neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental1  Rachel Williams

in-car-outside-home-for-hours  Dorothy E. Lear    neighbor that drives a white truck Unknown

James Earl Griffin liked to wear invisibility suits.  And moved out of a rental house after facts were published in a blog site.  Moved out in the middle of the month really, really quick… in a hurry.   That dear man never did get real license plates, just kept out of date temporary tags…


New residents of James Earl Griffin’s home in photo below.

Continue his good works?

James Earl Griffin's friends.jpg

For the past three weeks was bedridden and almost died of some bizarre respiratory ailment after being sprayed with a biological agent, within hours of assault could not breathe.   During this time- a man named Shane Huff used the former red brick rental house  for a fun game.   The only reason he could know to play at that house is because it is a gangstalking haven.  People come and go all the time.  Last night three cars were present in the drive, one a brand new white Jeep.  The house has been empty since it’s renters surveilled me for years, ‘non-lethally’ and painfully cooked me with hand-held directed energy weapons, and a whole house electromagnetic weapon unit causing extremely dangerous levels of Magnetic radiation.  (The renters were the first on my roof to fry me 24/7 dressed in invisibility suits.)

This is Brandon R. and Stephanie  N. Urich.

neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich  gangstalker1  FBI agents?

Lots of temporary license tags around the rental homes.

This is Mr. R. Jones.   Hmm…  This man moved in with only clothes being taken from his car.  An entire rental truck moved in: rental bed and sofa, lights, tables, rental chairs and pictures for the wall.  Everything to make a real home.  Fake flowers were pushed into the ground out front so the rental looked friendly and wholesome.

Within the hour of moving in Mr. R. Jones came outside with a friend and pointed to a rental house to the south.  Then Mr. R. Jones pointed to the rental house directly to the south of mind that the Urich’s just left.  And finally Mr. R. Jones pointed directly  at my house.  As if a plan of some kind would be in effect soon.  Evidently whatever job Mr. R. Jones was to get done in the neighborhood- he didn’t think it would take long or he would not have rented so much stuff.  Instead Jones would have brought his own possessions to stay a while.  Creative Investments LLC owns the home Mr. R. Jones is living in.


Last night was targeted so hard that the house shook.  By morning the watercolor painting I had started on clean paper the day before was covered with dust from the house shaking so much.  Note dates on photos below.  Below is picture of dust on painting, my clean glove and after wiping surface of paper/painting my dirty glove… from one night’s targeting with directed energy weapons.  A former employer has ruined my home; the walls are cracked now and the roof leaks from people walking on it to target me.

clean-glove-before-wiping-off-dust  after-wiping-off-dust-from-one-night-of-targeting-and-shaking-house

Received an absolutely wonderful letter from the Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley yesterday- He will work towards finding out what the three levels of electromagnetic frequency readers meant…  (When City Utilities visited my home and dangerous levels were recorded, alongside zero levels no explanation was ever given.)  City Utilities employee Chad recorded levels as high as 5 and 6 milligaus at 60 Hertz  with his EMF reader where no electricity was running.

Thank you Attorney General Joshua D. Hawley for responding to my request for help resolving this matter.  February 7, 2017 post has content of investigation.

Camera has always been a day early and cannot seem to find a way to reset it…

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

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