Sometimes just wish for my ‘old life’ back.  Stayed to myself gardening, paintings and working…  Could have cared less what my neighbors did for the twenty-one years living here.   Unless someone was breaking into their homes, then alerted police…   This constant watching the watchers is exhausting.

Last Sunday at the Brentwood Library in Springfield, Missouri  the man who sat next to me for an hour sprayed  a biological agent which caused him to strangle in breathe while coughing/sneezing.   Said, ‘God bless you,’ as I do to anyone.   He retorted angrily, ‘What?’   Said again, ‘God bless you.’  He smiled and said ‘thank you.’ By the end of the hour, my lungs were congested with full blown bronchitis and I was wheezing and coughing.   The man seemed very happy when he left and said, “You have a good night,”  bending down to speak in my ear.  Thought that was weird and a little too close up.

When I stood up from the computer  librarians closing for the night saw me stagger as if unstable on feet.  Thought that was weird too.  Once home,  could barely breathe and realized the guy first poisoned himself due to close contact with the biological agent, as he sprayed his poison on me.  But he probably took an antidote to whatever he exposed me to before entering library.

At the  age of 60 a person knows their body.  It takes me a week of runny nose and fever to produce in my lungs, what a biological poison did in one hour.

The nice thing is that I can identify  him and his wife in a line up any day of the week.   The last time this happened was at the Library Center.

A woman white as a sheet with lips almost blue from whatever she released, got up the minute I did.   I jumped up from computer desk when forehead felt numb and a metallic taste was suddenly in my mouth.  She walked away looking like she would faint and met her cohort in the cafe and they immediately left.  Another time my coat on a sink in the Library Center was sprayed by a woman with a terrible smelling chemical.   When I went to the Walmart Marketplace the same man and woman from the library sprayed me again with the same smelling chemical as they passed in the produce department.

Archangel Michael will have a field day with these stalkers.

Two weeks ago at the Brentwood library I went to my car after a couple hours working in my blog. Saw the line of cars parked in front of me with clear windows, on a 20-degree blue-sky winter day.  My car looked like someone had been sitting in it for hours… (doing what is the question.)   Every single window was fogged up completely with a small space above the steering wheel rubbed clean about three inches in diameter, so the door to Brentwood library could be seen?

When I got up gumption to talk with the head of Brentwood library she was all smiles.  Asked if I could see the tapes of the parking lot, and she said that was private information due to the public nature of the library.  OK.  Understand about privacy… especially as I have none.  But very kindly she offered to find out if a tape was available.   Minutes later she came back and said where my car was parked was the only place in the parking lot a camera was not working.  OK.

The head of Brentwood library smiled the entire time I talked with her.  She suggested that like her car, which occasionally  fogged up for no reason, mine might have done the same.  She was professional but could not help me.

I love the library system in all the states I have lived in.  Went daily all my life before moving here.  Would go after work to get a new book to read when I lived in Arkansas, Oregon and Colorado.   Libraries are the best thing since sliced bread.   And lets be realistic, every institution is happy to get donations.

Has the head of security where I used to work asked all security, even at libraries and stores I go to to keep track of me?  When I had to meet with opposing counsel for  a settlement in 2015 didn’t have a dime or any food at home to speak of literally for months.   I told former employers lawyers this when questioned.

The next day after this horrific inquisition, went to the Library Station to work on the computer to contact the  ACLU for help.  There were five of us at the computer area- and lots and lots of unoccupied public computers- about 46 in all.  A young man came to sit right next to me and placed his wallet stuffed with large bills hanging out… right beside me on the desk– his wallet was not even in his own computer cubicle area.

Unfortunately did not carry a camera then.  It was minutes later noticed the guard was no longer at his desk.  Then saw the security camera and knew I was being filmed.  Were they were hoping I would turn to crime for money?  Steal the wallet, so anything I said about being targeted with DEWs would be discredited?

Let us get it straight, are all security people working for the government’s experimental covert medical/military program contracted out by the wealthy for retribution to target human beings with EMF weapons?

All I know for sure is that the librarians I meet helping the public all day are extremely kind, helpful and professional.  Thank you librarians everywhere.

Like my friend said, “Not to be disrespectful, you are not that important for all these people to be stalking you.”  My response to my good friend was, ‘Every targeted individual from the unimportant to the professionals and celebrities in their blog posts question why so many stalkers are watching them.’

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   I love you God.

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