neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich     gangstalker1

In a book by a former FBI agent-  surveillance today is done with ‘families’ (parents and 2.5 children) who are moved into ‘neighborhoods’ to watch ‘persons of interest’, i.e. targeted individuals.   When Brandon R. and Stephanie N. Urich and three children had parties in the red brick rental on the corner of Portland and Campbell…  the EMF attacks to property, pets and person were stopped.  This whole house electromagnetic energy weapon unit shaking my home has caused cracks in walls, murdered my dog, and is slowly destroying me (causing never before experienced tremors, racing heart, pink whites of eyes, loss of eyesight, damage to liver and kidneys, blood in urine…)

When Urich’s guests left the driveway between two houses…  The whole house DEW unit was turned on again.   Talked with Brandon R. Urich.  We spoke on the porch of his rental for an hour.   (Brandon really wanted to know the name of the book written by ex-FBI that said agents were moved into neighborhoods.  Is that why books are stolen from libraries?)   During our conversation let Urich know- I had not gone to the press for help yet about a former employer, or the electrocution with EMF weapons that started three months earlier at my home.  EMF weapons that seem to stop when he has a party and start up again after his party ends.

Immediately this man looked up and threatened me.   He was also the first invisibility suited ‘soft kill murderer’ on my roof.  The next was a very tall, long-haired, man who sounded like an elephant running and walking on my roof.   It was because of Urich, I started this site.  When the Urich’s quickly moved away his car was seen with a large truck in the drive of the north rental on the other side of my home.

neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental  Rachel Williams.

It was from the second floor window of a north rental home that months earlier a man shot my left eye with a laser gun.  Reported it to the Springfield Police Department.   That day two cars were present in the north drive that were never to be seen again.   -After photos of vehicles posted on this site.  There after a white truck began delivering people to the backdoor of same home.   The young man living there was given white truck.  His participation in gangstalking sets him up for a life of hell- and all the indoctrination was done by his mother; a nurse.

James Earl Griffin moved into the rental across the street.  A new form of targeting started happening from my roof then.  This invisibility suited coward moved away quickly in the middle of last month, emptying his house after photos below –and a post were devoted to him.

James Earl's house mates  dear-neighbor

Mr. R. Jones and friend moved in rental house across the street, renting every piece of furniture for the job.  Within the hour he pointed to my home and two others.  His friend drives three white cars.  One with Arkansas plate, one with Missouri license. Now she drives one with temporary plates.  ( Jones just drives two cars.)


The DEW EMF-torture happening to me and millions of others in the United States and around the globe in what is the most heinous, violent, covert crime ever committed on the earth.  This ‘Network Collective’ of experimenters, torturers, rapists & murderers is reported to be as big a ‘civilization’ as the one subjugated.   Many important people- authorities in their own right believe this covert civilization in the United States is at ‘war,’ with the sleeping one being enslaved.   This is the most silent, civil war ever engaged since time began.  And if those sleeping do not wake up… it will be the last.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice.  Thank you God for bringing the Network down to conquer them.

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