Christmas is that time of year when everyone buys things because they find their value in the gifts they give… not knowing they are the gift.   In the ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ the people came out of their homes and sang even when all of their gifts and Christmas trees were stolen.   When is the last time you sang a whole song?

It is the same with eating food…   people eat to fill a need within for purpose and love.   Being an herbalist, also know most Americans don’t take a spring or fall ‘tonic’ like our ancestors did… these tonics were ‘wormers’ plain and simple.  We are animals.       Whether some of us like it or not. Worms eat most of the nutrition starving the human host, causing them to eat more than their share.

Herbs traditionally taken, like black walnut hull, and raw garlic keep a body clean.  Once wormy… taken traditionally at one teaspoon a day for no more than seven days… herb chaparral.

Chaparral is an herb our government doesn’t want people to know about.  They eradicate it out west.  It traditionally kills cancer, but if you take more than one teaspoon a day it is said you die from the poison it flushes into your kidneys and liver. The FDA tried to outlaw it in the 1980’s.    Traditionally chaparral is taken with milk thistle which is historically said to pass poison through eliminator organs without harming them… and people on dialysis are said to live longer too.

If you add an herb like astragalus to the mix… historically this herb helped AIDS patients live longer by boosting their immune system.    Traditionally all three together are the perfect, historical combination to heal.  To change.  We are all going to have to change, or our nation will become more disease infested and computer interfaced until we are literally zombies.  Parasites are said to cause cancer, and all mental disease.  No humans worm their bodies anymore- the pioneers did.

I look at what our government is doing to people who are brain computer interfaced and targeted with directed energy weapons.  Just like the worm that wants to take over the human host… so too our government is not happy with us just paying taxes.  Our government isn’t happy just owning us.   Our government wants total control over us.

But those of us who know how to love and those of us who are psychic we have abilities artificial intelligence (AI) does not have and can never have.  And all of us are given ‘gifts’ of love and psychic ability from God.  It is just that most people are afraid to use them.   Probably because the ‘witch’ hunts of the Renaissance are genetically horrifically encoded in our brains.

PEOPLE you will have to use your psychic abilities if you intend on outsmarting our governments machines run by the NSA, CIA and FBI.   Our government wants to be God.    Our government wants to know and manipulate our thoughts.  Our electromagnetic pulse may identify us with GPS satellite systems and computers on earth… but this AI can never know us.  Completely.   Humans are better than machines.

Thinking of the hell I have been through in the past six months-  know my time is shorter now.  Could get angry, and believe me  do… but instead remembering lately the time I spent at a daycare for a year, changing diapers.  The man I worked with didn’t like to change diapers.   You do the math- twenty children needing diapers changed at least three times in an eight hour day.  My coworker let the kids sit in their dirty diapers when it was his turn… because he hated the smell of poop.  So I just started changing them all, all the time.  Lots of  breast feeding moms took their kids to this center,  and their children’s poop smelled to high heaven.  Mind over matter.

Decided the only way the kids would get clean diapers on time was to love,   and I mean absolutely love shit.  So I did.  Each diaper I changed, said to myself, ‘I love shit.’  Said it over and over and over.   And guess what?  Within a week didn’t smell the diapers anymore.    Literally, the poop stopped smelling.  The poop didn’t change;   I changed on some molecular level and could not smell it anymore.  So… am approaching current life with this in mind.  

Love this shit.’ Will do.   As for my former employer who has done this to me?    To be honest, it will be easier to love the microwaves assaulting my body than to love my former employer.    Will ask God to help with this.    In America we are all pampered even when poor, we live better than most poor in the world.   But our complacency is overboard.   Wake up please.  WAKE UP PLEASE.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

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