For TI’s

black truck in north neighbor's drive present when eye shot with laser point  MO 79AC58

POEM:  “Strengthen and cope with life.   Thoughts depicted in black and blue reality. Flash Artificial intelligence ‘thinking’ ink tone.  Pictures.  But this artist’s brain is about every color.   God made pigment.   Processing backwards, thinking in pictures.  Knowing God created.  Such beauty.  Stay in the beauty.  Live.” 

What helps with directed energy weapons assault:  Grounding copper wire in dirt, then bringing wire up in home.   Wire around wrist while awake and during sleep sending electromagnetic waves through body.  Not accumulating.   Metal sheets iron, nickel, steal, aluminum or copper depending on budget over windows.  Protecting  house.   Play music doing other tasks- watching movie, paying bills, etc. helps brain against entrainment.   Doors and windows locked when leaving home and during sleep.   As well as padlocked outside, and chained inside.   Copper coils in ears and copper head-wear stops pain from waves directed at skull.

Sheets of metal (like those at windows)  placed over body while sleeping, not touching skin (if cannot afford a Faraday Cage-) helps direct energy weapon assault only,  not whole house unit effects.    Faraday Cage stops and absorbs waves.   During sleep place a CD player at either side of bed (with a different CD  in each) on repeat (with prayer music or positive music) keeping cerebral hacking at minimum due to noise interference.  Taping shungite to top of CD players helps keep them playing when they are attacked with DEWs.   Magnets and crystals are good to keep around sleep area, and carry in clothing when awake to help divert some waves/pain.

Targeted individuals helpful addition to diet: Vitamin B12 helps retain energy level during day.  Choline and Inosital combination along with Selenium helps brain function under directed energy weapons assault.   Fenugreek and Turmeric help inflammation and pain.  Mint is powerful antioxidant for energy.   A banana (with age dots on it) each day ads dopamine in brain helping emotional balance.  Shiitake mushrooms aid liver and kidneys.   Lots and lots of greens.   Cilantro is excellent, as is kale to help keep bodies and DNA healthy.  Cardamom is excellent for the heart.  Iodine in dropper by NOW foods fantastic against EMF radiation effects on thyroid.

Humming helps keep thoughts private -harder for brain computer interface while awake.  MIT medical research found microscopic movement of tongue discerns words being thought.   Humming makes tongue vibrate making word association with thoughts indecipherable.  Cannot read mind through cerebral hacking if humming.  -It can also make you happy.

On another note personal computer has never been on the internet but hacked last month.  Always shut it down, close it and put it away after viewing a movie perhaps four times a month.  Hacking is either through frequencies,  or someone entered home and changed location of icons manually to intimidate.

POEM:  “Time keeps each isolated moment, strung into hours and days, never recording circularly.   Linear belief stretching from Aztec priests ripped beating hearts out of sacrificial bodies, to experimenters hold brains in the palm of their computers.   Trying to capture our souls?   Demons and old bitter, and crazy white men seeking eternal youth and the power of God.   Belief alters past with love.  Just as Archangel Michael lovingly sends damned souls to hell.  The fabric of everything? Light.  Different quantities and arrangements… all the same stuff.  God stuff.  Soul privacy?   Brain ‘cracked’ by hacker frequencies via computers.  Plugged in electric sockets.  Programming human brains.   If they are big and you are small, only fight the battles that can be won.    Only God can win this fight.   Rogue governments, seduced by technology.   Tempting energy.  Shining treacherously, alluringly beautiful- the light of Lucifer.  Who controls the air.”   Satan is prince of the power of the air. -Ephesians 2:2.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Love you God.

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