Love beauty.  Even while being electrocuted the past six months, still love beauty.   Even when targeted with directed energy weapons so heavy brain literally rattles and can’t think straight… love beauty.   Even when friends find my belief in what is happening ‘ridiculous,’  I love beauty.   Will take pictures till the day former employer murders me with EMF’s.

Last night put copper coils in ears, didn’t have bad dreams or computer interface.   (Scientists have known for some time that all thought waves enter and exit our ears.)  My torturers targeted heavy and hard.   Unrolled rest of wire to crawl space,  attached to rod in the ground and ran wire up to where I sleep wrapping rest of wire around feet to be ground my body.   A friend told me to do this months ago, but couldn’t until yesterday.   Didn’t know how and then last night just knew what to do.  Same shaking of body but pain reduced dramatically because the microwave, electromagnetic waves moved through me instead of staying put.   Even held on to the wire while walking around working in home today.  It helps to keep a human body under electromagnetic attack,  grounded.

A good friend asked yesterday… “Don’t mean to sound disrespectful but why would so much money be spent to intimidate, follow and harass you when you are not important?” My reply, ‘Good question… this is what ALL gangstalked and targeted individuals ask in their sites.  We all wonder how all this money, people and time can be spent on just one person.

But THE SAME THING HAPPENING TO ME… IS HAPPENING TO IMPORTANT PEOPLE on and millions of people in the United States.   Most of it is taxpayer funding of NSA, CIA and FBI black programs on mind control.  If you research further this is a program wealthy can buy into then supply names of persons of ‘interest’ for elaborate experimentation and eventual ‘soft death.’

Soft death is a term used by the military for murder by natural causes, murder by accident and murder by suicide.  This is all perpetrated on unsuspecting American people. (It took me months to get over the shock, disbelief and horror of it.)  Soft death is a way murder can be accomplished by long term experimentation for the sake of national security and the betterment of all Americans.   All these cell phone towers, smart meters, black boxes, GPS units, are being used to subjugate into compliance the unsuspecting honest, hardworking people seen as ‘undesirable.’  People of ‘interest’ are selected by their employers, city utilities,  governments and military/security forces to be targeted and gangstalked.    And die eventually from being tortured.

Now proceed though my  days with focus and determination just to accomplish things that used to be done in half the time before targeting.  Always acknowledge I am dealing with wealthy people running the country who think they are gods.

Am so thankful to be alive.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you  God.

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