Got to thinking about how we are organic computers.  Our very thoughts can become ‘viruses’ that affect our government computer’s artificial intelligence if enough of us think the same thought at once.   Or if one of us with great focus and intent wishes to mentally-hack-back into the machine cerebrally hacking them.

I don’t have a brain implant.  Technology being used on those of us experimented on, does not always require one.   New dogs are being targeted-  started a week ago with their bad dreams and now they just sit head hanging, until I touch them.   Then they startle and act OK.  Neither dog behaved this way before.   Both year old pups get up in the past few days as if their body hurts, acting much older suddenly than they are.   This is deliberate, not accidental as the dogs do not sleep at night anywhere near me.  

Whatever you do, don’t put a brain interface toy up to your head if you value having your brain functions to yourself.   Today went to Springfield, Missouri’s Best Buy and saw a huge 20′ tall ad for Oculus by Facebook on the outside of the building.  Wonder if people know that when they use a ‘new, cutting edge‘ toy   (technology created by our military and leaked out after thirty years…)   the toy will link them to government brain interface computers, making the start up of subjugation easy.

Scientific American article, ‘6 Electronic Devices You Can Control with Your Thoughts’ by David Pogue was published Dec. 1, 2016.  In the first sentence-  journalist Pogue shows his innocence by writing that it is ‘… the dawn of the brain-computer interface.’    Brain computer interface (BCI) technologies Pogue explains are a ‘fascinating glimpse of mind-machine merging mergers to come.‘   When you Google brain computer interface toys- a Lego Mindstorms come up.  A toy for $349.99.    Guess the younger a human, the quicker brain subjugation occurs.  Perhaps Pogue should volunteer to experience cerebral hacking before he writes to  world subscribers that mind-machines are fascinating?

In the 1970’s Jose Delgado a Yale University neuroscientist was funded by the military, to create totalitarian mind-control devices.  He quickly left the United States after he was accused in Congressional hearings of non-consensually experimenting on humans in a mental institution.  -Taken from an article May 2014  by Antonio Regalado  in the MIT Tech Review.   Regalado, writes about the military funding a $70 million program for brain-computer interface to control the feelings of ‘mentally ill’ veterans who are suffering.

Researcher Jose Carmena’s said his goal was to, ‘...use brain implants to read, and then control, the emotions of mentally ill people.

Two large contracts were awarded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to Massachusetts General Hospital and University of California, San Francisco to create electrical brain implants.   Carmena, who is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley said the device would let them detect feeling and stimulate the brain as needed.   Justin Sanchez manager of DARPA program Subnets said they want to develop technology to do precision signaling to brains.

President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative- a brain-mapping program provided the funds to DARPA.  Author Regalado wrote, DARPA hopes to test Medtronic and Cortera Neurotechnologies products on humans in ‘two or three years.’  These devices control how people feel  – that was in 2014.

Yesterday at the Library Center was seriously fried on stomach.  Got tired of it and wrote on this blog page,  pointed sentiments to the gangstalkers who hack every machine I use in libraries- in any state of these United States.   Immediately man on the other side of computer desk cursed loudly, gets up, packs his things and walks to another younger man sitting at table further back.   He tells him to leave.   Both walk out.   Think I will address gangstalkers at the library on a computer WordDocument from now on.  This could be fun.

Targeting last night was very harsh.   Even with grounding wire and coils.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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