As a child, did not understand how energy from other humans could cause psychic occurrences.   Raised strict Roman Catholic, knew humans went to heaven or hell after death.  Apologized to mother when for first time energy from mind caused a person to fall down, skin their knees.  Standing next to me, Mom said “You weren’t near that person when they fell down.”  Made sure energy never caused another person to trip.   Never mentioned it to her again, was seven at the time.

In the Bible if you look between the pages you will find many delusional, psychotic and schizophrenic humans.  Well… that is what our psychiatric community would say if someone from the Bible came in their offices talking about burning bushes, angels delivering messages, talking to God, turning water to wine, casting out demons, following an extra big, shiny star that moved in the heavens, etc.

Most religious folk will tell you that no one can experience today anything humans experienced two thousand years ago in Biblical time.   But wasn’t it Jesus who told his disciples, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do… and they will do greater things than these, because I am.”   My anger response has nothing to do with the ‘greater things’ Jesus spoke of.   However it must be said that all phenomenon in the Bible was not for good when in the presence of evil.

Even so, internet and books are full of people saying Jesus really didn’t mean to say we would do greater things.   But as a child in grade school knew it was trueJesus said with belief we could move mountains.   Today’s psychics, and or saints being targeted have their God response and abilities mapped into computers when they are tortured.  My defense/protection ability existed side by side with healing abilities since my teenage years.

After reading from a diary what an interrogator said months ago while I was brain computer interfaced… that I would be a hero and was helping to make my country greater.  Realized the defense ability had been downloaded and will be put in brain interface helmets for troops or black ops targeters.    Have I really helped those interfering with humanity’s free will, because I fought back with mind energy?  Also fight these cowards using prayer/meditation asking Archangel Michael and other great warrior angels and saints to assist.   Now wonder if I should.   Always pray to God for help.

It was a worry that rarely move during electronic torture and other times literally could not.  Today learned about Mu waves, or sensorimotor rhythms of synchronized patterns of electricity combining large quantities of neurons located in the brain so voluntary movement is controlled and stopped.   Limbs and bodies can be unwillingly jerked, seized and postured unnaturally like a puppet on a string with other ‘waves.’  

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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