December 9, 2014,   Dr. Daniel Lebowitz  a medical doctor   presented to a Senate Hearing,  “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States.”   Documenting the targeting of individuals in the U.S. ‘undergoing modern versions of COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA combined,‘  saying these programs are torture/trauma based brainwashing and mind-control  using secret forms of ‘repression, persecution and psychological warfare’ on ‘regular people’ in the United States.  He believes the ‘political abuse of psychiatry has been carried out… as a way to torture and discredit dissidents…. in unethical non-consensual human experimentation… with advanced directed energy and psychotronic weapons systems… in the most vicious… political control of dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, agitators and so-called “undesirables” that the world has ever seen.’

Jimmy Carter was our 39th U.S. President and in 2002 won the Nobel Peace Prize.  On June 24, 2012 he wrote an article in the New York Times Newspaper entitled, ‘A Cruel and Unusual Record.’  In this article Carter wrote about the assassinations of Americans and the human right’s violations occurring in the U.S. since 9/11.  (Wonder what he would say about the targeting of individuals today?)  He goes further to claim that the U.S. can no longer address world governments with any moral authority.  In 1948 the United States adopted the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’  Carter wrote, ‘It is disturbing that, instead of strengthening these principles, our government’s counter terrorism policies, now clearly violate at least 10 of the declaration’s 30 articles, including the prohibition against “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”   In 2012 Carter recorded that U.S. laws were violating civil rights and human wrights:  such as the right to freedom of expression, and presumed innocence until proven guilty.  Carter noted current laws allowed  warrantless wiretapping and government electronic communications surveillance.

After meditation sometimes go outside to commune with God’s creation.  Trees always say, ‘Look up.’  See their branches reaching to the sky, note the color of heavens, feel wind and cold. And hear… “If you surround yourself with beauty nothing can touch you.’  OK.

Native American’s believe the word ‘beauty’ interchangeable with ‘God.’  In that transcendent moment understand what is needed, but then go back inside my home and the targeting is worse.  The wisdom of Tree, and in Rumi’s poems about meeting in fields beyond right and wrong are both hard to realize when tortured.  My home has become a prison cell literally.

Maximilian Kolbe, a saint transcended his torture in Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp by venerating Mother Mary.  Kolbe was interned because he fed Jewish people who came to him for help. The saint took the place of one prisoner who had a wife and children willingly, thereby becoming one of ten entering an  underground bunker to be starved to death.  According to guards he was either standing or kneeling the entire ten days and was the sole survivor.  Afterwards he did not resist when being lethally injected but offered his arm, unafraid of death.  The Nazis went ahead and killed the man with a family anyway.

It has been four years and five months of gangstalking.  Five months of directed energy weapons assault.  Keep positive, but if reflect on what my body will be like in the future, want to flee, sell my home which is paid for and ‘save’ myself.    Family and friends are in pain for me- they also are forced to question themselves when they hear what is happening.  This is the saddest part of being targeted.  It is knowing those who love me are in pain for me.  Those who believe me CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP STOP WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.

Do not blame people for fearing someone experiencing what 99.9% of people on earth do not.  

After turning to all appropriate ‘authorities’ on state and local levels for assistance, (which was denied,) wrote to two relative who were in the military- as most of my large and patriotic family has been in the military at one time or another.  One cousin graduated from West Point, the other was in nuclear Navy.  Hoped they could somehow stop what was happening to me.  Instead, both sent condolences on my ‘stress’ and that was that.   Later learned ‘old friends’ from their time in the military- whom they had not seen in twenty or thirty years were visiting them suddenly as best buddies.   Perhaps these ‘friends’ were making sure my relatives remained ignorant of current covert EMF programs.

Gangstalkers are so sure of themselves and have great pride in their anger, hatred and destruction of me.  Their killing of me will be termed a ‘soft death.’  The whole situation  is improbably to say the least.  Even as they are slowly murdering me,  am interested in how millions of Americans are asleep as to what is happening under their noses.  -Myself being asleep, until targeted.  Am interested in how our press does not report on and investigate this real news.  Five months ago was so distressed over the harassment, intimidation and fear of being followed four years,  told a friend would go to the press for help and immediately became targeted with directed energy weapons.  That week prayed to God about what I thought then was my imminent death and said ‘God if I have to die young, let it be for others, let it be a good death that means something.”   

The conspiracy to harm millions of innocent U.S. citizens encompasses a group of co-citizens so large that it comprises half of our country’s population.  People working to soft-kill, who covertly, remotely torture and rape… are so numerous, no one will ever be ‘found guilty’ and charged with the murder of a TI.

They say God never gives us anything harder than we can handle.  The German saying, ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,’ goes along with that idea.    Everything is for a reason, this I know.  And life is not a destination but a journey…  very true.  After going around town and giving my report about gangstalking to people- there is now extra security around me in any store shopping in… I’ve been slandered since the beginning.   Haven’t gone yet to the Springfield Police Department to file a report about gangstalking and DEW’s, as they would probably detain me for psych evaluation; according to other targeted individuals this has happened to.  

Barry Trower has a degree in physics specializing in microwaves.  He is an outspoken critic of,  ‘…abuses carried out with electromagnetic weapons.’   His revelations are based on science.   Yet, the media is not reporting anything he says.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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