Canadian brain surgeon Wilder Penfield concluded the brain and mind are not the same. Penfield believed the mind was a “ghost,” saying, “It is the mind which experiences and it is the brain which records the experiences.”  His work began in 1930’s when he found neurons created the human mind as a sort of invisible energy field which includes the brain and might even control it.   It was Wilder  who discovered brains contain memory even while dormant  in a coma.

To say or think one word the brain has an exact pattern of waves.  To go from one word to another one pattern must first be dissolved.  Millions of neurons shift from one word to the next in speech or thought.   Penfield found an empty gap between the patterns that has no brain activity…    “God is in the gap,” said Sir John Eccles, Nobel Prize winner and neurophysiologist whose scientific work on the brain and mind turned ‘philosophical.’

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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