Amy Austin City Utilities Springfield, Missouri   City Utility Russel  John Black General Counsel for City Utilities Springfield, Missouri

When City Utilities Russel and Chad came to test home with electromagnetic frequency readers they said my meter outside registered “40” and the rental yellow brick house meter was “60.”  Have not heard from them again, or received any mail. Would like an explanation what Russel’s meter was set on- to register zero all the time.

Have to leave home now, everyday to get away from the directed energy, or else ill by nightfall.   Haven’t rested in six months- because in sleep body sizzles and shakes on low or high frequency assault- but never rests.  Sometimes move around  home  literally looking for place to lay down,  will spread blankets, put down pillow, cover up and sleep.   Always wake up shaking hard, because eventually am located.   Am followed during morning walks by humans with hand held devices- this electrocution during exercise causes physical exhaustion as if walking up a hill when the streets I’m walking on are flat.   Last night targeted on right knee until pain unbearable, and felt like throwing up all night from targeting on stomach as well.   Moved bed to a south room, but heard man on roof with directed energy weapons.  On top of the handheld devices, a whole house energy DEW always directed at home from rental neighbors.

Six months ago usually got up at 4-5 am.   Actually throughout life loved to be an early bird.  Would go outside on front porch to hear birds sing, and drink coffee, winter or summer.  Then walked dogs in  shelter of darkness-  sun too harsh for my skin. Went to work and made former employer of twenty years a lot of money each day.   Came home, got to bed between 9-11 pm.  Did art work, watched movies, wrote in  diaries and before injuries- avidly gardened.

mary-in-kitchen-on-counter  Off charts magnetic radiation in kitchen today.

Now get out of bed by 7-10 am.   Get through morning- praying to God, angels and Mother Mary  glad to be alive, feeling ill from electrocution of night before.   Usually eat two breakfasts because stomach feels so ‘hungry’ from constant pain.  Rarely ate breakfast till six months ago.   The minute physically get up-  a truck leaves the vicinity.   Constant exhaustion of incessant bombarding frequencies in every cell of body.  Sometimes wake with eyes overly large in sockets from being cooked even wearing welders goggles for protection  against magnetic waves.  These cowards are electrocuting me in own home.

Hear experimenters or interrogators say they are ‘happy with progress,’ with the quickness go ‘under’ into different levels of consciousness.   Not fighting them hard as used too.  The ‘shock and awe’ of months of electrocution taking its toll.

Do they know God?   God can create a totally new electromagnetic frequency making access obsolete.   God can create the perfect virus to infect these computers through my own organic brain.     Pray everyday for God’s intervention.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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