Magnetic waves

umbilical seen at flower level

The National Geographic article ‘At the Heart of All Matter’ subtitled ‘The Hunt for the God Particle‘ by Joel Achenbach, March 2008, reports in a 300 foot hole in Crozet, France beams of particles will one day ‘soon’ travel round a tunnel forming a ring 17 miles in circumference to hopefully converge at almost the speed of light, and collide violently into energy ‘wads’ condensing back into particles we have never seen before.  The article reported the scientists are hoping nothing goes wrong because they are not sure exactly what would happen if it did.  This experiment was concocted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN.   They are hoping these new particles will reveal what force (God) made the universe.

A magnetic field is a moving charge of electricity.  Magnetic flux (flow) can pass through  metal with the exception of iron and nickel which are ferromagnetic materials. Metals I do not have around my sleeping area.  Only when a device is switched on with flowing current is a magnetic field possible.   Magnetic fields are stronger closer to their source, which is why the whole house unit being used by the red brick renters caused cracks in walls of my home- as ‘neighbors’ beam this EMF at close quarters.   Walls of buildings do not stop magnetic fields.

Scientific research has proven strong magnetic fields create circulating currents in human bodies causing heating, electrical shock, tingling, stimulation of nerves, muscles, DNA fragmentation, and other physical symptoms.   Chronic exposure might not exhibit for months or years.  Woke up this morning with ears plugged (as if underwater while a large truck rolls by causing water to vibrate in ears.)  Also pulsing in head not associated with heartbeat.  Body sizzled so hard last night bones jarred continually.  Heard a loud footfall on roof at 5:30am, a truck started and left vicinity at 6am.

Did you know that there are supposed to be at least seventeen spy agencies in the United States today?  Covert activities we know nothing about until they happen to us.

Thank you God for this beautiful world and everything exactly the way it is today.

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