Colorful rooms throughout tiny home of artist.  Excepting the kitchen, the rest of my home still looks as it did six months ago when targeting started.   After targeting with EMF weapons- packed up and gave away many possessions to move from this home paid for in 2012.   But visiting friends in other states, targeting worse at their homes.  Today boxes remain packed because don’t know what to do or where to go.   Last night very harsh targeting, top of head hurts.  Right elbow muscles spasmed alternately above and below joint for hours, causing great pain and sleepless night.  Pain upon waking.

Due to hacking this past week on two different dates…  posts had white print turned to blue at

Since returning home AT&T landline ‘bugged’ keeps going ‘OFFLINE.’

Over Christmas three people left gifts on front porch– all were stolen by ‘neighbors.’ Pad lock used on outside of front door was unlocked and removed two days ago when I was out.   Never had theft in the twenty years living here before targeting with directed energy weapons.   Three months ago all lawn ornaments removed from front and back yard- all this since DEW assaults began.

Last night drilling on my roof.   Six months ago I heard drilling on side of home days before targeting started with electromagnetic weapons.   What do they insert in holes?

Since the fabric of everything is exactly the same… light (energy) in different quantities, and arrangements are intelligent and connected, there has to be a way targeting with directed energy weapons can be stopped by sheer belief in God.

In past when young, focused on spark of God in rapists and criminals talking with this spark and would-be attackers went away.   Love connected with them and they could not assault.

Other would be attackers became enraged at the mention of God and left straight away.

Gangstalkers have done great harm to me with electromagnetic weapons without giving me the chance to talk with them face to face.   They are cowards that harm behind ‘neighborly homes,’ and in their cars- they are always hidden.   They have lost their humanity, and like Lucifer (the bearer of light) their shine no longer comes from God even though God created them.   

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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