Dr. Katherine Horton can be found at stop007.org.  She lives in Europe, became a physicist at Oxford, got a PhD from Harvard, and is targeted with directed energy weapons today.  In her research 70% of all targeted individuals are single women or mothers.  91% of people remotely and electronically raped/sexually assaulted are women.   She writes this is not about national security or human experimentation…Instead, as always, it is some degenerate brutish thugs in intelligence agencies and military living out their sexual perversions, sadism and psychopathology.”  -Thank you also Ramola D for writing often about Horton in the EveryDay Concerned Citizen!

Horton writes that the above mentioned ‘authorities’ are “… to protect us from precisely the terrorism that they are inflicting on innocent women and children.”

Horton was interviewed on the Richie Allen Show about her directed energy weapons torture, please listen on You Tube.

In a public request to the head of German Intelligence Dr. Bruno Kahl- Horton writes in the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs, “Then from January 2016, I have been overtly and brutally microwaved non-stop where ever I went. I have been repeatedly bruised up in my sleep at night.  I had my head cooked and my brain systematically damaged in PREMEDITATED attacks.  Such attacks occurred everyday in 2016.  It appears that your agency started a trauma-based mind-mapping program on me, most likely for the Human Brain Project or some such endeavor.  For the past few months, your agents have amused themselves with jolting or moving my limbs remotely.  This comes after several months where I was also repeatedly sexually assaulted with painful microwave shots or microwave burning of my genitals if I tried to protect myself from the assaults with metal shielding.”

Most family members and friends were given the name of this blog site.  They have no idea the extreme torture and pain have gone through past six months- no one knows unless they experience it.   This hidden evil within government, military medical and local, state and federal ‘authorities’ is paid for by U.S. taxes.  But the wealthy who control our country can contract services as needed.   Former employer of twenty years is worth $billions.

Dr. Katherine Horton talks about ‘groups of people’ following and stalking her. Never the same person.  So many people have said to me… “You are not important, why would so many people follow you?”    Horton talks about how these stalkers smile at her while intimidating and harassing her.  Horton documented her home was broken into and things moved around…   She talks about her heart being targeted, and having intense heart pain.  Her doctors say she was fine- but most TI’s are not targeted in doctors offices.

Thank you God for this strong and brave woman Dr. Katherine Horton for speaking her truth.  Truth of torture for every targeted individual, is the same as mine. 

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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