Family and Friends


Today a friend called and spoke passionately for an hour over the phone as to why I need to stop writing on this blog.  They believe that if I stop writing for one month and delete this site completely the targeting with directed energy weapons would stop.  They got angry towards the end and hung up abruptly because they could not dissuade me from recording for posterity what is happening.   Gently let them know the first three months of targeting almost murdered me- and I didn’t touch the internet, knew nothing of what was happening to others, and told no one what was happening to me during that time.

This debate boiled down to me admitting that if the targeting stopped, and I went on living life without exposing the Network Collective (responsible for brain computer interface experimentation, gangstalking and directed energy weapons targeting-) that I would loose my  integrity.

If I know, and am awake… how could I not work legally to expose  a covert targeting program to educate the sleeping public?    The blog post record of targeting is so horrendous  in and of itself it can only be seen as negative… but all I do is factually recount life.   “My integrity” a friend replied, was “ego.”  

OK.   Then what about the people in my family who were being targeted years before me?  How can I do nothing?  My friend’s response was that, I could help them by living in peace- saying it was “God’s battle.”   They also said that anything I might do was “futile,” nothing could stop what was happening but a miracle.  It was God’s battle.   O.K.

Another friend expressed concern that I would be murdered sooner than later.  This person loves reading about the Civil War.  So I compared my blog site to ‘working with the underground railroad,’ and his efforts while being targeted as ‘keeping the hearth warm and food on the table.’   Saying to him that both actions are valid in any war.  These silent and invisible attacks and experimentation on innocent, strong, intelligent, psychic and law abiding citizens are being done by rogue military/medical agencies.

At this very moment there are two civilizations alive and well in our country- one covert, the other asleep (asleep like I used to be,) both share space in the United States.   One wants to subjugate, enslave and control, eliminating free will.   The other civilization bumbles, and is brilliant, creative, alive, has free will and is asleep.

I am very grateful to know what is happening and will do everything legal to bring targeting into the light for justice.   If work on this site is all ego as a friend said, I apologize.  However everything written is factual.  And have not been able to wrap my brain around letting go of bringing these covert attacks on civilians into the light for justice.  Perhaps when I do, can evolve.

When you tell someone you are being targeted with illegal, “supposedly not-invented-yet,” ‘non-lethal, soft-kill’ electromagnetic directed energy weapons their response is always amazement.   Relatives become traumatized and angry, (anger is caused by fear.)  Demand you see a counselor; or that you love drama; or want attention; are insane; delusional and they don’t want to see you until you can say the targeting has stopped.

Other friends and relatives encourage thinking positive, inspire me to stay in the light.   Then eventually distance themselves.  Some will only see you again if all targeting-talk stops.

Other friends react to descriptions of targeting by saying… “Listen, sorry to interrupt, but  I have to grocery shop.”   Boy does this collision of two realities bring me up short, slamming home the fact that what I am saying is as alien as a polar bear driving a Mercedes.   Strangers I divulge the covert targeting too, all agree “It is probably going on…” but they walk away before saying anything else.

All of these people correct in their responses.  They all speak from the heart.  Their hearts hurt because they can do nothing to stop my targeting and they see me in pain.  I respect them all, and do not hold their reactions against them.  As for my need to tell people what is going on and wanting them so desperately to believe me?  It is human to try to explain what is happening, human to want to be understood.

Some friends and relatives are still in the dark about my targeting.  With  them I omit 90% of my life, and encourage them to talk about themselves, or the weather or politics.

Each of these people I love and so must confide or not confide in them accordingly.    Each love is a thread.  I have to believe in myself and God so completely without doubt that all these threads in my life remain knitted together as a single fabric.  This fabric is me. 

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down and conquering them.

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