“We have failed to comprehend that the result of the technology that originated in the years of the arms race between the Soviet Union and the West, has resulted in using satellite technology not only for surveillance and communication systems but also to lock on to human beings, manipulating brain frequencies by directing laser beams, neural-particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, sonar waves, radio frequency radiation (RFR), soliton waves, torsion fields and by use of these or other energy fields which form the areas of study for astro-physics.   Since the operations are characterized by secrecy, it seems inevitable that the methods that we do know about, that is, the exploitation of the ionosphere, our natural shield, are already outdated as we begin to grasp the implications of their use.” [Excerpt]   From the Centre for Research on Globalization- GlobalResearch’s Carole Smith, October 18, 2007 wrote ‘On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology.’  

More from GlobalResearch:  Smith goes on to write about human targeting with directed energy weapons and BCI…   ‘It is necessary to emphasize that at present there is not even the means for victims to gain medical attention for the effects of radiation from this targeting. Denied the respect of credulity of being used as human guinea pigs, driven to suicide by the breakdown of their lives, they are treated as insane – at best regarded as ‘sad cases’.  Since the presence of a permanent ‘other’ in one’s mind and body is by definition an act of the most intolerable cruelty, people who are forced to bear it but who refuse to be broken by it, have no other option than to turn themselves into activists, their lives consumed by the battle against such atrocities, their energies directed to alerting and informing the public of things they don’t want to hear or understand about evil forces at work in their society.’  (Amen sister.)

She also documents that,  ‘ In January 1998, an annual public meeting of the French National Bioethics Committee was held in Paris. Its chairman, Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that “advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns…and constitute “a serious risk to society.” (“Nature.” Vol 391, 1998.’)

From the international magazine Nexus in 2006 the following was reported:    In Feb. 1994 the Wall Street Journal noted that military researchers created an electronic microchip using living brain cells, creating biological computers.   Also noted in Nexus, was a professor of neuroscience Michael Persinger, at Laurentian University of Sudbury Ontario who was investigating mind control in 1999.   By using a motorbike helmet and magnetic fields on people’s brains…   For twenty years his research encompassed the temporal lobe’s  out-of-body, and paranormal experiences.  As well as ELF (extra-low-frequency waves) on memory and brain function of his ‘subjects.’

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice on this beautiful spring day and for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it.  Amen.

Psychics Hack Back


As a child the earth spoke to me and said that I should not learn the ways of man.  Trees spoke and were best friends.  People in the Bible saw burning bushes that spoke, and seas that parted… sometimes palm trees bowed down.   Interestingly after highschool read “The Education of Little Tree” a memoir of Forrest Carter published in 1976- a Cherokee who could speak to the earth and trees as well.

According to the American Psychiatric Association anyone seeing or hearing things not there, are delusional and schizophrenic.   How sad… people must still not believe in what they cannot see… or understand not only humans have souls but other life forms do as well.   Anything God made has God in it.   Everything has a soul.  Everything is pure energy at its core, pure energy is alive.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do… He will do even greater things than these…”   And Jesus also said, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”  Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes.”  Jesus said, “Come!” and Peter got out of the boat and walked on water.  But when he saw the strength of the wind, Peter afraid- began to sink, “Lord, save me!”

Besides having the spark of God in us, which is our soul… Every energetic being on Earth is made of the same stuff.  The atomic particles in gold are the same components as in a tree, just arranged differently and in different quantities.   We are all the same.  We all come from the One God- (Whatever name you call Great Spirit…) and we are made of the same stuff.  The Native Americans called everything on earth their ‘Brother.’  They knew that each blade of grass,   tree, and each animal had a soul.  They respected all life. Thanked the spirits of each animal and plant who gave them nourishment and called this good earth their Mother.

By the time was six years old,  heard a voice say the world would end in my life time and  only ‘God-made things’ would survive.  At six the world suddenly changed in an instant upon hearing this.  Understood the ‘life’ taught to and known by me was not REAL. Began to look at existence differently from what was taught in first grade class.  Suddenly saw man-made things, which I believed to be real as fake.  Understood only nature, humans/animals- and this earth were God-made-real.

So it is with abhorrence and total disbelief have experienced the remote EMF, brain computer interface torture of the technology imposed by humans, and contracted by my former employer- to subjugate and eventually murder.  Me.  Murder by natural causes. Murder by suicide and murder by accident.  Technology is the opposite of nature. Technology is not God.  Artificial intelligence is pure energy created by man which is not God-made creation.

The military’s interest in controlling psychics since 1950’s morphed into today’s BCI (brain computer interface) mapping/downloading psychic abilities into weapons systems.   November 12, 2015 Jim Popkin wrote ‘Meet the former Pentagon scientist who says psychics can help American spies,’  for Newsweek magazine.   For two decades the CIA had a top-secret ESP program that ran on a $20 million budget.   The CIA stopped funding ESP research in 1977… ‘but the Air Force, Army and Defense Intelligence Agency kept funding it anyway.   Fort Meade in Maryland is the operational base for such endeavors…’   Perhaps that is why some military toilet seats cost $600 and a military wrench costs $550.

In the USAF Classified and Released Instructions File of 4-2-2001:  A report entitled Psychic Warfare: Exploring the mind frontier,’ by Dolan M. McKelvy Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, and research adviser: Colonel Donald N. Panzenhagen was compiled at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama in May of 1988.   On the page titled, ‘Air War College Research Report Abstract’ the first couple sentences read as follows, ‘Man’s greatest potential remains a prisoner of man.  Vast untapped mental capabilities create an entirely new battlefield dimension which, if ignored, pose a threat to self and country more serious than nuclear weapons. This threat starts from within.  Our fears and cynical attitudes towards psychic capabilities make us our own worst enemies.  The Soviets, on the other hand, take psychic research very seriously at all levels, particularly for its military application…’       The report sadly reads on and on documenting how the military wants to control the human brain, i.e. humans.  One of the great fears of military generals is that psychics can disrupt computers with their minds.   Just think what the involuntary subjects of BCI could do if they put their minds to it!  Cerebrally hacked individuals can hack back into computers with the very same programs that have been involuntarily downloaded into their brains.  To delete all the millions of individual brain wave data in underground computers on military bases in the U.S. today.

You know what?  No matter how much is downloaded from a psychic’s defensive abilities and their God-response during torture… God is faithful.  

Whereas the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

God will never be contained in machines created by puny men- cowards- control freaks wishing to subjugate the entire global population.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it.  Amen.

What is happening…


If those in power in the United States government/industry perform an illegal act… the crime can be protected under national security.   By doing so, any citizen who finds out the truth of the crime, and brings it into the light for justice- can be classified as an enemy of the state under Homeland Security laws.

This is happening all over the United States today. Do you think authorities across America for one minute stop to think about getting permission to wire tap, phone tap, use satellite or drone surveillance of individuals they are told are national security threats?  A front page New York Times article three years ago said, ‘no.’

It is no longer necessary under new Homeland Security laws for law enforcement to get permission- if hometown ‘authorities’ believe a citizen to be a ‘person of interest.’  These authorities (military, police, city utilities, etc…) keep people of interest under surveillance- or they know when to look the other way when they are targeted with DEWs. Why are TI’s experimentation, torture and eventual soft kill or insanity by invisible electromagnetic DEW’s and BCI, (brain computer interface,) are never legally brought to light by any ‘authority?’  Why are the Network Collective employees (the puppets or ground troops doing this) NEVER slapped with national, state or international ‘torture’ laws, arrested, tried in a court of law, and imprisoned? 

Political correctness has taken a mutated turn for the worse.  As a teen can remember thinking how wrong it was when the ‘war department‘, became the ‘defense department’ because it softened the concept of condoned political acts of violence and murder.   Have most modern wars including Vietnam War begun for profit, for oil?   Most of my large, third-generation-American-family have served in the military… all of us are good citizens of the United States.  For myself, wanted to become a cop.

How many individuals who know the truth of the crimes of nations, governments, the wealthy, their corporations and security… being eliminated in the silent holocaust?  Why are only individuals attacked today for bringing truth forward and dragged into public light as either criminals or insane?   Why are not those ruling “the land of the free and the home of the brave” ever convicted of the crimes they commit- at what price are “we the people” free today?  Just what constitutes American freedom today?

If only as a child could know then what do nowmy whole life  would have made so much sense.  It isn’t what we do on earth, it is what we know and WHO we know.

In grade school was taught by Catholic nuns that the people living in the United States are our government.  We are our government.  But most U.S. citizens today honestly do not believe that.

In Australia, the citizens are forced to vote at each election- they do not have a choice… and the popular vote is law.  If you are Australian you are required to vote under law.  And each vote counts.  There is no all knowing: better-than   group of people like our electoral college- whose vote overrides the citizen vote.

What has happened to my country?  This is my country!  Let us put this understanding of the United States my country into perspective…    Voluntarily have sat on two city committees for three years, volunteered for over a decade in peace groups and battered women’s shelters- giving paintings in auction to support public institutions, voted,  petitioned to put issues on two separate ballots, years apart, to be voted on by the general public, raised public awareness in over twenty published letters to the editor- and more.  This is my country.

If I believe what is happening today in our country is less of democracy and more  tyrannical law…  does the practice of freedom of speech mean I’ve abdicated citizenship and deserve to be targeted by my former employer and Homeland Security?  

When people are ethical, thinking, hard working, strong and healthy, and voice their opinions- should they be annihilated, institutionalized or incarcerated?  Our current authorities in Washington say, ‘yes these people are domestic terrorists and should be incarcerated  as criminals or rendered into institutions as mentally ill so their knowledge is disregarded.‘  

How else could this Network Collective using covert illegal  weapons for torture; ‘soft kill’ and using brain computer interface experimentation and remote torture subjugate hundreds of thousands of Americans… and be allowed?   How could a Network as large as the one existing today funneling IRS funds away from law abiding citizens… their schools, public institutions, health care, etc. – EXIST without approval of authorities?  

And if the authorities in question are rogue, then why are not the other honest authorities speaking up and braving targeting and slow murder by whistleblowing on their fellow authorities?  Has the ‘brave’ left the hearts of our leaders?

In the ancient CNN article by Anne Hammock January 4, 2010, ‘The Future of Brain-Controlled Devices…’  it is noted that the Pentagon’s technological research division DARPA was working on ‘silent talk’ helmets for troops where communication could occur on the battlefield (or covertly at home,) through brain-thought only.  ‘Harnessing that power “opens up a whole new paradigm for us as human beings,” says neuroscientist Rajesh Rao of the University of Washington.’  He questions the ethics of such endeavors.

Neuroscience professor Michael Crutcher of Emory University agreed.  “If only the rich can afford it, it puts everyone else at a disadvantage.”  He believes many aspects of BCI (brain computer interface,) are “ripe for abuse.”  ‘Just the idea of mucking about with a person’s brain…  “raises questions about safety and efficacy,” Crutcher says.

But what the public knows is 30-50 years behind the military/medical government laboratories.  These ‘weaponized’ helmets are in use today and in fact reduced to the size of chips implanted in humans targeting and subjugating any U.S. citizen who questions and stands up to ANYONE IN AUTHORITY.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network of gangstalkers, experimenters of BCI, torturers, rapists and ‘soft-killers’ into the light for justice.  Thank you sweet God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.  So be it. Amen.

Personal Targeting


Conspiracy charges can be drawn up on someone who agrees voluntarily to do something with another person, (or Network) in partnership for criminal purposes. Each member of a conspiracy is an agent of these criminal actions, even when actions carried out by another partner. Cornell University law school defines ‘conspiracy,’ as “Two or more persons acting illegally… in conspiracy called ‘target offense.’ Conspirators can be punished for illegal acts carried out by other members even though they are not directly involved.  Conspiracy is applied to civil and federal offense.”  Cambridge University legal dictionary defines ‘conspiracy’ as-   “A secret plan made by two or more to do something bad, illegal or against someone’s wishes.”  Conspiracy is also when “Parties use legal means to accomplish illegal results or illegal means to achieve something lawful.”

The weekend of March 18th was blasted with a plasma gun from the rooftop.  It hit the sheet of metal over me, as I lay asleep on a cot in fireplace room.   (Nights previous hit by high frequencies, so keep moving from room to room.)   The plasma assault felt like someone’s fist hitting the metal surface hard.  At first thought the cowards were using the ‘Hand of God’ weapon but then this ‘fist’ mushroomed out on the surface of the metal to the size of a dinner plate…  I said out loud was “very impressed” to have experienced the plasma electromagnetic weapon.   But would “rather sleep.”  It never happened again.

So lets see… this is what I personally have experienced since June 2016 when 24/7 assault began with illegal directed energy weapons (DEW)-

*A ‘whole house DEW unit’ which keeps readings in my home at high/danger levels at all times, effecting anyone inside the structure and effecting the structure’s integrity itself.  For experimentation, torture and eventual ‘soft kill’ of target.

*Hand held ‘Hand of God’ weapon which mimics human touch.  Over six times.  For experimentation and torture.

*Hand held V2K or ‘Voice to Skull’ weapon which lets you hear through bone resonance inside skull a ‘voice’ which is not your own revealing information the Network wants their target to react to.   For experimentation and torture.

*CO2, Nano Particle Injection weapon which uses CO2 to propel desired Nano particles into target’s living human body.  Environment within six feet of target becomes extremely cold regardless of temperature in room (2016 summer temperature of 89 degrees- is suddenly 25 degrees,) then what feels like long needles entering body of targeted individual.  Each ‘needle’ presence felt like injection approximately 2-3 inches, but was actually Nano particle driven through flesh.  In arms, legs, and stomach.   For experimentation, torture and eventual ‘soft kill’ of target depending on what ‘ingredients’ are put in the Nano particle propelled into body. This weapon evidently is heavy, as heard it being dragged across roof before hour before experience- a heavy metal object.

*Hand held directed energy microwave weapon used to target heart, head, stomach, genitals, feet, etc. to cause…  racing heart once an exhausted target lays down to sleep. Causing the brain itself to vibrate to intense frequencies bombarding it, resulting in diminished ability to think, confusion, headache- with eventual result dementia.  Causing such vibration in stomach and organs in surrounding area resulting in lack of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation- also feelings of extreme need to relieve oneself often when targeting specifically on bladder… feeling as if stomach will literally split open from assault. Causing hyper stimulation of genitals resulting in rape hours on end.   Targeting of feet hits most nerve endings in human body resulting in localized intense heat and pain with some toes numb or without feeling permanently, or without circulation.  Resulting in overall diminished nerve function of entire body.  For experimentation, torture, and eventual ‘soft kill,’ or institutionalization/incarceration.

*Brain computer interface achieved by torturing targeted individual with DEWs turning up the ‘volume’ at night resulting in sleep deprivation.  Once target exhausted and weak enough to be ‘pliable’ then alternating intense white lights (size of a pea) strike the closed eyelids of sleeping target inducing a state of hypnosis through electromagnetic frequencies.  (Had privilege to wake instantly once and see these tiny, sharp alternating lights coming through rooftop, tabletop above me and metal sheets/pots and pans above to strike against pupils when my eyes flew open.)  Once ‘under hypnosis’ the rooftop cowards used hand held microwave DEWs to torture into submission through pain and remote EMF rape, at which time began to hear interrogators asking about work experience with former employer of twenty years, doctors and work injuries.  The MU wave can be used as a frequency to stop all voluntary physical movement.

** While at a local FedEx shop a ‘customer’ came in and got on a computer.   He had to have locked onto my electromagnetic pulse/brain waves from previous BCI (brain computer interface) downloads or mapping…    At the counter waiting to pay for an order, my hands began turning back on themselves unnaturally in a way could not do myself .  What was happening was physically impossible.   The fingers were curled entirely backwards over back of my palms with the fingertips upside-down by the wrist.   My good hands acting as if they had a mind/abilities of their own.   Instantly thrust hands between my body and the side of tall counter- manually straightening them to then press and squeeze flat until the BCI was stopped to manipulate my hands.  Looked over at the ‘customer’ who kept typing into computer… he was staring at me smiling, in reflection of a window (it was night.)

Once BCI achieved-  heard repetitive voices of interrogators in sync with a CD of God-music I play at night, all night to offset BCI.   It was as if the interrogators were singing the same phrase over and over and over with the beat of the music…  “You are bad.

Sonic Sound DEW projecting horrific ear/brain piercing sound into home at night.  Used for experimentation, torture.  See article in New York Times, “The Sound of Things to Come” by Marshall Shella March 23, 2003.”

The above and more has happened since June 2016 when assault began 24/7 with illegal directed energy weapons on property, pets and person at 1551 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65807…

Years before DEW’s started was gangstalked since 2012 after filing for work injuries at my former employer of twenty years.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and for bringing the Network down to conquer them. Amen.

Laws on Torture


In United States laws, use of torture is “categorically denounced as a matter of policy, and as a tool of state authority… No official of the government, federal, state or local, civilian or military, is authorized to commit or to instruct anyone else to commit torture.    Nor may an official condone or tolerate torture in any form… Every act of torture within the meaning of the (convention against Torture) is illegal under existing federal and state law, and any individual who commits such an act is subject to penal sanctions as specified in criminal statues.”

The prohibition against torture is a bedrock principle of international law. Torture, as well as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, is banned at all times, in all places, including in times of war. No national emergency, however dire, ever justifies its use. No one may ever be returned to a place where they would face torture…   We  (of Human Rights Watch)  are committed to pressing government authorities to act to prevent torture, as well as bringing  those who engage in torture to justice. We also work to ensure that victims of torture obtain redress, including an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation, and full rehabilitation.”

From Part 1, Article 1, paragraph 1 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.   “For the purposes of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.  It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.”  From Part 1, Article 1, paragraph 1 of the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

March 11, 2003 Human Rights Watch article ‘The Legal Prohibition Against Torture.’ Under ‘What is Torture?’  Second paragraph… “The prohibition against torture under international law applies to- e.g. beating on the soles of the feet: electric shock applied to genitals and nipples; rape; near drowning through submersion in water; near suffocation by plastic bags tied around the head; burning; whipping; needles inserted under fingernails; mutilation; hanging by fee or hands for prolonged periods.’ In paragraph four.  “The prohibition against torture as well as cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment is not limited to acts causing physical pain or injury.  It includes acts that cause mental suffering-e.g. through threats against family or loved ones.  As the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized, “coercion can be mental as well as physical… the blood of the accused is not the only hallmark of an unconstitutional inquisition.”

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5 states, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” -Contained in Article 7 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) including U.S. in 1992.  Also in American Convention on Human Rights.

Dr. Robert Duncan wrote the ‘Executive Summary: Neuropsychlogical and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report’  based on ‘The Torture Memos’ and THE SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE’S DECLASSIFIED ‘TORTURE REPORT.’  Claims that Dick Cheney authorized it.  And General Hayden covered it up  in a conspiracy.  The technologies used are state secrets.  Duncan writes that ‘torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation and behavior modification.’  Torture is unreliable except for ‘getting false confession and bad information.’  Effects of torture by directed energy weapons/electromagnetic, microwave brain computer interface include:

  • Labeling the target with ‘mental illness’ created for discrediting purposes. *Memory erasure to confuse and disturb targeted individual.  Memory erasure after interrogation programs.   *No-touch torture involves ‘stings’ and ‘shocks’ to various parts of the body over long duration.  *Technologies broadcast voices at a distance, mental images using hypnosis or other visual entrainments.  *Invasive brain manipulation using autonomic nervous system.  Neural linguistic programming (from a distance brainwashing) adding fears, terror triggering.  *Long distance motor cortex mapping twitching of any body part.  *Directed energy effects pain and torture.  *Isolation with electronic mind control (and gangstalking;) creating slander- loose jobs, friends, family, ruined financially.  *Sexual torture via electromagnetic torture, mental images projected, voices projected, etc.  *targeting of bloggers, activists, journalists, organizers, leaders, or voices in public domain for defamation.  *Use of ‘voice of god weapon’ and ‘hand of god weapon’ in electronic warfare to deceive and destroy spirituality in targets.  *Hacking computer, ‘watching’ with neighbors.  *Rape/psychological torture with electromagnetic weapons ‘simulate rape’ using technique called ‘EEG-heterodyning the target with molestation effect to genitals.  Wireless rape.  *Chatter bots  is an artificial intelligence program; automating repetition during neural linguistic programming phases of torture/interrogation/brain entrainment-  to relieve human interrogators working on targets from asking same questions over and over.  *Maximum sensory pain techniques entrained into minds via electromagnetic weapons with no-touch torture subjects.  *Sleep deprivation number one method accomplishing memory loss, breaking down subject for interrogation via brain computer interface; helping modify behavior and programming of subject.  *Stress of holding body in certain positions during torture with directed energy weapons increases pain.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.


There is the bridge between the heart and the soul.  The bridge between the inner and outer worlds.  Some would say this bridge is made of love.  Many believe love to be the purest energy existing.  Love is God, God is love.  Great Masters know that love can heal a human body, love can heal a human mind, and that love is the greatest force on earth.  Love can create miracles.

This is quite evident when I’m being jolted with electromagnetic frequency and have no love for those hurting me.  Have no love for those who murdered my dog.  Have no love for those targeting relatives in two different states.  Devout Christian and Hindu friends- believe love is the answer to stop what is happening to me.  (One of the Christians is a targeted individual themselves.)

After  reading the diary excerpt scribbled upon waking, of interrogators saying I was a ‘hero...’ and “because of you, the United States will be even greater.”   Knew defensive-psychic-abilities were downloaded.  What woman doesn’t fight back when physically when being attacked or raped?  If a MU wave is used to stop all movement in a human body, one can only fight back energetically while being remotely tortured.  One can only use their mind to stop remote EMF rape during brain computer interface.   Will all TI’s defensive psychic abilities be put into helmets for troops to wear?   It is only human to defend yourself during inhumane, painful torture.

If these were metal bullets shot instead of frequencies, there would be evidence- and everyone would believe what was happening.  A TI can only transform through personal work, their DNA to the fifth dimension to change their own frequency thus evading notice.   A TI can only use their mind to hack back into the very computers cerebrally hacking them to delete all the data on brain waves stored in computers.

With evidence one can proceed on a physical level to legally bring change.  Without evidence only miracles and God can stop what is going on that TI’s endure daily.  The frequencies used to harm targeted individuals are literally closer to God than most ‘things’ in our physical reality, excepting our minds, souls and water.   But these same frequencies are being used to harm instead of heal.

It is quite fascinating how gangstalkers resent those who stand up for themselves. But if you think about it, gangstalkers are sanctioned to ‘keep in line’ persons of interest marked by our authorities- (government, military/medical agencies and wealthy corporations.)   And gangstalkers believe they have THE RIGHT to remotely: torture, rape, brain computer interface and soft kill their targets by murder or insanity. They believe targeted individuals have no right to react other than to submit.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.


In 1960 Dr. Barrie Trower worked with underwater bomb units in the Royal Navy.  Trower also worked on microwave warfare and radar.  Trained in all aspects of microwave technology- another job was to question captured spies from Russia during Cold War.  Currently Trower is a consultant to governments regarding microwave technology.

Microwaves are now used in all communications instead of radio waves.  Unlike radio waves, a microwave can go through any solid structure, as well as humans.  Low level microwaves cause immune system dysfunction, then neurological problems, then brain dysfunction...   In over 8,000 papers Dr. Trower said he has read, it is reported that the last stages of microwave torture is mental illness and cancer.   There are 19 published legal orders he knows of in Europe, that have demanded towers be taken down due to established documentation on cancers.

Dr. Trower documents how electromagnetic directed energy weapons (DEWs) are being used to induce magnetic pulse frequency to the brain to induce psychiatric illness with audio and visual hallucinations.  Saying that, 6.6 pulses per second of a certain wave can induce sexual rage in men. Then a ‘person of interest’ can be committed to jail or institutions as needed by manipulation of electromagnetic pulse on certain body parts of a human.  Lungs, heart, brain can all be targeted.  Targeting of glands for hormonal changes is easy, he said.  With half our countrymen employed by the Network Collective targeting innocent U.S. citizens, perps are never detected, never arrested and the crime of gangstalking and targeting eludes justice.

Trower says that no human being can legally be experimented on without his or her consent.  And before a voluntary subject gives their consent they have the legal right to understand all the health problems of the future and have the legal right to say ‘no.’  -This law is taken from the Nuremberg Treaty. The only exception of experimentation is if it is a doctor who wants to experiment on himself.

Trower relates that the World Health Organization is watching to see how many illnesses occur- as an experiment regarding microwave exposure- before they come out and give conclusions on health effects of microwaves.  The Nuremberg Treaty can be invoked.  An international law has been broken.  One environmental law published in Europe in 2004, established that damage to an environmental water supply, or the habitats of animals and insects or nature conservation area- is against the law.   Bees and animals dying, crops failing, as all the above can be caused by the microwave industry and held accountable by law..  Dr. Trower believes the effects of pesticides on the bee population is less dangerous than the microwaves prevalent everywhere.

Dr. Trower claims that if the rate of electromagnetic, microwave technology continues to flourish.  That if more and more towers, phones, and machines emitting these frequencies are constructed and brought into homes,  cars and environment…  Then the world as we know it, all- humans, animals, plants, and insects will be genetically altered until the damage incurred will be worse than damage from full scale nuclear war.

Above, from in a video from 2010 entitled Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology, with Dr. Barrie Trower.  Thank you Dr. Barrie Trower.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Dr. Barrie Trower


With a degree in physics, a professor Dartmouth College in chemistry, and mathematics.  Dr. Barrie Trower is also a British citizen, and ex-military Royal Navy microwave weapons scientist and M15 UK Intelligence Services Agent.  When he finished his time in the military he was asked to carry on with the microwave weapons research.  He believes all the microwave towers in cities today can be used as weapons and are already in place if needed.   Dr. Trower spends much of his life, speaking in support now for targeted individuals.   At, you can see a Dr. Barrie Trower in a video entitled ‘Microwave Frequency Warfare, the Real Co.’   Below are some of his ideas, and comments…

Trower states that governments all over the world have been lying to their citizens about the existence and effects of microwave weapons, and microwave towers for fear of law suits and reprisals.  Dr. Trower believes that the World Health Organization in complicit with world governments in keeping people in the dark about health effects of different electromagnetic wave frequencies.  He believes what is happening today covertly is as horrendous as the outcome in number of deaths from global war.

Dr. Trower said the U.S. government, military, medical agencies and scientists “used their own people as guinea pigs.”   It has been published that when a child uses a regular cell phone for two minutes, frequencies cause a child’s brain to have to recoup itself for two hours before it returns to normal.   However when a child makes a phone call every couple hours the child’s brain will be entrained permanently.  He worries about the microwave towers around schools that are entraining children’s brains early in life.

Dr. Trower said different physical or mental illness can be caused in ‘ordinary, sane, (healthy) persons’ by using an infrared device to follow a person with a pencil thin microwave source to target a gland, eye, brain, heart, etc… to cause different issues. He noted during this experimentation that when a subject became incarcerated or institutionalized for criminal behavior or insanity, the researchers  considered their work  a ‘success.’   He said people have been driven to insanity and death by the thousands in experimentation in the United States.  And smiled when reporting that ‘voices’ in the brain ‘are the easiest thing to do,’ and the ‘fastest way‘ to drive a person to doubt themselves, eventual mental instability, or insanity.

In terms of different electromagnetic directed energy weapons, he talks about the magnetic component or wave which tends to go inside the body, while the electric component goes around the surface of the skin.  (Most of the recorded frequencies in my home at 1551 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65807, are magnetic waves in high concentrations.)

It is now possible to genetically change virus and bacteria, said Dr. Trower.  By using both together.  By placing a live virus inside a dormant bacteria, you can literally spread this bacteria in a public place, or a forest- then activate it with electromagnetic pulse such as HAARP, and it will come to life after the perpetrators are far gone.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network in to the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.


The weapon pictured above is a ‘Dazzler’ a hand held DEW (directed energy weapon) developed by the Air Force intended to disorient and blind a target.  But the Air Force wants tax payers to know that the dazzler only causes temporary blindness or disorientation therefore it is just a non-lethal weapon falling outside the 1995 United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons.  It is sold to security persons and law enforcement in the United States.

The only hand-held DEW shown to me by a gangstalker.  The DEW he had used to ‘sizzle’ me with EMF attack for hours- was the size of a very large black flash light three inches around, with a shiny metal swirled nozzle at one end coming to a point.  DEWs come in all shapes and sizes, most don’t even look like guns, or flashlights.  Most are cell, iPhones and computers with a program notifying the gangstalker when a targeted electromagnetic pulse of a human is near.  If the gangstalker can lock onto the TI’s EMP, they get paid.  According to a Highlandville, Missouri gangstalker recruiting video: the newbies start at $40 an hour.

The plasma directed energy weapon, DEW- projects a stream of plasma, beam or bolt. Plasma is a state of matter composed of electrons and nuclei among others.   As far back as 2005,  scientists were displeased at the U.S. military for funding development of a PEP (pulsed energy projectile) weapon, that bursts and expands plasma upon hitting something solid.  This laser pulse causes horrible pain, incapacitating its target without permanent injury… another ‘non-lethal’ weapon developed by the Navy.  The expanding plasma triggers impulses in nerve cells maximizing pain without directly killing its subject.   PEP weapons can be used for torture, says John Wood at the University College London.  Professor John Wood is a sensory neuerobiologist.  He collaborates with scientists in Europe, United States, Korea, Japan and Australia in research.

Boeing receives U.S. tax dollars for military contracts and is developing a ‘transient medium’ or  shield to stop shock waves and reduce densities of the frequency waves from DEW’s.  Regarding this force field Evan Ackerman who is a senior writer for IEEE Spectrums’ award winning blog Automaton writes- “The general concept is to use an electromagnetic arc to create this intermediate medium in mid-air on very short notice by using a stupendous amount of energy to heat the air into a plasma.”  

The last four nights (March 14-17) have been hit hard, no sleep to speak of.  Constant, increased levels of electrocution, above and beyond the whole-house directed energy weapon unit running 24/7 sending danger levels of Magnetic frequency at 5-7 registering on a 0-3 range.  This extra hurtful targeting alternates on stomach, heart or legs. Last night (3-18-2017) was interrogated again.  And asked three different times, ‘What do you want?  We want to work with you…’    These interrogations involve one realm of my consciousness, so I am ‘present’ only as a ‘being’ in complete darkness, listening to experimenters talk to a layer of consciousness they choose to work with.  

Thousands of people use their computers and phones to target each single targeted individual.   Such bizarre technological assaults… ( once had the ‘Hand of God’ repeatedly poke metal sheet on stomach until I awoke… )   Which is why I spend all my time- what is left- researching to be aware of the technology attacking me 24/7.  If a targeted individual ever began to doubt their reality, it would destroy them.   But that is what the Network strives to do.  Which is why knowledge of the weapons used is so valuable.  The Network wants to destroy their targets.  A destroyed target is a success.  

Published on April 15, 2013- University of Missouri created a plasma device that can be easily transformed into a hand held weapon by the Navy.   Randy Curry,  Professor of Engineering  proudly says this weapon is the ‘Holy Grail of plasmas.’  For the first time- ‘without any magnetic fields, or the use of powerful electromagnets, the pulse created generates a ring of plasma for about two feet, which stays together in mid air for tens of milliseconds…  ‘ Almost like ball-lightening or a forerunner to ball lightening,’ Curry says.   The weak plasma launched from this device is hotter than the sun, but very small, hitting a square metal target in the laboratory with unbelievable force.   This project was funded by the Office of Naval Research and MU.   Seen on, News Bureau at University of Missouri, story by Timothy Wall and video by MU News Bureau.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.


Absolutely no amount of brainwashing can stop the incredible knowledge encoded in our DNA of the difference between good and evil that all human beings are born with.  Therefore, no amount of delusion inside people in the Network can excuse their insane- torture, rape, experimentation and soft-kill to mentally and physically murder targeted individuals.

Talked with one targeted individual who met with me expressly because he was working for a former employer.   Then this ‘TI’ shaved his head directly after our meeting hoping I would not recognize him.   When we met supposedly by accident, he questioned me about what I knew about the Network and my targeting.   He was the best actor I’ve ever met, (besides a boss who majored in acting where I used to work for twenty years…) My former employer is paying for the gangstalking, remote torture and remote rape that will eventually lead to murder by accident, murder by natural causes, or murder by suicide very slowly.  The military calls it ‘soft-kill.’

Talked with another targeted individual who really believes that the Network is composed of angels or special humans who work to bring great change to targeted individuals through pain, deprivation, and mental/physical illness.  OK.   After hearing this a couple times finally told him believed him to be wrong…  Said, he did not have to improve himself- as he is a totally awesome, GOOD PERSON.   Let him know if anything these people illegally soft killing targeted individuals were demons and just really bad people who experiment on humans who can ‘think.’

Upon hearing this the TI replied God could not help him then… because Satan had dominion over the earth according to the Bible.  OK.  Does this man sound insane to you?    Before you respond, think about if you were a good person- who is tortured six years straight as he has been -without a break…   And let me know how you would rationalize the remote EMF weapons torture that is covertly happening you.

This man really believes he has done something ‘wrong.’  And he would rather believe that–  than to know the world is so evil;  and so asleep.

This friend of mine totally subjugated by the gangstalkers living around him: is hard-working, kind, generous, law-abiding, and the most ethical person I’ve known. Consequently life for him today is constricted to what he thinks are the rules and regulations of what those targeting him want.  In this wonderful man’s quite sane mind– he cannot fathom why he has been stalked, harassed, intimidated, and harmed…    Only hopes that one day he is ‘good enough’ to be left alone and the torture stopped.  If he feels any anger about his targeting and the alterations it has caused in his life- (and he is so hard on himself for these feelings,)   he reproaches himself, for each of these angry thoughts deemed ‘not good enough.

We all exist in our own personal heaven and hell.   Gangstalking and targeting is so horrendous many can only blame themselves wondering what they surely did  wrong. Everyone who is gangstalked and targeted reacts differently.   You can read about criminals who have served their time, coming out of jail and being targeted for crimes already served…  But most TI’s are really, really good people.

When is targeting with directed energy weapons OK?   NEVER.

Is targeting OK when a criminal evades the legal system and lives free continuing to break laws and harm people?   NEVER.

Who decides who gets targeted?   Governments, military and medical agencies, city utilities, wealthy people and their corporation security heads.  Sometimes a TI is attacked with DEWs because an insane person can afford to buy a DEW off the internet, or from a government employee.   Anybody who can afford to buy a DEW can target anyone they don’t like.  There is no sanity behind targeting or the people doing it.  

Those of us targeted are being used by insane, cruel, righteous people believing that they have the right to harm others for fun, for revenge, retribution…  FOR ANY REASON.    Most targeted individuals are innocent of wrong doing.   Nothing they have done deserves years of torture.   Nothing

This is experimentation plain and simple by the powers that be.  And insanity and retribution by the wealthy and any coward who can afford to buy a DEW off Amazon.

Gangstalkers, invisibly-suited cowards with DEWs, experimenters, who delude themselves into thinking their actions are for the good of national security, or to protect wealthy corporations, etc.  know deep inside that they are just power/money-hungry and really deep down know they are ‘insane’ to remotely subjugate, enslave, rape, torture, sicken and soft-kill their ‘persons of interest.’

Absolutely no amount of brainwashing can stop the incredible knowledge encoded in our DNA of the difference between good and evil that all human beings are born with.   Gangstalkers have made their choices and will face their God.  The One God.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.