Last night dog who owns me began acting targeted, subdued.  Petted him and felt his whole body sizzling.  He lay as unable to move- enchanted.  His flesh was hot where the electromagnetic/microwave hit his body: lethargic and exhausted.   Prayed over him.  Made him go outside.

Directed energy weapon frequencies harsh on stomach and legs over Christmas.   Enjoying back yard sizzled, looked over to see person hiding behind shrub targeting me.    Got up, they ran–  I followed on foot.  They got in an old pick-up truck met immediately by new black truck with black windows pulling alongside.    Targeter drove out rental house driveway.  New truck went in.   It’s owner waiting in vehicle as I watched.   Walked back home with both license plates written down, since without camera.   Can identify targeter in a line up.

There do not have to be cameras or bugging devices in homes when our very brains impart visual and auditory sense of our lives via computer interface.   Looking forward to the day torture ends and they murder me,  want to work with Archangel Michael.    Justice for the planet and all the people tortured, harassed, intimidated, raped, murdered and brainwashed with remote EMF weapons.   Our belief and our knowing, is stronger than ‘reality.’   With our interfaced brains we can focus and download a virus into computers to shut targeting program down.

Thank you God.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

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