Last night the directed energy assault was harsh.  Had to do cleaning/laundry in the house today under same intense attack.   The young neighbor sits in drive in new white truck before going to day job.   Frying me.   If  I happen to look out window he revs engine to intimidate.   Revs engine to let me know when back home.   This young man is taking his role seriously- an obsession to harm overriding his humanity.  He grew up in the Network.  His gangstalker-mother’s day job is a nurse.  

Jan. 14, 2015,   in  MIT   Tech  Review  Biomedicine,  ‘A Brain-Computer Interface That Works Wirelessly’   by  Antonio  Regalado  reports  that ‘Cereplex-W’,   a wireless device the size of a gas can lid was developed  by  BrainGate  can ‘transmit the equivalent of 200 DVDs’ worth of data a day.  Of the billions of neurons in the human cortex, scientists have never directly measured more than 200…’    Artuo Nurmikko,  a  Brown professor  said,  ‘You and I use our brains as petabyte machines…  By that standard, 100 megabits per second looks modest.’   Professor Cindy Chestek  at  the  University  of  Michigan said, “…there’s just no such thing as a device that has this many inputs and spits out megabits and megabits of data.  It’s fundamentally a new kind of device.’      (New in the public sector yes… old news in  military labs and involuntary experimentation of the U.S. public.)

Temperatures dropping, heat home with wood burning stove.   Have the copper wire from ground in crawl space, brought up into home at ceiling and from there many copper wires.  One going to my bed under the table  which is a stationary wire.  Once lay down in bed attach it to my feet and hands.   Another wire  use when up and about in house by attaching to a copper belt around my waist.  The last wire is strung down from ceiling to permanently wrap around dog beds.  When I leave my home energy level rises without harmful EMF attack degrading the healthy human electromagnetic pulse of my own.

It is the constant shaking that never lets you rest, even when asleep.  You wake feeling exhausted.  When the assault is harsh you vibrate intensely.  When it is light you shake inside.  For six months felt like being electrocuted.  Those using directed energy weapons truly believe what they are doing is good and they like the extra money that comes with hurting people.  This world is not what it appears to be.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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