Before targeted with directed energy weapons- remained in my home most days and didn’t leave.   Was an artist, a gardener, read books, watched movies occasionally and loved solitary life with the pets who owned me.

After the electrocution started, the constant pain and degradation of the physical body under assault of electromagnetic weapons reduced me to feeling angry most of the time, scared and watchful.  Had to leave my home for relief.  Once outside my home it was heavenly not to sizzle until being found by gangstalkers and the targeting outside my home resumed.

Eventually began to see the humor in my situation.   Wearing copper belts around waist and trying to put clothes on over the protective metals… or wearing aluminum/copper hats on my head for shielding with hats covering them in public.  Or sleeping with sheets of metal over me, etc.)    This is funny to me.     If I felt brave would sometimes put on loud music and dance around the house,  hearing the invisible-suited coward on the roof running to follow as I dodged their ‘directed’ energy rays.

Today the targeting with illegal weapons is similar to being given a diagnosis of a terminal illness.   There is knowledge of dying faster than one should.    Read what happens to people living under power lines and microwave towers.   I have never believed in illness.

Attempting to prove targeting with directed energy weapons is genuine- my belief in wellness has been invaded by facts that take time to leave in this blog.   The facts of black ops targeting program can illicit fear which is the opposite of faith.    As a good United States citizen I want to bring forth facts as evidence that this covert mass subjugation is authentic.   Want people reading this blog to believe it is real.

If more people who know, the faster someone in authority can put a stop to what is happening to millions of Americans, right?  That is a goal.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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