Dr. Robert Duncan’s Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and electronic No-Touch Torture Report of 2015,  based on Senate Intelligence committee’s Declassified “Torture Report,” and “The Torture Memos”  further chronicles   CIA program documentation to:  “Disorient, confuse the target.  Use them for our purposes, and then dispose of them in any way possible.”    Duncan surmises ‘…by a sample set of a thousand people what “dispose” means: prison, suicide or perhaps a mental hospital.  Coercing and torturing people to suicide is very common.  A tactic of physical and no-touch torture involves plausible deniability.’

*’Voice transformation and morphing is an interesting technology during wireless interrogations.’   *’Obvious spoofing of emails and internet forums used in this manner too.’  *’Psychological and perceived physical pain in no-touch torture involves scripts, ‘mind games if you will to walk target to murder or suicide.  Called “Hyper Game Theory” used on governments, individuals and in propaganda to alter cultures.   All efforts by the targeted to stop directed energy weapon, and brain/computer interface torture helps military designers improve system.’

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.



Dr. Robert Duncan wrote the ‘Executive Summary: Neuropsychlogical and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report’  based on ‘The Torture Memos’ and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified ‘Torture Report.’  Claims that Dick Cheney authorized it.  And General Hayden covered it up  in a conspiracy.  The technologies used are state secrets.  Duncan writes that ‘torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation and behavior modification.’  Torture is unreliable except for ‘getting false confession and bad information.  Effects of torture include:

  • Labeling the target with ‘mental illness’ created for discrediting purposes. *Memory erasure to confuse and disturb targeted individual.  Memory erasure after interrogation programs.   *No-touch torture involves ‘stings’ and ‘shocks’ to various parts of the body over long duration.  *Technologies broadcast voices at a distance, mental images using hypnosis or other visual entrainments.  *Invasive brain manipulation using autonomic nervous system.  Neural linguistic programming (from a distance brainwashing) adding fears, terror triggering.  *Long distance motor cortex mapping twitching of any body part.  *Directed energy effects pain and torture.  *Isolation with electronic mind control (and gangstalking;) creating slander- loose jobs, friends, family, ruined financially.  *Sexual torture via electromagnetic torture, mental images projected, voices projected, etc.  *targeting of bloggers, activists, journalists, organizers, leaders, or voices in public domain for defamation.  *Use of ‘voice of god weapon’ and ‘hand of god weapon’ in electronic warfare to deceive and destroy spirituality in targets.  *Hacking computer, ‘watching’ with neighbors.  *Rape/psychological torture with electromagnetic weapons ‘simulate rape’ using technique called ‘EEG-heterodyning the target with molestation effect to genitals.  Wireless rape.  *Chatter bots  is an artificial intelligence program; automating repetition during neural linguistic programming phases of torture/interrogation/brain entrainment-  to relieve human interrogators working on targets from asking same questions over and over.  *Maximum sensory pain techniques entrained into minds via electromagnetic weapons with no-touch torture subjects.  *Sleep deprivation number one method accomplishing memory loss, breaking down subject for interrogation via brain computer interface; helping modify behavior and programming of subject.  *Stress of holding body in certain positions during torture with directed energy weapons increases pain.

Dr. Robert Duncan writes that ‘ANYONE can be put into these programs.’  Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

When WordPress was hacked into and unable to use spell check- the Springfield, Missouri Public Library IT department helped with that.  Currently pictures do not post on WordPress blog targetedartistpoet, and have to go back in and re-post them due to hacking.  Today the blog just finished was not posted even though pushed ‘publish.’  Due to the nature of this blog and working in public domain, hacking of targetedartistpoet  getting worse.  Please… hope WordPress.com can assist me with this.  Thank you so much…  Will attempt to post blog again.

Way back in May, 1986 John Cushman wrote ‘Rare Glimpse of a Secret Agency’ for the New York Times.  The N.S.A.’s job is to “handle signals intelligence… data collected from radio signals, microwave transmissions or telephone lines.  …the most significant means the nation has to protect itself.”  (Protect the wealthy and their money from honest people reporting criminal acts by the wealthy controlling our country, the government and military. )   Freedom of speech in the United States no longer exists without repercussions to the speaker/writer.

New York Times’ David Sanger and Thom Shanker wrote, N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway In Computers January 2014.    Using a covert channel of radio waves, surveillance can be conducted on computers- even those not connected to the Internet.     N.S.A. cyber systems are devices monitored by computer-based algorithms combining the internet and it’s users.

NYT’s Shane, Apuzzo and Becker,  Oct. 2016 wrote an article N.S.A. Contractor Arrested in Possible New Theft of Secrets, about Mr. Harold Martin stealing hacking tools from the N.S.A.   Martin recorded his thoughts about the future of ‘computer warfare:   “The battles ahead will require a special breed of warrior.  It’s really a calling, and something the individual has to want to do as a profession, due to the sacrifices required to be top flight in this new, electronic, version of the ‘great game.'”   (Always, covert technology is a game.  Gangstalkers using directed energy weapons and brain computer interface on their targets consider their job a game.)

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.  So be it. Amen.


Last night the dog who owns me began acting targeted, subdued.  Petted him and felt his whole body sizzling.  He lay as unable to move- enchanted.  His flesh was hot where the electromagnetic/microwave hit his body.   He seemed lethargic and exhausted.  Prayed over him.

Directed energy weapon frequencies harsh on my stomach and legs over Christmas time.  Two days ago began sizzling in yard, looked over to see person hiding behind shrub targeting me.    Walking toward them, they wheeled and ran– getting in an old pick-up truck that was met immediately by a black truck with black windows pulling alongside.    As targeter moved their truck out of rental house driveway, the black one was driven in and parked.   It’s owner waiting inside never exiting  vehicle while I watched.    Walked back home with both license plates written down, since without camera.   Can identify person in line up.

Have come to realize there do not have to be cameras or bugging devices in our homes when our very brains impart visual and auditory sense of our lives via computer interface to our government, military and the private wealthy controlling everything.   Looking forward to the day torture ends and they murder me, so  can work with Archangel Michael.   We will rid the earth of each gangstalker, sending them to hell for all eternity.  We will do this with love for the planet and all the people they have tortured, harassed, intimidated, raped, murdered and brainwashed.   Our belief and our knowing, is stronger than ‘reality.’   If we focus and download a virus into their computers via our interfaced brains, we can shut them down.

Thank you God.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

It doesn’t take much research to understand those in charge of tech industries believe  AI (artificial intelligence) will take over the world as we know it, or is controlling it already.

CNBC Oct. 7, 2016 article ‘Tech billionaires think we live in the Matrix…’  by Arjun Kharpal reports   Tesla founder Elon Musk said it “…was a billion to one chance we are living in base reality.”   Meaning we are in a computer simulation.    Noted was published communication from Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Sept. 2016 proposing a 20-50% possibility we live today in a simulated virtual world.

Kharpal writes, Sam Altman an American entrepreneur/ president of Y Combinator believes merging with computers is our only way to go,  “Any version without a merge will have conflict: we enslave the AI or it enslaves us. The full-on-crazy version of the merge is we get our brains uploaded into the cloud. I’d love that.  We need to level up humans, because our descendants will either conquer the galaxy or extinguish consciousness in the universe forever.  What a time to be alive!”  (I’m guessing Sam Alton has never been assaulted with directed energy weapons  or brain computer interface.   Pity… someone so intelligent, wealthy and enthusiastic as Sam Alton has no idea what is happening in our physical world today.)

In The Guardian newspaper, the article, ‘Is our world a simulation?  Why some scientists say it’s more likely than not.’  by Olivia Solon in San Francisco October 11, 2016. Scientist Rich Terrile working in Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory,  believes if the ‘supernatural’ did not create human consciousness then, “Soon there will be nothing technical standing in the way to making machines that have their own consciousnesses.”   Terrile went on to say that the reasons the universe may be simulated is because it is broken up into pieces, (subatomic particles) like a pixelated video game, “…time, energy, space, volume- all have a finite limit to their size.”   Therefore Earth and beyond is commutable.  “Those properties allow the universe to be simulated,” said Terrile.  He thinks our future selves created the simulation we live in.  The odd measurement problem in quantum mechanics such as ‘things’ only becoming defined when observed- is like a ‘… conscious player of a video game,’ Terrile said.

Nov. 20, 2015 Lucy Kinder wrote an article for The Telegraph, ‘Nuclear Physicist: Cosmic Rays Could Reveal If We’re Actually Living In The Matrix.’   Professor Peter Millican teaches computer science at Oxford University.  He is skeptical of our world as simulation, but says it is beneficial to do research into the idea.  “The Matrix thought-experiment is like some ideas of Descartes and Berkeley, hundreds of years ago.”

It is this targeted individual’s understanding that the God-response in humans is much sought after by the tech giants of today.   If AI acquires this ability, the control of humans as desired by Genghis Khan in 1206 will come to pass.  Wealthy as gods.   Time doesn’t change humans, time only changes technology.    Genghis Khan’s name means… ‘ruler of all, or supreme conqueror.’   Perhaps AI,  should be changed to RA or SC.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

From the mission statement of Targeted Individuals of Europe written under heading ‘Extreme dehumanization,’ you can read that targeting is the ‘… complete negation of freedom and of the basic human rights that we all believe we have.’

In the magazine National DEFENSE, in July 2015 by Ariel Robinson the first sentence reads… ‘If Nikola Tesla had been deployed with the USS Ponce this past year, he would have been proud.  A directed energy weapons- similar, in some ways, to his own 1934 invention ‘Teleforce’ – was proved to be operationally effective on board a Navy ship for the first time.

The Smithsonian magazine published an article by Gilbert King    Feb. 4, 2013    ‘The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and his Tower.’  King writes that Tesla loved pigeons. A pigeon flew in through an open hotel window one night and told him that she was dying. He saw light in the bird’s eyes, ‘a light more intense than I ever produced by the most powerful lamps in my laboratory.’    The pigeon died in his arms.    This great scientist/inventor was psychic.  He used the gifts given to him by God.  (God by any name.)

To all my relatives and friends who believe that what began happening to me six months ago this year is ‘stress, or a mental challenge,’   I thank you all,  for loving me and caring about what happens to me.  Unless a person is targeted with directed energy weapons covertly, they would have a hard time believing they exist.  I understand.   Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  God bless us everyone’ wrote Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol.

Went to website Targeted Individuals Europe ‘Symptoms,’ and read many that have manifested in my life.  The red eyes on the front of the site are what the eyes in my face resembled when visiting friends.  Their little girl said ‘your eyes are red,’ as she stood by my bedside two mornings in a row.   Looking in the mirror that is what I saw.   It was after three months of targeting that I got to library and looked up my symptoms and found ‘gangstalking, directed energy weapons and brain computer interface- words never heard before.  A couple words used in the mission statement of Targeted Individuals Europe, is ‘extreme dehumanization.’  Totally fits the bill.

The last week has been interesting.  Fried non-stop on stomach.  One night experienced a high pitched electrical frequency that pierced through the ear hole ramming an open channel in the head to come out the other ear.  It was so high and loud it vibrated surrounding metal.  Never heard anything like it in my life.  Within five minutes it ceased.  Sound manufactured by illegal non-lethal weapons used covertly on hundreds of thousands of tax paying, law abiding citizens in prolonged acts of pre-meditated-murder called ‘soft kill.’

God thank you for everything exactly the way it is today. Merry Christmas to everyone.  No exceptions, that means Merry Christmas gangstalkers, computer technicians controlling brain interface, invisibility suited people who fry my guts and the wealthy former employer who ordered and payed for the targeting: God bless you all.  So be it.

Before targeted with directed energy weapons- remained in my home most days and didn’t leave.  After the electrocution started, the constant pain and degradation of the physical body under assault of electromagnetic weapons reduced me to feeling angry most of the time, scared and watchful.  Had to leave my home for relief.  Once outside my home it was heavenly not to sizzle until being found by gangstalkers and the targeting outside my home resumed.   Eventually getting tired of being angry all the time, began to see the humor in my situation.   Wearing copper belts around waist and trying to put clothes on over the protective metals… or wearing aluminum/copper hats on my head for shielding, and sleeping with sheets of metal over me, etc.)    This seemed funny to me.     If I felt brave would sometimes put on loud music and dance around the house,  hearing the invisible-suited coward on the roof running to follow as I dodged their ‘directed’ energy rays.

Today the targeting with illegal weapons is similar to being given a diagnosis of a terminal illness.   There is knowledge of dying faster than one should.    Read what happens to people living under power lines and microwave towers.   Throughout life I have never believed in illness.

Attempting to prove targeting with directed energy weapons is genuine- my belief in wellness has been invaded by fear.  Fear is the opposite of faith.    As a good United States citizen I want to bring forth facts as evidence that this covert mass subjugation is authentic.   Want people reading this blog to believe it is real.   Why?    Perhaps the more people who know, the faster someone in authority can put a stop to what is happening to hundreds and thousands of Americans, right?  That is my hope.  For myself, have to separate efforts to document, while removing belief in it’s existence.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.


So how can you talk to a tree?  Talk to the ground?  Ask a scientist.  They  have known for almost a century now that everything is connected.  Most indigenous people know the same.  There is no you and me, there is just an ‘us.’ God by any name created all we see around us, unless you are looking at man-made stuff.  Even man-made has intelligent energy in it from God.  None of our creations will ever hold a candle to God’s.  Yet it is so clear that today’s weapons are being created to find and capture the power of God.

We have gone beyond wanting to destroy people and places in war.  Now we seek to effect our existence, our boundaries- by using weapons no one believes exist because they are so personal to us.  These weapons effect our minds and our bodies by entering inside us through programmed energy and making us respond as if the assault is us.   When a targeted individual goes to the doctor and explains all their symptoms, they are either diagnosed with a disease physically or as a schizophrenic mentally.

AI (artificial intelligence) cannot love and does not have psychic ability or any gift from the Great Spirit.   God knows our thoughts… the military is using brain computer interface to do the same.    God can alter ‘reality.’   Those who rule over us want to make the masses believe the phenomenon they experience as themselves, as spirits or as God encourages them in the direction needed for social progress. Those who do not comply are ‘softly killed by  non-lethal weapons.’    But nothing man creates will ever be God.  To have that kind of power in human hands is to deny people their free will.  Free will is all humans have going for them… so why isn’t anyone using their free will anymore?Major newspapers and  news media refer to invisibility suits, stealth cloaks, sonic and ultrasonic weapons, directed energy weapons which include microwave, electromagnetic, voice to skull, hand of God, brain/computer interface and laser guns as being in the realm of science fiction.   Movies such as Harry Potter, Iron Man, and others are used by journalists in articles to describe weapons of the future.    Most press ‘leaks’ regarding these weapons occur when the intrepid inventor catches up with the wealthy private contributors supporting and controlling our government and military.  This Christmas when children and adults strap on their brain computer interface helmets for toy-manipulating, or virtual reality they will be one step closer to being one with the man-made god named Artificial Intelligence.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.