Went to website Targeted Individuals Europe ‘Symptoms,‘ and read my exact symptoms since being attacked with directed energy weapons.  It was after three months of targeting that I finally got to library and looked up my symptoms and found ‘gangstalking, directed energy weapons and brain computer interface- words never heard before.  A couple words used in the mission statement of Targeted Individuals Europe, is ‘extreme dehumanization.’  Totally fits the bill.

The last week has been interesting.  Fried non-stop on stomach.  One night experienced a high pitched electrical frequency that pierced through the ear hole ramming an open channel in the head to come out the other ear.  It was so high and loud it vibrated the surrounding metal around bed.  Never heard anything like it in my life.  Within five minutes it ceased.  Sound manufactured by illegal non-lethal weapons used covertly on muillions of tax paying, law abiding citizens in prolonged acts of pre-meditated-murder called ‘soft kill.’

Merry Christmas to everyone.  No exceptions, that means Merry Christmas gangstalkers, computer technicians controlling brain interface, invisibility suited people who fry my guts and the wealthy former employer who ordered and payed for the targeting: God bless you all.  God thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  It is so.

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