The Bose-Einstein condensate is  a number of atoms that are cooled to absolute zero temperature.   -The lowest temperature in theory on the Kelvin scale at 273 degrees centigrade or -459 Fahrenheit.   At  absolute zero atoms have no free energy to move in relation to each other.   They clump and enter the same energy state together.  At which point they become identical and behave as a single atom.  A super atom.  The Bose-Einstein condensate turns chemistry on its head showing atoms can be in the same space at the same time.   –From LIVESCIENCE’s,  Jesse Emspak May 6, 2016, ‘States of matter: Bose-Einstein condensate.‘   

Some consider the Higgs boson the ‘God’ particle.  This boson’s task is to give particles mass, thereby creating atoms.

In our world humans are asleep while working at the same time   We look closer and closer into subatomic microscopes and hadron colliders to find ‘God.’   To find purpose.  To know everything.  Those of us who have purpose may find happiness in total knowledge of a job, an office, or a position/title in our culture that gives status.  But asleep within these simple parameters of our achievements- wanting security in what we do every single day.  We don’t like change.  God is constant change.  Most don’t look beyond our jobs.

In reality God is inside each of us as a spark, or we would be dead.   We cannot live without this (divine) energy. Some of us never question the programming from our youth, our religions, schools and universities.  Some of us at church are never taught the difference between good and evil, or  to have a moral code.   Instead we may learn historically about a savior and how to stay out of heaven or hell and live our lives based on fear instead of loving and flourishing.  How can there be world  peace when inside our very homes there can be great turmoil, hatred and a form of ongoing war between parents and children- or siblings.

With this constant hidden negativity kept secret in many of our homes- the people emerging only replay this ‘programming’ in the world.  We know from news releases our schools and churches are not safe. The next place a person spends most of their time is at an occupation or university. Our universities have suffered more violence that our schools because of the political issues some campuses experience with metal bullets, much less DEWs.

Where you are employed there are risks… but no one, and no employee ever imagines being targeted with electromagnetic weapons (or experimented on,) for speaking out or standing up for themselves.  It doesn’t seem possible. The concept is quite heinous.

The idea that government  military and medical agencies, unethical police, rogue city utility employees, scientists, civilians are involved in reprisals and experimentation for the wealthy is insane.

We are told United States citizens are all living ‘quality’ lives, in the ‘best country in the world,’ but a huge covert organization that  targets and experiments without consent on millions of us is operating against the U.N. convention on torture, and most United States laws.   What is worse- this covert experimentation will consume and get rid of the best and brightest citizens putting their necks on the line to change our country and world for the better.  Who will be left to question authority?

One has only to walk into an exclusive toy store today and pay lots of money for a ‘brain computer interface’ toy helmet- using thoughts to move small objects like helicopters or cars.  Think of what technology is hidden from us.

Covert agencies are paid by our taxes. Psychic individuals will be used to download psychic defense response during torture.  The defense response will be put into helmets for ground troops.   The helmets can upload and download anyone’s brain it comes in contact with.   The God response is what researchers are looking for.

Evil exists right here in Springfield, Missouri…   evil exists in the United States, and evil exists in the world. What are most people going to do about it?  Probably nothing.  Do we deserve what is coming?    No.  But then no one is listening to those of us warning about experimentation going on now.    The question of ‘deserving what is coming’ is a moot point.  Free will may cease to exist for everyone in our nation soon.   ‘Normal’ will no longer be a politically correct-outmoded idea, it will become encoded in the chips implanted and downloaded via cerebral hacking.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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