Evidence at Library

Springfield, Missouri City Utility’s employee-Russel knows about a ‘poor girl’ being electrocuted with electromagnetic weapons in 2015 in Springfield, Missouri- I learned this in his first visit to my home.    An hour after Russel’s second visit to my home to attempt to find out where the dangerous EMF frequencies are coming from: a former employer of twenty years head of security, called me.   It had been a year that I was let go for work injuries.  The call surprised and intimidated me.

The security manager’s name was Rodney Toms.  Asked why he called me?  Toms said “,,,the Big Dog of all security ‘Brent’ had asked me to contact you.”

Had handed out a pamphlet to CU Russels’ co-worker about being stalked for years after filing for work injuries, then targeted with directed energy weapons.  Guess Russel thought he should warn the ‘Big Dog’ Brent.   Did Brent decide on his own to have me targeted, or was the contract put out by some other authority at my former employer?

Russel won’t talk about what he knows regarding the comment he made about another woman being targeted in Springfield, MO.   Does he know that his silence makes him an accessory to a crime?  Or that it is criminal to target a human with illegal hand-held directed electromagnetic ‘soft-kill’ weapons in Springfield, Missouri?   Does Russel know that it is illegal, and criminal to use large whole house electromagnetic energy units from neighboring homes to slowly cook, and torture humans?

When Russel and a new co-worker Chad visited a third time with EMF readers in tow, Russel’s City Utility EMF meter read ‘zero’ throughout my home because he never turned it on except at the stove and outside meter.  His EMF reader recorded ’40’ at the electric meter outside my home, and he walked to a north neighbor’s and read ’60.’

The electric meter outside my home is the old fashioned kind, as I rejected having a smart meter put in.  The CU employee calling- let me know in five years time would be required to have a smart meter on my home.  My north neighbor already has a smart meter Russel said.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 1:7.

CBS news June 2, 2015 in Richmond, California reported that councilwoman Jovank Beckles “… introduced the Richmond resolution in support of a 22001 bill introduced by then U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, of Ohio in an effort to ensure residents would not be targets of space-based weaponry.” The resolution never passed- it referenced electromagnetic radiation, plasma, low and ultra high frequency energy radiation and mind control technology. However many see this city’s attempt to stop runaway technology being used covertly on U.S. citizens, as groundbreaking.

In the Cornell University Law School’s site for legal definitions, an  ‘accessory’ is… “Someone aiding in or contributing to the concealment of a felony… by helping another escape arrest or punishment.”   Anyone knowing information regarding persons being targeted with directed energy weapons in Springfield, Missouri can call the highest authority in law enforcement in Missouri-  our Governor, who can be reached at 573-751-3222.  The Governor can also be contacted at https://governor.mo.gov/get-involved/contact-the-governors-office.

David Voigts served in the U.S. Navy and found out “… classified government programs were illegally using Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on US citizens for various purposes including subjugation, entrainment, experimentation and retaliation.  Mr. Voigts became a target of these weapons systems.” -From BiggerThanSnowden.com.

While writing this today was heavily targeted with an illegal electromagnetic directed energy weapon, from the moment sat down at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri.   Sorry about quality of pictures.  Below a librarian witnessed the extreme high levels of Magnetic radiation at a turned on computer desk.

Quickly moved to another computer where I was not targeted with directed energy weapons.  Turned on the computer, and same librarian witnessed this below recording of the same EMF reader on exact setting, three minutes later.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  Thank you God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.

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