Would you want to live in a town of 30,000 people that has a S.W.A.T. Armored TANK, two S.W.A.T. trucks, four armored SUVs and police vans in the police department parking lot?   A town where the city police gangstalk residents they deem ‘persons of interest?’   Hacking into their computers and cell phones without warrants.   Intimidating citizens by driving police cars inches away from their bumpers- sending vehicles to persecute resident’s visitors on two hour highway trips back home.   Would you want to live in a town like that?   My friend does.  And when I visit him, the police always tailgate in town to intimidate me.

Was visiting him the other day, and was present when he experienced a ‘column of sound’  of  pelting hail;  on a sunny winter day.   Two nights later, was present when he and his wife experienced a high pitched electrical screeching sound inside their living room for five minutes.

This is all fun and games for gangstalkers living in rental homes around my friend.   These stalkers are cowards and bullies.  They are people with nothing to do but make extra money harassing, intimidating and torturing as a side job.  They believe themselves to be gods who own my friend.   Can manipulate my friend remotely with DEWs.  In truth gangstalkers know everything about those they target, with through-wall radar, listening devices, and brain computer interface.

What of news agencies?  There is a black out on directed energy weapons assaults and involuntary brain computer interface.  No matter how many citizens call to report stalking and DEW assault to news editors.  

When I phoned a national newspaper in Colorado to ask for help, and spoke with their news editor, he asked “Why are you calling again?”  Told him, never called before and ‘…there must be another woman this is happening.  This is the first time I have called you.’  The news editor laughed and hung up.

But then if the press reported these horrific human rights violations they would have to report on unprincipled  government agencies, medical agencies, military, police and city utilities…   Instead the U.S. news is told to focus on the individual.  They want to keep Americans focused on individuals, not the government.  Rarely are the wealthy, large corporations, our government and it’s agencies, held accountable for anything they do outside the law.  

When targeting first started saw and experienced darkness associated with it that was perceptible because the program was new to me.   And because the evil involved in the program is tangible.  Life changed over night literally.

After surviving five years of gangstalking, and six months of DEW assault 24/7, the more I investigate and understand what is happening, the more am able to deal with physical pain without fear.   Consequently have extreme clarity of perception and rationality as never experienced in life.   When a person is tortured everyday and those who are doing the torturing ‘live’ right next door and down the street from you- a soundness of judgment and soundness of mind is the only reality a tortured person can have.  There is no place for anger, sadness or fear- as torture is bad enough.

POEM:  Electrons come straight from God. Energy so divine, full of light, love and intelligence. Thank you for beaming through microwaves, magnetic waves and any electricity sent my way.  Please know I love you and thank you for your presence.   I understand the intention behind your delivery is meant to harm me.   But I love you anyway.   And know you love me too.  God bless you electrons.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

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