Last week there was an accident out front of my home.  Ran out immediately.  Two little girls taken out of a van sat under tree while mother and friend cried or talked with police and insurance agents about what happened.  The young man who had been drinking in the other car rubbed his head.

Sat with girls and we drew pictures of mermaids and angels to keep them calm.   Firetruck and police arrived sirens blaring.   After an hour one child really had to go ‘potty.’  The child’s uncle accompanied her inside my home to use the bathroom.

At one point this man (interested in art) wanted to walk through my home.  Said it was fine.  But seeing sheets of metal in the next room, he didn’t go further.   Wanted to say I was being targeted, but didn’t.   My reality is too surreal to talk about.   The uncle and I talked art until the girl emerged five minutes later from bathroom talking about the artwork on ceiling.   Offered her any of the statues she was looking at in the front hall.   She pointed to a Madonna saying she had never seen one and left cradling it in her hands.

The child never before believed in guardian angels or Mother Mary till talking with me.  Their van  had minimal damage.  The girl said she was an artist.  You could say the whole accident occurred to inspire this little girl to love angels and Mary.  She wants to draw them now.  You could say the accident occurred so the young man who struck their van is forced to get help for his drinking.  His car was totaled but he was fine.  Or… you could say what happened was ‘just an accident.’  Or perspective on what happens in life makes our reality.

As a TI, have made it a point to tell relatives and friends what is happening to me, so they know about mind-control programs.   Refuse to believe what is happening, but know… there is a difference.

This great evil must never win.   The human brain is incapable of realizing such  horror unless experiencing it.   My survival depends on putting horrific targeting experiences into brain compartments and locking them up.  Then living my best.

In Deepak Chopra MD’s ‘How to Know God‘ he puts it wisely.  In stage six of belief he says that among visionaries- God has two sides (good and evil) of the same force.  After all God created Lucifer in the Bible.   There is the Yin and the Yang in the one circle.   Chopra writes, “One should emphasize that this isn’t an ethical viewpoint.  You can’t argue against it by saying, ‘Look at this atrocity and that horror.  Don’t tell me God is there.’  …If you see victims of crimes and heartrending injustice, that is real for you, but the saint, even as he brings untold compassion to such people may not see victims at all.”

Have friends who are like monks or highly evolved people who let me know that this directed energy weapons assault may be a reflection of needing to let go of bad experiences in my past.   Meaning this experimentation and torture has been brought on by belief in victimization.   Theoretically nothing could be more true, as physicists note our beliefs control reality.   

I could point out that covert extermination/experimentation of millions of people around the globe with DEW’s (hundred of thousands in the U.S.-) is no different than what the Nazis did publicly to millions of Jews in one place.    With the exception that today this extermination and experimentation is done covertly on people of all races, religions and cultures in most nations: who speak up for themselves in their jobs, whistle blowers,   activists, minorities and women.  Still other groups targeted are criminals, mentally ill, and unfortunate people who someone is angry at, or jealous of, being cruel too, or inflicting retribution.

Lastly the children who are targeted and brain interfaced due to their high IQ and psychic ability,  HAVE NOTHING THEY NEED TO LET GO OF.  They are children.  They haven’t lived that long to work on anything.   Children are ‘present.’  Physicist Dr. Katherine Horton in Switzerland has proof children are being experimented on.

Rationally then, the truth is that the targeting of 99.9% of nonconsensual old to infant people, their torture, remote rape, cerebral hacking and soft-kill is an insane reality inflicted on good, and intelligent humans for experimentation:  NOTHING ELSE.

And what of my owners below, the big one Salley (underneath Buddy,)  has been targeted again for over a week now.  She will stand staring into space and sit with her head down.   What about her, has she created her own reality or is she in mine?   This time the targeting of an animal in my home is intentional as these dogs are too big to sit on my lap or sleep with me.   They are targeted for experimentation and subjugation.   Oh, gangstalkers what will you say to God when standing before God upon your natural deaths?   Your weapons won’t protect you then.


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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