Gangstalkers…   They get money making their living harassing, intimidating and slowly killing torturing, and raping humans remotely with EMF weapons.   In Springfield, Missouri my home of 22 years is paid for.  I had to leave driving to hide from my attackers but targeting only intensified.  Three months ago began writing  experiences and posting photographs on this site.   Got into debt buying products to assist in stopping effects of electromagnetic weapons-  The gangstalkers got real vicious when I refused to lay down and die.

If dared to get angry at them and voice my opinion of them in the privacy of my own home?  Wow, what fury, indignation and self righteousness they exhibit by increased attacks.  They get upset at me, if I’m upset with them for torturing me. Talk about a messed up world.

The only targeted individual have ever spoken with is here in Missouri.  She said what is happening is bigger than my former employer.  It is global evil.  Asked her, “Do you love your torturers?  Or are you angry at them.”

She said emphatically, “Love them, Absolutely, they have to make a living.   The devil is using them… You have to go to God now and stay with God.  At first I was angry, but now understand.”   Sounds like what I heard meditating looking at a tree.  The tree said, “If you stay in beauty nothing can touch you.”   How to do that while being tortured?   Remote EMF torture, rape and BCI stops all love response in me.

No one believes remote EMF torture, rape and BCI is going on with most targeted individuals.  Because there is no metal bullet to pull out of flesh.  Very few of us have support of friends and local ‘authorities.’   And I’m supposed to love the ‘neighbors’ brain interfacing my friends in two other states?

These experimenting cowards want the God response downloaded in computers to completely take control of the world with AI.   If we love our attackers while being remotely EMF tortured by them we would be handing over this God response.  Seems like a no win situation.  But God is the only answer here.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you dear God.

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