Torture Report

Dr. Robert Duncan’s Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and electronic No-Touch Torture Report of 2015,  based on Senate Intelligence committee’s Declassified “Torture Report,” and “The Torture Memos”  further chronicles  CIA program documentation to:  “Disorient, confuse the target.  Use them for our purposes, and then dispose of them in any way possible.”

Duncan documents “…by a sample set of a thousand people what “dispose” means: prison, suicide or perhaps a mental hospital.  Coercing and torturing people to suicide is very common.  A tactic of physical and no-touch torture involves plausible deniability.”

Duncan reports TI’s in their homes experience:  *’Voice transformation and morphing is an interesting technology during wireless interrogations.’   *’Obvious spoofing of emails and internet forums used in this manner too.’  *’Psychological and perceived physical pain in no-touch torture involves scripts, ‘mind games if you will to walk target to murder or suicide.  Called “Hyper Game Theory” used on governments, individuals and in propaganda to alter cultures.”

Duncan asserts:  “All efforts by the targeted to stop directed energy weapon, and brain/computer interface torture helps military designers improve system.”

Duncan concluded in his last paragraph submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee- ‘”ne last comment on why “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex” as President Eisenhower warned.   During these torture programs run by the United States and its allies, accurate ‘truth’ data points need to be used to judge the efficiency of the interrogation methods. This is why there is a dispute between the CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee reports about the usefulness of torture.”

Write Duncan at the end of his report:  “Subterfuge by the CIA hacking in to the senate oversight committee’s computers is a big deal: a rogue agency has been formed. Data fusion centers, Homeland Security Data Fusion Centers, NSA and FBI collect data on Americans. This data in turn is used during torture and interrogation of Americans in no-touch torture.’

In own home have been interrogated via cerebral hacking five times to my knowledge. What they do to  brain when asleep have no idea.   Via cerebral hacking once was taken back in memories of former work place of twenty years.  During this interrogation sobbed -from bullying and slander evoked as if I were there. Another time during questioning while being remotely electronically raped heard, ‘This is better than truth serum…’ by man asking questions. At which time a woman took over questioning. Believe in self because God is with me otherwise they would have destroyed me by now.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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