It is interesting how WordPress rated my site as a long read… due to hacking all the long hours of researched information put into blog are being deleted more and more.  Until blog is a ‘short’ read.

Whole house was in high level magnetic frequency five months ago especially south rooms, but the Urichs left.  A van was seen at yellow brick rental day after red brick renters left, then paper covered their basement windows. Afterwards north side of house high levels of magnetic frequency.

Promised a good friend yesterday would keep this diary blog positive.  Relative asked same.   Will move sleep area to south side and hope for the best today.  That is positive.

This site hacked so bad today at Library Center Springfield, Missouri asked librarian for help because all pictures in site archive disappeared.  Got into WordPress site on another carrier, and pictures up.  Then all drafts were gone.   Closed out and went to yet another carrier and third time was a charm… my WordPress blog site worked.  That is positive.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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