Sunday afternoon the targeting with electromagnetic weapons caused an electrical current to run down the back of throat.  When I swallowed and saliva had contact with the current it felt as if it sparked, which is why noticed it.   Heart was remotely palpitated with EMFs when this occurred.    All that night exhausted as face twitched grotesquely repeatedly,  shoulders shrugged, hands flopped,  body straightened rigid as if with electric shock.  -This occurred two hours.  Rest of night  whole body sizzled and shook.   Monday heart remotely palpitated all day.

At the library writing this a man who appears there every time I go, sat close as usual.  At which time began to shake from force of electromagnetic waves bombarding beneath the computer desk originating from where he sat across from me.  Entire lower torso hit hard.   Looked up finally saw this gangstalker.  He has a ponytail.  This man also stood around the front of home on side walk, till I went and asked if he needed help?   No matter when at ANY library at Springfield, MO…   He is there.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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