BCI Patents

For two thirds of my life never owned a television, car, refrigerator, or phone.   Electricity and I did not get along.   My grandpa could hold live wires in his hands and it did not hurt him, I was just the opposite and could feel electricity everywhere.  If I got upset and happened to touch a machine it could malfunction or stop working.   Did not want to be responsible for any emissions adding to the global warming environmentalists knew about thirty years ago, so rode bike, walked or used mass transit until ten years ago.   Became a vegetarian in  20’s and never looked back.   Yet even though ‘allergic’ to electricity and machines… for some reason began telling friends twenty years ago humans we are “organic computers created by God.”

Our brain’s electrical impulses run through water, electrolytes and fluid fats- not coated copper wire.   Our brain’s neurons group together to form words and thoughts.  Neurons live for thirty-six months…  How then am I able to remember anything from last year, much less fifty years ago?     A neuron’s molecules are not solid- instead they are designs of invisible energy existing in the quantum level- that area between the physical and God (virtual level.)   At the virtual level these same designs vanish.   There is no time, space or energy in virtual ‘reality.’    No known scientist on record has ever found a memory.

How then can my brain be involuntarily interfaced with computers?

We know brains can be interfaced with computers because virtual reality helmets are on sale at toys today in stores.  The minute you put these devices on, your personal information is downloaded by  artificial intelligence.  Targeted individuals know cerebral hacking is real.  It happens to them.  Along with torture from DEW’s.

We know that electrodes no longer have to be used to transmit a persons voice to another’s skull since 1973.    Dr. Joseph Sharp told attendants at his seminar in University of Utah about a device he created using microwaves to bring sound to the human skull.  His seminar was in 1974.  The U.S. diplomats in the Moscow Embassy were microwave-attacked in the 50’s-60’s and 70’s- because Russians eaves-dropped via microwaves.

Yesterday/last night there was a party…  over thirty cars of gangstalkers were parked nextdoor.

sp1-god     friend to north

In June 1988 Wayne B. Brunkan filed for U.S. patent for ‘Hearing system’- (Sound induced in head of person radiated with microwaves modulated with particular waveform… to create sensation of hearing in irradiated head.)  1989 patent US 4877027 A, original assignee Brunkan.

In Dec. of 1996 James O’Loughlin and Diana Loree filed with the U.S. Patent Office for a ‘Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect.’ 2002 Patent US 6470214 B1, has original assignee being the US as represented by the Secretary of the Air Force.

In Dec. 2003 Eric leuthardt, Gerwin Schalk, Dan Moran, Jonathan Wolpaw and Jeff Ojemann filed with the U.S. Patent Office for ‘Brain Computer Interface.’  2006 patent US 7120486 B2, has original assignee as Washington University.  Performed with U.S. government grant.

In Jan. 2013 Philip Steven Low filed with U.S Patent Office for ‘Correlating brain signal to intentional and unintentional changes in brain state.’  (‘Methods of analysis to extract and assess brain data collected from subject.’) 2013 patent WO 2013112771 A1 with applicant being Neurovigil, Inc.

April 2, 2012 in the New York Times David Ewing Duncan reported that in San Diego, California an iBrain device was created.    In San Francisco, California a headset came on the market that does neurofeedback, and 3-D brain-mapping.

God thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.

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