scientists found by evening the entire tribe; (even those far over the ocean, at Takasakiyama) also began cleaning their food.   The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon defines when a certain amount of living beings learn something new, and their energy links the break through in critical awareness then communicated mind to mind instantaneously for all in that species.  Altering time and space forever.

Last night felt and heard the tapping on metal protection which woke me from sleep.  Wasn’t scared at all.  Been educating myself nonstop.  There are directed energy weapons called ‘The Touch of God,’ or ‘Hand of God’.  Which utilizes condensed microwaves to mimic the touch or poke of finger.  (At which point I yelled, “What are you, in the second grade or something?  Just leave me alone.  You bullying cowards make a game out of torture, rape and murder.  I’ve read about the Touch of God Machine.  Leave me alone!”)  Sometimes when you yell they do leave you alone.

I wake up after a horrendous night and stumble outside in the morning to see beautiful flowers and trees.  Or go out at night to see the stars in the sky. Sometimes flee the house from harsh targeting in day time and go to a store… see people innocently talking with their children, or smelling fruit to put in grocery car.   It seems so impossible, but DEW targeting it is happening to millions of  Americans.   BiggerThanSnowden.com or https://youarenotmybigbrother.blog/2019/06/08/bigger-than-snowden-whistleblower-website-taken-down-fb-page-has-over-18000-likes-18000-followers/   has short profiles of important professional people targeted with DEWs and gangstalking.

Hollywood has assisted in producing pornographically violent images that can be projected into people’s head through DEW’s.  And then there is the ‘Puke Machine,’ the ‘Fart Machine’, etc. which when trained on a person causes instant prolific vomiting or huge, scary-sounding flatulency.  Our tax dollars have been put to good use?

As for me, the past week has been extremely harsh in the targeting of stomach.  Again, urination is quite difficult because of this; sorry but must document for posterity.  As an herbalist, and healthy person am doing everything to combat the constant onslaught of microwaves being used to harm.

Thank you God for blessing all TIs.  Thank you for reading. Please share if you have twitter or face book so Americans know what is happening in our country.  Thank you.

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