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Why in God’s name would I spend the last four months,  at a library typing and exposing my life…  if it was not because I want to bring to document what is happening?   Why would I want to alert our country to what is happening?  Because I would NEVER WANT ANYONE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH!

“All targeted individuals,  millions of us according to reports from the New York Times Newspaper, and Wikipedia, are delusional, wrapped up in conspiracy theories, hallucinations, and psychosis… religious delusions and yes… even alien abduction beliefs.  Places like Ted Talks omit our existence which is as bad as denying that what is happening to targeted individuals is real.   And completely unscientific of Ted Talk.  T.I’s are supposedly paranoid and refuse to take any medication.  Or go to doctors…

Dr. Robert Duncan wrote the 2015 ‘Executive Summary: Neuropsychlogical and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report’  based on ‘The Torture Memos‘ and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified ‘Torture Report.‘    Dick Cheney authorized the torture.   General Hayden covered it up  in a conspiracy.   The technologies used are state secrets.  Duncan writes that this directed electromagnetic weapons ‘torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation and behavior modification.’  Torture is unreliable except for ‘getting false confession and bad information.  Effects of torture include:

  • Labeling the target with ‘mental illness’ created for discrediting purposes. *Memory erasure to confuse and disturb targeted individual.  Memory erasure after interrogation programs.   *No-touch torture involves ‘stings’ and ‘shocks’ to various parts of the body over long duration.  *Technologies broadcast voices at a distance, mental images using hypnosis or other visual entrainments.  *Invasive brain manipulation using autonomic nervous system.  Neural linguistic programming (from a distance brainwashing) adding fears, terror triggering.  *Long distance motor cortex mapping twitching of any body part.  *Directed energy effects pain and torture.  *Isolation with electronic mind control (and gangstalking;) creating slander- loose jobs, friends, family, ruined financially.  *Sexual torture via electromagnetic torture, mental images projected, voices projected, etc.  *targeting of bloggers, activists, journalists, organizers, leaders, or voices in public domain for defamation.  *Use of ‘voice of god weapon’ and ‘hand of god weapon’ in electronic warfare to deceive and destroy spirituality in targets.  *Hacking computer, ‘watching’ with neighbors.  *Rape/psychological torture with electromagnetic weapons ‘simulate rape’ using technique called ‘EEG-heterodyning the target with molestation effect to genitals.  Wireless rape.  *Chatter bots  is an artificial intelligence program; automating repetition during neural linguistic programming phases of torture/interrogation/brain entrainment-  to relieve human interrogators working on targets from asking same questions over and over.  *Maximum sensory pain techniques entrained into minds via electromagnetic weapons with no-touch torture subjects.  *Sleep deprivation number one method accomplishing memory loss, breaking down subject for interrogation via brain computer interface; helping modify behavior and programming of subject.  *Stress of holding body in certain positions during torture with directed energy weapons increases pain.

Dr. Robert Duncan writes that ‘ANYONE can be put into these programs.’

Got on a couple targeted individual web sites and had comments published.   One response to a comment was, ‘stay positive.’   True,  wouldn’t be alive right now if I was not- all health is  mental.    Also told by a relative my blog site needs to be more positive.    And am not blaming readers for thinking I’m negative.

When you are tortured and write about it, it is a downer.

When you are tortured, positive takes on a whole new meaning.   Most people who have not experienced torture by directed energy weapons, have no idea how positive  one must be at all times when torture is part of life.    EMF electrocution is a unique ‘soft kill.’    To speak of it happening is not negativity but fact.  It would do no one any good if I stopped documenting.

In our perfect world we are being culled and experimented on to make a new society.  Wealthy leaders will able to rule without being question.   We are supposed to be the happy sheep being led and that is all.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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