At the Brentwood Springfield Library upon entering yesterday, a woman stood up and took pictures of me.  This woman has stalked me all over town.   Ignored her and went to computer and began writing.   Then a clean cut woman with black hair moved over one computer to be right next to me.  Then her physically fit black haired boyfriend looked at me with disgust, saying something to her.  Afterwards she sprayed a biological agent while getting up to leave.  I violently sneezed.  Once again spent night with lung congestion.  Had no symptoms leading up to this instant lung disorder which appeared in hours.   I’ve always been healthy, and strong.  They are targeting my lungs specifically.  All that is left now, is mind over matter… and faith, God can heal anything.

Since the rental neighbors moved in across the street targeting from my roof began again couple weeks ago.  This coincides with someone entering the vacant home backyard Portland side and coming out gate at drive to target outside my home.   Heard gate latch metal hit together closing.  At night lay sizzling and shaking from EMF attack, under blankets and sheets of metal, copper ‘hat’ and welder’s glasses.  The hand-held electromagnetic weapon used by an invisibility suited neighbor being placed against the house roof, causing walls and ceiling to vibrate.   This hand held weapon is as illegal as the whole house DEW unit deployed at all times.

Been thinking about the whole house energy units used.  They cause great damage to the structure of your home.  Cracking walls and disturbing foundations.  Depending on which neighbor is employing the unit, EMF readings will be higher nearer that neighbor.  You will have higher than normal readings throughout whole house diffusing gradually further from criminal-neighbor running unit.

The targeted will have to vacate parts of home exhibiting danger levels of EMF’s, moving into rooms with low frequencies.   My dry-goods food has been moved from danger levels in kitchen caused by whole house energy unit.  As food is literally being cooked, having little or no nutritional value when eaten in box or can.

It is good to have extra sleeping cots in rooms where readings are at low levels of radiation.  Good to be able to move about, because hand held DEWs will be used to supplement those areas when the target’s EMP is found.   It takes gangstalker’s time to find their prey and if one knows how to meditate, by the time the cowards holding illegal directed electromagnetic weapons scan your area, you will be electromagnetically ‘gone.’   According to one electrician, TI’s electromagnetic pulse is downloaded into gangstalkers cellphones and computers turning them into weapons so they can ‘directly’ soft kill an individual in a crowd.  By altering your electromagnetic pulse with meditation, gangstalkers literally cannot find you.

Meditation is one of the best ways to disappear during targeting (unless you are a master and can alter your electromagnetic pulse at will.)   Our electromagnetic pulse is the new ‘finger print’ of U.S. citizens.   Deep meditation is fantastic for literally placing you at a different frequency which makes it impossible or harder to find you.  Barring that, get a CD of symphonic ‘theta’ wave music which alters your frequency, and if targeted the extra energy will be inclined to want to ‘flow’ with the theta waves running along your body’s ‘ley lines or meridian lines.’  Energy from DEW’s is a chaotic frequency which without rubber soled shoes can leave your body through the feet.

Otherwise the electromagnetic weapons chaotic frequency invading your body…  will stay inside, accumulating and causing a phenomenon like energetic concrete, stopping all natural flow of the natural electromagnetic system based on 7.83 Hertz.   If you use symphonic ‘theta’ music all night to stop entrainment, buy ear phones with 24,000 capacity or higher to deliver theta waves properly to your body to assist your natural electromagnetic pulse.  Of course the CD has to have a ‘repeat’ button that plays all night.

God thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God.  So be it.  Amen.

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