The vibration of humming or  ‘Om-ing’ might keep your thoughts free of detection if already brain computer interfaced.   When we think without knowing it we move our tongue imperceptibly,  and after decades of experimenting on humans this movement is now translated into words on computer screens.  -So says MIT medical journal reports.

Last four days been sleeping through the night, fall asleep and wake up as if a minute has passed.   Never slept five hours in an instant before.   Targeting last night on stomach.

Back in July 2010 on Ted Talk,  Tan Le spoke about her creation- a headset that ‘reads your brainwaves.’  Le spoke about our brains being our new fingerprints.   She said that headsets that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, only cost a couple hundred dollars in 2010.

July 2016, CNN Health’s Jacqueline Howard reported ‘Scientists get closer to creating real-life invisibility cloak.’   In this article instead of talking about meta-metals or ceramic cloaks  they only report on ‘gradient-index material… of seven super thin layers that each have different electric properties.’   The layers hide objects under them by interacting with electromagnetic waves.   Yang Hao professor at Queen Mary University of London was quoted as saying, ‘In theory,the surface wave cloak also could be used on human bodies.’

Both products above are already used on millions of unsuspecting citizens, along with directed energy weapons.  I’ve seen the outlines of these suits reflecting light at night and as a dark outline in day time.  Men targeting with directed energy weapons use these suits to hide themselves while they work 24/7.

I’m tired today and will let Ramola D speak for TI’s and me, from her post of 12-12-2016 on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen-  “All over the US today, and indeed the world, people are being non-consensually rolled into covert programs of 24/7 physical assault, torture, and slow-kill assassination by EMR microwave/radio/sonic neuro-weapons, also called Directed Energy Weapons or Non Lethal Weapons; 24/7 remote access, manipulation and assault of their brains and central nervous systems: and 24/7 ‘full spectrum surveillance’ involving overt community surveillance, concealed electronic monitoring and public/community stalking, accompanied by discrediting and social ostracism by defamation and slander campaigns, and in-community harassment and PsyOps projects…’   Ramola D. writes that Dr. Seth Farber, ‘a deeply insightful psychologist, psychotherapist, scholar and author‘ has stepped up to address newspapers and the psychiatric establishment  in the United States regarding supporting targeted individuals.  Thank you Ramola D for your site, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.

Winter is here.  Snowed a little last week.  Keeping positive though still under assault in home and outside it.

The ‘nano dust’ in yesterday’s blog from MIT Tech Review can be delivered into targeted individuals (TI’s) by microwave weaponry using CO2 injection.  Probably why it gets so cold when ‘pin pricks’ are felt by TI’s.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Love you God.

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