Maurice Rawlings M.D. was a great doctor.  When one of his patients died in his office undergoing a routine heart test (EKG.)  Rawlings resuscitated the patient manually with external heart massage.  The nurse gave him mouth to mouth until an oxygen tank arrived.   Each time Rawlings brought his patient (a mail carrier in his forties) back from death and quit massaging his heart, he would began to die again. Each time the patient was brought back, he would beg Rawlings fearfully not to stop… saying, “Don’t you understand?  I am in hell.  Each time you quit, I go back to hell!  Don’t let me go back to hell!”    After this experience, Rawlings decided to compile data and write about what patients experienced after they clinically died. Excerpts above from Rawlings’ 1978,  ‘Beyond Death’s Door.’

EVERYONE must stand before God completely naked.  No technology, no invisibility suits, no EMF weapons.  Just naked and staring into God’s eyes.  -This makes me so happy for my attackers.

Over the past six months of electromagnetic torture by illegal, ‘non-lethal’ ‘soft-kill’ directed energy weapons,  when I’m not running away from gangstalkers, or being bombarded with frequencies that cause shaking, sizzling, non-restful ‘sleep’ or no sleep, when I’m not brain computer interfaced, interrogated or brain washed,  when I’m not being hypnotized by two small white alternating lights coming through roof and metal sheets above sleeping area into eyes...   when not remotely, raped with microwaves…   when stomach targeted so hard it physically jiggles and wants to split open…  when not being shot with CO2 propulsion nano particles containing who knows what that feel like long medical needles entering head, stomach and limbs…   when I’m not eating because the constant pain in stomach from targeting makes me feel hungry…  I love and thank God for this beautiful life.  And thank God while being attacked as well.  By praising God at all times, especially the hard times, I never let go of my dignity.

I’m thinking about ‘neighbors’ in rental homes and how in God’s name they can do this as a job.    The job is a game- a sport of live reality video where they attack people while hiding like cowards.

Some days wake up so ill after a night of being literally cooked.  Stomach hurts  and is distended from targeting.   We are all dying the moment we are born, this DEW torture is fast-forwarding things.   Move as if in molasses, have no control over anything in life.   Am easily thrown off balance now- a side effect of microwave radiation- agility affected.

As a child my relationship with God was very intimate and still is.   This has made me closer to God.   This targeting has opened my eyes.  Never knew such evil existed.

After reading ‘Beyond Death’s Door‘ by the medical doctor Maurice Rawlings,  know that even those driving cars to take gangstalkers to appointed targets will feel what they have done to others during their life review.   This is a very short life,  we are all temporary.

The leaders and majority of gangstalkers doing this are old white men whose concept of the United States as a perfect country (was like “the good old days”) when women were home with babies and minorities had no rights.    Hell for eternity: after Earth life is real.   These people will never be allowed to reincarnate or manifest anywhere again but hell.

Karen Stewart former NSA intelligence officer of 28 years and a whistleblower is on the homepage of BiggerThanSnowden.com.  Stewart reports that covert experimentation on U.S. citizens expanded under Presidents Bush and Obama.  This expansion of covert programs- (CIA’s MKULTRA) allows related civilian defense and medical contractors with government agencies to receive funding.  This funding aids licensing of products by illegal experimentation on non-voluntary civilians in Directed Energy Weapons research for weapons and medical products.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you dear God.

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