Heard on KSMU radio station in Springfield, Missouri, NPR’s  Science Friday  last week, a caller at the end of the show talking excitedly and positively  about the ‘possibility’ of brain computer interface… guess it has never been done to him.  NPR has become so filled with fluff and just plain stupid since 911. 

Heard another news blurb on a regular station the following day about brain computer interface.  The woman affirmatively talked about it happening soon so people who need a taxi, or product will have it come to them, ‘before they even know they need it.’  How wonderful is that?   Is NPR in la-la land?   The reporter then gushed happily about current driver-less cars, and machines that fill out our checks.  Maybe all NPR reporters need to experience cerebral hacking to understand what brain computer interface is all about.

Each and every task taken from a human by a machine makes the artificial intelligence stronger.

When handing out my report around town about being targeted with directed energy weapons to all store owners…  One business owner ran out terribly concerned for me, seeming very upset, and asked, “Why are you doing this?”  I said, “Because they are targeting my family and friends and will eventually murder me.”  Evidently this man knows what is going on and wants everyone to accept it.

Also gave the report on being a TI who is gangstalked to Springfield, Missouri Social Services when at a hearing for Missouri Health benefits.

Though my home is paid for I can no longer spend much time in it.  Usually stay out of it as much as possible now due to the directed energy weapons being used against me by employer of twenty years.  Down the street two blocks from home is Parkview Highschool  in Springfield, Missouri.   That is where Brad Pitt went to school for a while.   Up the street two blocks or so is the corner of Sunshine and Campbell Ave. On that corner is where I worked for twenty years.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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