dear-neighbor  Invisibility suited coward-‘neighbor.’

Today, dogs were with me while in back room filling fireplace to heat home and we heard someone fall hard on the roof above us.  The backroom does not have an attic over ceiling, just a slanted single layer of wood and roof tiles.  No- don’t have ladder leaning up against home.  Sounds like the man dressed in the invisibility suit  physically fell on our roof tripping over tarp rope.   Had to spread tarp cause roof now leaks from roof being used by grown cowards to jump, run and walk on during targeting with DEW’s.  Gosh hope they didn’t hurt themselves.   Both dogs and I looked up simultaneously at the noise of a large man’s body falling dead-weight onto roof directly above us.  I laughed so hard.

Went out immediately with BB-gun and shot at roof hoping one tiny pellet hit the $thousands invisibility suit…  What do you expect from someone who has been tortured horribly for six months with directed energy weapons?    BB-guns are legal inside the city.  I don’t own a real gun. Couldn’t.

How could I explain a bleeding man on my roof dressed in an invisibility suit?   I’m sure the Police, FBI, CIA and NSA would haul the coward off, dispose of the invisibility suit (which does not exist.)  -The Guardian newspaper reported on stealth suits March 14, 2016  breaching Geneva Conventions.  Hope a BB hit the expensive suit today and caused it to malfunction…  (like shooting a grizzly with a BB.)  The wealthy former employer doing this, can buy ten more suits.

Many friends and relatives have told me to love these people assaulting me.              Doing my best.

One friend though said,You cannot love demons.”   As a child, thought love would make demons good.

Another friend said, “You need to apologize to your former employer and they will let you alone.”     Did that already.   During the fifth stage of death I went through in the third month of targeting.  Began bargaining for all it was worth.   Dropped a large painting at former employers office.  The DEW targeting directly after gift was dropped off, was horrendous.

When your body shakes so hard from microwave assault it looks like palsy,   and your internal organs shake as if riding a roller coaster, and your heart palpitates wildly every time you lay down and after sleep deprived for months you slog through life as though walking through mire,  and when DEWs are directed through the walls and roof at skull until brain literally rattles as if you are an infant and a psychotic babysitter is shaking you… it becomes clear that murder by natural causes, murder by accident, and murder by suicide  will be carried out with ‘soft kill’ until achieved.  No matter what you do.  

Now pray to God every moment, that the network gangstalkers, invisibility suited cowards; perverted research experimenters; their psychotic wealthy supporters/rogue government agencies are brought into the light for justice, and brought conquered by the angels.

No longer have any love or compassion for targeting individuals who made their choice to harm humans for MONEY.  God can love them.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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