Below is letter I sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International.

January 20, 2017

To the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,

For six months have been tortured with directed energy weapons (DEWs) in Springfield, Missouri U.S.A.  These ‘non-lethal’ weapons ‘soft-kill’ individuals  by natural causes, accident or ‘suicide.’   Please help.  There is a news black-out in the U.S. regarding the use of DEWs and the methods by which ground troops of rogue government agencies, police, city utilities and the wealthy ‘gang stalk’ individuals of interest.  Finally the worst form of torture imaginable-  brain computer interface of targeted individuals to destroy any semblance of who they are.

My name is Josephine Grace.  My address is 1551 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65807.  Phone numbers are…

Targeted individuals (TIs) who go to their local police are usually put in psychiatric lock down because stories of torture and stalking are too unbelievable to be real. Targeted individuals who go to the FBI are usually treated the same, and abused further for reasons unidentifiable.   I am writing to you because the press black out and government agency hostility towards TIs leaves no choice.  Please help.

Will be 60 years old in June.  Have worked my entire life, pay taxes, own my home and car, volunteered, have voted in every major election and do not deserve what is happening to me.  When I filed for work injuries at a former work place of twenty years the gang stalking began.  Two years later was fired for work injuries.  Got on disability for work injuries and accepted a settlement out of court.  Afterwards gang stalking intensified.  When I demanded the stalking stop, became targeted with electromagnetic weapons in home and everywhere else I go.  Please help me.

This ability for governments, wealthy, police and utilities to target and ‘soft kill’ millions of citizens around the globe is a human rights violation.  What is happening to me is a human rights violation.

Thank you for reading my request for help.   Please respond.

Sincerely, Josephine Grace

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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  1. My name is William Lewis Wilson of Kansas City Missouri. About a hard four years of heaven or hell.. I wouldn’t changed my spot in this delusion of who I am. “I Am William Lewis” as I went into the Missouri National Guard sworn in to protect our nation United States, “Turtle Island “under Homeland Security. I realize the begining of being targeted was around when mydaughter was conceit 10 years ago.Only thing that really bothers me is this design of a false marriage and great degree of psychological mine screw the manipulation of their mother of having using your kids as Pawns presenting situation of life that they’ve never ever should have went gone through my pool big girl daddy’s girl being dragged off to Georgia thousand miles away from her daddy 2 years wondering why. her dad abandon her I wonder divorce going to head home residence over two summers ago when you’re screwing two Twist spleen falsified pet owners protection orders and basically the kidnapping of my daughter. I have for DFS workers is verified that I am a good father state of Missouri Jackson County of Family Services over this course of this last year there’s no case against you we can’t help you in court. Guardium litem Stewart Betty Ann Stuart, Commissioner kimminua, Judge Campbell, district clerk Karen Clark judge Otto judge Gilles All falsifying court documents filing fake child support orders putting stamps without file numbers stripping Me My Rights to my life estate. Family service has no record of this vawa that supposedly happened on April 11th 2014 web leave Jersey judge in Casa did ever seen dim using St Luke’s East in Lee’s Summit Missouri that is was the hospital of local 20 roofers and waterproofers that I still currently have full respect by the Union and I have St Luke’s Hospital waiting for a signature to go back into my ex-wife’s medical records because you’re willing to swear it was not I that caused her term Parkinson syndrome she had a accident two different occasions in 2005 that she was seen in St Luke’s West and did not disclose that with the doctors 2014 where she had a C1 and C2 injury of the spinal cord. I’m an American Soldier August 2014 represents marriage birthday file for divorce in the company doctor took me on my career because of bone spurs when I just became a journeyman one month prior– graduating with a 96 percent on my test.. on the TNT I’m also a intj Myers personality test I also proud to be an American Soldier of Possum Trot British soldier that corporate entity has died forever the beneficiary I am William Lewis Wilson sovereignty. Fresh if I wish to gain the world and lost my soul therefore I wouldn’t be no better connect corporate sponsor for Humanity I I stand with no blame to any public official, private citizen, friend ,family that we all been lied to your sin is no greater than mine. “Family Values”


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