Last week people wearing invisibility suits on roof again targeting my stomach with directed energy weapons every night.  -A whole house unit of directed electromagnetic  weapons at danger level sometimes causes numbness of skin.  With feelings of chills in flesh.   The roof-torture only stopped during the last three weeks when I visited a friend for Christmas  in 2016.  (The whole house energy unit has never stopped.)

Once home again in January it was so cold and stormy, no one has been on the roof until now in February.   The second night this assault started up again, heard footsteps and a heavy object dragged on roof.   Got up and ran outside aiming a rapid fire BB-gun at roof top at three o’clock in the morning.  Unbelievably heard loud crash on other side of privacy fence (south side of house) because someone fell off the roof and was thrashing around in dried leaves.  Guess the invisibility suits are a little like the armored suits of the 13th-16th centuries- if you fall down  you either cannot get up or have great trouble getting up. Interesting!

The invisibility suits which cost a lot of money, are produced in San Diego, California and Canada under contract with the U.S. military.  There are several types of invisibility suits, some use meta-metals and others highly evolved nano ceramics. The last mention of these suits by the U.S. Army was in 2015 when they were to be tested on the ‘battlefield.’  The use of these suits in warfare, and illegally on civilians in the United States is against the Geneva Conventions.

Have not heard anything from the Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley regarding a reply from City Utilities (to them) about the differing meter readings in January; what their meters were set on; and what all three meter readings meant.  They do have thirty days to reply.  When I hear anything, will post results.  Am extremely grateful for Attorney General Joshua Hawley’s assistance.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you for bringing the Network into the light for justice and thank you God for bringing the Network down and conquering them.

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