Talk about mind games.  Someone invading a U.S. citizens public library computer?  People do that who don’t have lives of their own.  They follow orders to harass and intimidate ‘persons of interest’ whose only crime is knowing about government and corporate crimes from reading in newspapers, and comprehending and experiencing it.    How can a person who knows things from reading a newspaper be a national security risk?   Each time I clicked on the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome log address the computer screen filled with 403- FORBIDDEN.   And I was not allowed to even bring up sign-in page.  After calling over an ever friendly Springfield, Missouri librarian he found a way for me to sign in after much searching.

January of 2007, the Washington Post cover story ‘Mind Games‘ was published and journalist Sharon Weinberger reported that electromagnetic weapons caused people to hear voices.  She reported at length on Harlan Girard, explaining first that Harlan Girard was sane and well behaved.  Girard showed Weinberger news reports from the military; declassified national security documents; and newspaper clippings supporting facts that the U.S. government had developed weapons to send voices into people’s heads.  Girard noted that anyone going to the Police  saying they hear voices would be locked away in a mental institution!

Girard was hearing voices and believed targeting to be happening to ‘a large group of American citizens’ by the government using mind-control technology.   The greatest evidence, Girard said lay with the victims themselves who held jobs, paid bills, lived and worked under the duress of mind control experiments.  And were still sane.

Washington Post reporter Weinberger, listened to a conference call of targeted individuals regarding gangstalking and V2K (Voice to Head technology developed in the 1930’s.)   V2K is a weapon that uses EMF frequencies to stream sounds into human skulls.  She explained the people talking on the conference call  were self-described victims of mind control who believed this torture was being done by their neighbors, strangers, and co-workers  being paid as agents of our own government or wealthy corporate entities.

Weinberger wrote in 2007 that Wikipedia made fun of people’s beliefs in their ‘tinfoil hat’ report about protection against frequency waves.  Most in the conference call wore tinfoil as protection under clothing, under hats… and ‘anywhere, everywhere.’ Despite the scorn, ridicule and “locking up,” of such targeted individuals… the author was impressed they  have courage to speak out.  (Isn’t that the truth about any subjugated minority?)  She writes about finding gangstalking and electronic torture reported on the internet in India, China, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel and elsewhere.

Girard’s gangstalking began in 1983 in Los Angeles, California.  In 1984 with DEW targeting he first began hearing voices.  ‘Girard could distinguish several different male voices, which came complete with mental images of how the voices were being generated: from a recording studio… ‘  Many TI’s besides Girard experience the same.

Girard went to a technology department at a university he was attending, to ask questions as to how this could be happening?  He got laughed at.  (Similarly,  I went to Drury University’s Physics Department in Springfield, Missouri to talk with a professor.  I aksed if technology for electromagnetic weapons existed, only to be laughed out of his office.  He said the technology had not been yet been invented.)

As a consequence Girard, a student of architecture began investigating government mind control programs, full time.  He found the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program of the 1950’s was the beginning for national mind control experimentation.

(Isn’t it interesting therefore to understand how this ‘national experimentation’ can then be protected by our national security agencies, and even Homeland Security?  When a targeted individual being experimented on by national agencies- speaks out against their targeting, do they therefore become a ‘national security threat’ or even labeled ‘terrorist’ for questioning the national authority subjugating them?  A foolproof system of tyranny, don’t you think? Wasn’t it the MAFIA who made people pay them for protection and if they didn’t pay them for protection they were murdered, because they were against the MAFIA?)

It is not the individuals targeted with illegal electromagnetic weapons that are out of touch with reality, but the millions of good people loving, working, living, and dying in the United States that know nothing of what is happening in our great country today.  How did this happen?

(The letter Jim Guest wrote in behalf of a targeted individual proves that politicians in Missouri knew about directed electromagnetic weapons, the same year Weinberger wrote her article for the Washington Post.)

Weinberger touched on remote electromagnetic weapons attack on sexual organs.  When questioned Girard said, “My testicles became so sore I could barely walk.”  Weinberger wrote about another TI, a man who dropped out of seminary due to constant electromagnetic weapons assault on sex organs.  And in San Diego, California she met ‘many women’ too embarrassed to talk about their remote EMF-rape, and sexual assault with electromagnetic weapons.

In the article, journalist Weinberger, brings up Gloria Naylor, a successful African American writer, and winner of National Book Award, acclaimed for the novel, ‘The Women of Brewster Place,‘  who also published a book entitled, ‘1996′ about a targeted individual.  Naylor’s book is autobiographical.  Naylor wrote, “I am in a battle for my mind.  If I stop now, they’ll have won, and I will lose myself.”  Naylor wrote, “I would observe myself.  I would lie in bed while the conversations were going on…”  She also describes being set up with street theater by gangstalkers, like so many of us.

When ‘authorities’ like Naylor, and Weinberger report on targeting incidents exactly like my own… it fills me with hope that I am not alone in these EMF attacks.  When I mention these reports to family and friends some suggest “you can find anything on the internet to reflect what you are experiencing.”  Do not hold any innocent response against them.   With research the reader can find many targeted individuals have been institutionalized for being diagnosis with ‘auditory and paranoid hallucinations.’  The TI’s receive anti-psychotic medication which causes stroke in many.

One such TI to undergo medical treatment was a young medical doctor, Ed Moore.  Targeting with electromagnetic weapons shredded his life and medical career.  He began studying for an electrical engineering degree (to investigate V2K,) and says, he still worries about looking foolish to friends and colleagues, but believes the risk worthwhile if the issue is brought to the public’s attention.  Such a brilliant mind.

Targeted individual Girard, told reporter Weinberger, that he believes he will die one day by the hands of his experimenters as a victim of mind control.  Still, he is confident they haven’t managed yet to conquer his consciousness or intellect. Girard also said, the government did not yet have his soul.

The soul, the God response, and psychic abilities in defenseare exactly what rogue- government, medical and military agencies are working to capture: download into artificial intelligence.  The dream of immortality and psychic ability within reach, but at what cost.

God is watching.  Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God and thank you God.  It is so.  Amen.

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  1. This evilness is here in London and has been here for many many years. Its the worse ever thing to happen to anyone. Im living here in my home for 14 years. There are people next door in 10 Dallington St at 201 first floor. These evil people are using these weapons on many people and stealing all they have. Its getting worse n worse. Im unable to do much at all due to them putting me in great pain. Please if possible help me 02072537066. They have people next door. They can see through walls n ones mind. Come here to these they have a few of these machines.


    • Thank you for writing Rosemarie Symns. My heart goes out to you in London for being targeted with DEWs, as we are here in the US. It is impossible to call, or go to London. For have very little -but what I do have am so grateful for. This blog which is limited due to intervention from authorities, is what I can offer anyone who is a TI and hope that it assists as much as possible. God bless you Rosemarie. Thank you. Josephine Grace.


  2. This is London 2018 We use to meet meet up with John Allman n other ti’s but I havent seen them in a while, its difficult to get out. Theres a woman called Kerry Kramer who is doing all these things with these vile machines. Eleanor White needs to know about this too. They are not big machines they are small and the ignorant evil People using them. This is Islington and many people are being assaulted n their homes and all their belongings stolen… Please let Eleanor White and John Allman know about this. Its difficult to do things as they mess with all electrics. Its been so so awful and its been 6 months every minute that this has been hijng on.


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