In 1905   Dr. Beaurieux watched the eyes of the guillotined head of a murderer named, Languille remain watchful and conscious for thirty slow seconds.  After initial contractions of muscles stopped and his face fell peaceful-  Beaurieux loudly called out Languille’s name.   The prisoner’s eyes opened and stared straight into the doctors with intelligence. Beaurieux called out forcefully again saying Languille’s name after the eyes once more closed.   For a last time the prisoner’s eyes opened and penetrated fixedly on the good doctor’s, then shut without further reaction.

From Princeton University, in ‘The measure of all things: quantum mechanics and the soul‘ by Hans Halvorson, he writes about the ‘soul hypothesis’ or belief that humans are more than a body, they are also a ‘living soul…’

Energy/matter can be a wave or a particle depending if a person is observing it.   Professor Robert Lanza-  author of March of 2007 ‘The New Theory of the Universe,‘ in ‘The American Scholar.’     Lanza writes, “...the observer in a significant sense creates reality and not the other way around.  Recognition of this insight leads to a single theory that unifies our understanding of the world.”  (Experimenters with the Network know this.  Brains that have been mapped for specific ‘abilities’ and downloaded onto interface helmets.)   Lanza records that laws of physics do not have a good explanation allowing “… facts to be hijacked as a defense of intelligent design. ”  He says, ” Without perception, there is in effect no reality.    That, time is not an absolute reality but an aspect of our consciousness.   And the consciousness of the observer is decisive in determining what a particle does at any given moment.”   He writes that space and time are properties of the mind.   Space and time are external and eternal realities only.   Lanza believes that we should place ourselves “…as the creators of time and space, not as the subjects of it,  goes against our common sense, life experience and education.”

Dr. Eben Alexander wrote autobiography ‘Proof of Heaven‘ in 2012.   Subtitled,  ‘A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.’    Alexander believed his body to be nothing more than a biological machine and did not believe in consciousness or freewill.   But then he lay suspended in a medical coma for a week after contracting e.coli bacteria which ate his brain and spine.    Upon waking up from “being in heaven,” his body was eventually healed.

Alexander’s near death experience was reported by Newsweek, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Congress of Neurological Surgeons and Journal of Missouri State Medical Association, as well as on many T.V. shows such as Oprah Winfrey’s.  Some of the medical personnel attending the patient-Alexander say he was brain dead.   In an Esquire article Alexander’s attending doctor said his patient “conscious and hallucinating.”    Still Alexander now believes human consciousness is independent of the brain, as do many scientists and physicists who have not experienced an NDE.

In his book, Alexander documents how he experienced ‘heaven,’ as made of pure love.   But writes that he was taken to hell first, and then brought out by angels who took him to heaven.  He writes that hell is underground, in caverns where evil is isolated for all eternity.  This same concept of hell echoes throughout the centuries as recorded by visionaries and saints of various faiths-  Hell is always underground.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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